Trey Coleman: America’s Increasing Dissatisfaction – Is Obama To Blame?

ewopweopewopby Trey Coleman

It is safe to say that the majority of the people in the country are dissatisfied and with the rise of social media that dissatisfaction can be express and heard all over the world, in a matter of seconds. The so-called leaders, politicians and the controlled media today have to be responsible with their interpretation of the facts because the internet is so readily available one can easily verify what they are saying and hold them accountable.

With the world economy being unstable, most people are living paycheck to paycheck, and in their eyes the rich is getting richer while the poor and disenfranchised are to blame for society’s Ills. It has been argued by some, that the economy was so bad and that its citizens had such a disdain with the government causing them to elect its first Black President. His message was about Change and Hope for a better tomorrow. The People were looking for someone that was not status quo and to them he represented that hope for tomorrow. His speeches were so captivating in that first election he made everyone believe in his vision for the country.

After obtaining the White House, it is evident that the Candidate Obama was more inspiring than President Obama. The country is dissatisfied with the political establishment and President Obama proved has proved to be part of the status quo, which was a contradiction to his campaign message. Although President Obama was re-elected, voters rejected the vision, and had Romney done the grass root work rather than depending on exit polls he would have won the election. Romney had a clearer vision for the future according to exit polls; voters voted 55% to 43% when the question was presented.

Today, people still want change, and it is clear the election of President Obama was not what the country needed, at the same time to some he is that stepping stone for what’s to come. To some to admit this is blasphemy, but blacks are falling out of love with President Obama. It is the same old song, the only difference is he looks like them. People were expecting the President to deliver on his campaign promise of Hope and Change, but the economy and high unemployment have destroyed that optimism.

The country is not only dissatisfied with the President, in fact, according to a recent Gallup poll 75% of Americans are dissatisfied with politicians and the political system entirely. The public’s dissatisfaction with politician’s lack of leadership has reached an all time high, particularly since some politicians decided to shut down the government, and caused over 800,000 federal workers to be furloughed.

While the President, congressional leaders, and Senators continue the finger pointing the American people continues to suffer from lack of leadership in Washington. We need a change in the political system many polls show that roughly 80 percent of Americans believe their Congressional representatives to be more interested in serving the needs of special interests groups than “the people they represent.

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  1. Could it be an even greater issue at hand that impacts the Obama presidency which would have also impacted Romney or any other who may have entered the white house?
    Anyone who would take the reigns after a belligerent 8 year Bush administration that spent the surplus built up by the previous Clinton administration would find it difficult to manage an economy with the magnitude of the United States of America, however if a more pragmatic approach rather than an emotional one was taken and promoted during the presidential election by both McCain and Obama I think the electorate would have equally warmed to the message of a change from these candidates.

    After a protracted war in both Afghanistan and Iraq, an over-hyped ‘war on terror’ programme conducted by Pres. Bush Jnr. is it any wonder that the economy went on a downward spiral, how does one follow an act like that after entering the executive office?

    In reality Pres. Obama is no different from any of his predecessors, a promise is a comfort to a fool and public officials have long been ‘promising’ us and failing to deliver on their words…nothing but empty rhetoric offered to the people and we accept this bull-shyt EVERY time an election comes around!!
    What does that say about us??

    Simply put, the policies put forward by the executive and legislative branches via special interest groups, corporate business, think-tanks is the practice of corruption hidden in plain sight and all fronted by a figurehead called the President of the United States of America.
    Tell me which president has ever been free of such control or influence?

    • With old fools like you who have no discernment to lead young black people on how to vote wisely, it is no wonder we are in the predicament we are in today.

      You know good and well that black people made great strides under Kennedy, Johnson, Ford, and Clinton. They are the democrats who made us loyal to that party. It started with Kennedy getting MLK out of jail in return for delivering black votes. All blacks between the ages of 40 and 75 made major gains under those presidents. We were educated like never before. We were the first blacks in almost every industry.

      Now you want us to believe that all those presidents turned back the hands of time on us like Bush and Odrama? Odrama could have turned back the hands of time and righted the wrongs done to us by Bush, but he chose to continue to follow Bush’s legacy of destruction, impoverishment, no education, and return us to the Jim Crow era. HE DID THAT WHEN THE FIRST THING HE DID WAS RESTORE THE STATES’S RIGHTS TO GOVERN AS THEY WISH, WITH NO OVERSIGHT FROM THE FEDERAL GOVT.

