Ohio Parents Outraged that 80% of Suspended Students are Black: Candidates Asked to Explain

rjnRacial Justice NOW (RJN), a community activist organization dedicated to fighting institutional and systemic racism, is hosting a forum on October 2, 2013 entitled, “Candidates Forum on the School to Prison Pipeline.”

RJN is conducting the forum as part of Dignity in School’s “National Week of Action on School Push-Out” campaign which is being held from September 28 through October 5th.

School Board Candidates who participate in the forum will be asked their position on the growing use of zero-tolerance discipline (expulsions and suspensions), school-based arrests, disciplinary alternative schools, high-stakes testing, and secured detention.  RJN feels that these practices marginalize at-risk youth and deny them access to education.  The candidates will also be asked about their position on Senate Bill 167 which will do away with zero tolerance policies in the state of Ohio.

As it stands now, the graduation rate for students who attend Dayton Ohio Public Schools is at 69.9%.  National data shows that out of school suspensions greatly affect graduation rates.  In 2011, Dayton Public Schools had over 6700 out of school suspensions—80% of those suspended were Black students.

RJN state, “The school-to-prison pipeline refers to the national trend of criminalizing, rather than educating our children.  The school-to-prison pipeline is one of the most important civil rights challenges facing our nation today.”

School Board Candidates
10/2/2013 (Wednesday )
6-7:30 pm
Dakota Center 33 Barnett Street Dayton OH 45402

Mayor/Commission Candidates
10/3/2013 (Thursday)
6-7:30 pm
Wesley Community Center 3730 Delphos Ave. Dayton OH 45417

Racial Justice Now (RJN) is a community activist organization dedicated to
fighting institutional and systemic racism. By focusing on human rights, RJN
seeks to empower other grassroots activists to challenge systemic racism by
organizing and holding people in power accountable.

For More Information Contact Ms. Maria Holt, info@racialjusticenow.org

75 Responses to Ohio Parents Outraged that 80% of Suspended Students are Black: Candidates Asked to Explain

  1. Could it be that there are more blacks suspended than whites is because there are more black troublemakers. If black parents would teach their little animals right from wrong this so called problem would be solved.

    • Bill, spoken like a saltine.

      • Indeed…IGNORANCE AT ITS BEST!..#bill

        • I hate to say this but Bill has a point, especially in the inner cities of America.

          In the old South ALL of us grew up knowing that a child MUST respect authority and OBEY adults.

          I raised my son, the way I was raised with those values and in our lily white town’s high school there were 4 black boys. Only 2 of them graduated from high school, because eventhough ALL of them were nice boys, 2 of them talked back to the teachers and were disrespectful.

          But I will say that WHITE kids disrespecting teachers DID NOT get them suspended.

    • Bill, its well documented that Caucasians receive lighter punishment/sentences than non whites. A new economic crash is coming that will be twice as bad as 2008 and your pale skin or white privilege will not save you.

    • I don’t believe that black parents and their “little animals” are all to blame. I believe that the “little animals” of white parents are just as unruly and certainly comit just as many crimes, they just get a pass.

  2. First of all ‘Bill’ wants attention and he believes that by being antagonistic is the right way to get it.

    Calling Black children “animals” is what’s to be expected from someone, or possibly a people who see nothing further than what they choose to see rather than being productive and thinking more profoundly into what are the destructive factors that play a part in the demise of society, ie its causes and not just its effects.

    I guess it would be too much for people like ‘Bill’ to have the capacity to even entertain even a modicum of reason, so I would suggest he and his type properly seek an education that would help broaden their so-called minds; I mean after all, they’re supposed to be the ‘superior race’ so why would they take the path towards ignorance and fall short of becoming enlightened about what’s going on around them?!?

    Everybody needs something or someone to blame without ever looking at themselves and this is usually because doing so gives them an opportunity to be and feel more comfortable in their ignorant state, and this clearly is the case where Billy-Boy is concerned!

