Zimmerman Juror Reveals How Going Public Ruined Her Life

A juror in the Zimmerman trial who spoke out about the case on national television says her life has been ruined. Thebrown juror zimmerman juror, who identifies herself only as “Maddy”, says since the trial she has lost her job and threats have been made against her children.

Maddy spoke out on national television without the benefit of anonymity and says she has paid a huge price for it.

Maddy, 36, told Inside Edition on Thursday that after she spoke out on Good Morning America her life changed for the worse.

She revealed that after the interview, she lost her nursing aide job and she and her husband had to sell all of their belongings to make ends meet.

‘My whole life has fallen apart,’ she told Inside Edition’s Les Trent.

She says they’ve sold everything to pay bills.

‘As we sold one thing, we paid one bill, another bill came,’ she said.

Maddy was the only minority juror on the all female jury. During the interview with Robin Roberts, Maddy admitted that the not guilty verdict was hard for her.

‘I was the juror who was going to give them the hung jury. Oh, I was. I fought to the end,” she said.

Even after her initial interview, Maddy went on Rev. Al Sharpton’s Politics Nation to discuss her feelings after George Zimmerman was involved in a domestic incident with his wife.

“I’ve always said George Zimmerman, basically George Zimmerman is a mµrderer,” she said at the time, but  “the only person that’s going to deal with it is God.”

Another juror also spoke out to CNN but did not reveal her identity.

58 Responses to Zimmerman Juror Reveals How Going Public Ruined Her Life

  1. She missed the book deal opportunity or the verdict she helped create would have been a non issue.

  2. Now the only one can help this foolish woman is GOD.

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    Charles Micheaux
    Micheaux Films & Publishing Company
    New York, New York

  3. Rev. George Brooks

    Does she think that blacks are going to feel sorry for her, and help her out? Let her go and get help from white folks, whom she helped by being made fool enough to vote as the white jurors did. And what’s with that sorry husband of hers, who was on TV just seemingly sitting around home and not really hardly working at all at ANY kind of job. And she claims to have lost her job also, and doesn’t seem to be trying to find another one. Black people should give her a dollar or a dime, because she let Trayvon Martin down. — Rev. George Brooks

  4. You have to be careful having anything to do with European courts in America.The United States Supreme Court said that African People living in America had no rights under American Jurisprudence and I am not making this up.

  5. The lawyers pick her because they wanted someone who might appear as weak minded. Who would vote to get along. So it was all a set up. Especially when the judge said ” we will not be using the words racial profile” when that was clearly what GZ did. You se they did not put no blacks on that (six person) jury!!!

  6. She went along with the white people like she probably has done all of her life–white is right. Now she can see that those she followed have left her. She is forced to turn back for help from us. I have none to give. When Z kills again, she will be blamed.

  7. Well, I’m white and I’m not going to help her. What did she expect? She was going to hold out, but just couldn’t when it mattered most. I don’t feel sorry for her! She knew what was right and failed to do it. She needs a brain and a backbone!

  8. I do not feel sorry for her. If she felt that that rat was guilty, then she should have stood her grounds. Florida is a stand your grounds state right? J saying.

  9. God don’t like UGLY and he is it crazy about pretty.

  10. She should have “hung” the jury, if she felt that way, like everyone else just go out and find another job or have your husband get a part-time job, if she was laid off or fired for unjust reasons, is she not drawing unemployment. Why do I have the feeling there is more going on here?

  11. Spivey L. Gordon

    She doesn’t deserve sympathy from African Americans especially when she knew living in Florida African Americans less likely or rarely see justice in any form. She through deciding with the status quo would earn her a pass or special respect. She’s an example out of the play book on how Colonialism in America has destroyed our people. Ordinarily, I would feel deep sadness over such circumstance now, I feel nothing but anger over the fact she deliberately withheld key and valuable information that could’ve resulted in a rightful conviction of George Zimmerman for murder. Rather, she perpetuated insult On Trayvon Martin and his family and that’s difficult to forgive.

  12. This was to be expected………America is so racially divided, she would have gotten slack from any side!!!

  13. I am sorry that she is going through such a hard time. Losing her job is tough, but the Martin’s lost their son. She will find another job. They cannot recreate their dead son. She’ll be OK. Treat people they way you want to be treated.

  14. No sympathy over here!

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