Black Judge is in the Center of New Jersey Bridge Scandal

justice-john-wallacejpg-a74e0714fd698dcd_largeNew Jersey Supreme Court Associate Justice John Wallace Jr. is directly involved with the bridge scandal that took place in New Jersey last month.  Wallace’s name has come up because he was the first jurist in decades to not be reappointed to the bench when his term came to an end.   This hadn’t happened since 1947, causing controversy within the state.

To date, there is no black judge on the New Jersey Supreme Court.  In a case that the New York Times called “political overreach,” Governor Chris Christie has been accused of tainting the New Jersey Supreme court with partisan politics.  This has upset the democrats within the state.

According, the decision was a disappointment to other members of the court.

“I am disappointed by that decision” said Chief Justice Stuart Rabner, according to TheGrio.

The judge has been found to be connected to “Bridgegate,” a scandal during which Governor Christie and political allies are accused of deliberately shutting down lanes on the George Washington Bridge in Fort Lee, NJ.   The act was allegedly in retaliation for Fort Lee Mayor Mark Skolich not supporting the governor.

Rachel Maddow believes that Christie made the illegal move to retaliate against Democrats for blocking judicial reappointments that would have benefited the Republican Party.    According to TheGrio, Wallace doesn’t have much to say about the scandal.

“It has been several years now since I was not renominated to our Supreme Court.  I have declined all interview requests on this issue and continue with my decision not to publicly address the issue,” said Wallace.

11 Responses to Black Judge is in the Center of New Jersey Bridge Scandal

  1. Someone should block his way to the refrigerator.

  2. Rachel Maddow conducts great investigative journalism, so there will be more to come, for sure.

  3. I live in Trenton, New Jersey(Capital of New Jersey)and filed 3 complaints against State Judges for violating my rights,but they were not charged at all and there are no rights for certain people who challenge them to correction.I and others filed criminal charges against State Judges in Federal Court also, but all the cases got dismissed. The capital is where they set the tone for the whole state, but what goes around always come around to the many that know they are corrupt in New Jersey. You reap what you sow and justice will prevail.

  4. Sorry, but this article fails miserably to substantiate the judge’s direct involvement with bridgegate. I guess we’ll have to wait for Rachel Maddow’s final report to get some newsworthy details on this matter.

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