Grandfather Accused Of Leaving Granddaughter In Hot Truck Charged With Manslaughter


By: Britt L

After accidentally leaving his 16-month-old granddaughter to die in his blazing hot truck this past July, a 55-year-old grandfather Baltimore has been charged with involuntary manslaughter in relation to the toddlers death.

At almost one and a half, Sabriya Towels was found dead in Anthony Jerome Towels’ vehicle in Lansdowne during an extremely hot summer day in July. Sabriya’s death was initially ruled an accident and the coroner’s results showed she died of hypothermia, death from high body temperatures.

However, on October 5, police arrested Towels for the murder of his granddaughter.

During the investigation, police say Towels forgot to drop the baby off at child care and instead left her in the driveway of his home. Towels went inside the house to take a nap and left little Sabryia out to overheat.

Spokesman for Baltimore State’s Attorney Gregg L. Bernstein, Mark Cheshire, refused to comment on the sad case, but told the Baltimore Sun that “based on the evaluation of the evidence, this is the appropriate charge,” reported DailyMail.

Police said Towel slept for hours on end before returning back to his car.

By the time Towel returned, the temperature on July 5 raised to 88 degrees, making it even hotter inside the truck.

When Towel woke, he assumed he was going to pick up his granddaughter from daycare.

“He has been told that the child was never dropped off in the morning. When he┬áran back out to his vehicle, he discovered that the child was unresponsive in the back seat,” told Cathy Batton, of the Baltimore County Police Department to CBS Baltimore.

At around 1 P.M., police arrived on the block of 4100 McDowell Lane.

Sabriya was pronounced dead at St. Agnes Hospital.

“It’s a tragedy, and him┬ábeing charged won’t bring her back. But I don’t understand how you can only drive two miles and forget you had a child in your vehicle,” said a friend of Sabriya’s mother, Donna Schindele.

Towel was released on $25,000 bond, but can serve a maximum of 10 years in prison if convicted on man slaughter charges.

After Sabriya’s death, the toddlers family set up a donation website to raise funds for hospital fees and funeral costs.

If you would like to donate, please click here.

Pray for Sabriya and her family.

22 Responses to Grandfather Accused Of Leaving Granddaughter In Hot Truck Charged With Manslaughter

  1. Stupid a*s! I hope he gets life for the senseless death of his granddaughter! God bless the mother

  2. At his age there is a possibikity he (the grandfather) could be suffering/experiencing early stage of demencia. We all at tines in our lives have temporary memory lapses. I can say for myself I am 59 yrs old and not frequentlybut it does occur, I will have a thought to do something, get up to go to maybe another room then get to the room and forget totally what I went to the room for. Sometimes, I may stand there & think what I came there for and at times I will remember. Other times I can not. I have grandchildren & I pray the LORD that I will never leave them anywhere.

  3. White women seem to do this same thing regularly & never have charges filed against them…it always comes back to being a tragic accident.

  4. Hyperthermia, not “Hypothermia”.

  5. What a f*#@ing idiot!

    How can he be so stupid to leave a baby in the truck and then go take a nap?!?

    This has nothing to do with colour and has everything to do with irresponsibility & stupidity. ..lock the basta*rd up!!

  6. Traveller!

    You are just stupid. Keep on living and you will see your memory being destracted, by conditions or circumstances.

    • Will,

      …will your asinine comments and yourself to a place called obscurity, you just may find some like-minded individuals there that you can call friends, something I’m sure you’re finding hard to achieve in the real world right now!

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