Whoopi Goldberg asks very hard questions of Cosby accuser Beverly Johnson

Super model Beverly Johnson made an appearance on “The View” to speak about her allegations against Bill Cosby and it seemed that Whoopi Goldberg had some doubt.

Johnson’s Story as She Tells It

According to Johnson, her agent contacted her saying that she was getting a chance to audition for the Cosby show so, she went for the first audition taping and was asked to return for a second. After the second taping she, Cosby, and members of his staff went to his home for a brunch. After the brunch, Cosby asked her to come back in a couple days to rehearse for the role she was auditioning for.

When she arrived at Cosby’s brownstone they had a light dinner and then went upstairs to rehearse. She thought it odd but, went along with his request to act as if she were drunk. He made her a cup of cappuccino which she tried to decline but, he insisted that she try it. She said that after the first sip she knew something was wrong when the room began to spin and by the second sip she could barely stand up. Cosby motioned her over and put his hands around her waist. She remembers calling him terrible names and getting louder and louder. Cosby took her by the arm and led her downstairs and out to the sidewalk where he got her a taxi. She tells the cast of The View that she remembered asking the taxi driver if she had really just called Bill Cosby such awful names.

Whoopi Chimes In

Whoopi began by asking Johnson why she would ask the taxi driver about name calling, that it would seem that the drugs would be more of the issue. She asked Johnson if she ever found herself concerned with what she had ingested and what effects it could have on her health. Johnson responded by saying that at that point that is not the biggest concern for someone in that situation. Whoopi also asked the super model if she asked her doorman the next day how she had been acting when she returned home. She said she did not because she felt ashamed and embarrassed.

Why She Is Speaking Out Now

When Johnson was asked why she was speaking out now she said that she felt it was her responsibility after seeing the courage of the other women coming forward. She said that this wasn’t so much about Cosby, but about the ongoing violence against women.


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