Gospel Singer Kevin Terry Caught On Camera Having $ex With Another Man

ggbReported By: Britt L

Over the weekend, church women were throwing their wigs and stomping their feet when word got out that popular gospel singer, Kevin Terry of Kevin Terry and Predestined was featured in a s*x tape leaked to the internet.

The very explicit video shows a sanctified Terry performing oral $ex on another man on camera. It’s no doubt that it’s the young singer in the video.

Allegedly, the man who recorded the video was the one who leaked it for millions to see via internet, not to mention social network.

After the $ex tape scandal, Terry took to Facebook and decided to post a “biblical” quote in response to the embarrassing video.

“There’s nothing wrong with making a mistake, what’s wrong is not taking the effort to make it right. Soooo get up and Make it RIGHT!!!!!!,” Terry typed.

Gospel fans that commented on the post refused to believe it was Terry in the video, and even 90′s R & B singer Lil’ Mo came to Terry’s defense. However, she confirmed it was Terry in the clips posted online and even gave Terry props on his “skills” in the video.

“It’s sad when u p**s someone off and they leak $ex tapes and nudes. Even more sad when it’s a gospel artist that is my friend … No shade lowkey he diiiiiiid that. #nohands but the videographer dry snitched. Show ya face. Level the playing field. Hello,” she tweeted via Twitter.

Will Terry be able to throw this situation behind him and maintain the respect of his fellow church members and fans?, or is he doomed because it’s now out that he’s gay and performing lude acts on camera?

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  1. These days with same s*x relationships in the congregations why is this even being done? Yall didn’t say anything when they worked as organist and pianist and choir directors and song writers and arrangers. No you shouted all day long on it every Sunday. The Pope and others now claiming agnostics and athiest and lesbians and homosexusals can go to heaven?. So whats the reason for this? Ill tell you ……….. good old fashion EXPLOITATION or in another word ENTRAPMENT. He got punked being one. And there is visual proof. Not a rumor.

    • You misunderstand the Pope, my (obviously) nonCatholic friend. No practicing homosexual will enter heaven. It is not a sin to bear the hard cross of same s*x attraction, but it is a sin to act upon it. There is no same s*x marriage in God’s economy, and all unmarried people are called to chastity and s****l purity. It IS eminently possible to live a happy, chaste and holy life if one is fully surrendered to God. s*x is not all it’s cracked up to be, as any one whose been married for a while can tell you. As for atheists, the wages of sin is still death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Redemption is there for all, but one must reach out in faith to procure it for oneself before breathing one’s final breath. Who knows what divine mercy may do for such a one in the last moments before death? We cannot judge who does or does not make it in to heaven. In the final analysis, that is God’s domain and God alone. I think some of us may be truly surprised at who is there and who is not.

      • Hmm, so GOD must have made a “mistake” when HE filled Heaven/ Eternity with nothing but MALE ANGLES!!!! Hmm, HE made a MAN first, fashioned after what HE had made earlier, hmmm a MALE, no female angels then or now or later….. Hmmm, HE (GOD) only made one WOMAN, then she had to make all the others…… Hmmm, there will be no MARRIAGE in Heaven, no making of children (unless they are by un-married souls) and HE has SAID they will not be married (earthly humans) in Heaven….. Hmmm, maybe GOD just likes MEN better!! Hmmm, I guess HE could have made a female Jesus, but HE DID NOT! Hmmm, sounds like to me that s*x is NOT important to GOD, now or previously and certainly not in THE later that is to come!!! Hmmm….. THINK ON THESE THINGS!!!!!!!!

        • Beleiver In God's Word

          Hmm… Scott Jr. it’s not about gender and s****l immorality is sin which is important to God.

          God’s word says “Leviticus 18:22
          Do not have s****l relations with a man as one does with a woman; that is detestable.’

          Leviticus 20:13
          ‘If a man has s****l relations with a man as one does with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They are to be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.’

          Sin is sin and just like murder, adultery and any other sin, he has to repent and turn from his wicked ways.

          Isaiah 55:7 Let the wicked forsake his way And the unrighteous man his thoughts; And let him return to the LORD, And He will have compassion on him, And to our God, For He will abundantly pardon.

          • Believer in g-od word, you are the only one that told the truth on this post according to what thus says The Most High. Christians with all that philosophy and lying on TMH is disgusting. If they were taught to follow the Laws and Commandments of TMH they will not be during that. They are not thinking about Leviticus 20:13. They listens to their dumb pastor.

