Leading While Black: Oprah Exposes Racism Waged Toward President Obama

oprah speaks about Obama

In a recent interview with BBC, media mogul, Oprah Winfrey talked about the presence of racism still existing in America. ‘There’s a level of disrespect for the office that occurs … because he’s African American,’ she said of Obama.

The outspoken Winfrey went on to say no one is above racism not even the Leader of the Free World. While this thought is hardly ever spoken except in mainstream media, we, as African Americans talk about it all the time.

As an example of the utter disrespect being shown toward President Barack Obama, Oprah cited the instance when Republican congressman, Joe Wilson, shouted out ‘You’re a liar!’ during a 2009 speech the President was giving.

I think we all remember that.

‘It would be foolish to not recognize that we have evolved and that we’re not still facing the same kind of terrorism against black people en masse as was displayed with the Scottsboro boys,’ she said drawing reference to the film “12 Years a Slave.” ‘It’s gotten better.’

Oprah, born in 1959 in Mississippi believes that if she had been born just five years earlier than she was, she would not have been blessed with the opportunities she had that brought her to where she is now. And, that despite the progress that’s been made by people of color the underlying racism is still unresolved.

Oprah suggests that movies like “The Butler” and “12 Years a Slave” don’t point to problems of the past but rather spotlight the issue that is still prevalent today. She feels that the issue of racism will continue unsolved until the bigoted thoughts of class and race, the human indecency that accompanies it and racism that has been taught to so many generations is eliminated.

‘There are still generations of older people who were born and breed and marinated in that prejudice and racism and they just have to die,’ Winfrey added.


Daphne R is an experienced marketing and communications professional that provides social commentary, self-help, tips, and reports news of events that matter to African Americans.

106 Responses to Leading While Black: Oprah Exposes Racism Waged Toward President Obama

  1. I shudder to think of what would have happened to the black masses if racist White America openly embraced UPPITY BIGGOT affirmative action negroes, who have forgotten where they came from.

    There is no doubt in my mind that Ms. Oprah herself would have joined them in destroying the black masses. When she sits by with all of her vast affirmative action resources while urban black america perishses she is helping by neglect.

    She has made more racist comments against blk americans than a white racist,

    she has discriminated against black lower level employees,

    she only supports other black american affirmative action beneficiares like herself,

    she has made more poor whites millionaires than George Bush, and given them Good jobs,

    instead of helping her own black american people, she sends millions upon millions to black africa, just like white america wants her to. The little black girls in Memphis and Mississippi dont deserve a nice school in her eyes.

    Thank God for racist whites who remind these former ghetto dwellers and cotton pickers that they’re no better than the poor urban blacks they despise and disown and refuse to help.

    Thank God for the nonracist whites who judge them on the basis of their character, and dont want to have anything to do with them either, no matter how much money they have.

    Let’s see if the so-called powerful negro will do anything to try and end discrimination in the workplace for the black masses, now that they been put back in their places. Maybe now they wont run around calling black americans lazy and dont want to work.

    • You are full of BS. #hater

    • FYI Oprah provides several scholarships for deserving black men. Just because its not publicized doesn’t mean it doesn’t occur. What’s wrong with supporting African women?

      • So you think that building a $40 million dollar school in south africa that provides hundreds of teachers with jobs, janitors with jobs, and everyone else who runs a school with a job, is equivalent to a few scholarships for blacks in america???

        $40 million plus and hundreds of jobs is REAL help

        $80 thousand for a 4 year college degree that doesn’t guarantee you a job in white corporate america is NO HELP!

        Black americans marched and died for that creep to get a job in media. The africans did nothing but con her, and are doing nothing but using that fool and laughing about how Chicago closed 50 schools and she is doing nothing to help. They dont respect her.

        • People put their money where they choose. you can’t tell black millionaires how to spend their money.I don’t see anyone telling white millionaires where to put their money.

        • Carol All I can say is THANK YOU! Sista Thank You!!!! I’ve been saying that since Oprah began….You could tell by The demographic of her audiences….Lost respect for her blessing many moons ago….There are plenty others that share her bed…….Woe to The Rich!!!!!

          • The only shows I support on her network are:

            Sweetie Pie
            Tyler Perry Shows
            Iyanla Vanzant

            Other than that she is dead to me.

            That Mississippi cotton picker was entrusted with the lion’s share of money that should have been spread amongst the masses in reparations.

            I remember exactly when the black billionaires and millionaires were made. President Clinton asked blk leaders, what would it take to make the blk community prosper and thrive.

