S.F. Official Encourages Parents to snitch To End Gun Violence

Gun violence is a very serious issue, especially within the African-American community. Unless people such as politicians, parents, and educators come together to take a collective stand, Black people will continue to become victims of shootings in large numbers. London Breed, the President of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, is doing something out of the ordinary to form a solution. She is asking parents in the Black community to call the police on their children if they possess weapons.

In an interview with a San Francisco Bay CBS affiliate, Breed said, “I think that parents are aware. I think that there is an intuition that exists within a parent, within a family member. You know what is going on in the streets.”

Oftentimes, people know whats taking place in their community, but are afraid to speak up and speak out. Without parental involvement, many children are allowed to do what they want without any consequences.

Because the incarceration rate is high among African-Americans, the likelihood that a parent will call the police on their child will be difficult. Since incarceration is big business and because its so profitable, the question remains: will parents willingly add to the growing prison industry by telling on their children?

The old adage of not snitching is very prevalent within Black communities. In many cases, its a matter of survival. But without snitching, kids are dying. Breed made her request after the shooting and killing of four African-Americans in a stolen car. She told a group of parents during a community meeting on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, “We have to look inside our homes and determine what is needed and what we can do in order to make our kids lives better, and also hold them accountable to do the right thing.”

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