Foundr Mag – A Summary of the World’s Greatest Entrepreneur Magazine

No one said business was easy; in fact, with more going into liquidation each year than finding success, is it any wonder why people have started to turn to new avenues to help secure their ambitions? just so happens to offer viable paths for many (with more than a quarter of a million subscribers), but what exactly is this website, how does it work and what does it bring to the table?

Foundr and You

Operated by Nathan Chan who is the acting CEO and Publisher of Foundr magazine, the entire concept was initially established to offer a way for start-up businesses, entrepreneurs and those with their hearts set on obtaining financial independence to engage, learn and interact with like-minded folk.

Who is Nathan Chan?

Based in Melbourne, Australia – Nathan is nothing short of a diverse, modern entrepreneur that understands the subtle differences between living to work and working to live. He considers it his mission to bring like-minded people together in a way that allows them to learn from one another; whilst maximising the effectiveness of their business goals to secure their financial future.

With magazine features from the likes of Arianna Huffington, Richard Branson and Mark Cuban to name just a few; is it any wonder why so many people flock to the magazine for the latest information on world-class techniques that could take their business ambitions to the next level? They say that there’s nothing quite like learning from those that are already where we want to be – and with Foundr, benefitting from these incredibly successful icons has never been simpler.

Over the years, the site has adapted to welcome an incredible volume of professionals keen to learn the tricks of the trade and maximise their potential to find success; whatever their business venture might be. Their website is full of facts, tips and techniques to help individuals and companies alike hone in on the most effective options at their disposal, while the magazine focuses on providing up to date information and useful reading material to anyone looking to absorb information.

Is It For Anyone?

Yes and no would be the simplest answer – and here’s why.

Yes: if you’re keen to go it alone, fancy enhancing your businesses’ potential for success and want nothing more than to take on the mantel of a high-earning entrepreneur in charge of their own cash flow.

No: if you don’t have the time and patience to dedicate to learning from others that have already found success.

What Can You Expect from this Website?

Generally speaking, the site provides a wide variety of information to suit entrepreneurs from all walks of life. With dedicated data featured on intrinsically formulated web pages; you won’t find yourself having to push through junk to find the useful nugget of information that you’ve been searching for – with a few clicks you could be exactly where you want to be and reap the rewards in next to no time.

Rather than telling you about the sheer expanse of information available to start-ups just like you, doesn’t it make more sense to introduce you to some of the most popular pages and then let you dive in and explore for yourself? We thought so, so without further ado – here’s an introduction to some of the most beneficial pages that could get your business aspirations off to a flying start.

This page is crammed full of helpful information for new entrepreneurs keen to make their online presence felt; particularly those that may not have a huge budget, but want to start reaping the rewards. As you might have guessed from the title, the information could be deemed the ultimate guide on how to start an online business.

Using real-life examples such as the early mention of Gretta van Riel, a member of the Foundr team that started with $25 and rapidly took her income to 6 and 7 figures, you’ll get to grips with a handful of techniques that could help you to reach a wide audience, increase your potential to make sales and then sit back as the cash comes rolling in.

In fact, in just 6 months Greta’s online store (SkinnyMe Tea) made 6 figures and has gone on to enjoy more than 300,000 happy customers. If you’re concerned about being made to feel bad by witnessing someone else’s success, don’t worry – just below the introduction is a step by step guide on how you could take your online business and make it into one of the most iconic presences available on the internet.

Isn’t there something so appealing about the prospect of making your own money, maximising your earnings and achieving complete financial freedom? We like to think so, and that seems to be a notion shared by thousands of people that visit the above URL. The first thing to bear in mind is that Foundr prioritise simplicity above all else and that’s how even the most inexperienced of individuals have managed to find success by using their techniques.

The data on the above page stands testament to that fact; so much so that you’ll undoubtedly appreciate that the information provided has been split into 3 easy to follow steps. These steps act as a guide relating to dos and don’ts when it comes to becoming an entrepreneur. Plenty of people have made the mistake of jumping into the deep end without first checking for sharks – and this guide was developed to ensure that you don’t make the same errors that they did.

With helpful tips such as valuing comfort over performance, setting realistic goals and managing stressful events the right way – you could learn the techniques that some of the world’s wealthiest people utilise on a daily basis to ensure that they achieve their desired results, with minimal fuss.

Every year, thousands of new ecommerce businesses take to the World Wide Web with the hope of becoming the next big thing. And how many of them find success? Just a small percentage unfortunately – but those that do typically follow a specific routine to maximise their potential to make it in their specific market.

The above page contains information on how best to start a brand new ecommerce business, specifically one that can reap the rewards of its productivity, without losing out to the competition.

With information on using analytics to your advantage, helpful tips to demonstrate how you could make money overnight with a dedicated system that takes care of your online sales AND real-life examples of just how much money can be made when the aforementioned steps are done right; could this be the ideal selection of information that you’ve been looking for?

There’s also plenty of useful knowledge relating to techniques such as drop shipping – a method utilised by many and one that negates your need to be present for sales, not to mention allowing you to set your own market value for products. We’re sure you’ll wish you found this information sooner!

Consultants are a dime a dozen, but those that are able to reach the right audience and maximise the impact of their brand can go on to become some of the highest earners in the field. The above URL could be the ideal destination for an individual such as yourself to learn just how to go from a basic, mundane consultant (the likes of which are found en masse online), and instead become a reputable, highly sought-after expert.