            They said we need more role models in the forms of billionaires and millionaires. We need for our community to have resources so that they can lift up the masses with employment, and education.

            And what did these negroes do:
            As soon as the white racist said “Boo” they folded and did exactly what the white racist wanted them to do, and that is HELP EVERYONE BUT THEIR OWN PEOPLE.

            Every cent she has should be distributed amongst the black american masses upon her death, but the africans are plotting to get it all, and this fool right here, just might give it to them, so they can come to america and take the few jobs we do have, leaving us totally dependent upon white charity for survival.

  2. In the 1970s and 1980s during the affirmative action era and marches of Dr. King, American negroes whined, “We have no role models. No successful people for our children to look up to. Not enough money in the black community to control our own fate.”

    And LIBERAL white america listened, and raised up negroes from the cotton field, and placed a trillion dollars in their hands. We went from 4 or 5 millionaires to hundreds of millionaires, with a few billionaires.

    So why is Black America as a whole WORSE off than it was 40 years ago:

    The old negroes raised out of poverty didn’t create jobs for their own community sizable enough to put even a slight dent in black unemployment.

    They decided that they didn’t have the patience to cultivate black talent as the white man had done for them.

    They decided to be weak and cave in, and pander to rascist whites.

    They decided to be politically correct and abandon their american black community in the bush era, in favor of pandering to africa’s lost cause.

    The money that should have produced more money in the black community went to outsiders just cause they had a black face and they took and took and used the fools.

    Then they assisted foreign blacks to come to american soil, and aided them in complaints of discrimination when white america recognized that their 3rd world cultures were bringing in the drugs, disrespect for life, pagan religions, and all sorts of evil.

    White america is fed up with the foolishness. These negroes like Oprah failed to yield any significant results in the black community as a whole, and now they’re going to take them down one by one.

    The fools quickly forgot who they were as soon as they got a few dollars. They wanted to be white. They wanted to be african, and they passed on the wealth to everyone but a black american with their stupid low self esteem.

    They were too ignorant to realize that the decline of black americans would include them too.

    And this ignorant oprah is a prime example of the biggest failure in the black community. So much wealth placed in her hands produced very little results in the black american community.

    She needs to be forced to go to africa and STAY! She is not a patriot. A patriot puts his own land, and own people FIRST!

  3. I really wish Oprah would stop playing this silly AZZ game.
    Her sole ambition is to get more press for her little movie,
    “THE BUTLER” her and Lee will do or say anything to sell more tickets.
    Lee Daniels is the JOKER who made that TRASH, “Monster Ball” with
    Hallie Berry…disgusting movie.

    President Obama can take care of himself, he does not need
    Oprah to stand on the world stage and defend him.


    Where was Oprah for that innocent young brother killed in cold blood by that twisted psychopath named George Zimmerman; If I ever found that POS floating in my pool, I would punish my dog for the c**p that just fell from his AZZ.

    TRAYVON MARTIN is the worst slap in the face for Black America since
    Dr. Martin Luther King was killed…and we sit back and let Oprah
    rant and rave about some bull shi- that means nothing to anybody.

    “If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten we belong to each other.” –Mother Teresa


    Charles Micheaux
    Micheaux Publishing Company


  4. May, Carol, and Melinda:

    You have spoken the TRUTH!
    I will never forget the reason D-Oprah stated for not building a school in America. ” The only thing Black kids in America are worried about are getting a new pair of $200 dollar sneakers” Really? Are they all the same? Then, I guess we should close the HBCU’S…because black talented , ambitious, overachievers don’t exist!

    D-Oprah just got her NIZZER wake up call, by racist white America. Now she realizes that they don’t accept her anymore than the rest of us….they just used her and made money off of her! And, now she is having troubles with her network. I guess the WHITE WOMAN she PANDERED to in the past are no longer interested. So, now she wants to appeal to the BLACK COMMUNITY she ISOLATED decades ago!

    One more thing, I thought charity began at home, then you go abroad!!!

  5. The Tea-Party Klan

    The Birchers, the baggers
    And those on the far-right
    All speak wicked-white-lies
    Hidden in plain sight.

    Despite the racist-rhetoric
    By the tea-party express
    We’re all play in’ checkers
    But they are playin’ chess.

    A checkmate by the
    Tea-party federation
    Would take us back to
    The birth of a nation.

    As they plan their work
    And work their plan
    A congressional tea-party
    Caucus is a tea-party klan.

