Teens Playing a Violent New Game Called “Knockout,” Which is Nearly Killing the Victims


by Dr. Boyce Watkins

A new game is being played in the streets. The game is called “knockout” and apparently involves teenagers finding homeless people or random adults on the street, walking up to them and punching the person as hard as they can.  The goal of the game is to see if you can knock a person out with one punch, the “one hitter quitter.”

Some of the victims are homeless people and some are regular citizens just like you and me.  Of course people are afraid and of course the kids featured in the video (below) are African American.  This says nothing to the outrageous things that white kids are doing, which I’ve been observing on college campuses for the last 20 years.

But since this is a website for black people, I would like to talk about our kids.  Most of our children aren’t going to be the ones running up and knocking out old people for no reason, but most of our kids probably know another kid who might do it.  We’d be lying if we didn’t say that media promotes violent behavior, and commercialized hip-hop’s turn for the worse has only served to glorify the ignorant buffoons who think it’s cool to shoot old ladies in the face (don’t believe me, listen to these lyrics by Lil Wayne – your child can probably recite them).

I received a great deal of opposition from those who objected to my article on “How to Raise a Sorry Azz Black Man,” but I am glad I wrote it.  The point behind the piece and the point I am bringing up again, is that young black males need older black men to serve as role models.  The problem, however, is that many of these potential role models, husbands and fathers are locked up in a criminal justice system that is hellbent on black male extermination.  So, the conservatives and bigots who complain that black people aren’t getting married often fail to mention how the policies they’ve supported have been the greatest deterrent to the building of black families since slavery.

There was a story I told during our New Paradigm forum in Chicago, which I co-hosted with Min. Louis Farrakhan.  I told a story about a group of adolescents elephants on a wildlife reserve who were inexplicably killing the rhinos.  Those in control of the reserve had no idea why the elephants were testing their strength by attacking innocent rhinos for no reason.  The conclusion was that the lack of older male role models for the teens meant that there was no one to help keep these young males in check, which led them to go around the reserve attacking innocent victims.

So, when I heard about teens testing their strength by punching innocent victims in the face (i.e. seeing if they can land a “one hitter-quitter”), I thought about adolescent elephants testing their strength by killing innocent rhinos.  Sure, they are animals and we are human, but mammal behavior is somewhat consistent across the animal kingdom.  So, the bottom line is that we are in need of black male role models willing to step up to the plate to mentor young men in order to keep them focused and productive.

Mothers can’t do it alone, we need men to step up.  Simultaneously, women must open the door for willing fathers to be involved in the lives of their children.  It’s typically a two-way street and no parent has a monopoly on natural procreation.   If we don’t work harder to raise our sons to become decent human beings, then many of them are going to become highly indecent and possibly even predatory.  It is our job to save them.

You can watch the video below.

Dr. Boyce Watkins is the author of the lecture series, “The 8 Principles of Black Male Empowerment.”  To have Dr. Boyce commentary delivered to your email, please click here.

83 Responses to Teens Playing a Violent New Game Called “Knockout,” Which is Nearly Killing the Victims

  1. Sick!! Sick!! Sick!! Should we still blame people for walking across the street when they see a group of black boys?

    • Correction – The black family deteriorated when the welfare system forced black fathers out of the home. A mother could get no help for her children if a man was in the house.

      If kids are NOT shown love, care, not in school, jobless, and the adults in their life are not supervising them, they will:

      - Break in your house and TRASH it because they were bored
      - they will drop a cinder block down on a car from an overpass
      - they will steal the family car
      - they will race a car putting everyone in danger
      - they will drunk drive and smoke and take drugs
      -engage in underage s*x

      - crashed a party
      - smoke and drank
      - dropped out of school
      - engaged in underage s*x
      - had a fight or 2 with their peers
      - parents became drug addicted and unable to properly parent
      - addicted parents sent their kids to buy drugs for them, just like they used to send them to the store for a pack of cigarettes
      - the foreign drug dealer offered them money to deliver pkgs
      - one by one they initiated them into the drug live, brainwashed them into their way of thinking, and told them that they were their family, patted them on the head, and gave them the attention they longed for. They brainwashed them into thinking that EVERYTHING TAUGHT TO THEM WAS WRONG. They told them:
      a long life is not important
      spread your seed to as many women as possible
      kill to show your loyalty
      terrorize your community to show your loyalty


      The drug addicts applauded.
      The black middle class said, “they’re not bothering me.”
      The brainwashed rich black said, “Black Americans are lazy. They dont want to work. They dont deserve our help. We’ll send all our affirmative action money to africa and the caribbean.”

