Officers wife was caught in traffic because her husband had been killed in an accident

New York Police Department Officer, Paul Duncan, was tragically killed on Friday morning when a vehicle, traveling the wrong direction, on Sprain Brook Parkway crashed into his car. Traffic gathered because of the incident where his wife waited in her own vehicle. She was taking her daughter to school, completely unaware that she had lost her husband.

Duncan was on his way to Queens around 4 a.m. when a 2013 Honda Civic—driven by Efren Moreano of Yonkers—hit his vehicle. Duncan’s 2011 Honda Pilot flew over a railing and into a snow-bank where he was killed instantly.

Duncan, who was only 46, only had 10 months before he would retire from the force. He was pronounced dead on the scene, but his wife and daughter were unaware of the wreck—even when they passed it around 7 a.m.

Even then, they were unaware that it was his vehicle that had been hit. “It took us two hours to get to school in the city,” the widow recounted.

Rachelle Duncan arrived back at their Westchester home around 9:15 a.m. where she was met with police officers that would explain the fatal crash.

“There were a lot of cars lined up,” she said. “I thought they were — I don’t know what I thought. And then they came to my door.”

Rachelle and Paul Duncan met in high school and were married for 20 years. “Really, there was no man better than him,” Rechelle Duncan, 45, said of her husband while standing outside the couple’s Hartsdale home. “And I say that in all honesty. He was a good, good person.”

Yonkers was taken to Westchester Medical Center and placed in a medically induced coma. Investigators believe alcohol contributed to the crash. Marijuana was also found in Yonker’s Civic.

“I don’t even know how that’s possible,” said Rachelle Duncan.

“There wasn’t much warning about what he was about to encounter,” a police source said. The wreck took place near a curve which limited Duncan’s view of oncoming traffic.

“He always said that he’s the first guy on his team to jump out of the car,” his wife said. “So I don’t know what they’re going to do. They need to find another first guy to jump out of the car.”

“He was dedicated, he was thoughtful, he was disciplined,” she added. “He thought he was funny. He was a sharp dresser (and) a really, really, really good dad.”

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