    Like political pit-bulls
    Simply-second to none
    President Obama is always
    Public-enemy number-one.

    In their teaed-off.
    Right-wing world view
    They could care less but
    This is my country too.

    Copyright 2010
    All rights reserved

    • Great poem, BUT some of the philosophy of the tea party might actually be better for black america than what the democrats plan for you with their immigration bill, that would allow all these illegal aliens to become citizens, take more jobs than they already have, and take over all of our urban black communities for their own. I am a firm believer, that the mexicans in particular, are major suppliers of the guns and drugs, and the instructors of our american teens to kill and destroy their own community. They intend to take over our neighborhoods, for their own, like they did in Los Angeles.

      The Tea Party is mostly about PRESERVING AMERICA FOR ALL AMERICANS, NOT just white americans. The democrats who are using their black leaders to brainwash you into hating the tea party, want nothing for black americans except death through violence, drugs, abortions and incarceration. Democrats support all of that.

      I have went to the Tea Party rallys, and was welcomed and treated well. Yes, they have some radical whites, just like we have some radical blacks, but by and large the Tea Party wants AMERICA FOR AMERICANS, AND TO HAVE THESE TRILLIONS OF FOREIGNERS RETURNED TO THEIR HOMELANDS. Black americans would benefit from their return more than anyone.

  6. Wow! No wonder black America is where it is. Unbelievable. Just for building a school in South Africa that is generalized to Africa, a continent of 54 countries and she is supposed to have sent millions there but they do not respect her? Oprah is a world renowned philanthropist and everybody sees how much she give away on her shows. However, as Christ’s experience shows a prophet is never accepted in his own home. Oprah please put millions and millions in Africa not just South Africa! Stay blessed.





  7. Thanks for the article. Stop hating on each other Black America.

  8. I don’t have an issue with Oprah,she can spend her money as she see’s fit.

  9. These people are unbelievable! It is Oprah’s money and she has the right to spend it where she d**n well pleases, as I would do, if I had it! We will never have anything as a race for we are too busy hating those of our race that have made it. Get up off your lazy butts, quit having babies out of wedlock with thugs who don’t give a d**n about you, get as much education as you can and then plan your life, no you may not be a Oprah but you d**n sure won’t have to depend on a check once a month and food stamps! We have opportunities here in the USA if our lazy butts would take advantage of them, In Africa it is a totally different story, some may make it but the majority won’t because the opportunity is not there for them, those living in the ghetto here in the USA are there because they chose the wrong turn in life and kept on taking the wrong turn and I am talking about the last 2-3 generations not before that, because most before that were not allowed to work the best jobs due to racism!

  10. This injustices have been perpetuated upon the entire world . These injustices have caused insurmountable suffering and pain to the masses of my people . This is no coincident why so many films of slavery are being told . my people have been stereotyped in a negative light for so long and now taking our place back in this society, it’s never enough. In the minds and hearts of others, you can’t change a persons D.N.A. It is what it is . Thank You Ms. Winfrey for your courage / truth . before retiring , Guess you saved the best for last . Exposing the hearts of so many. God Bless

  11. Hatred of the black man is centuries old by whites seemingly it is a generational curse passed down in their genes from ancestor to ancestor and will end only when Jesus Christ puts a end to All sin. Unfortunately it is as it is but all who do die with this hate mentality has a one way ticket straight to a eternal h**l, what a way to end up but we all have Choices to Love or to Hate, Oprah for this needed commentary on these racists pigs mentality. A mentality that is going to do them in one day, they are asking for,and they are surely going to get, what they deserve.

  12. There are certain people who are reading these post written by African Americans mostly and are laughing uncontrollabley because they feel their work is being done without having to participate, why not let them disrespect and hate their own. From what I am reading about what is being said about Oprah it is very, very sad.

  13. I just want to say, I am embarrassed at how negative some our black folks are. I remember seeing several different articles” Beyoncé is the most beautiful woman in the world” for instance, and the amount of hate that was lashed out at her. I can also recall when it was Jenifer Lopez’s turn to be the most beautiful woman in the world. Pure love from the Hispanic community, in fact all love from that community. I also can remember white celebs. being named the most beautiful woman in the world, love , love, love, from her community. Oprah wasn’t named the most beautiful woman in the world. She simply did an interview about disrespectful racism towards President Obama because he is black. The amount of hate that is being lashed out at her is an embarrassment to the black community. What is wrong people??