    • you most certainly said a mouthful, they always find fault and put the blame on someone else, yes we see the effects if you knew the real reason behind some of things that happen, you have to research and find out the reason behind it all….. people would be appalled

  3. I substitute teach, and, sadly, it seems to take harsher discipline to get compliance out of our black children that white kids. I will go into a mostly white school and get kids to do the right thing simply by so — kids come into the (class) room and get right to work. In a mostly black school, to get the same level of compliance, I must start almost passing out writing assignments and office referrals (leading to suspension and expulsions) like they are cotton candy! And, sadly, this is coming from an African American male who really enjoys to work with and mentor our students, especially our young, black boys. However, I find that I must spend so much time and energy on discipline. Our young black kids, especially our boys, are so caught up in being THUGS or pretend THUGS that, as a teacher, you must first first break through that before anything can be done!

  4. I’ve seen how a lot of Black kids behave in public schools which is a large part of why I pulled my kids out and home-schooled them. I walked into the gymnasium to get my son after wrestling practice and there were about 10-15 Black kids literally swinging from the rafters in the foyer and whooping. You don’t have to like the facts, but they ARE the facts. The white kids and a few black kids were rolling up the mats. The Black kids……whooping and jumping and swinging. Not far removed from the chimps at the zoo and I’m not even kidding.

    When my oldest son was in fifth grade, there was one Black kid who had 52 pink slips for misbehavior. They couldn’t kick him out of school even though he had been violent on occasion. The school had to send the assistant principal to ride the bus to and from school with him every single day to monitor his behavior. He wasn’t the only one, he’s just the one I remember. He’d get up on desks and dance during class. The teachers were afraid of him. He had even yanked one kid’s pants down in the cafeteria in front of everyone and didn’t get suspended.

    The school isn’t just suspending Black kids because they’re Black. They’re getting suspended for violations of the school’s behavior code. If the numbers are disproportionate to the overall ratio of kids in school, maybe you should look at how the kids who are getting suspended are behaving as opposed to how the kids who AREN’T getting suspended are behaving. Take color out of it. Look at behavior.

    • Please do not refer black children to monkeys, that is a racial slur and even though they are in need of discipline, they are not monkeys. Your statement would have been well received if you did not look at these children as animals. They are just as human as your children but with a different upbringing. This is why many of the children are not being taught better because of the history of racial unexceptance and being told they cannot be better. THEY ARE NOT MONKEYS.

    • i saw white kids acting like heathens at my son’s school and blk kids afraid to move

  5. I am an educator, kids are kids. Currently, I teach in an urban school system & has taught in a suburban school. I had a white kid threaten to slap me & that has never occurred with a black kid. However, the difference is white parents will come to the school or go to the school board to have their kids reinstated back into school. Often times, they do not get the same punish because the school do not want to have a negative reaction from their parents. Therefore, our society need to figure out how to differentiate discipline the same way we do for instruction. We have an one approach meet all for discipline. In addition, there are lots of weak teachers that impact a students’ performance. It only takes one weak teacher to have a negative impact on a child’s education. Most of the weak teacher are in urban school districts. In addition, student need to have more teachers who look like them. It makes a big difference.

    • You’re an educator and you use word structure like this:

      1) “….they do not get the same punish because…..” (I’m pretty sure the proper word would be “punishment.”

      2)”….because the school do not want to have…..” (Shouldn’t that be, “….because the school doesn’t want to have…..”??

      3)”Therefore, our society need to figure…..” (Shouldn’t it be “needs”….???)

      4) “We have an one approach meet all for discipline.” (Um, maybe “meets” and I’m not sure how to word the first part of the sentence because it makes no sense at all.)

      5) “…there are lots of weak teachers that impact a students’ performance.” (A more appropriate comment would have been, “There are many weak teachers….” And you need to change the plural possessive form of students’ to singular in the way you used the word in that sentence.)

      6) “Most of the weak teacher are in….” (Should be plural, “teachers.”)

      7)”In addition, student need to have…” (Plural, students.)