          • AS-SALAAM Alaikum,i agree with believer in ALLAH GOD’S WORD. 100%,peeps trying to say we’re being judgmental and no we’re not ALLAH gives us all freedom of choices/choose if we want to agree or disagree. So I’m not w/out since, but I don’t choose same s*x acts nd things out of order abomination. Which is also stated in the Bible.Thx u Believer Of God word for posting what the bible says. WaRahmatallahi.

    • wow I am reading

  2. Why is his sin more, than anyone elses, on here?. You are not to judge , isn’t that in The Word?

    • We aren’t to judge. The word judges. The word does not change. I’m tired of hearing that excuse being made and ppl using the bible to defend this behaviour. How can you minister to anyone if you are living a life of sin? Where is the righteous living in that? But to each his own. The bible said that these things would happen. Signs of the times we’re living in.

      • God's Leading Lady

        You are so right! The bible tells us that we are not to judge hypocritically. Meaning, we can’t call someone out on committing some sin when we are doing the exact same thing! (Matt 7:1) But Luke 17:3 says “If your brother sins, rebuke him! If he repents, forgive him! If you saw someone stealing your neighbor’s property, you would yell “Stop! Thief! Stealing is wrong!” That is a rebuke. That is judgement on bad behavior.

      • look in the bible once more

  3. It is truly sad he was outed like that. But,hey. He’s a great singer and he loves the Creator, no matter his inclinations. It’s not like there are NO other gay church goers in this world. Come on, he is who he is. I have to bad feelings towards him at all. Just sad he trusted someone with this and they told HIS business, but not their own. The other person is the one who is vindictive. Did Terry even know he was being taped?

    • Ummm… What if he was the pastor? Same applies?

      • Sure, why not? I see no scripture verse that says a “gay” person can not be a pastor…. not as long as they are married and / or single….. heck if that, they can even be a BISHOP…… the big sin here is folks calling themselves a PROPHET when all prophets STOPPED with little old JOHN the BAPTIST… the LAST one to predict the coming of THE CHRIST. THEN GOD started making some SAINTS, but most of the folks in today’s churches are FAR FROM BEING A SAINT!!!!! That is not judging, that is pure out and out DISCERNMENT which we are told to do……

  4. This young brother should NOT be harassed or victimized because he is gay HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean you have to accept the behavior as “the norm”. I firmly believe that the great majority of homosexuals are born that way just as people r born with all kinds of abnormalities that occur because something goes wrong in utero. Children are born with both male AND female organs. Children r born with a propensity for all kinds of weird & odd fetishes. What it means is that something, chemical, genetic, hormonal, or environmental has caused changes that affect specific areas of the brain which govern these behaviors. Just because we are told by the monied society that we should accept the behavior as normal, use your common sense without judging the person. He/she very often has no control over how they feel sexually just as a heterosexual has no control over their s****l attractions. It seems to me that our efforts would be better spent trying to find out the cause, & in the meantime treat all people with dignity & respect

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  6. I hope people stop these nasty s****l acts! It’s just detestable and down right disgusting! I know that Satan is the ruler of this system, but we must rise above it!

  7. Heard all the “excuses” and “justifications” and it still doesn’t sit well with the Word of God. No, we’re not to judge but the bible gives us the authority to admonish, reprimand, rebuke and correct if possible. When Kind David (a man after God’s own heart) was caught commiting adultry, murder and lying he was “unfit” to build God’s temple so the task was given to his son Solomon. God has no respect of persons and as harsh as this might seem, this young man is presently “unfit” and “tainted” severly as a minister of God through music. Regardless of the political-correct environment homosexuality “is” an abomination in the eyes of God, and its ‘no less’ of a sin than fornication, stealing, coveting, murder, dis-respecting parents, etc. If we are going to embrace the “truth” and “transparency” of God’s Word, then we have to accept the fact that this young man has committed an abomination and he has to ‘rebuke’ the sin of homosexuality and “sin no more”. Otherwise, he is a part of the “false” prophet church and the ‘den of satan’. Read Proverbs 14:12 and 16:25 also Isaiah 8:20, don’t hate the massenger!

    • Didn’t Solomon have over a thousand concubines before he fell for Basheeba? So he must have been in the Xtian sense ” committing fornication” so ur analogy is flawed. Did not Abraham bang his maidservant? And Detrick Haddon and Marvin Winans had kids while married with other women. So ur point is?..Oh I know, all fast talking jumping for joy posing for the camera ( and off) xtians are hypocrites! !! I have banged so many ” church hos” partying on Friday and Saturday and Shouting on Domingo ( thats Sunday for the Spanish challenged)!! Who cares about another persons nut, get yall own…Subeck Hotep

      • That would be “Dominga”.

