Italian Gymnastics Team Member Makes Ugly Racist Remarks about Black Gymnast at World Championships



Simone Biles, a gymnast representing the United States, pocketed four medals during the Gymnastics World Championship held in Antwerp, Belgium last week. This multiple victory helped her earn the all-around title for the event. This win is historical, indeed, largely because of the fact that there are but a handful of talented individuals who can achieve this prominence, and more so because Biles is the first Black woman to earn such an award.

This in itself is news, but it became an even bigger news story when a fellow competitor from Italy, Carlotta Ferlito, said during an interview that in the next competition, her team would paint themselves black in order to win. This was an obvious critique on the victory by Biles, and a very racist one at that.

This remark created a firestorm of comments both defending Biles and attacking Ferlito. The father of Biles, upon hearing the news, said that the racial comments made by Ferlito were both ‘insulting’ and “out of line.” He added further that their skin color has not served them any good thus far in their lives. However, Biles herself has remained quiet up until this time.

Ferlito, in apparent regret, tweeted some apologetic words directed towards Biles and the American gymnastics team, which has a relatively large number of African Americans. She said that the words she uttered were not meant to offend anyone, and that it was purely a reflexive reaction brought about by her nervousness and disappointment.

The President of USA Gymnastics, Steve Penny, meanwhile released a statement saying that the association and the country itself is very proud of its athletes and that he is quite thankful to Simone for bringing home the rare honor. He went on to express his disappointment in Ferlito and the entire Italian gymnastics association for not doing anything about the insulting and discriminatory words by one of their own.

This is not the first time that the country of Italy has gotten attention for its racism.  The country is also known for citizens making comments about the first black minister, Cecile Kyenge looking like a monkey.  During a speech earlier this year, she was hit with bananas by a fellow politician.  Maybe Italy has an issue with racism.


149 Responses to Italian Gymnastics Team Member Makes Ugly Racist Remarks about Black Gymnast at World Championships

  1. What can one expect from a group of people that have to stoop so low just because someone of another nationality won the event. I am so sorry for Carolotta Ferlito with the lost that she suffered in the competision. But she needs to grow up. Painting herself black will not help. The only thing that will help her is practise, pratice, practise. I bid you good luck in you next competition.

  2. Congrats to Simone Biles. To Carolotta Ferlito: painting yourself black won’t help you win. You need talent as shown to you by Simone Biles. She is a winner.

    To Simone: Never give in. Never give in. Never, never,never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in, except to convictions of honor and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy. NEVER SURRENDER.

  3. Carlotta Ferlito: since you’re Italian, you should paint yourself green, white, and red.

    Stupid? You bet.

    Any more stupid than you? Nope.

  4. We are beaufuiful!

  5. I applaud this young woman’s sccomplishment; yet, I am reticent to continually cry foul. As you may recall, a recent African American gymnast (gold medal winner at that) was criticized by African Americans because of her hair!? Let’s get our own house in (and priorities) in order. We can cite instances of racism every day, but I am more likely (as an Afrcian American) to suffer violence at the hands of another African American, than I am a white police officer.

  6. Are there any black judges? Probably not. When a black person wins in any sport that has to be determined by judges…You better believe they (the black athletics) are far superior then the competitions! Think about it: George Dixon, Jack Johnson or Sugar Ray Robinson was in a sport if they did not knock out the opponent the decision was left in the judges’ hands. I truly believe they never had a black judge! Therefore, if they won by decision their matches was not close. CONGRATS TO YOU MS. SIMONE BILES!

  7. The truth is that black people are exceptional and given the opportunity, will outshine others in virtually every field. This is being proved every minute of every day and it’s what’s terrifying so many resentful and jealous whites. I am white but I celebrate the accomplishments of others who are more talented than I am. It gives me the greatest pleasure to see anyone do well at their chosen path in life, to see their beauty, their elegance and their stature even if it is different from mine. It’s sad that so many white people feel so insecure in themselves that they resent a black person’s success. But that’s racism for you.