You’ll find 5 key questions to ask yourself, a vast array of information relating to best practices and then explore the different concepts of becoming a consultant; as well as establishing a business within that specific field. We’re sure that you’ll find plenty of relevant data, including the fact that this particular business doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to set up – mainly as you are your own product.

This essentially means that there’s no need to worry about stock or other similar demands, as you’ll be the one for sale – and when properly establishing yourself, your clientele could end up making their own way to you.

When starting out, it can often be hard to put a number to the consulting services you offer. From the worry of charging too much, to missing out on cash by opting for lower rates and quotes; most find themselves having a difficult time figuring out just how much their consultancy is worth.

The link above will take you to a page with 5 main topics, each of which is crucial to determining a price for these types of services. With a read through the article, there’s a good chance that you’ll learn about how to determine the right price of your services by exploring a variety of different factors; including how to charge retainer fees, the ideal ways to talk to potential clients about your rates and more.

Typically, it’s important to keep in mind that your rates will often vary, and that you’ll need to value yourself and what you have to offer based on the current situation and the requirements being asked of you.

Tired of working for other people? Are you ready to start a business of your very own? While this can often sound like a great idea, it’s not always as easy as it seems. This is one of the many reasons why so many aspiring entrepreneurs give up on their dreams, but with some tips and advice from the experts, you may find that pulling it off is far more possible. Fortunately for you, the above URL has a range of different ideas for how someone looking to make a start-up business can make it a success.

Foundr’s team put this list together by taking a look at what has worked for many others, as well as reading through some of the success stories of those who were able to pull off their idea and run their own business. After all this research, there’s no harm in taking a look at what advice they can offer, especially when you consider their expertise and knowledge in the industry.

From considering personal problems that could be solved, to improving current technology; this is the perfect resource for those who want to make the most of their business venture without failing and having to go back to an ordinary life once they’ve already invested their effort, time and money.

Many individuals like yourself have had a genius idea for a business that could not only improve the lives of thousands of people, but also make them rich from the cash they make from it. Unfortunately, the number of those who actually make their solution a success is fairly slim.

While there may be many difficulties along the path to starting up a company, one that stops many entrepreneurs is the obstacle of getting the funding they need. On the plus side, the link above will take you to a page where you can learn more about how you could get the cash you need to be able to fund your own business and take it further than just the basic stages of development.

With 6 different ways to get funding for your idea, all of which have been used by countless individuals to fund their own start-ups over time, there’s a good chance that you’ll find something that’ll work for you and your vision. From getting a government loan to borrowing from family and friends, this article explores several different options and approaches to getting the cash you need – and from there, you’ll be able to move forward and make your dream a reality.

Some may feel that the path to becoming a successful entrepreneur is too difficult to attempt, but often this is far from the case. While time, effort and money are often needed to bring a start-up idea to the status of ‘new business’, it’s possible that anyone could aim to quit their job and (with the right mindset and resources), bring their vision to life. However, it all has to begin somewhere – and most aren’t sure about the first steps to take.

There are so many individuals who were in your position once that are now where you hope to be, as well as the countless number of those who failed to make their concept stick. However, they all have one thing in common; they all started out in the same place.

The above page offers you a chance to learn from more than 20 different successful entrepreneurs, from Nathan Chan of Foundr to Alexis Ohanian (co-founder of Reddit), and see what advice they would give to those hoping to start a business of their own.

With stories, tips and plenty of useful advice in general from so many different successful entrepreneurs, this is perfect for those hoping to create a start-up in any type of industry.

The link above will take you to an article that could help you with your existing business idea, or to help you find a brand new one. In just 5 steps compiled by a successful entrepreneur, you could learn more about a common problem that many people of today struggle with; either having too many ideas, or not enough good ones.

This often holds individuals back from moving forward on their dream of becoming an entrepreneur – but there are a range of solutions. With expert advice and tips on the matter, those in your position are often able to take away at least something that helps them to make progress and take one step closer to owning their own business.

From making a list of different ideas, to deciding on one and figuring out what your Unique Value Proposition (UVP) is; there are a range of questions to ask yourself and plenty of material right here to help you to figure out what your next big business idea will be.

Numerous individuals across the globe have managed to quit their mundane day jobs to offer their skills as a freelancer – and if you want something more from your life, you may be curious about how you could start doing some freelance work of your own.

While it may not always be an easy task, it’s certainly possible – but without the right information, you’re much more likely to fail than thrive. For this reason, doing research and learning as much as possible is often a wise idea for almost anyone in this position.

For example, what’s your niche? How are you going to ensure that you get enough cash from your freelance work to be able to quit your day job? There are a range of things that you should consider when thinking about whether the freelancing life is right for you.

Most will find that the URL above is a useful resource for anyone who is still unsure of where to start and how they could become a freelancer to enjoy their dream job. From a small 3-step guide to starting your freelance work without needing to give up your day job, to advice on how to find your first client, as well as the pros and cons of being a freelancer; most find that this is the perfect place to begin their journey to become successful when working from home.


Even the most successful of entrepreneurs will likely agree that they faced an uphill struggle from time to time – especially when trying to go it alone and take their financial independence into their own hands. With the carefully considered guidance and structured information provided by websites like, you could fast-track your path to success and soon end up sitting on an appealing, reliable source of income that speaks for itself.