      The bar has been lowered so far for what is acceptable grammar that we have educators who cannot construct proper sentences or write a good paragraph. If this is the performance of the educators, what kinds of behavior are they willing to accept?

      • Nice work Kerri. Thank you for taking the time to help the writer make appropriate corrections. If we all take time to share what we know it will amaze most of us just how fast we come together and realize our problems are institutionalized or part of the rules we have accepted for pragmatic reasons that do not apply to what we need today. Systematic regulation simply makes it easier for administrators to pretend to govern by applying rules (I just spoke about that above) like they are a formula proven to administer fairly. We need administrators interested in the children willing to take time to learn them and seeking ways to help them (children) get an education. Significant changes need to be make if we are going to stop our current trend. What will you volenteer to do in your child’s school to begin the change you wish to see? Thank you again. Bill

      • who the heck uses their best writing ability on a blog? i have authored 3 books but i’m not going to waste my talent on a blog LOL but i guess i should. but texting has everyone dumbing down their writing skills. sh8t i was a spelling bee champion, but this internet is eroding all of my abilities.

        • The internet is responsible for your horrid grammar and word usage? So typical. I guess the internet is responsible for the keys your fingers typed.

  6. To the sub teachers above I concur! I am a sub also and I encounter the same behavior from the AA students. They always talk loud, get smart with me and a fight always breaks out. They don’t seem to value education. The males always have thoughts of beings the next sports and/or rapper phenom. The girls are no better. Hair is so important in class. Some girl is always touching, combing or discussing hair. If the classroom teacher leaves meaningful class work, very few students will complete the assignment. Latino students will talk (not as loud as the AAs) and do the assignment. The AAs appear to want to the main attraction in the rom.

  7. The AAs appear to want to be the main attraction in the room.

  8. Keith I do understand where you are coming from especially since your working the front lines, but you would have to agree we all do not get the same punishment. This thug mentality must stop it is truly making our young black men lose their lives at an alarming rate. I wish that the lower income families had the same access to education and educational tools as the wealthier families. Children do not a choice in their economic standing they are born into it. Teachers in who have the heart to teach in these schools are under paid over worked and under appreciated. We can spend millions on new stadiums and arenas but we invest nothing in our which is our children. Ok off my soap box now be blessed.

  9. I have said it before and I will say it again, too many Black parents today are on drugs therefore not putting in the time with their children at home, mothers are bringing thugs into their homes and doing any and everything in front of their kids, the children pick up on this and carry it right on into the school system. You can see the difference between a child raised in a caring mature two parent home and one being raised by a single parent with a thug boyfriend in the mist. This child does not respect his mother thereby not respecting his teacher or anyone in authority. This is by no means every case, for there are teachers that do not want to take the time to teach the child that maybe does not catch on as fast as others. They don’t want to take the time to teach, they have forgotten what they are there for. We no longer have the teachers that will take the time to take a child under their wing and explain things to them so this child gets angry and that is an excellent excuse to get rid of what the teacher perceives as a problem. We are lacking “old school” teaching. We need to start grading teachers twice a year to see if they should remain teaching for quite a few have no business being around kids at all!

    • I had such great black teachers in my all black schools when I was growing up. Everyone of them made me feel special.

      Seems to me like teachers and medical professionals performance eroded when their pay went up.

      I agree with the drugs making every facet of society worse. And black people know it, but they still gave the homosexuality, poor education, let’s legalize drugs president a second term in office.

  10. All I here is pure deficit thinking from many of you, its called blaming the victim? Stop making excuses for our young impressionable minds and give them educational leadership. If you do not hold your students accountable you will have problems in any class and with any student. For many of you would be educators poor classroom management skills may be the culprit.

    If you are and educator you should read this book.

    Dismantling Contemporary Deficit Thinking: Educational Thought and Practice (The Critical Educator)

    Deficit thinking is a pseudoscience founded on racial and class bias. It “blames the victim” for school failure instead of examining how schools are structured to prevent poor students and students of color from learning. Dismantling Contemporary Deficit Thinking provides comprehensive critiques and anti-deficit thinking alternatives to this oppressive theory by framing the linkages between prevailing theoretical perspectives and contemporary practices within the complex historical development of deficit thinking.

