Texas Teenager Sentenced In Fatal Beating of 5-Year-Old with a Bowling Ball

by Barry Burch Jr.

Children need protecting from just about everything.  We can now add teenagers with bowling bαlls to the list.  A teenager in Texas was sentenced today to 23 years in prison for his role in the brutal beating and death of a 5 year-old.  He kιlled the boy with a bowling ball by battering him with it “like a football player spiking a football.”

5-year-old Sida Osman had been riding his bike until he ran into the older boy, who beαt him badly around the head.  The teenager was allegedly angry because young Osman had been nagging him about accompanying him to the store.   The weαpon of choice for the disturbed boy was a bowling ball, which he through at Osman with a force worthy of knocking him to the ground.  He then jumped on top of Osman and bashed the ball into his skull repeatedly, crushing it. 

Almost a full day following the mμrder, no one had heard anything.  The teen eventually showed Osman’s deαd body to three friends.  They were naturally shocked and demanded that he call for help, but he declined.  He also lied to Osman’s distraught mother who asked him if he had seen her son. 

The cries could be heard from outside of the court room as the teen pleaded guilty to the gruesome mμrder of his young neighbor, and accepted the plea deal of 23 years.

The teen looked back at the family of Sida and said, “‘I just want the family to know I’m sorry.”

This is a horrific, horrific case,” said Assistant District Attorney Riley Shaw.  “There were tears all over that courtroom.”

According to Mail Online, the teen’s defense attorney Ray Hall Jr. characterized the teen as one “suffering from mental illness growing up without a father who is currently in prison.”
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29 Responses to Texas Teenager Sentenced In Fatal Beating of 5-Year-Old with a Bowling Ball

  1. Sad story…maybe the teenager who administered the beating should receive the same treatment??

  2. I don’t understand that kind of anger. What would cause someone so young to be so angry?

  3. Oh look at this sheit right here, all this sympathy for the black kid who killed that baby, no outrage or calling on the DA to investigate, no talk about how we need to take up arms and protect ourselves against our own killing us, but yall losing your minds over a white man killing a black woman a few days ago. Not that we shouldn’t be outraged over white killing that sista, but we are NEVER outraged over our own people killing us.

    • Why would all of that outrage be needed? The perpetrator has admitted to his guilt, and he has been charged and sentenced as required for his crime. He did not have any police friends helping him to lie and the victim’s Civil Rights are not being violated, like in the case with Trayvon, so there is nothing more to say. Black folks are usually sentenced and receive punishment for their crimes. Our often overzealous judicial system makes sure of that. Also, I did not read one comment on this page that sympathized with the killer. Even so, these were both two youth and one would wonder why a teenager would have such rage in him to commit a murder of this type. It sounds like the youngest child may have been East African and an immigrant. I would like to hear more about that. Was this a hate crime targeting a young immigrant child? We never talk about this kind of crime, which actually goes both ways.


      • Actually I’m quite black, 25 yr old female. Why am I not black, because I don’t call thugs and drug dealers “my brotha”? Or because I think a 72% out of wedlock birthrate is out of control and just trifling and nasty? Or is it because I call out black people who get all outraged when whites kill us, but got nothing but prayers to throw up when black kills us? Get used to the fact that some are NOT of the same mentality as others. I’m MORE outraged by black on black crime and murder because we’re supposed to be BETTER and DO BETTER by each other. Soooooooooooo until I see black people calling for special prosecutors to “look into” the murders of black people BY black people…which occur on a daily, hourly basis in every cesspool of a hood across the country, I’m calling yall on the BS. The mentality is it’s COOL for black to kill black, but let a white kill us oh boy, it’s a horrific thing. Please.

      • Excuse you….my 15 yr. old nephew was murdered by a crazy psychotic black boy so he could be initiated in a gang! So I’m with anyone who wants to stop the innocent killings of our own children! Does that make me a racist cause your reasoning sounds real stupid!

  4. @Traveller the only treatment that monster needs is to serve the full 23 years in prison without parole. Would you be so empathetic and saying he needed treatment if he was white, and yeah I’m playing the race card because of sick of my people giving passes to our own when they kill us but carry on with righteous indignation when whites kill us. If he was white you’d be calling for his head on a platter.

  5. Where are Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton?

  6. the saddest part of it all is that I am sure that this child was displaying signs of mental instability and behavior problems prior to him killing this poor defenseless little boy that went unchecked by his parents…A message to parents if you see your child is displaying unacceptable behaviors that are extreme stop telling your self that it is only a phase or children will be children….do something about it!!!!!…most unacceptable behavior is just that unacceptable!!!and usually escalates as the child gets older.

  7. It is the genetically altered food. You did not as many of these type of killing back when we ate regular food. Keep watching. It will get worse.

  8. @Devon, SHUT THE f*****k UP, YOU RA CIS T TROLL.

  9. @ mmdccbslm, shut me up….beitch!

  10. He’s a monster he should’ve got life without of parole.

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