So Sad: High School Football Player Breaks His Neck and Dies on the Field


Tragedy struck a suburban highschool outside Atlanta this week. A football player died after making a tackle during a scrimmage game. CNN is reporting that Deantre Turman is now deceased, to the shock and dismay of his coaches and teammates.
Mike Alsip, a forensic investigator with the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office, says that the boy broke his neck. The incident occurred in College Park, a suburb of the city.
Coach Glen Ford said that the player, known as “Tre Tre,” went limp after the play, immediately letting them know that he was seriously injured. His coaches tried to revive him on the field, to no avail, with the boy having to wait 15 minutes for an ambulance.
Turman was announced dead an hour and 15 minutes after the accident. He was just 16 years old.
“People knew Tre Tre. They knew and loved him,” Ford said.

Deaths on the football field are exceedingly rare, but possible.  With football season coming up, hundreds of thousands of African American boys are being drawn to the football field to show off their athletic skills.  Parents do have the option of choosing less violent and non-traditional sports, such as tennis or golf.  Be careful with your sons.

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  1. My heart goes out to tre tre and his family this is so sad

  2. we cant control our lives we cant look farther than our noses ,all we have to do is pray at all times for GODs protection and guidance in our lives,our love ones and community daily,for onlyGOD knows our yesterday today and tomoro he knows wat will happen in 10 sec so lets pray ,peace

  3. This was no more than a tragic, freak accident. Please, let’s not try and make it anything more.

  4. Sending many prayers up to the Father for Tre’s family and friends. May the family be comforted by many angels and may they find strength in the
    Word of God. Keep leaning on the everlasting arm of God, it’s too much to bare alone.

  5. As a football mom this story hurts my heart and terrifies me. But I know that my boys play for the love of the game. Fundamentals are so very important but do not always prevent accidents. I shutter every time one of my boys (1 in hs, the other 2 in college) come into contact with another player, and it’s double trouble with one that plays on both ends of the ball. But they do it because THEY love it, Not because they were pushed into it. Naturally talented and dedicated to the sport, all we can do is support them and pray!

  6. …so sad and tragic…prayers for all who play and safety always. God Bless him….it’s hard to hold back tears…how sorrowful…

  7. Only i can say this i look @ as a positive he die by no bullet or he wasn’t hanging wit the wrong people.He did something he love to do.It unfortunately he didn’t make ….i have a nephew plays football myself n pray that nothing like don’t happen to him out there on the field.R.l.P Tre .Keep the family n Prayer.

  8. Sending Prayers to His Family & Team Mates is What everyone should Be Sending!

  9. Rashetta Michelle Archer: Thank you for loving your son and appreciating why he was given to you. Smart mother.

    There are other areas to explore other than play basketball or football. Becoming an engineer, doctor, lawyer, teacher, scientist etc. Our children are capable of more than sports. Just educate, encourage, nurture and discipline them.

    Thank you our wonderful mothers who profoundly love their children.

    Have a great.

  10. When are people going to stop with the pet names. My grandson is called “Tre Tre”. Not cute. STOP IT!!!

  11. Just go into this thing with your eyes wide open for your children. One of the magazines had a whole article on the vast number of concussions in this sport. That is definitely not highlighted by the powers that be. Tackling with your headfirst means the kid did not listen, or the coach did not teach this properly or both. say nothing of the essentially disabled ‘retirees’ from this ‘sport’.

  12. Unknowingly, the coach and others might have moved Deantre’s neck, slapping his cheeks to try to revive him. One of the most devastating tragedies. My heart and my prayers go out to the grieving family and Deantre’s coach and teammates.

  13. So sad and tragic!!! Prayers!!!!

  14. Everything comes with a flip side of possibilities——this is one of the flip sides of playing a game with body contact–You play at your own risk–sad but true—-The young do not look beneath the surface of the game. PEACE TO THE FAMILY!!!

  15. I have been involved with youth football for over 15 years, when choosing a football team for your child you have to also look at the coaching staff to see if they are teaching kids proper tackling and blocking techniques to avoid getting hurt as well as hurting someone else. Football is a physical sport and it’s not for everyone, So Moms if you baby your boys dont let them hit the field, however football can boost confidence, build self esteem, teach discipline and how to be a team player. I am so tired of blacks always putting other blacks down. If blacks are using their kids to get rich than why are the rich whites letting their kids play?

  16. What a horrible freak accident! My heart and prayers are with this family in their hour of need. Taken too soon.

  17. Why is it that we can never stick to the subject? On almost every article written, we are finger pointing. When are we as a people are going to learn to support one another. Can you imagine what the family especially the parents have to feel when they read these responses? We should giving our condolences and for those who believe in prayers, lifting the family in prayer. This accident is not this mother’s fault. Accidents can happen in any sport. Look at the guys that have heart attacks and die on the basketball court that suffers from that very rare heart disease. Parents have responsibility to remind their children the danger of football but must learn to allow their children to make some decisions and be willing to live with the consequence. It is in high school when we should be all our children to make their own decisions so that we can make sure that they are ready for the real world. Yes they will make some bad choices but so do you. Also, we are talking about all the pressure that parents put on the children to go pro. I think more often than not, it is the player that is putting all they got into the sport to go pro. There may be some but I don’t believe the majority of the parents that are doing this. Even if the parents did push the child, they didn’t necessarily cause the accident it was a bad tackle. It happens whether you are playing for the love or to get rich.

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