      And the church pretended not to notice how their communities were deteriorating because they were still collecting their tithes and getting rich.



    • I am black and I swear I can’t stand these mother f*****s. I hope they all burn in hellm And in the interviews all the f*****g black teenagers were laughing, I say kill all their BLACK a***s.

  2. Its so sad that teens of nowadays are being misled in the direction of being the worst generation by far….it simply takes someone so young who doesn’t have a good way of learning to be misled by a devil….#SoSad

  3. The BlackMan must be Redirected, these Brotha’s need to listen to The BlackMan(State of Emergency)on Youtube. This video gives plenty of insight.

  4. Your analogy to young male elephants attacking rinos as a result of no supervision from older male elephants is quite appropiate. This video and others like it should be put together and shown to youth groups to instruct them on how not to indulge in “PUNKISH’ behavior.

    • Sickening, I was wondering…where are the Black leaders? Where is Shapton? Jesse Jackson? Dr. Watkins? These acts are pure unadulterated acts of racism- It is quite evident that these young black males have no empathy for white people! Let’s call it what it is….. to try & defend this disgusting behavior is mindboggling…. Several of these people have permanent brain damage- for Dr. Watkins to mention Young white males in this story shows extreme ignorance-This is one Black leader I was expecting to stand up in disgust…..however, he mentions bad behavior in white college age frat boys…Huh? This is not bad behavior, this is an emergency-stop teaching your children hate!
      This has nothing to do with testing strength…this is about animals, severely injuring another human, based on skin color!

  5. This is what happens when our youth are not taught to respect their elders. Our youth are culturally malnurished and therefore are susceptible to doing anything that they think is funny. My fear is that it will ultimately manifest itself into daytime break ins of peoples homes with robbery as the goal. If we only rely on the police to come after the fact its too late. We must be proactive and begin to train these young people of the way to respect others. Failure to do so will end up with these types of ridiculous acts.

  6. Black ppl wake the f**k up!!!! Stop acting violently towards one another!!!! Stop acting violently towards others!!!! Dont you know this type of behavior feeds into the notion that its okay to shoot us dead in the streets and nothing been done about it because all a white person has to say is they were afraid of us thus justifying killing us!!! Black ppl stop calling each other n***a’s which is just a regional pronunciation of n****r!!!! Stop referring to our women as b*****s and ho’s!!! Dont you know we’re Kings and Queens brought over from Africa!!! Black ppl wake up please!!!

  7. Black ppl wake the f**k up!!!! Stop acting violently towards one another!!!! Stop acting violently towards others!!!! Dont you know this type of behavior feeds into the notion that its okay to shoot us dead in the streets and nothing been done about it because all a white person has to say is they were afraid of us thus justifying killing us!!! Black ppl stop calling each other n***a’s which is just a regional pronunciation of n****r!!!! Stop referring to our women as b*****s and ho’s!!! Dont you know we’re Kings and Queens brought over from Africa!!! Black ppl wake up please!!!

  8. shaka king shabak

    one time..they r going 2 pick the wrong person…at the right time….and u know the rest….

    • This is true especially since more people are aware of this “game” Here is what is going to happen, there will be whites who are trained heavily in self defense, martial arts ect who are will deliberately walk around black kids hopeing to be attacked just so that they can hurt one of them really bad or kill them legally under the stand your ground law or just simply self defense. Rev Al and such will rally behind the stupid kid crying “racial injustice” when the man is set free. The really sad thing about it is that many of us will agree with the kid who is obviously wrong.

      • Yes, and the sooner the better. Negroes will never change – they aren’t human – and they are monumental cowards. Mayate, no matter how you look at it. The best scenario would be an Asian or one more Hispanic demolishing the N-lets.

        For a nice look at the species “negroes in negroland” (Tierra de Mayates) should do. Old old book, but so very accurate.

