Officer receives letter with the words white power in it

A black police officer by the name of Clive Higgins from Bridgeport, Connecticut had his life threatened when he received an anonymous letter. The letter addressed to the officer started and ended with the words “white power”, which would seem to suggest the nature of the letter is of racial discrimination.

The disturbing letter was received by Mr Higgins on Wed. February 18th 2015 as it was placed in the officers’ mailbox. Speculations are high by a Connecticut Minority Officers Group that the letter also came from within the Bridgeport police department.

The letter itself was written on a Bridgeport Police Department letterhead supporting the notation of the group. Even more compelling evidence is that the mailbox in which the letter was found is not open to the general public, leading some to believe that it had to be delivered by someone on the inside.

Mr Higgins, who was singled out in the letter, was mentioned in the beating of a Hispanic suspect for which he was acquitted of any civil rights violation charges in the matter last month. The beating of this Hispanic suspect took place in a racially diverse neighbourhood and seemed to anger others in the community, notably the Hispanics. Two officers, one white and the other Hispanic, confessed to the beatings and were sentenced to three months behind bars for their actions. Whoever sent the letter believes Higgins should not have been acquitted and that he was also involved with the other two police officers in the incident.

According to the Associated Press, the letter states, “You better watch your back. We know where you live. Your face was all over the newspaper. Remember you have no duty weapon to defend yourself. These black officers belong in the toilet. The Chief and Assistant Chief want you out of here. You don’t belong here.” Those are some of the alarming content of the letter which each line emphasising the cause for concern.

The Bridgeport Police Department is no stranger to these kinds of racial headlines surrounding them. Back in 1978 a federal judge found evidence that the department was ripe with discrimination against minorities. Let us hope investigators act speedily in the matter and find the culprit responsible that they provide protection for Mr Higgins until the situation has been brought to a close.

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