Your Black History: 11 Things You May Not Know about Sojourner Truth

weopowpoewIf you don’t know much about Sojourner Truth, then this is the woman you need to know.  We often give great women like Oprah Winfrey credit for overcoming their obstacles, but most of us can’t hold a candle to one of the great black pioneers who paved the way for the freedom that we are able to enjoy today.

Here are a few things you should know about the woman who inspires us all:

  1. Truth was born as Isabella Baumfree and later changed her name to Sojourner Truth.
  2. Truth was born into slavery on November 26, 1797, but later escaped with her daughter in 1826
  3. Truth is known as the first black woman to win a case against a white man after going to court to get her son back.
  4. Truth worked as a recruiter for the union Army. She is known as a civil rights leader, as well as an activist.
  5. Truth went by the nickname Belle
  6. When Truth was nine years old, she was sold to John Neely for a flock of sheep costing $100.
  7. Truth had the ability to speak Dutch
  8. Truth fell in love with a former slave name Robert. He was killed because of their relationship.
  9. She had five children but was only able to escape with daughter Sophia.
  10. She became a Christian in 1829 after moving to New York City with her son Peter.
  11.  In 1840, Truth said this was the last time she had heard from her son after he took a job on a whaling ship called the “Zone of Nantucket

44 Responses to Your Black History: 11 Things You May Not Know about Sojourner Truth

  1. What can one say about Sojourner Truth except, what a woman!!

  2. This info is astonishing to say the least…I have always thought we were simply regarded as ‘property’ during the years Ms. Truth was an activist; to know she went to court for a personal matter is unbelievable!

  3. Wow! Awesome! This is True History made for television not the ones where we (AA) are slobbing each other down!

  4. Keep giving us more African History facts we are HUNGY.Let us make it a point of duty to to this thing.

  5. Anyone who has any African History facts put it out there for us we are Hungry Man AND GOOD BOOKS TO READ TO HELP US WITH AFRICAN HISTORY FACTS.

    • Good idea. Happy to contribute. First, Black people are the original people on the planet so that is where Black history begins. We are taught about Black history in the context of racism/white supremacy and in a country that is colonial, so they teach Black history as the enslavement of our people, Jim Crow, civil rights, etc. In other words, they present our history as us being subordinated to them. If we can move from that concept to starting to study our people as the original people on the planet, that alone will change our outlook on just about everything.

      A good book for people to read who are just beginning to learn about the depth of Black history is “Introduction to African Civilzations” by John G. Jackson. Be sure to read the ‘Forward’ and ‘Introduction’ in the book also because they are written by two great scholars, Dr. Runoko Rashidi and Dr. John Henrik Clarke. The book is dated, but its a good place to start for beginners to get a general idea of the TRUTH about Black history.

      For those who like to watch DVD’s, “Hidden Colors” and “Hidden Colors 2″ are must-haves. They are making “Hidden Colors 3″ and it will be out next year. These DVD’s will show you ALOT about the truth of our history, which is hidden. It will also show you WHY this information is hidden.

      When you learn your history, tell your children, tell your friends, pass the word. Invite people over to watch the DVD’s. Have study groups and spread the information.

      Also, why not buy the books and DVD’s from a Black book store to patronize our businesses and contribute to our economic base? Enjoy the read and the show.

  6. This is so inspiring!!! Ms. Sojourner Truth has always been an ever present person of interest for me and for others as well. Thank you for this, thank you.

  7. Great information Thank You

  8. Great information Thank You, will be sure to pass the ever so relevant information on

  9. There is a yearning in the BLACK population for more knowledge about their Heritage! That knowledge has been withheld from us so long that a multitude of our race believe everything that our ENSLAVERS tell us. An do everything that they want us to do. Some of us that know the truth are selfish an take advantage of the ones that are easily persuaded instead of educating them about who they originated from. Our race is yearning for a great Black leader to step forward an say enough is enough. An not do it for personal gain but for to enlighten our people to not fall for the false hope that the so call Education System is trying to instill in our youth. As some of us know Education in this Country comes at a price an the price is rising every year for HIGHER Education. When I mention earlier about our ENSLAVERS, it is a fact that who ever is employed is is working for a Slavemaster that do not want you to have what they have. We as a Race can, ( an have in the past ) use that employer as a stepping stone. Never think that the job that you have is the Best you can do, NEVER! Instead of all the Wealthy BLACK entertainers keep trying to get RICHER, why don’t they get together an build an institution of HIGHER learning for the Black race that teaches about the achievements that the BLACK RACE has contributed to the HUMAN RACE. Some might say, ( We already have some BLACK INSTITUTIONS that do that .) What I’m talking about is, only that! PEACE……..

    • Bro Samuel- Congratulations on your comments,, however why ar eyou waiting for a ‘black leader’ to come why are you not the next one -now.. th ereal deal my brother is we have been lulled and culled into a false sense of security by christianity and other psuedo religions regardless of the name brand, an dhave abandoned our own original ‘Neters/Neteru’s. if you ar ebeen given direction by someone who is lost and you follow that instruction what is gonna be the outcome??? more lost and confused… I am hear in the Uk an dknow all about great Afrikans who assisted Afrikans in the struggle that side, if I can get this information why can’t Afrikans in the USA get it, when it is thetre that a great deal , was produced since the 1920′s we need to stop blaming others and look at what we are not doin for self.. this to my mind is where we need to place ourselves, remember as one of my good friends ( tehuti raa) stated ‘its not what you know that is important, but what you do not know/ that you need to get to know’
      Afrikans are the progenitors of life on planet earth. as atarter watch ‘Hhidden Colours# part 1&2 this will give you and your family an insight into who we are and what we are gonna becomne , by the way part 3 is currently in th epipe line.

      Stay good my brother
      Love and Light

      Gregory Simmons

      • Hello Mr. Simmons, I am responding to your remark about Afrikans in the US who are not knowledgeable about our history and depending on others (like whites) to show us our history and that we don’t do for ourselves. I AM an Afrikan in the US! My comment pre-dated yours in regards to Hidden Colors 1, 2 and 3. There are lots of Afrikans in the US who know our history and are building our own lives … doing for self. Don’t assume otherwise.

    • Great comment.

  10. A veritable trailblazer. We will never forget you, Sojourner.

  11. Absolutely brilliant we here in the Uk have a centre named Sojourner Truth.. as a example of how we see Afrikans. Th ereal question is in what way can ICONS such this great Queen assist to destable the negative and damaging effect of how majority of Afrikans in the USA live their lives, in my opinion very few of them know or want to know much about this great liberator, who would turn in her grave if she could see how dispicable majority have become, vctims of themselves.
    Afrikans in the USA should be ashamed for their own down fall who colluded with white imerilast to continue undermining and degrade our people..
    I would like to salute Queen Sojourner Truth as she continues to rest with our Ancestors..I give thanks for such a fearless warrior Empress.

  12. Very interesting; I have a link to the biography that she narrated; that will make for fascinating reading. Also, Truth was a Republican, had heard of Lincoln long before he heard of her, and was a pioneer for women’s rights, but was often not accepted or acknowledged by white women’s right’s advocates.

  13. Great Information I’m a local Teller to people I tell people my mind and the truth and i don’t think that was enough Information if there was a little more Information it would’ve been great.

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