Mother Fights Off Intruder Who Came Into Her Home Trying to Take Her Two Sons



BY:  John “Hennry” Harris

There is a theory that was first described by Walter Bradford Cannon called the fight-or-flight response which is a physiological reaction that occurs in response to a real or perceived harmful event, attack or threat to survival.

When Shandrea Smith, of Dekalb County, GA, encountered Musa Lang allegedly attempting a home invasion and allegedly trying to s****h her two young children, Smith decided to choose fight over flight. Smith reportedly fought Lang well enough that he decided to leave the premises.

Lang reportedly walked into Smith’s home in broad daylight through the front door while Smith and her two young boys, ages 3 and 6, were upstairs.  Lang, who Smith says she does not know, reportedly told Smith that SHE had taken the boys from HIM and he was there to claim them.

Lang then left Smith’s bedroom and went to where the boys were playing and snatched the boys by their arms.  Well, this is where “fight-or-flight” kicked in.

Smith told WSB-TV, “That’s when I kind of just lost it a little bit.”  Smith reportedly grabbed the suspect — who at this point allegedly placed one of the boy’s backpacks over his head — hit, and then pushed him, wrestling the backpack from Lang and forcing the intruder out of her home.

Lang, 33, took flight from the home, running down the street.  Jean-Claude Thomas, a neighbor, heard the mother yelling, “My kids, my kids”, and caught the subject at a nearby fast food restaurant where he held Lang until the police arrived.

“We’re neighbors, we have to do the right thing, we couldn’t just let him get away.”

Smith is elated that her two children are safe and feels she made the right decision to fight her assailant.

“It was either let him go and let him do this to someone else or go after him.”

Lang is at the Dekalb County jail he is facing kidnapping and burglary charges.

Which would you choose ?  To fight ? Or to flight ?

47 Responses to Mother Fights Off Intruder Who Came Into Her Home Trying to Take Her Two Sons

  1. I would fight for my kids with everything in me and every object near me!! Great job Shandrea!!

  2. Who wrote this article? The question asked was idiotic, who wouldn’t fight to the death to protect their own? People die to keep their cell phones, wouldn’t any mother do more to protect her children? Journalist?? I think not.

  3. That isnt even a question. Fight 4 my babies. N my fighting wouldn b so he can run of but b found on my floor.

  4. If he was an african he was probably just continuing a cultural practice they do over there. Kidnapping children to use and enslave is the norm. She said her neighbor name was jean-claude (sounds like a haitian). They too kidnap and enslave children a lot or sacrifice them in their pagan religious ceremonies. That is one of the reasons so many blk children are missing like never before. These are our blk neighbors now, since immigration allowed more than 1 million in the country.

  5. No Doubt it would have to be FIGHT! You can mess with me, but don’t mess with my kids or their kids. A mama bear has nothing on my beast.

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