    • Malcolm Dennis Wint

      Well said elrancho2

    • Thank you elrancho for having the courage to say what we already know is true! ANYONE with aptitude who is given opportunity will excel. I see this everyday in my chosen field of work- they look at us as if they’re surprised we’ve pursued the right to work around them and begin to get jealous and envious that we are working with them. It really speaks to their arrogance as a people.

  8. Crackers just love hatin’!!

    Hate on cracker, your system is all about finished!

    Bring on divine intervention!!

  9. It is obvious that Italians can not come to terms with their ancestry heritage having black blood in their DNA. But then, there are always ignorance everywhere.

  10. Why do we care who likes us or who doesn’t. What we need to be concerned with is excelling in everything we do. They hate the orientals. Too but they have to respect them because they do excel and they take care of their own. When will we get to that point???. Get above this trifling subject .you can’t change ignorance.

  11. That little green monster reared its head in the Italian Carlotta’s bad field of judgment, I say to Carlotta, it is a done deal, a beautiful Black young lady won, therefore get the h**l over it! In America we call this bad sportsmanship. You did not win, there was someone better than you and the young lady that won could have been White but with the same talent, she would have still have been better than you!

  12. When we focuses on being the best , we can be the best, with the help of our DNA!… and they know this!…” Maybe she should paint her face black!”… Oh, I forgot you need melanin to pull that one off. “SORRY Italians”.

  13. Oh please no race is jealous of us we lead the stats in everything negative and lead the lowest in everything positive. Don’t get me started.

  14. Thank you elrancho2 for recognizing as we all do….that we are people created and designed by the “most high.” It is only when the “enemy” gets hold of one’s heart that the ugliness, hatred, jealousy, and the seething disrespect begins and enters into that individual’s life…. and then the destruction begins…such as in the case with Ms.Ferlito and her comments.

  15. The b***h is just jealous, take some steroids maybe her game will get better. OOOPS was that a read? We are the best at sports get over it. Go back to Italy and get drunk off your wine and eat your pasta and get fat and out of shape like the majority of the people in Italy.

  16. In answer to a question,why are we Black People the most hated people in the world ? “It is because We Are God’s Chosen People ,not the Jews”.The people of this world has done everything imaginable to destroy us.Wiped us completely off this planet .Sad to say, but we have played and are still playing a role in helping to destroy ourselves.Our dislike,deceit,hatred,distrust,dis-unity,envy,jealousy of in some cases our own family members open the door that our enemies
    can come in than keep us divided one against the other,while controlling us to their advantage.However! since We Are God’s Real Chosen People,He has not allowed us to be totally destroyed from this his earth.

  17. It has been said, everyone has a gift that GOD has given them! I do not believe GOD gave the Europeans the gift of Racism or Hatred, some must have got that from someone else! Does the Devil gives GIFTS?

  18. @David Coard, Franco was a dictator of Spain in the 30′s . You mean Benito Mussolini was a Fascist and tried to take over Ethiopia as Did Franco in Morocco in the Sahara…
    You may well ask what is going on in Italy?
    Basically, it’s an age old problem that will often rear its head and NEVER go away unfortunately.
    African immigration is now beconing a big problem for Italy and that just helps fuel the fire..i trueñy believe the country is not ready the sort of integration seen in places such as the UK and France. It starts eith education, politicians and the like ( just look how a female African politician was treated a while back…
    I should add though that not all Italians are racist. Nevertheless, Europe is s hotbed for negative attitudes towards mass immigratiion which unfortunately is getting out of control. High unemployment and bad social behaviour are just part of a bigger picture as id racism,,curiously, not just to Africans…

  19. Michael Jennings


    Please paint your face and whole body Black for that matter. Then maybe you will experience some of your own and your countyrymen’s racism and ignorance.

    Black people we don’t need anyone’s approval anymore. What we need is solidarity, affirmation, respect, and leadership amongst ourselves.

  20. That's Incredible

    Donna Sayles-Corbin and Steve Thompson:

    If a people in power, who control everything…SPEND a lot of TIME, ENERGY and MONEY, trying and doing
    everything possible to keep a people down. And, constantly REMIND everyone how great they are…then, it
    is SIMPLE!

