Supreme Court Rules University Within Its Rights to Fire Employee Over Anti-Gay Remarks

Freedom of speech is not free. One university employee learned that the hard way after she was fired for penning an anti-gay op-ed for a local newspaper. Her case went all the way to the Supreme Court, but the high court let stand a decision by a lower court that the university was within its rights to fire her.

Crystal Dixon was let go from her job as associate vice president of human resources  at the University of Toledo after her bosses got crystal_dixonwind of a controversial editorial she’d written for the Toledo Free Press.

Dixon’s April 2008 op-ed was written in response to an editorial by editor in chief Michael Miller, who maintained that Ohio was behind the curve in providing rights to gays and lesbians. Dixon disagreed with the idea that members of the LGBT community faced discrimination.

“As a black woman who happens to be an alumnus of the University of Toledo’s Graduate School, an employee and business owner, I take great umbrage at the notion that those choosing the homosexual lifestyle are ‘civil rights victims,’” Dixon wrote. “Here’s why. I cannot wake up tomorrow and not be a black woman. I am genetically and biologically a black woman and very pleased to be so as my Creator intended. Daily, thousands of homosexuals make a life decision to leave the gay lifestyle.”

After the op-ed came to light, Dixon was informed by the university president that the opinion she voiced violated the “core values” of the institution. He told  Dixon that her opinion, “calls into question your continued ability to lead a critical function within the administration as personnel actions or decisions taken in your capacity as associate vice president for human resources could be challenged or placed at risk. The result is a loss of confidence in you as an administrator.”

Dixon argued that her First amendment rights to free speech had been violated, but a federal judge ruled in favor of the University of Toledo in 2012 and the Supreme Court agreed.


34 Responses to Supreme Court Rules University Within Its Rights to Fire Employee Over Anti-Gay Remarks

  1. May the University of Toledo & the Courts be judged in the same manner as they Judged Ms. Crystal Dixon. And let it be so…YHWH name.

  2. What is the meaning of your comment? Why is she stupid?

  3. Constitutional Immunity, these wasn’t to protect us as African Americans but to enslave our mind’s into thinking that they were, u see ladies and gentleman u have to’ look at the Constitution and ask yourself who wrote, who signed it, and’ who it really stands for, cause all the men who signed it are dead and gone, it was a black present when it was but he name not on it, and ladies I don’t see a woman signature on this paper, but so in all from other races of people on this planet who was this paper meant to really cover with rights, cause if I recall our forefathers were in slavery in chains, beaten, rape,killed, but did the Constitution stop all of that from happening, NO it didn’t but this is 2013 if these words were meant for all’ mankind in this country and be equal, I say resigned the Constitution with today living people add a WOMAN name to it along with some African Americans, and the Indian Nations along with the Caucasian Nations and then the Constitution will equalizer this nation for freedom that everyone deserved from coast to coast, take that written in the past and change it to’ meet the future cause we as Americans have the TECHNOLOGY to do it, everyone and everything on this planet’ has a heartbeat and a mind to think, all this racism around how can it be cause everyone around this planet wipe their backside with toilet paper and breath the same air and goven by the 10 laws of the Creator so what mans the next man different from me cause he has more money, well its a throwback saying Mo Money Mo Problem and I ain’t one, thank u


    • @blacxkcobra: You’re right. The constitution is for the elite class of Anglos. It was written to protect them and help them decide what they wanted to do in this ‘newly plundered’ land of America! The slavery was part of their constitutional plans and so was the lack of rights for the poor, working class, and women! I suggest that most of the constitution was taken from the already created British laws and rules and then buffered with extras pertaining to this new ‘conquered’ territory with it’s abundant resources etc! They wanted to make sure that they got the brunt of the wealth, land, water, any and all resources! ‘Everything’ which the commoners have attained they have had to suffer beatings, base abuses, and lives to obtain under ‘this illusive’ constitution! The same goes on today as the sociopolitical gains made in the past are retaken, or completely taken away by the (secreted-hidden) offsprings of the same people who murdered and enslaved people of color then! They do it even today but use different advanced and well coordinated tactics to achieve their plunders, pillages and methods of slavery! The ‘compartmentalized’ power and control over the minds and bodies of the masses assures this ‘Anglo-elite class’ and their cohorts, that they can rob and plunder the planet into genocidal poverty, and ignorantly kill-off the world environment while on their psychotic obsessive compulsive tangent without worrying about losing their heads to the masses!

  4. Live and let live…If your not fyckn with me or mine I dnt care what a grown person does. My wife and I always say this same s*x stuff would die down if we quit feeding into it. Ask a mental health professional how do u quell an outburst, by not feeding into it. Plain and simple, from the streets, mind ya own find ya own. My mom says you pay for what you do in life, not no one else. So why get caught up in someone else’s behavior if they’re not in ur driveway or home fyckn with u? In this violent day we live in, just leave people alone. I work with all kinds and own my own biz and provide services to all wifh paper in their pockets. Do u….Hotep

  5. First of all I don’t see anything wrong with what Crystal Dixon said as what she’s quoted as saying is most definitely on point.