    Dismantling Contemporary Deficit Thinking examines the ongoing social construction of deficit thinking in three aspects of current discourse – the genetic pathology model, the culture of poverty model, and the “at-risk” model in which poor students, students of color, and their families are pathologized and marginalized. Richard R. Valencia challenges these three contemporary components of the deficit thinking theory by providing incisive critiques and discussing competing explanations for the pervasive school failure of many students in the nation’s public schools. Valencia also discusses a number of proactive, anti-deficit thinking suggestions from the fields of teacher education, educational leadership, and educational ethnography that are intended to provide a more equitable and democratic schooling for all students.

  11. One of the things that I can respect about the system is when it comes to research its unrelenting in the way it communicates the findings of data to the public, and in these modern times it is made even more accessible even for the most rudimentary of individuals in society to see.

    I am of the persuasion that there are simply plain ol’ ignorant people within society today who don’t even have the desire to check out what exactly constitutes, or contributes to the social decadence and behaviour that one sees on a daily basis and its my firm belief that these type of people would much prefer to be intransigent about such matters out of a fear for stumbling on facts regarding the societal decay of which they themselves may be complicit.

    When it comes to troublesome teenagers we cannot dismiss their social background and if we do we loose touch with them and we miss a vital lesson in learning how to deal with, or effectively change societal flaws.

    I was watching something on tv the other day about the drug issues that some schools in Colorado are having and the impact its has on the children’s performance within the school and ultimately their high-school graduation rates.
    From what I saw there were a load of whites children down there so I can only assume that the lion share of those issues rested with them.
    What is interesting about shows like this is that there are solutions based on legislative changes which come by way of funding for institutions of rehabilitation simply because somebody somewhere in whatever capacity be it governmental or a non-profit org. recognises the importance of trying to make a positive impact on a community in order to limit anti-social behaviour in society.

    However there are some areas that receive very limted resources or none whatsoever premised on a view that urban social degeneration is ‘cultural’ and there is no hope for such places and/or the people who live within them and the solutions for such areas are usualy more of a law enforcement nature.

    What reinforces such thinking?

    Crime, class and even the dreaded race issue.

    Are there any programs shown in the media articulate the issues within urban areas?
    Yes, plenty!
    But how are they perceived?
    The cards are stacked against reason purely because of one’s view of the ‘culture’ that exists within urban areas and the media machine that feeds the view is much more powerful than those who tell the story of what really goes on ‘the hood’.

    Are we truly to believe that whites do less crime than Black people and if so based on what?
    On a whole researched figures or statistics serve only as indicators to a problem, they merely highlight the effect and not necessarilly the cause so its not intelligent to accept them as conclusive because figures do not arise haphazardly.

    Most of you in here who are speaking about Black students acting up in school are only prepared to look at the situation on the surface and although you experience such delinquency up front you are more prepared to look at the situation out of emotion and based on how it effects you.
    Although principally there should not be any excuses made for bad behaviour there equally should not be any excuses for tolerating it either, and when a school fails to discipline a disruptive or misbehaving child its more of an indictment on the school faculty as its quite evident (based on scenario presented by ‘Kerri’) that they do not have the testicular fortitude to deal with them because of possible law suits or the school being listed as racist.

    The figures for our young brothers not graduating or responsible for crime may be high and there are no apologies in that regard however it would be erroneous to think that its only Black students who are doing so more so than whites.
    If one looks at the rate by which researched data relating to crime, education and the penal system is collected and communicated
    regarding Blacks compared to whites one would find that the emphasis is much greater with the former even though there are high figures for the same where whites are concerned because white crime is viewed and communicated as an isolated issue, the complete opposite to how Black crime is view and communicated which is ‘cultural’.

    So with all that in mind is it any wonder that people think that Black people have the greater share of statistics regarding criminal behaviour more than whites??

    • Zakiya C. Sankara-Jabar

      Very well articulated. Thank you!