    First of all, GREATNESS speaks for itself.
    Second, if you know that a retarded person is retarded, do you keep calling them retarded?
    Third, if someone thinks that they are BETTER, than someone else…why do they bother with racism to keep
    those people down or in their place? If this was TRUE, don’t you think they would ignore us and go on with
    their business?

    The TRUTH, Black people were the first people on the PLANET. Prior to the 1400′s, the deaper they dig, the
    blacker the planet gets…they destroy, hide, and change the color of most of our artifacts, that prove such.
    Black people have the DOMINANT GENES…you mix any color with black what do you get?
    Black people are a WORLD CLASS PEOPLE… We can be found throughout history on this planet. However,
    you must start researching and finding this information out for yourself. The people with WEAK GENES, do
    not want you or anybody else to know this!

    If you really want to see the ANSWERS for YOURSELVES…you can start by going to the REAL HISTORY website.
    Get books written by black scholars such as: Ivan Van Sertima (you can also listen to him on YouTube), Dr. Ben
    jochanan, Dr. France’s Cress Welsing( The Isis Paper’s). This is just a couple, but there are hundred’s out there.
    By the way, all of the above mentioned can be viewed on YouTube! It is a start.

    One more thing, I wish you TRUTH, and EMPOWERMENT on your journey of discovery…about finding out who
    Black people really are!

    • Cosmic Universal Divine Being Isis

      Thanks “That’s Incredible” for your comments. Thank everyone who commented with the real and raw truth reality about these demonic comments made by Italian Gymnastics Team Member. If she research her own Italian Story she will discover the black blood/genes in Italians, some if not all. What would she do if she discover she too have black genes?

      A fool is known by its profane performance, but stupidity, well that is by choice, and you can not fix stupid. Osiris/Common Sense

      When a foolish person speaks they speak to hear themselves speak. When a wise person speak they have something wise to say. We Are what we think and Carlotta Ferlito, meant what she said and she can not take it back because once something is said it is gone.There are somethings that are not fogiveable and apologize will not cure.

      They hate us because of our Divine Illuminating Shining sparkling melanin/genes. They who hate black people are clueless as to our Divine Harmony, order, and Balance life style our people lived before the coming of the evil oppressors who stole and still stealing our inheritance.Carlotta Ferlito needs to go and study her rome/roman history so she can awaken. Jealousy, envy, strife, malice, confusion and the likes of are all part of a hellish devilish mind-set.

    • That’s Incredible

      I’m Applauding!!

    • Thank you for such incredible important information. I wish these sources were available to be used in all of our schools. Have you ever noticed how the people in ancient scupltures from Asia, may have Asian eyes, but the rest of their features are African?

  21. You say ”MAYBE” Italy ahs a problem with racism?! It does!! I live in Europe, and I am disgusted with their attitude towards black people. I observe the problem in football- a sport I enjoy- but one that is filled with the full ugliness of racism, especially in Italy, Spain and Portugal. It apparently does not matter that so many talented black people have contributed to their teams- Eto’o to Barcelona, Balotelli to AC Milan, these men have been subject to monkey chants from their OWN clubs supposed fans. I have also been following the issue with Kyenge, who is a very courageous woman, so I was not surprised to see this coming from an Italian, and even less surprised to see that her people did very little about it. I am not anti-Italian (I like their art and music), but they have a very real, and shameful problem with racial resentment, which makes them look uncivilised, and backwards. Racism is ugly, savage and inhuman, and every time we see these attitudes, the person eschewing them proves it.

  22. The Italian girl may want to check here family tree! There may just be the black blood of the Moors in her gene pool!

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  24. Simone, first of all I would like to say congratulations, on a job well done. Keep moving forward and know Jealousy is the big elephant in the room. Feel sorry for her because, poor thing doesn’t realize that it takes more than just painting your face black to accomplish what you did. They really want to be us, despite what they say or else, they would not inject their lips to make them larger. Try to enlarge their behinds, and oh! the big one, Tanning!!! On the intelligent note, if they had no fear of us being smarter than they are( You know we built this country) they would not have tried to keep us from learning how to read and write. I just love our people! don’t you?

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