Mother of 10 Loses Her Life Trying to Break Up Fight Over Text Messages

An Atlanta mother of 10 children was gunned down in front of a restaurant while trying to break up a fight between two women.

Charlese Brooks, 34, mother of 4 biological children and 6 foster children, was shøt at a restaurant in a local strip mall after her friend Ms_Atlantaand another woman got into an altercation over a text message on Tuesday, according to neighbors. Brooks was shøt multiple times and died on the scene while two of her children watched.

Brooks was an aspiring rapper and businesswoman who went by the name Ms. Atlanta. She owned several businesses in the Atlanta area, including a used car dealership, a tax preparation company, and a moving truck rental company.

Police were called to Brick House Restaurant after receiving reports of shøts fired. Once they arrived, they found Brooks lying on the ground with multiple gunshøt wounds.

According to reports, Brooks was trying to act as a mediator when her friend got into an argument with Terri Williams, a woman Brooks didn’t know.

Williams reportedly went to her car during the argument and gunned down Brooks upon her return.

Police have not confirmed that Brooks was mediating an argument at the time she was shøt.

Suspected shoøter Terri Williams, 35, turned herself in to police. Williams’ attorney insists that his client is innocent and that once all the facts come out, she will be exonerated.

Brooks’ aunt says Brooks had recently bought a larger home to accommodate her family.

42 Responses to Mother of 10 Loses Her Life Trying to Break Up Fight Over Text Messages

  1. Today lesson don’t break up a Dance unless u have a partner in your purse to back u up, to break it down don’t try and break a fight cause sometimes u end up the one getting shot or stab, just watch and call the po po’s and keep your hand on your G40 in case someone pulls G9

  2. Foolish no excuse you grown walk off

  3. Sorry but Im not breaking up a fight between two pre schoolers let alone two grown azzz ignorant females. I mind my own business and I socialize with very few people and those few people have some d**n sense. Im not getting hurt or killed over somebody elses BS.

  4. Where’s the friend this dead woman was intervening for? What’s her name? Where’s her statement? Is she going to raise her dead girlfriend’s kids? Be careful who you run with. You might wind up DEAD! This is absolutely horrible! Over your friend’s text?!

  5. This is truly a sad story. When will we learn that killing each other is not the answer. I am heartbroken for her 10 childern who will probably go to the States.

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