    • Wonder what’s going to happen to kids when Odrama’s push to legalize marijuana takes effect. Didn’t you vote to give him a second term knowing that was one of the things he promised, along with widespread homosexuality?

      The below is what Bush and Odrama’s continued use of No Child Left Behind has done to education.

      The current law requires testing in reading and math once in high school, and those tests take on added importance because of the serious consequences for a school of failure.

      Critics say that creates a perverse incentive for SCHOOLS TO ENCOURAGE KIDS TO DROP OUT before they bring down a school’s scores.


      • addendum
        The current No Child Left Behind, NCLB, law imposes serious consequences on schools that report low scores on math and reading tests, and this fallout can include replacement of teachers or principals — or both.

        But the law doesn’t have the same kind of enforcement teeth when it comes to graduation rates.

      • addendum
        The current No Child Left Behind, NCLB, law imposes serious consequences on schools that report low scores on math and reading tests, and this fallout can include replacement of teachers or principals — or both.

        But the law doesn’t have the same kind of enforcement teeth when it comes to graduation rates.

  12. Zakiya C. Sankara-Jabar

    I have to say that it never ceases to amaze me how Blacks continuously “Blame the Victim” in cases of injustice.

    For folks who do not understand the Sociological Term, “Blame the Victim” here is a definition: ”Blaming the Victim,” defined as ”justifying inequality by finding defects in the victims of inequality.”

    But sadly, this is the sad case of self-hatred and mentacide that we as oppressed people’s suffer under in the a White Supremacist society.

    Definition of Menatacide: Dr. Bobby E. Wright defines “mentacide” as:”the planned and systematic destruction of a group’s mentality aimed at the destruction of the group.” Thus, Black folk alienated from their culture and history eventually lose their sense of purpose and direction, the symptoms of Mentacide. Well aware of the implications of technical advances such as behavior modification and genetic engineering, he presented science as a tool serving greater ends (such as controlling the outcasts of white society), neither objective nor neutral. Being an uncompromising critic of Western society, he wrote the following on the relation of religion to prejudice from “The Psychopathic Racial Personality” in the Fall 1974 issue of Black Books Bulletin: Because of their lack of ethical or moral development, there is no conflict between the white’s religion and racial oppression. The white race had historically oppressed, exploited, and killed black [sic] people, all in the name of their god Jesus Christ and with the sanction of their churches. For example, it is generally overlooked that the Ku Klux Klan is primarily a religious organization. Also, blacks [sic] should never forget the Pope [Pius XI] blessing the Italian planes and pilots on their way to bombing Ethiopian men, women, and children who only had spears to defend themselves.

    • You write very well and I am impressed with your sources. How can I learn more about the way you learned to think that way? This is my first time using this vehicle and I am not aware of any opportunity to share resources or references. If you know of any please share. Thank you.

      • Zakiya C. Sankara-Jabar

        Thanks Bill,

        I read a lot, obviously that’s something that most people on here making ignorant comments DON’T do!

        I would refer you to Afrikan Warrior Scholars such as: Dr. John Henrike Clarke, Ivan Van Sertima, Dr. Ben Jochanan, Dr. Bobby Wright, Dr. Neely Fuller, Dr. Frances Cress-Welsing,and Dr. Amos N. Wilson.

        Self-hate runs so deep in our community.

    • That's Incredible


      A zillion thanks to you, and the others who have the knowledge and wisdom to share! That racist white supremacy mentality amongst black people needs to go NOW!

  13. I taught high school for 10 years, and now work as a substitute (until I can find something else less stressful to do). If 80 percent of black students are being suspended, then it is because of their outrageous behavior and not racism. About 95 percent of the students that I have had to remove from class due to their disruptive behavior are black. Their behavior is disgusting, embarrassing, and not the fault of the school or staff that work there. If they are “victims”, as some readers suggest, they are victims of having been born to trifling parents that have failed to teach them acceptable behavior and the importance of education.

