23-year-old Georgia Mayor Shot During Robbery; His Mother Was Tied Up and Sustained Injuries

chris mayorReported by Nigel Boys

Chris Wright, Mayor of Dawson, Georgia, is still in the hospital, in critical condition after he was shot during an apparent robbery at his home on Thursday night, according to reports.

Wright, 23, was listed as being in critical condition and a prayer vigil started for him on Saturday evening when friends and family gathered in front of the Terrell County Courthouse, Dawson, Georgia.

Tonya Wright, the mayor’s mother, attended the prayer vigil along with about 100 other concerned people including several elected officials.

According to reports, Wright was shot multiple times while he was outside his home on Thursday evening, during an attempted robbery. Wright was elected Mayor of Dawson in November 2012 at the age of 22. At the time of his election, he was the youngest mayor in Georgia.

A neighbor of Wright’s told reporters that she had been watching television on Thursday evening when she suddenly heard a noise that sounded like loud firecrackers. The loud noise was later confirmed to be gunshots.

Wright’s aunt, Ann Smalls, said that during the attempted robbery, Wright’s mother was tied up and now has several injuries. She added that the family was very upset that people could hurt such an innocent man like Mayor Wright and they hoped that the perpetrators would be brought to justice soon.

Wallace Johnson, Wright’s uncle, said that the city is trying to figure out what happened that night. He added that at times like these, everyone comes together to show their love and support and that is exactly what the city was doing now.

After the shooting, Mayor Wright was taken to a nearby hospital in Albany, Georgia where he is recovering from his ordeal, according to reports. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has been called in to investigate the case but have yet to name any suspects.

According to the Bureau, Wright was returning to his home on Thursday night when he was shot several times. They added that Wright’s mother had also been tied up in his house during the attack.

However, Commissioner Ernest Johnson reckons that Wright was targeted because there is a lot of work to be done by him in the city.

Johnson went on to say that “We miss him already and we love him. We want him to get better.” He added that “Through God again, we’re going to be able to pull together and make this thing work out. I think the mayor will be much stronger behind this.”

45 Responses to 23-year-old Georgia Mayor Shot During Robbery; His Mother Was Tied Up and Sustained Injuries

  1. My prayers and well wishes go out to the Mayor and his Mom.

  2. Don’t Mayors supposed to have bodyguards? Where was his?

  3. Every person who can afford to, but especially “good” politicians like this one, should have an array of cameras to and fro around themselves and their homes. They should have bodyguards and other means of protection and preparedness! I wish he and his family well. The world, in total, is filled with psychologically demented human-beings, and many appear to be getting sicker by the day! We no longer live in comfort and safety so act and prepare yourselves accordingly!

  4. There was no mention about the race of the people who did this! they tied up his MOM, did they wear masks or what? like the brother said, this looks like a HIT!!!!

    • Its strange, nobody is saying very much! if they tied the mother up, she saw something! It does sound like a hit, but why and who?

  5. This may not have been a robbery!!!!!! Young Black man MAYOR.!!!!!!

  6. It use to be very safe in this area of Georgia; you could sleep with doors unlocked. Not anymore! Black on Black crimes have invaded this area too–drugs, robberies, etc.

  7. @Barbara, I didn’t read that suspects were black or white. Where’d you see that? The national inquirer?

  8. Rev. George Brooks

    I thought CNN is located in Atlanta? So where is the national news on this crime? And what about the black newspapers of Atlanta, and Bounce TV which is supposed to be headed by Andrew Young and Martin Luther King III, but is really controlled by Jews? And hopefully this young mayor will get him a team of body guards when he returns to govern the town, AND HAVE HIS POLICE AND STATE POLICE HUNT DOWN THE THUGS, BLACK OR WHITE, LIKE THEY ARE DOGS, and don’t give up until they find the lowlifes. — Rev. George Brooks

  9. we don’t know at this point who committed the crime. What we do know is that the social atmosphere being created by the Tea Party is dangerous. Listen to the c**p on talk radio and on national new outlets coming from people in the legislature. Look at how the southern states are changing voting laws.
    What about the case in Mississippi with the black family being killed. Suspect is in custody but they won’t release any info as to race why?

  10. What an amazing young man, to become mayor at a mere 22 yrs. old! It sounds like everybody in the small town of Dawson, Georgia is not happy about a young African American man becoming the mayor of that town. Its terrible that somebody had the audacity to attempt to kill and harm his mother. I pray that he survives his injuries and the shooters are apprehended. From the article it seems that he is well-liked and doing big things in Dawson. May the Lord strengthen and heal the young mayor.

  11. Know bodyguards? Even Bloomberg in N.Y.C. stands 5ft.7 and has 6 5 6 7 bodyguards. Smell a fish something not cook right.

  12. First of all, like a so-called Red State like Georgia, what do you expect. My question is who was the Police Chief, Black or White? Most
    mayors I’ve noticed and have seen, there was always police security
    wherever a mayor goes. Now the question remains; Who shot this man and why. Some of us Black folk do not realize that we’re climbing up the political ladder than ever before and by doing this some people
    perhaps disapprove a Black man as having to be a mayor of a city. I’m not saying or accusing anyone as of yet. but something smells about this issue.

  13. I hear what everybody is saying! Let’s take a step back and start praying. This young man , his family and Dawson needs prayer, prayer, prayer.

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