  14. I was hoping for more conversations, more comments on the subject matter, instead we got off track in some instances. We should be addressing the subject of racism and our president on this page. Maybe once in a while scholars might want to comment and hopefully once in a while some problem solving suggestions. In short , we should be all try to learn and find solutions. we might be surprised whom comments if we can all keep it clean and with some intellect.
    It’s not a good feeling to be a part of a blog and it goes negative.

  15. Yeal I understand what she is saying. Some folks are very disrespectful and need some one to slap them in their face, when it comes to the disrespect they have shown the President. Even some Black folks are disrespectful and they speak about our President the way they would never speak speak about white folks. They finally found some elected officials that they can talk s**t about and no one will check them because they are Black and they are talking about some one Black. They didn;t do it to Bush because the CIA and FBI would have locked their a*s up and they know. They take these shots at Obama because they know he’s humble and a h**l of a politician. They are mostly just ignorant a*s negroes. Some are supposed to be educated but they don’t know how to tie up their shoes. They are an embarrassment. What we need is a group of Black Brothers that would police what racist say about the President and as soon as something disrespectful come out of their mouth we would be at their front door. As far as the Blacks that be talking all of that s**t about the President they just need to be called out and they would shut up! I wis h I had the phone number to a few of them. I would call them and threaten them and tell them they beter not open their mouth up and disrespect the President again.

    Shaheed Omar

  16. I understand and agree with everything said but know that this problem will be solved and no one need die. God said,’ we will reap what we have done, be it bad or good down to the 3rd and 4th generations”. Sometimes we can not understand why so much trouble, sickness and pain may fall on those who have done evil. Why do their chldren, grandchildren etc suffer? It may well be because of how that person treated others. But in the mean time we must continue to pray, pull together, love one another and try to stay out of harms way. God said it is His job to repay those who have harmed and pained His Children. Anyone who mistreats His children will not go to Heaven because in Heaven it is full of Love for ALL 24/7.

  17. I would like to know when were Presidents who belong to one party or another wasn’t given h**l by the other side: George Bush was call an idiot, fool, dump a*s, clown and was told he hated black people: even if he was all of these things why wasn’t people saying “if you don’t like him respect the Office”. The 1st Black anything has always caught h**l.

  18. Could it be black folks need to accept themselves. I saw a study on CNN with Anderson Cooper. BLACK CHILDREN’s negative response to other black children. google it.

  19. Paying $17K a month for an apartment for Lindsay Lohan speaks volumes to Oprah’s obsession and need to be accepted by Caucasian women. She is the biggest slave of all times. Billions in the bank and a deficit at the soul level. This goes for her praise over the Butler as well. If she has a problem with racism, she should stop playing out the role of a slave.

  20. CNN i-Report: “No other U.S. President in the History of the U.S. would be meeting with Illegal Aliens. Illegal Alien’s don’t have the Right to Vote, and Elected Officials are not Mandated by Law and Sworn Under Oath to Serve Illegal Aliens!” by TheTruth53, December 5, 2013

    President Barack Obama is not the only disgraceful elected Black leader. There are other misfits at the Federal, State, County and/or City jurisdictions of government. The LA County Supervisors has a misfit elected Black leader, who has executive, judicial, and legislative authority, i.e. more leverage than the President of the United States to get things done. This misfit’s name is 2nd District LA County Supervisor Mark Ridley Thomas.

    A mountain of Thanks to the initial whistleblowers…….


    If not for the initial whistle blowers, one or more ACLU lawyers, or other individuals who had the courage and duty to be truthful, slim chance exists that these atrocities would have ever been exposed or corrected.

    If not for the initial whistle blowers, one or more ACLU lawyers, or other individuals who had the courage and duty to be truthful, slim chance exists that these atrocities would have ever been exposed or corrected.

    “2 supervisors call for probe of sheriff’s hiring, The action comes after a Times investigation revealed that officers were hired from another agency despite records of misconduct.” by Robert Faturechi and Ben Poston, LA Times, 12-3-13.

    CNN I-Report: “I’ll Ask County Executives What the Board of Supervisors Needs to Do?? Read the LA County Charter Mark Ridley Thomas, Because You are the Chief Executive Officer of the 2nd Los Angeles County Supervisorial District!” by TheTruth53

    CNN I-Report: “It would not be surprising in the least to find that 2nd District LA County Supervisor Mark Ridley Thomas is remaining silent because the criminal and unethical administrators/employees of Teen Happy Homes are his friends!” by TheTruth53

    Most of the jail inmates whose Constitutional rights are being egregiously by rogue LA County Sheriff’s personnel have been, are, and continue to be U.S. born Black men and women.