    They are loud, more focused on music, cell phones, tennis shoes, and hair weaves than on learning. They are disrespectful, fight more than any other ethnic group in school, and are underrepresented in Advanced Placement classes (that take more time, effort, and focus). They should not be allowed to disrupt the learning environment of those students that truly want to learn. As an African American educator, I am concerned about how this generation of African Americans will impact our culture/well-being going forward. Sadly, unless there is a dramatic change in their educational attainment, I see us slipping farther and farther down the “economic” ladder.

    • Zakiya C. Sankara-Jabar

      YOU Katy J ARE the problem, YOU immediately resign as a substitute Teacher.

      That’s the problem with people like you, you don’t care about the kids and what their circumstances are, all you want is a paycheck. I absolutely loathe people like you, because if you don’t care and speak the way that you do about these children then you should NOT be allowed to anywhere near a school.

      Go teach in an all white school, but your Black a*s isn’t qualified to get hired there.

      YOU HIGHLIGHT the problem in education!!!!!!

      You are what is commonly referred to as a NEGROPEAN.

      I am going to research to find out what district you’re in and post your comments

      • I agree with you. She should get out of teaching if she is burnt out. Children from low income, single parent, etc., will never have the finesse of a kid born to wealth and privilege. Just to survive they have to be aggressive, with no police protection. Some of these kids need someone to love on them, make them feel special, and bring out the best in them. Even the extremely hardened ones will soften up under the right guidance, counseling, and tutoring, in most cases.

    • Zakiya C. Sankara-Jabar

      Politics of respectability…

      And you had the nerve to be a High School Teacher and you don’t have a clue.

      No our children are falling further behind because of people like YOU!

    • Zakiya C. Sankara-Jabar

      if you ain’t gonna say a mumbling word about capitalism and white supremacy and the immense psychologically and physically destructive downward pressure that these twin demons have exerted upon Afrikan men, women and children, in every area of human activity, for the past FIVE CENTURIES…then your analysis is – at best – criminally wide off the mark.–JUNIOR BURCHALL

    • @katy j – Wow, you’re the LAST person who I would want teaching ANY of my school-age family members. You don’t think much of Black children and that just shows how deep and serious your self-hatred is. Free Your Mind!!

  14. I think it would be wise for everyone to read the Kissinger Report, this is all under the plans of population control.

    The report specifically addresses concerns of this magnitude and how he wanted to reduce the threat of young people in inner cities because they were the biggest threat to the political system. Suspensions and prisons is just manifestations of “CONTROLLING” the population.

    • Yep. Actually the predominantly White college I went to, way back in the early 90′s (cant remember what class it was – social studies I guess) said that the very things happening today was going to happen, so it is by design. They said:

      Hispanics would emerge as the number 1 minority

      Crime and Security jobs would rise dramatically

      Blacks would become irrelevant and have deep population reductions

      Everything happening today, They were teaching would happen. It probably started with Reagen declaring that “we will take our cities back”.

      I was too young to really understand how or why these things would come about.

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  16. Then make your kids behave. QUIT expecting the schools and the teachers to PARENT your child. Quit having babies out of wedlock. Quit having relations with every woman that will spread her legs. Make a FAMILY and spend your evenings doing homework with your kids. If you don’t know how, find a tutor. It isn’t society’s fault that the Black culture purposes to destroy itself.

  17. Dr. Gale Frazier

    The reality is that the public school systems of America are not properly designed to educate African American students becuase they are not Africentric nor spiritual in nature. Both components are necessary as the objective. Of course, we are grateful for the excellent teachers that yet remain within the system who are doing their best to make a difference to help our children become successful. However, the great scholar, Dr. Carter G. Woodson clearly detailed in his book regarding the mis-education of the Negro. We must begin educating our own children by any means necessary. It is imperative that they know the fulness of their rich heritage–something you will not learn within a eurocentric framework. Critical race theory implies that every system within the societal framework is rooted in racism. Thus, how can we be surprised by the innate conditions within the schools that are biased and evil? The end result is the school to prison pipeline, and the handwriting is on the wall.

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