  9. shaka king shabak

    simpletons..with..little..or no home training…uneducated,improverished,……and very disrespectful….if these…people r hurt…or assaulted by these boys…there needs to b retribution….tempered with..education…regarding…this behavior…with the expressed attemp at reform….or..prison…home of the alpha predators…

  10. The key words in this article is “willing fathers” Lets face some truths here, if there were that many willing fathers there would be none of our Black men in prison! Too many women are choosing men that drive fancy cars, are in the clubs every weekend and so is she for that matter, these guys are not working but selling drugs, doing drugs and these are the men the women are taking home to the bed and having children by. To the women I say, think more of yourself, and before you drop your undies make sure you have checked your man out to see how many more babies he has out there, as well as, what does he do for a living. No, he does not have to be an investment banker, he can work at your local service station but he has an honest job, one that if you get pregnant by him you will be proud to tell your son/daughter he is your father. For that day is coming when the child is going to ask where is dad, what does dad do for a living and if you don’t tell him the truth that he is in jail or sells drugs and just has not been caught yet, rest assured the neighbors will tell him/her! As a kid he/she will think it is ok to do these things after all, mom lets him live with us and she enjoys the dirty money he brings home, these same men cannot and will not teach your son how to be a man, for he is not one himself! The best way to stay out of prison is to stay away from the things that are going to send you there!

  11. @kenyadi89: Violent music, video games, & music is to blame! That’s why your kids R going around playing KNOCKOUT.. But it’s big BIZzness! You can pray all you want too… Only works for yourself…

    • @Kenyadi89 sorry not buying that. If that was the case me and my older brother would be tatted up and doing 25 to life, he in the men’s section and me the womens section of Rikers. Both of us are productive, law abiding citizens who have no history of violence. We have two parents, our father was head of household and both loved us enough to discipline us when we needed it. So bump that mess.

  12. Ifthey can hit at will they can be shot at will,if parents can’t teach them then they can bury them this is why I believe in carry and conceal

  13. Surely this isn’t breaking news…, Every year groups of teens find opportunities to go “wilding, knockout, wolf packing “… And then we get a case like Trayvon where a UN-armed, unprotected teen gets preyed upon… or stop-n-frisked…

    We all seen the excitement these kids from ” wshh or gta” and them being kids they go to their groups on the streets and act these actions out…

    Their culture given into the incarceration mentality, the ex-convicted, the strippers twerking, the brith-right as citizens (free citizens)… You don’t get any future doctor, lawyers outta that kinda culture… ESPECIALLY NOW! Where “Confederate ” policy & law makers are snatching their citizenships from right under our noses….

  14. We let them take discipline out of our circles. Now we are shocked to see the lack of discipline in our kids. When you refuse to stand, you deserve the punishment of being forced to sit and watch the degradation of your peeps. Duck and hide from our youth! Weak negroes.

  15. Could you tell me what is so manly about knocking someone out that’s defenseless. This isn’t a funny matter at all and the kids who are laughing about it is very uneducated and have no home upbringing of what’s right and wrong. This knockout stuff can really injure someone bad and then they laugh about it. It makes me soooo ashame of how stupid and ignorant my black race of kids thinks. This is why we are looked at always as violent and unwise all the time.

  16. Probably too much Grand Theft Auto

    • +100

      I hate that evil game series: It is the most vile, evil “mainstream” video game series, and it is hugely popular. I am a gamer, but I won’t touch GTA because I’m also a born-again Christian.

  17. Black people of any decency need to pull a verbal Sergeant Waters and denounce and separate ourselves from the ignorant among us. Save money and move ourselves and our families away from the hood. Seek homes in decent communities, diversified communities where everyone is on the same page, and the likelihood of “hood n****s” infiltrating will be minimal because most can’t afford the homes nice communities.

  18. wow!!! these some of yalls replies are crazy… I thought we were suppose to teach the youth, not kill and beat are youth because of what they do, aren’t we supposed to be the bigger person. now yes what they did is very wrong but are we really becoming better than that, or are we just becoming more like these black kids we are wanting to beat and kill. IF THATS WHAT THIS WORLD HAS COME TO, NO WONDER ARE KIDS ARE VIOLENT… LOOK AT WHAT YOU SAY AND THINK.. THEN TELL ME HOW DIFFERENT YOU ARE FROM THEM!!!

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