After Kim Jong Un’s Ex Mµrdered by Firing Squad, Dennis Rodman Visits N. Korean Leader

Just last week, Kim Jong Un’s ex girlfriend was reportedly execµted by a firing squad for violating North Korea’s laws against p@rnography.  Singer Hyon Song-wol and 11 others were rounded up and taken out by the official government of North Korea, butRodman in Rome that hasn’t stopped former NBA player Dennis Rodman from cozying up to the North Korean leader.

According to the Associated Press, Rodman is back in Pyongyang to hang out with his “good friend” Kim Jong Un. A U.S. envoy had scheduled a visit with the North Korean leader in hopes of bringing hostage Kenneth Bae home, but the authoritarian state called off the visit after the U.S. conducted a military drill in South Korea.

Speaking to reporters, Rodman declined any discussion on whether he’d work to bring Bae home, saying only that he was going to North Korea to “hang out” with his new friend.

“I just want to meet my friend Kim, the marshal, and start a basketball league over there or something like that,” said the flamboyant Rodman. “I have not been promised anything. I am just going there as a friendly gesture.”

Bae was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor in November and Rodman once asked the North Korean leader on Twitter to do him a “solid” and release Bae. Rodman made it clear though that this visit was not a diplomatic trip.

“I’m not there to be a diplomat. I’m there to go there and just have a good time, sit with (Kim) and his family, and that’s pretty much it,” Rodman said

Rodman first met with Kim, who is reportedly a huge basketball fan, back in February.

33 Responses to After Kim Jong Un’s Ex Mµrdered by Firing Squad, Dennis Rodman Visits N. Korean Leader

  1. Next stop to cozy up with Robert Mugabe to torture gay Zimbabwians? Gas a few toddlers with Bashar al-Assad in Damascus, just for fun? Life must be great for a big time NBA star. Did Kim Jong Un show you the bullet holes in his dead girlfriends. Wow, you da man. Kids sure must look up to you. What an a**e. May your US passport be cancelled.

  2. This guy is liable to send Rodman home in his own luggage. Mark my word, he will make an example out of Rodman. I realize how cynical it all sounds, but I don’t see their relationship ending in a positive manner (not with all that is going on in this bitter sweet world).

  3. Dennis Rodman is better off with Kim Jong Un than Justice Clarence Thomas..

  4. What p*********y laws were violated? I’m curious.

  5. I don’t really know why anyone really cares what Dennis Rodman does. He is trying to get publicity in any way that he can. North Koreans have no love for any black person, this is all just a way to thumb their noses at the U.S. at the expense of an ignorant person. He is not the first to be used.

  6. d**n, Brother Kim sure knows how to make an ex-girlfriend disappear…Usher and Wade should take note.

  7. Codrington C. Dapp

    Rodman really needs to go sit down somewhere…he better be careful or he might come up missing in action…

  8. I wish him luck if he is trying to do some good.

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