      • Bathsheba was Solomon’s mother. His father was David. Abraham slept with Hagar at the urging of his wife because she wanted a child for her husband and she was barren. She and Abraham were told she would produce a child. They did not wait for God, but took matters into their own hands. Which always leads to a lot of problems. In both instances, yes they sinned, and they had to repent. Your banging church “hos” has nothing to do with you or them being Christians. You are not repentant, so you have no point.

        Pointing out the sins of others just proves that ALL people are messed up. Lay off the church.

        • Fyck u and fyck yall slaves…..u have no power!! Hotep

          • As usual, when proven in err, people resort to ignorant and abusive language because they don’t know how to effectively communicate any other way. The power is in Jesus and I am gladly a slave to the Heavenly Father. May God Bless and keep you anyway.

      • @Brother Imhotep: “I have banged so many ” church hos” partying on Friday and Saturday…”

        I sexed my ex-wife on the FIRST night I met her, and she was a church girl! However, we remained married for 15 years before we divorced. Every girl I laid was a church girl.

        Today, the new screachas are lezzy lovers, who are behind the bullshyt, I mean pulpit! They busted two lezzy screachas in Atlanta, and one of them is MARRIED to another lezzy!!!

        I got tired of those fake azz negroids blocking my posts at (YCW=Your Cauc.asoid World), and I couldn’t get to your email because that fake azz rat face, Boyce blocked me out!

        I see these sick azz xtians are still committing adultry, ho.mose.xual acts on each other, while these xtian negroids continue to forgive these sinning heathens, who label themselves screachas.

        What these xtian ne.groids don’t OVERstand is that xtianity ain’t nothing, but heathenistic, murderous, man-made religion! Those fake azz xtian romans were pedo.philes, rapists, bu.tt worshippers, and sodo.mized little boys in the Olympia Stadium! Their women were lezzy lovers, and child lovers, but the real OURstory about this satanic religion is never revealed.


        I see you’re still on the battle Brother Imhotep!

        Keep up the fight!

    • ok Iam reading that to

  8. WHO THE f**k CARES!! grow the f**k up black church people. d**n! VOTE or do something productive. This makes me so happy to be a backslider, I don’t want nothing to do with ya’ll gossipin a***s – f**k a church

  9. Peter D. Slaughter

    Nobody is perfect of course.
    But this is just one of the main reasons why I stay out of some of these churches of today.
    Since this gay male,homothug stuff has become so trendy among some black men and instead of these downlow homothugs creeping on black women.
    Now the hip thing to do is to seduce some innocent male and then blame the devil and use sin as an excuse to justify this non-sense.
    The kkk and these other racist hate groups are enjoying watching black people destroy and turn on each other like wild animals.
    The solution is real unity and not all this religious emotionalism.
    The average black person seem to not know or care they are living under an outdated slave like paradigm of depending on slavemassa and his money and power.
    When a vast % of black mentall wake up.
    Then black’s will have the real power to create a new liberation agenda beyond civil rights and relligous emotionism.

  10. Yuck. He should definitely be ashamed of himself. If there really was a place called h**l, this flaming h**o in the midst of it.

  11. No news here. Only those who refuse to face reality and live their lives in blinkered denial seem to be unaware that church is a sanctuary for black gay men.

  12. Davy de Verteuil

    Its disgusting how we embrace the ways of Massa that we can’t tell the difference of hope & enlightenment. How quickly this fool sought to forgive himself rather he should have turned himself away from public view indefinitely in shameful regret. Dirty boy, fame & money tells a man he can get whatever he likes & still keep his dignity no matter of stink he truly is. Its a culture so prevalent in the church simply because we believe that forgiveness is there for everything even without having to give account or pay a price. No wonder our slave owners were so assured of immunity and unspeakable pardon hence they yet to pay reparations or ask us forgiveness. They poisoned us with the born again mystics we can’t seem to resist the immorality that stalks our subconsciousness. I guess this fool was only tuning up his vocals.

    • Lmbo right!!! God is snatching the covers off these so called GOSPEL PEOPLE. Back in the day people had some shame to them , now no shame at all. He will have more members trying to under cover get sucked now. Man I been liken you… lol

  13. We criticize this young man while the man who took the video and exposes the act goes anonymously free? I think the man who chooses to expose this act is vile in his attempt to destroy another human being over what? An argument? A spat? This is the result of evil viciousness. Expose the video taker too.

