Mother Who Considered Throwing Kid Out Gives Tips to Parents to “Stay Sane”

According to Yesha Callahan, editor of The Grapevine and staff writer at The Root, if you follow a few simple rules while you are raising your children, it will save you from reaching the point of frustration where you feel like you’re about to explode.

The founder of Fly Chick Media goes on to say that there have been times in her life when she was raising her child, who is now 15-years-old, that she felt that she would either slap her child upside the head or throw them out of the house. The former managing editor for Clutch Magazine has 6 rules that parents should remember in order for them to keep their sanity and continue to raise their child right.

1. Remember who’s in control.

If your children start to act like they’re the ones paying the bills in the house and making the rules, you should remind them that they have it all wrong. An easy way to prove this point is to take away from them the things you have worked hard to pay for and they will soon come around to realize who is boss.

2. Show your children what it means to be grown up.

A sure way to make your children thankful for all that you provide is to take away their allowance to pay some of the bills, such as Internet or cable. If you sit back and make them cook a meal for you (not something out of a box), they will appreciate the time and effort you put into feeding them a little more.

3. Take a deep breath when you’re about to lose your cool.

When you feel that your children have pushed you so far you are about to go off on them or break out the belt, take a step back and breathe deeply. Think about how you will handle the situation as you continue to breathe in and out, in and out.

4. Talk to someone else.

Although you may be explaining a situation perfectly to your child, they may not wish to listen to you, even when they know you are right. Sometimes children look up to another adult, such as a grandparent or favorite uncle, and may listen to what they have to say, even if it is the same thing you’ve already said.

5. Go for a run.

Running away from your children and the responsibilities they entail will get you in trouble with the law, but taking a short run to relieve stress can do wonders for your mood and perspective on life. You may want to make your child take a short run when they are being difficult for the same reasons and to remind them that you are in charge.

6. Don’t allow your children to see they are getting to you.

Sometimes kids do things just to see how their parents will react. Never show them you are nearly losing control, but continue with your routine as if nothing has happened. It might confuse them as to why you are not reacting as they expected, but they will probably refrain from trying to tick you off again.

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