President Obama Will Address Nation on Syria

Amid speculation that he could lose the House vote on Syria, President Obama  is planning to address the nation on Tuesdayobama g-20 in an effort to sway public opinion. At a press conference at the G-20 summit in Russia, Obama confirmed that he will address the nation but would rule out authorizing strikes in Syria even if Congress votes down his resolution for targeted strikes.

“In the coming days I’ll continue to consult with my fellow leaders around the world and continue to consult with Congress, and I will make the best case that I can to the American people, as well as to the international community, for taking necessary and appropriate action,” said President Obama.

Secretary of State John Kerry was on the Hill this week trying to make the case for strikes to Congress members, but public support remains opposed to the U.S. becoming involved in the Syrian conflict.

According to The Hill, CBC Chairwoman Marcia Fudge sent an email on Tuesday asking members  “to limit public comment on the issue.”

“The chair believes Congress and the American public need more information, and she awaits more briefings between now and early next week before commenting further,” said Fudge’s spokesperson, Ayofemi Kirby.

Other lawmakers don’t seem poised to go against their constituents, at least that’s the conclusion of the most recent House whip counts, which show the majority are opposed to backing Obama.

Obama acknowledged that his position is unpopular, but insists that he’s made the right decision.

“I trust my constituents want me to offer my best judgment. That’s why they elected me. That’s why they re-elected me,” he said.


22 Responses to President Obama Will Address Nation on Syria

  1. Come what may Pres. Obama will opt for a military attack on Syria whether the house is in favour of it or not.

    I cannot stress enough how dangerous a strike on Syria would be, it would not only break any existing rule of law in Damascus which consequently would incur sectarian violence but it would also send the whole middle eastern region into a catastrophic and frenzied tailspin.

    The media said that Assad was overreacting when he said in so many word this week that a military strike on Syria has the potential to trigger WWIII, I actually think he’s right!

  2. President Obama should stop pushing the War Agenda of the Wall Street Bankers who looted Iraq under the guise of WMD’s and other NONSENSE sold to the American Public.

    Black America suffers from Mad unemployment and our inner cities are starving for resources to curb crime and violent, senseless violence.

    Mr. President what America needs is JOBS! JOBS! JOBS! and MORE JOBS!

    War cost a whole h**l of a lot of money and this is where the GOP is happy to spend, spend, spend because they have the opportunity to line their pockets with blood money of the innocent and poor.

    I pray that America grows a backbone and tells the powers that be

    Read my new essay:


    Charles Micheaux
    Atlanta, Georgia

    • @ Charles Micheaux

      “President Obama will speak and so will President Clinton and President Jimmy Carter share their memories of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr…”

      1. Was it necessary to have this 50th anniversary celebration knowing that nothing has really changed for Black people??

      and 2. was it necessary to have these presidents speak at an event which excluded some heavy-hitting Black leaders in the community just so the likes of pres. Obama and the above named former presidents could feel comfortable pontificating about issues they don’t even care about??

  3. Dear Traveller:

    Thank YOU!

    For taking the time to read my essay.

    The questions you posed are “On Point” this was just a pure show
    of Profile and No Courage on display.

    I really wanted to see the beloved d**k Gregory in the mix; he and
    the Hon. Louis Farrakhan are two Black Men I have the most respect for and then there’s the TRAVELLER.

    Thank You,


    Charles Micheaux
    Atlanta, Georgia

  4. Congress should use the Appropriations power to prohibit the strike on Syria and the use of ground troops. The strike would be in violation of International Law…The U.S. has not recovered from high unemployment, school closing in low income and poor communities,high crime and violence in our communities and schools. lack of affordable and quality healthcare and homelessness…We should stop playing police to other countries and take care of our own problems here in The U.S.

  5. I am so happy to see no replies standing up for his words and actions. So many blacks are starting to see and they are hurt. They have been backing a black face–only. He cares not for the poor and that included the majority of blacks. Plain and simple.

  6. The fact is, the USA NEVER does anything for altruistic reasons. We ONLY engage countries where people of color live, and never so-called “First World” countries. Obama is very Bush-like in more ways than most folks reading here will care to admit.

    Why the moral concern now for these victims of war? Is it our business? And what’s the difference between these victims and the victims of the Obama Administration’s drone attacks? Many, many of them were (and are) innocent civilians and children too.

    Don’t drink the USA propaganda kool-aid…

  7. Ok people should just pray that the report of syria having chemical warfare weapons is truly a lie.

    If not and the US do nothing like everyone is saying… We will be the first targets. Then the same idiots screaming that the president should sit idly by will be hypocritically asking why he didn’t strike Syria earlier.

    I believe that right now we should be focused on finding out if Syria not only have chem warfare weaponry but also are they prepared to use them.

    The fact that Russia is in bed with Syria screams a big YES. This can go a few ways. Peace talks that end in war. Do nothing and get chem bombed then go to war. Strike Syria destroy the chem bombs then go to war.

    America has to choose.

  8. No boots on the ground.? Make no mistake, we will strike and it disappointing because it’s an act of aggression and our allies are sitting on the sideline. Our Secretary of State wants to kickb_tt, but our previous Secretary of State did not. I feel she had more discipline. When your Allies don’t have your back, you have to retreat and reassess the situation. If we strike, boots will have to to go on the ground in order to hunker down. The Middle east is Way Too Large to have war with anyway. Please, Don’t it. Please.

  9. At 3:Am the phone rang & the Syrian War referee hit the snooze button..

    When the referee did wake up he decided to AGAIN reach across the aisles..
    Now the Obama constituency has to ask themselves “What has reaching across the aisles leadership gotten them?”…

    REMEMBER when listening to yet another WMD speech for war… Listen for the (rock hard,. Beyond a doubt) evidence .. Again … Because they did it… uh huh… The referee seen everything…

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