    • Melvetta Claiborne

      I agree preach the word and the Truth this is a sin but we are not God who is the judge jury and everything. I’m so tired of people who I guess having no sons casting stones

  14. Sista from the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection (Philly)

    This is nothing new, people turned away and denied it when James Cleveland died of AIDS and it wasn’t from a blood transfusion.

  15. I just wonder why this video was made. And then the question, why does everyone think its OK to release what should have been a private matter? This is not about a Christian’s behavior, but rather its about poor judgment.

  16. Thats pitiful what in the h**l is wrong with him.How can you praise the lord one minute and then get caught doing c**p like that? I’m not a christian but does’nt it say in the bible that you can’t serve 2 masters?

  17. The American black church or black church in general has to be the most hypocritical axe judgemental body I’ve come to know.
    It’s disgusting how you guys turn a blind eye to Bishop Eddie Long though. Smh

  18. When we say we believe in God and everything He stands for, we are to live a certain way. Period. When we are out there perpetrating a fraud while we are representing Him,God will not be mocked,your mess will be exposed. Don’t play church and don’t play with God.God will work it out for him but there will be a lesson in this story for others to see.

  19. Christians are just everyday people like everyone else. Yes, we are supposed to behave in a certain way. But loving God and obeying his principals are two very different matters. People are confused as to what being a Christian entails. It is a very hard walk and many will fail. We have to surrender ourselves to the Will of God, very few people are willing to do that.

    It’s time to stop bashing Christians in general because we are just human and all will answer to God one day. I am personally sick of being labeled a hypocrite because I cannot be perfect everyday of my life. I do make mistakes, but there are some things that are just not in line with why my lifestyle is supposed to be. Everyone who calls themselves a Christian are not, most just show up at Church every week but don’t actually live the life. People are not supposed to worship and look up to other people, but rather, look to Jesus as your example.

    I still don’t understand why the video was made in the first place. Maybe God decided that it was time for the dark truth about this man’s life be brought into the light. His sheep will not be mislead.

  20. While I look at some of these comments, I now truly understand why the Black community is in complete disarray and chaos. Black people have really been taught how to be stupid! There is no logically justification for this dudes behavior nor any other man engaging in homosexuality. Stop using scriptures and stop saying we should not judge. If we have the mental capacity, as a collective, to judge and condemn those in our community who obviously serve no true benefit, than we should do it. My stance is keep your children out of these d**n churches, if you want to prevent them from being exposed to this behavior and/or sexually molested. Because this behavior is prevalent in these churches. I don’t know what it is, it maybe something within the Christian doctrine that evokes this type of behavior and need to pay close attention to what is going on in these churches. Also, I believe men who engage in this behavior are clearly suicidal, they are no different from Black men who go around shooting and killing each. Homosexuality among black men is just another form of suicide and homicide, because it leads to fatal consequences. I rarely hear advocates of this behavior speak on this.

    • Homosexuality is not just in the churches. If people choose to not send their children to church because of fear of child molestation or other so-called hypocritical behavior, then you are playing right in the hands of Satan. He doesn’t want anyone to experience the truth of the cross. He wants you to stay away from the house of God and will use any means to keep you there.

      You may as well not send them to school or involve them in any recreational activities either. In fact, you can’t leave them anywhere including home because many molestors are in the home or very close as well. It is the responsibility of the parents to safeguard their children. I always went to church and my children were involved in church activities, but I was also there and very hands on.

      Many parents drop off their children and leave others to care for them, or the children go to Church and the parents go home. This is a huge mistake. Molesters use the mind of the trusting to further their advances. If these people knew they would be held accountable for their actions, they would not be able to do the things that they do.

      Forgiveness is not an acceptance of inappropriate behavior. People want to forgive and forget, that is not the message of Christ. We are to hate the sin, but not the sinner. We are to hold people accountable, but not judge. God will make the final judgment.

      Sadly, believers and non-believers don’t accept the truth.

    • Preach, but be of good cheer our God will come soon and clean all this mess up, we as christian should pray every day come lord jesus, come.

  21. God created men & women,no exceptions.Saying gays were born that was is seeing God made a mistake. It’s wrong & nasty. One man p***s in another man s****y r****m & they call that normal & want me to accept is never going to happen.God forgives but if this young MSN continues his homosexuality then he’s headed for h**l!!!