    You would think that 2nd District Mark Ridley Thomas would be the first to exercise his authority to bring light to, and hold accountable the LA County Sheriff’s Department, but no it’s not no good Mark Ridley Thomas who is making the difference, but rather LA County Supervisors Zev Yaroslavsky and Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich.

    “Supreme Court rejects damages for innocent man who spent 14 years on death row” In a 5-4 ruling, justices overturn a jury verdict awarding $14 million to John Thompson, who had sued then-New Orleans Dist. Atty. Harry Connick Sr. because prosecutors hid a blood test that would have proved his innocence in a murder case.” By David G. Savage, Washington Bureau, March 30, 2011, Los Angeles Times

    Justice Clarence Thomas is no hero to U.S. born Black men and women. Clearly, he sides with rogue police officers, and unethical city prosecutors to disparage the Constitutional rights, and deny redress to law abiding Black men and women egregiously violated by the atrocities of government.

    YouTube: “Black History Month:Attallah, daughter of Dr Betty Shabazz & Malcolm”

    “It Really Does Matter to Stand for Something”- Dr. Betty Shabazz

    Dr. Betty Shabazz- Amen to the power of infinity

    “Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.”-Alexander Hamilton

    A true Black leader, hero, and/or anyone worthy of respect and admiration would be standing up for Black people, using his or her educational, political, and courageous characteristics uphold the Constitution, respect the “Oath of office”, to make it possible for the many Black men, women, and children egregiously violated by government in every jurisdiction of the United States of America to be compensated handsomely for all the wrongdoing, criminal and unethical act perpetrated against both law abiding Black men, women, and children, and anyone formerly or presently incarcerated who have also been wronged government.

    YouTube: Stepin Fetchit in Miracle in Harlem (1948)

    Although it is highly unlikely that Lincoln Theodore Monroe Andrew Perry was a “hat n hand handkerchief head negro” in real life….

    ….every day that Black elected leaders, lawyers, preachers, Black “Yellow” Journalists, and no good Black journalists exhibit spineless character, betray the Black community, serve illegal aliens at the expense of the rights of U.S. born descendants of slavery, steal from the Black community, serve his or her self and personal friends at the expense of the Black community, etc., etc., with the approval of other Blacks in the Black community…….

    …then the very Black elected officials, lawyers, sacrilegious preachers, poverty pimps, Black “Yellow” journalists and the Los Angeles “Yellow Journal” Sentinel, who, whom, and that fit the description are in fact Step n Fetchit hat n hand handkerchief head negroes in real life!

    YouTube: “Nothing like the Truth” uploaded by mll1127, 11-10-2013

    YouTube: “Compton – Corruption, Incompetence, or Just Business As Usual” by Skky Fisher, Compton Unified School Board member….

    There are other misfits at the Federal, State, County and/or City jurisdictions of government. The LA County Supervisors has a misfit elected Black leader, who has executive, judicial, and legislative authority, i.e. more leverage than the President of the United States to get things done. This misfit’s name is 2nd District LA County Supervisor Mark Ridley Thomas.

    “2 supervisors call for probe of sheriff’s hiring, The action comes after a Times investigation revealed that officers were hired from another agency despite records of misconduct.” by By Robert Faturechi and Ben Poston, LA Times, 12-3-13.

    Most of the jail inmates whose Constitutional rights are being egregiously by rogue LA County Sheriff’s personnel have been, are, and continue to be U.S. born Black men and women.

    You would think that 2nd District Mark Ridley Thomas would be the first to exercise his authority to bring light to, and hold accountable the LA County Sheriff’s Department, but no it’s not no good Mark Ridley Thomas who is making the difference, but rather LA County Supervisors Zev Yaroslavsky and Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich.

    Justice Clarence Thomas is no hero to U.S. born Black men and women.


    Lies Don’t Keep Us Safe. Keeping Us Safe Requires Respect for the Rule of Law and the Constitution. The government’s argument is untenable. “The government cannot, under any circumstance, affirmatively mislead the court” by U.S. District Judge Cormac J. Carney

    “Insisting on honesty as the only policy, the supreme ruled Wednesday that public employees can be punished for lying, even when they merely deny an accusation that later turns out to be true”.

    “ …….Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist. ‘An employee who is asked about possible wrongdoing has only two legal choices: Tell the truth or say nothing”. (LA Times, January 22, 1998.)

    Should any law abiding Black man, woman, or child petition his or her Black elected representative for redress when government have gone awry, typically these individuals play games of deceit.

