Actor Claims Flight Attendant Called Him the N-Word and Obama’s Son



Reported By: Britt L

Somebody’s stiring up more than a cocktail, right Brandon T. Jackson?

The actor, most known for his role as “Alpha Chino” in the 2008 comedy Tropic Thunder, accused a US Airways flight attendant of calling him the n-word during an altercation Monday evening while on board a Phoenix-bound flight.

According to TMZ, Jackson threw a child-like tantrum after the US Airways attendant informed the actor that he was at his cut off limit for alcoholic beverages.  Brandon allegedly wailed his arms and raised his voice at the air attendant, and police were called on the ground.

Although the altercation never escalated to any physical activity, the 29-year-old actor has stated that the flight attendant insulted him with a few racial slurs.

“I don’t care if you’re Obama’s son, get back in your seat,” the actor says the flight attendant told him.

Brandon also accused the attendant of calling him the N-word while being questioned.

He was soon released without charge, but was escorted by authorities out of the terminal and barred from ever catching a connecting flight to Burbank.  Following the incident, Brandon took to Twitter and informed his followers about the incident.

“This was the most racist thing that ever happen to me. Even the white people on the plane was like, that racist,” tweeted a sarcastic Jackson.

The Phoenix Police Department and US Airways have not yet commented on the incident.

 Obama’s son? Really?

22 Responses to Actor Claims Flight Attendant Called Him the N-Word and Obama’s Son

  1. Sounds like he went too far as far as the drinking, because when you are a flight attendant, you are supposed to ensure that you do not take a drunken person up in the air. Once you are airborn, any problem is yours and yours only. The Captain or police are not going to be of help to you. Having said that, the rude behaviour and alledged racial slur was not called for and if it is true that flight attendant should be fired.


    If he was drunk doesn’t give the flight attendant the right to say those things. He’s a black man. That makes them feel threatened from the beginning. Smh

  3. Sounds fishy to me too. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy! There is enough racism in this country without us inventing some. This flight attendant would have to be awfully stupid to insult a Black person this way in front of a bunch of people that could testify against this airline and her, is she that stupid, you tell me. When she cut him off he should have accepted it!

  4. Hey Max El
    sounds like he may have been needed to be cut off from too much booze.
    Even if he was out of line and threw a tantrum, there is no reason to insult him with disrespect by infusing our president’s name calling & using the ‘n word.
    staff is supposed to be professional & know how to handle these situations.
    Get off the plantation Please!!!

  5. Who knows are the people that were on the plane. That’s an easy one.

  6. It doesn’t matter who was on the plane if the offensive comment was made there should be some punitive action taken. Better him than me, I would have been taken into custody for busting the Gentiles lips and invite him/her to kiss my hebrew azz!!

  7. I don’t believe it happened the way the actor claimed. Must be a witness some where!

    The police let him walk when he could have done time for interference with the operations of a plane in flight.

  8. Lets not forget this brother is an ACTOR. I don’t care what he says, I don’t believe any stewardess is stupid enough to make racist comments like that in front of everyone. Although she might have made the comment about him being Obama’s son…That’s not a racist remark. That term may have been used to let him know that he’s no better than anyone else there. Home boy had too much to drink and started a ruckus when he couldn’t have his way, and got his b**t thrown off the plane. Being the actor that he is! Now he’s writing his own script of what he’d like us to think happened. Keep up the good acting boy and see where it gets you.

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