  22. There is no one on this Earth without sin, but no minister can stand in the pulpit and tell me how to lead my life, when he is sinning all over the place. I would suggest to the guy that first he comes out of the closet and stop pretending to be something that he is not, come out and allow your church to decide weather or not they want to keep you as their minister because for d**n sure what occurs at night will eventually come out in the light!

  23. this is why i don’t go to church. i believe in God but i don’t go to church. God is in my heart, He’s in my spirit, He’s in my life. but, i’m a sinner, and i do wrong. i don’t want people to get God wrong on my account. God is good. I am as a filthy rag….

  24. Folks who are putting their foot on this mans neck, have committed Adultery, Lusted after minor girls & boys, Abused your wives, husbands, children and animals, Masturbated, Cyber sexed, Engaged in a**l s*x, Stolen Gods tides and Lusted after Passa right in church, so what are you throwing bricks at this child for?

    • I totally agree, the same one’s throwing stones at this brother are probably a lot worst than they accused him of. I have found out that the ones that call people gay are gay themselves.

  25. This is why i and my family left the church. Gays have taken over the church and the pastors of those church have let them. I have church in my home with my children, husband. The church have become nothing short of a meeting place for satan and all his demons.

    • Please consider coming back to Church. The media puts stereotypes and negativity on blast. Where are the stories about the good Churches, they are out there.

    • I agree with you! How can a Minister preach The Almighty God’s word on a Sunday when on the night before which was a Saturday he was dressed fully dressed to the T like a beautiful woman at a very popular Gay cocktail Lounge with a very fine sure enough known Gay young man! Please don’t get me wrong I am not against Gay people, I’m talking about this Minister I can’t judge him, I won’t throw the first or last stone, I don’t understand this, will someone enlighten me Please!?

  26. michele you are so right and thank goodness for christianity whereby we can repent and make a change of heart and move on.

  27. How about this??? Let’s band together and pray for the brother’s deliverance and that this spirit be destroyed in the earth by the power of the Holy Ghost.

  28. Ronald Williams-El

    Many of the people that you hear about doing these things are Christians let face it once that we relize that we AS A PEOPLE NEVER did SO MUCH of THESE THINGS until we were brauaght or was were rised in a world of the Christans.

  29. These Churches need to be Burned Down because Negroes go in one way & come out Dead like they walked in? Rev Pigfoot first Need to take those Pictures of crackers & Spook God’s Down Because that Shyt only Re-Enforces White Supremacy in Drag & Most of the Guys in these Churches are Faggits & BullDagger’s! Clean this Shyt up or the Real Jesus will show up & the Judgement will start there Dummy in your fake a*s House of the Devil I mean God lol I hate all you Broke Wrist Negroes back-up Booty Bandits I like the Hot Females! This Gay BS & Gay History is from Greece & Rome(Italy) this Deathstyle was introduced to a Dumb Negro in 1973 to get rid of you Dummy by the Biggest Killers of Black Life in America Planned Parenthood SMDH

  30. @Brother Muhammad: “These Churches need to be Burned Down because Negroes go in one way & come out Dead like they walked in.”

    I agree! I don’t call them churches; they are entertainment centers, and the screacha is the main attraction or performer.

    Those sick neg.roids love being entertained, and they HATE the Truth that we True Black Rebels try to bring to the surface. These heathens don’t want to hear the Truth. They only love being entertained, lied to by a screacha, looking at sports, gossiping and lying on each other.

    Xtianity is the gayest religion on the planet. This so-called ‘jesus’ was a man-made statue, which the gay romans made by hand. PROOF: New Living Translation: Psalm 115:4 reads: “Their idols are merely things of silver and gold, SHAPED BY HUMAN HANDS.” This fake man-made idol was called ‘jesus’, which was shaped by a fake mythical god called, Serapis Christus (notice the word ‘christ’). You can view the head of this man-made idol at the London Museum.

    Leviticus 26:1 reads: “You must not make any idols, and do not set up any divine image or sacred pillar. You must not place any CARVED STONE in your land, bowing down to it…”


  31. I don’t care what you do in the dark, when it comes to light (especially when its on video), that’s when people having a problem.

  32. Its astonishing that this was the same young enthusiastic christian; that you all saw as the beacon of society of the christian world; he was a child of god; he was a believer by many before the video; but now he worth sh*t. And as a society come to enforced law and pass judgement like if you all on a level and power simaliar to God; Wanna just amazing; well I hope you all living a true holy and christian lifestyle with no secrets also; may God bless you all

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