    I’m not surprised that the supreme court would rule against her bearing in mind the times we live in where Gay rights pretty much appear to precede over other social issues of the day, and of which LGBT groups erroneously align with our own struggles within the civil rights movement, both past & present.

    In this affair it’s plain to see that LGBT lobbies rule!

  6. I have yet to see how raism and gay rights go together. It. Is her opinion and freedom if speech is stl linked to those the system choose for example when young. Ladies arre called nappy hoes

  7. I believe in Free Speech for all, but when YOU CHOOSE to have a job in H.R @ a university of all places…. Where parents, students etc pay Big money for their education. You should keep ur ignorant, hurtful and hateful views to urself or risk losing ur jobs. She should have been fired!! She is dealing with ppl education. Yes, as a black woman u would think she would have more sense. I hope she never wrks at another University. She is no different from the old racist white man.

  8. Free speech ain’t free

  9. Word is out that Crystal Dix-on is gay..

  10. They can block her all they want to they will still have to answer to the most high for their chosen lifestyle. I know many that goes back and forth within this lifestyle. Ofcourse the gov is for them, guess what’s next rights for pedophilia! and b********y! why because no one saying that these lifestyles are abominable to the most high we live in a lawless society that is only getting worst. Don’t be mad when all yall churches have gay pastors running the show. The whole duty of men is to fear the most high and follow his commandments. This is why the world f**k because their is no order! anything goes. Don’t yall know there is gay courses being taught in kindergarten? to f**k up yall children early. Wake up yall s** real get back to the most high Ahayah Asher Ahayah

  11. Black people while we’re worrying about gays we have a crapload of problems we need to work on. With the highest outnof wedlock birthrate in the country we need to start beimg more sexually responsible. gays arent producing a nation of fatherless sons and daughters that us doing it. I dont give a d**n about what gays are doing but i do care that we arent caring enough to give OUR children the besg start in life, a two parent home.

  12. Her freedom of speech was just violated by the very ones who are suppose to uphold the law. But read your bible people and then you will have a better understanding of what’t going on in in society

  13. My ancestors, slaves and their descendants, civil rights struggles are being trashed by LGBTs, illegals and many other racist groups who recognize that the history of our ancestors is lost to present day Blacks. Homosexuality is not new its as old as time itself. Our ancestors were victims of their abuse also.Do you think they are any less racist because of their s****l preference? Those who support special treatment because of s****l orientation has a power, control agenda and Blacks are not included. They don’t need Blacks anymore the illegals and the LGBTs out number blacks and they are much more racist than the southern red neck. Ms. Dixon was fired for being Black and unafraid to say what is true. We need more Ms. Dixon’s.

    • Ignorance is a Bliss


      Your absolutely right! Being gay is not an ethnicity…it is a lifestyle choice. Personally, I am sick and tired of the LGBT community piggy backing off of our civil right struggles!

      Lastly, history repeats itself…every empire in past history fell, when HOMOSEXUALITY ROSE!

  14. spivey l. gordon

    It is appalling that so much injustice is directed at African Americans when you have an African American President who seem to focus more on compromising with an extreme right wing patriots in the Republican party. Rights of black people being trampled on more now since modern reconstruction. Having an African American President and Attorney General heading the justice department clearly doesn”t mean Africans in America has arrived. Unfortunate, we wlll never achieve justice and true equality until we unite and build a community rich in ownership and an economy under our control. Had Crystal Dixon wrote her op ed and submitted it the editor of a Black own publication, no doubt she would have re

  15. Spivey L. Gordon

    Martin, the lesbian and gay community is a rapid growing sub-group in America. You hear politicians from every political persuasion vow to support lesbian and gay rights. Commonly, politicians who reach out to homosexual community usually gain votes and it’s the vote only politician seek and not lesbian/gay culture. Though you raised an interesting point about the homosexual community seen as the only group that has more rights and political power and this may be true, but during the 1960s civil rights movement through the diligent leadership of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., African Americans were more so endowed with political power. The problem today after 50 or more years later, African Americans have watched this power diminished. That’s because many of them were overwhelmed with integration and feel of preeminence and forgot to exercise this power to build an economy in their community comprise of businesses, schools, banks, entities that would guarantee a stable community. Today after 50 or more years, black folk once again are held at bay- hoping, praying, and begging for jobs, education and bank lending. One area we have successfully progressed-that is voting. We united in record turnout to elect an African American President who appointed an African American Attorney General. Since, we have an alarming rate of incarcerations, hate crimes, and murders against black men, women and children never seen since the old Jim Crow era. Unfortunate, justice and true equality will never be achieve by African Americans until we unite and exercise self-determination in building for ourselves an economy comprised of businesses of every sort according to our needs. Unless there’s an united front, we will continue to move in the direction of becoming a permanent underclass.

  16. Remember being Nubian, Brown, or African American is not a Choice . Homosexuality is a choice and they’re not Civil Rights victims

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