  21. RE: “Leading While Black: Oprah Exposes Racism Waged Toward President Obama”

    Oprah Winfrey, you are more forgiving than many individuals, because after using your connections to finance his election to the Presidency and to promote himself or his book “Dreams of My Father”, President Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett, First lady Michelle Obama and other members of the ObamaCrap Administration kicked you, and other affluent Black business persons to the curb and beyond, right after winning the election.


    Source: “Obama’s Betrayal of Oprah Winfrey” by Newsmax Wires, 6-5-12

    Ed Klein’s blockbuster new best-seller about President Barack Obama chronicles Obama’s shocking betrayal of Oprah Winfrey, disclosing how Oprah helped him win the presidency and then was “frozen out” of the White House after the election.

    Klein’s just-released book skyrocketed to the No. 1 spot on The New York Times best-seller list in its first week in publication and has remained there.

    In “Amateur: Barack Obama in the White House,” Klein offers surprising, behind-the-scene details about the relationship between Obama, first lady Michelle, and the TV talk superstar.

    When then-Sen. Obama released his book “The Audacity of Hope” — it was Oprah Winfrey who endorsed the book, airing a full hour of her show with the rising star. The book became an instant best-seller — and Obama not only became a millionaire overnight, he also was on his way to national stardom and political success.

    And during the heated Democratic primary in 2008 pitting Obama against Hillary Clinton, Oprah took on great risk by endorsing Obama over Hillary.

    As Klein notes in “Amateur” – Oprah’s endorsement “represented a calculated risk for the queen of daytime television.”

    He added, “It was one thing for her to recommend a book but it was quite another to back a political candidate. She worried that her audience would resent her becoming a partisan for a political candidate.”

    In fact, Oprah’s endorsement played a big role in winning over parts of Middle America for Obama, according to The New York Times. Two university economists estimated that her support was worth more than 1 million votes and decided the primary election.

    As it turned out, a sizeable portion of Oprah’s audience took offense at her backing of Obama and stopped watching her show. After she hit the campaign trail during the primary campaign, Oprah’s favorability ratings slid from 74 to 66 percent, while her unfavorable ratings jumped from 17 to 26 percent.

    Despite using her goodwill and capital, Klein details Obama’s shocking betrayal of Oprah.

    Quoting sources close to Oprah, Klein offers a blow-by-blow account of how Obama’s wife and top staff turned on the TV star.

    After Obama won the White House, Oprah was “largely frozen out of the White House” by senior adviser Valerie Jarrett and Obama’s wife Michelle, because they viewed Oprah as a potential threat to their power.

    Jarrett advised Michelle to “distance herself” from Oprah and cut her out of the White House inner circle, suggesting Oprah “didn’t know her place” or “was a bad influence.” Oprah was trying to become the de facto first lady!

    As far as Michelle was concerned, Oprah’s billions and her elite lifestyle disqualified her as an adviser to Obama, who had no use for wealthy people except as a source of campaign contributions.

    Plus, Michelle is very jealous, a source told Klein, and “doesn’t seem to trust Barack at all. She insists on knowing his every movement and drops in on him at all kinds of odd times.”

    When Oprah and Gayle King — her magazine’s editor-at-large and longtime companion — arrived at the White House for an interview with Michelle, they “were made to wait at the security gate like ordinary visitors,” Klein recounts.

    Oprah stunned Michelle by asking whether she and the president were still fighting a lot. Michelle collected herself and said the arguing had been a “growth point” in their relationship.

    When Michelle announced she was going to devote herself to fighting childhood obesity, Oprah offered to help and suggested Michelle appear on Oprah’s TV show to discuss her campaign. Oprah was told “that wouldn’t fit into the first lady’s plans.”

    After the rebuff, sources told Klein that Oprah raged: “Michelle hates fat people and doesn’t want me waddling around the White House.”

    Michelle was quoted as telling her staff: “Oprah with her yo-yo dieting and huge girth is a terrible role model. Kids will look at Oprah, who’s rich and famous and huge, and figure it’s okay to be fat.”

    Michelle believes Oprah has been getting too close to Hillary Clinton, whom Michelle calls “a snake.”

    “Amateur,” based on more than 200 interviews of some of Obama’s closest friends and advisors, offers the most revealing account of the man and his presidency.

    Klein, himself a former New York Times editor, has become the target of media attacks.

    © 2013 Newsmax. All rights reserved.

  22. Thank you very, very much Oprah. It’s about time!

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