      No special interest group ever said to Odrama we want you to continue the destruction of black people to get our support. He did that because it is obvious he has a lot of hatred for blacks and it started with the father who abandoned his mother, and his grandparents teachings. Stop defending a man who has made it clear he doesn’t respect you or your opinions, or your sons right to life, liberty, and education, and equal protection under the law.

      AARP said we want good policies to give better lives to our seniors. The spanish said we want immigration reform. etc etc.

  2. Uh, please learn how to write a coherent sentence, etc., especially since you’re trying to insult or bash someone. Most ALL of the politicians are full of it and really don’t get anything done. Maybe you should do some research on Congress and how government works. ALSO, no President is loved by all.

    • Sasha,

      Again, I usually do not respond to replies to my post, but I’m always willing to learn. Give me some examples so we can dialogue unless your responding just to be negative then I understand. Perhaps the sentence or sentences were taken out of context, and may not have been coherent to your way of thinking. Thanks for reading

  3. Personally speaking I believe Mr O’Bama was left holding 8yrs worth of debt and he has done the best hecould with what he had. I’m a simple speaking person so my view is what’s so wrong with wanting to pay off the debt we have incurred before he became President.

  4. Vernistene Pritchard

    Mr. Trey Coleman, just reading you article speaks volumes as to what party you stand for, with that being said, as a christian African American woman, I think that your article has not truly told the whole story about this president. Facts seems to be something that your party don’t believe in and the fact that they are controlled by the Koch Brothers speaks volumes. Never in the history of this country has the Democrats ever met in secret to devise a plan to destroy any republican president no matter how much they disagreed with his policies and never ever have you seen them disrespect a republican president in such a way that your party has. Your party had put every thing on the credit card and President Bush told the American that the wars would pay for themselves and we know that wasn’t true, but he also lied to us about his real reason for going into Iraq, but that was something that you left out as well.

    Everything that the Bush Administration did in 8 years they never paid for anything, but this president realizes that the true cost of the wars has to be put into the budget so that they can be paid for but your party all they want to do is to tell women what to do with their bodies, cut assistance for the poor and kill jobs and anything else that would benefit the rich. President Obama is the only president that we have ever had that understands what it is like to struggle with student loan debit, mother fighting for healthcare benefits, and so many other things that affect the middle class and the poor, and yet your party wants to destroy all of that. After this president was elected the 2nd time the Koch Brothers and the tea party met this time to try and destroy healthcare law, and they want to gut social security, medicare & Medicaid, and they certainly don’t want the minimum wage to be raised to help people get out of poverty.

    As a christian I am not for abortion, but I also believe that I or any other religion have the right to make any laws to force what I believe on someone else. I don’t believe in gay marriage, but as a christian, I still don;t have a right to force what I believe on others because guess what Jesus didn’t force what he believed on any of us he gives each and everyone of us the free will to choose. The president had a great vision for this country but your party refuse to help him clean up the mess that your party has left him, and yet despite all that they have done to obstruct him, he has managed to get a lot of things done. The American people chose him over your party and you can really see the racist side showing a great deal. Your party has no interest in serving the American people, they have been catering to the rich and if that wasn’t true then why is Speaker Beohner in such a mess with his party now.

    Republicans don’t want this country to be better and they have proven that over and over again and not matter what you and the rest try to do, the blame lays solely with your party. If you choose to respond to my post explain to me a few things, why do they not want as many people to have good healthcare, because the taxpayer payer for the great care that they and their families get, why do they seem to believe that the immigration bill shouldn’t be passed, or why they won’t do something about gun control, or why they won’t fight to get rid of the tax breaks and loopholes for the wealthy and super-wealthy, or the subsides for the corporations or big oil companies, especially when some have stated that before congress that they didn’t need the subsides? The biggest question that i have do have for you is please explain to all of us why they refuse to pass the jobs bills that the president proposed and why they have done nothing to help him fix the mess they left behind? The American people re-elected him and it is time that your party learn to respect the wishes of the American people and oh by the way I voted for Bush because of some things that he stood for like abortion and same s*x marriage but I had to realized that there were more at stake than just those two issues because I want all families to have a chance at a better life because we all deserve that just like the rich do. We are all in this together.

  5. The only groups I know that still love Odrama are the hookers in Nevada for giving them health insurance, and drug dealers who are free to poison every young person in the country.

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