Suge Knight’s bid for fewer jail restrictions nixed in court

Suge Knight’s emergency appeal of his jail restrictions has been shot down.

The California Court of Appeal denied a writ his lawyer filed last week, online records show.

Knight, 49, is being held “virtually incommunicado” on a murder charge after authorities won a sealed protective order curtailing his contact with the outside world, his lawyer, Matthew Fletcher, told the Daily News.

The founder of Death Row Records is not allowed to use the phone or receive visits from family members or expert witnesses working on his case, Fletcher said, claiming the constraints compromise Knight’s rights.

A source with the District Attorneys Office declined to comment.

“I’ve never heard of this,” California appellate law expert Dennis Fischer told The News, referring to the alleged restriction on expert witnesses.

“It sounds quite unprecedented. But who knows what kind of showing has been made by prosecutors,” Fischer, a lawyer not working on Knight’s case, added.

Knight has pleaded not guilty in the hit-and-run death of Compton businessman Terry Carter.

Prosecutors claim he intentionally gunned the engine of his truck and mowed down two victims — including Carter — in the parking lot of Tam-s Burgers on Jan. 29.

Knight is being held on $25 million bail and is set to return to court for a preliminary hearing next week.

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