Raynard Jackson: Blacks Need More Racists

By Raynard Jackson

NNPA Columnist

A few weeks ago, the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) made a stunning announcement that caused a lot of consternation in the Black community. UNCF had accepted a $ 25 million contribution from Koch Industries and the Charles Koch Foundation.

Under normal circumstances, David and Charles Koch – the brothers who control the two entities – would be applauded for their generosity.  But some Blacks have labeled the Koch brothers as racist simply because they are White, conservative, and libertarians who believe in smaller government, lower taxes and ballot integrity.

However, when the critics are asked to specify what has the Koch family done that is racist, they draw blanks. They equate philosophical disagreements with being a racist. Even if that were the case, why reject money that will actually benefit Black students? The gift is one of largest in the history of UNCF.

The UNCF is the primary fund-raising organization for students at private, historically Black colleges. UNCF President Michael Lomax had no problem accepting the check, saying, “… We believe that our cause is a cause that all Americans can and should support regardless of their views on other matters.”

The money will be allocated as follows:  $18.5 million will be used to create the UNCF/Koch Scholars Program, which will provide funds to “exemplary students with demonstrated financial need and an interest in the study of how entrepreneurship, economics, and innovation contribute to well-being for individuals, communities, and society;” $6.5 million will provide general support to the UNCF and historically black colleges of which $4 million of those funds will be reserved to help the 37 UNCF member institutions help students who have been hurt by the denial of PLUS loans (a parent loan program).

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8 Responses to Raynard Jackson: Blacks Need More Racists

  1. The only thing Black about HBCU’s are the students. Most of the faculty is white or other and the curriculum is geared to preparing predominately Black students for failure on a white dominated racist slave plantation called America’s Job Market. The $25 million donated by the Koch Bro’s will go a long way to assure that these Black students stay loyal to the Plantation Masters upon graduation. Black college students are not taught to serve Black people, they are taught to serve White America. We bitch and moan about the high unemployment of African-Americans but we contribute to it because we aren’t smart enough or strong enough to create our own opportunities, and until we do we will always be insignificant in the eyes of this world. If you don’t own a business, if you’ve never owned a business, if you’ve never wanted to own a business or never attempted to own a business, you have nothing to complain about because so many Blacks are out of work.

    • Hey raynard i wont draw a blank when it comes to the kock brothers racists tactics. Case and point resegregation attempt in schools in north carolina.They kock brothers funded several school board candidates who won. Those who won immediately started shouting neigborhood schools so that forced busing ceased. Resegregation immediately ensued. Then the people responded by immediately next election cycle voting this members out and restoring busing. Kock brothers racist absolutely. They are also communists just like their father who worked hand in hand with stalin

    • Mr Alexander I concur.

  2. The Koch Brothers are behind the US Supreme Court Decision to eliminate Affirmative Action, They are behind the Supreme Court eliminating Affirmative Action and wrote the laws for states to discriminate against minority voters by implementing or creating an issue that does not exist with this voter fraud charge.
    The U.S. Supreme Court is dismantling all of the Civil Rights laws implemented in the 60s and who is behind this, the Koch Brothers.
    Four of the Republican Appointed Justices often attend meeting and fundraisers sponsored by the Koch Brothers and then vote accordingly.
    There you now have some proof that the Koch Brothers are racists and if you need more I have more. Additionally their dad started the John Birch Society and they have carried his legacy.

  3. Raynard Jackson, you are a Boule. A lot of this money will go into your friends and your pocket. You are just as much against the black community as the Koch brothers. Yours is not the “Talented Tenth”, but what the 1%s will give you all. The UNCF is the modern day Judas.

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  5. Omerede Kashka

    It is not who gave the money but how the money is used that will determine whether or not it was a good deal. Booker T. Washington also received money from racists.

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