Mom with 15 Kids Says, “Somebody’s Gotta Pay for All These Chidren”: Is There Another Side to the Story?

weepweweOpen your mind for a second and ask yourself a serious question about a serious situation.  Angel Adams was a homeless mother in Florida with 15 children.   She was living with 12 of her kids in a hotel room, without much food or shelter.  Her story came out a while back, but it impacts a broader conversation, which is why we are bringing it up right now.

Of course the media has their interpretation of the situation.  In the clip below, they present Adams as a woman who is asking the state and society to take responsibility for her personal choices.

“Someone needs to pay for all these children,” she said, during the viral video.

The video tore through the web, especially among conservative websites.  We know that people aren’t quick to hold Wall Street executives accountable for what they do to destroy the economy, but single mothers are a quick target.  Adams might be the right target, since most of us wondered, “Why would she have so many kids that she can’t take care of?”

But the other side of this situation to consider is that Angel was taking care of the kids with her fiance.   Though the two weren’t married, he’d fathered 10 of her children, so their relationship had lasted longer than most marriages.  She says that when a man was in the home, the children were being provided for, and that the state actually harmed her children by arresting the father of her child.

“Well, I tell those people, I do pay for them, I have been paying for them and that’s why I’m where I’m at today,”  Adams told WFLA, “I worked at numerous jobs. I worked at National Linen Company and I worked at daycares and I worked at different places so I work just like anybody else.

We don’t know why he was arrested, but the question to ask is whether or not the children, and society, are better off with their father in prison or at home with the kids.  Does incarceration harm families?

Check out the video below and feel free to share your opinion.

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  1. What a stupid question. So I won’t respond to it except to say that AMERICA LOST ITS MANHOOD A LONG TIME AGO. But common sense should tell you that having A LITTER of kids these days demonstrates a lack of planning and responsibility. I bet u get them tubes cut and burned now sista..




      • Deanna I disagree with you and race care yoy playing re whites making money off blacks, black people dont so much like fosterig children so the white woman would invest in a huge house and take the children most of the children has turned out to professional, MAY I REMEIND YOU THAT THE MONEY GIVEN IN NOT MUCH AS SOME PEOPLE THINK.MOSY SO IT OUT OF LOVE FOR CHILDREN…

      • As someone with no children that is white. My husband and I have looked into foster and adoption of black children since here in Iowa where we live they do not get fostered or adopted as easily. My husband is half African American and half Caucasian so to us we believe fostering a child that is black is just fine for us. If we were to adopt they would have family members with the “same skin color and some without”. Not every person wants to foster for money. If we foster a child we are more worried about raising a good child that is loved, cared for and has respect.

      • Deanna, please, for the love of God, spare us (and your caps lock) anymore of this nonsense you try to pass off as discussion.
        I’m just spit-balling here, but is there some medication that you should be taking and aren’t? A lot of people say that it’s hard to properly convey tone and emotional range in text form. Typically, I agree, but in this case if you were going for a bi-polar nutjob with a borderline handicapped IQ, sister you hit the nail on the head. Congratulations, in a sea of simple-minded halfwits, you’re the trophy fish.

        • Love this response – I am saving it my autocorrect because it just works on so many levels for so many situations. Trophy fish … LOL

  2. I know when I had two kids, that was it for me, and my husband and I have been married for 40 years. I just do not understand why women and men don’t have any other ambitions than to have a lot of children that they cannot properly take care of. What can they teach them about the world if they never go outside their comfort zone? How can they be properly nourished, properly educated, properly given just the basics in life? It was a struggle with my two; I can’t even imagine 15. Now my tax dollars have to take care of her children. Somewhere along the line, you have to be responsible for the decisions you make or the situations you get yourself into. I have grown up with families that had a lot of children, and one thing is for sure, the child who needs the most attention never gets it.

    • People Love to talk about what their tax dollars pay for. You need to be talking about your tax dollars paying for all the crooks in Congress, banking CEO/CFO(s) and insurance companies!! Your tax dollars is paying your congressman/woman $400,000 a year to do nothing, paying their insurance, cause they only pay less than $50.00 a month, and increasing their banking accounts. Most people that have and struggle is because they want everyone to see what they have, so the buy more and spend more for it. This is about are you willing to feed “the Lazarus” that come knocking at your door? The government spend $1000.00 tipping at different restaurants (especially strip clubs). So giving a family of 15 $1000 is not hurting the government cause they spend $500 for one hammer!

      • Oh, please. Everything that I said to the person below you…I equally mean for you. What is it with people on this site making these grand assumptions with so little information available to them.

    • Funny, you don’t complain about your tax dollars being spent for the murders and destruction of people and places all over the planet. Get off this site.

      • Yes, God forbid someone has a real concern about someone abusing the system and them having to pay for it. You’re assuming an awful lot considering the sparse information in the comment.
        1.) This article wasn’t about “the murders and destruction of people and places all over the planet”. It was about a woman who is abusing the system that the OP is having to pay for. (Exhibit A: So, get off that pseudo-moral high horse you’ve planted your ignorant a*s on.

        2.) How do you know her views on the “murders” & “destruction” blah, blah blah? Rhetorical question. You don’t. Nothing in her comment implied or even hinted at her position on it. You saw that she was against this ONE person on this ONE issue and suddenly you’ve just got her all figured out, huh? Take a step back from the situation and even if it’s just pretending, try to look at it rationally. There is nothing wrong with what she said. Which part was it that you didn’t agree with, taking personal responsibility? Taking care of your children and making sure they have a stable environment? Not living outside of your means? But, whatever. This is the internet and their are a million more of you morons out there, so I don’t expect this to even make a dent. You’ll read it (or skim it long enough to find out that I don’t agree with you), dismiss it (or attempt and fail miserably at some snarky response), go to some fact-free news sight or blog written by other morons that you get all of your opinions from and you guys will have one big circle jerk taking turns telling each other how right you are and how everyone else is stupid. Have fun.
        Oh, if you have any trouble with some of the bigger words (in your case, anything with more than 4-5 letters and/or two or more syllables) try to find an adult to help you. I’d look for someone outside of your normal circle of friends though, if I was you. You know, birds of a feather flock together.

  3. I will Pray that she gets the assistance she needs in order to raise her children. Natural Children need Natural Parents. I want this family to be reunited. U should not mistreat someone b/c they are down on their luck right now. You will reap what u sow. She deserves assistance like other people. That is why we paid taxes so pep can get assistance at every level.

  4. I know how she feel to have alot of children ….I’m a single mother with nine….it’s hard

    • I’m married with two. And it’s not easy. Both parents are college educated and employed.
      You probably have to be a millionaire to have more than seven kids.
      so even if you are married, if you have 12 kids you’re probably going to be broke.

  5. I wish you all would double-check your spelling and grammatical errors when presenting a document in final.

    Anyway, in regards to your quote and question, “We don’t know why he was arrested, but the question to ask is whether or not the children, and society, are better off with their father in prison or at home with the kids. Does incarceration harm families?”

    How can you ask your readers to give you an answer to that question if you do not know why he was arrested? He can be in prison for a felony for all we know.

    Nevertheless, at some point, say after child number five, this couple should have shut the factory down. Unless they had a gross income of perhaps $250,000 or more and lived in a home that was already paid for, even then it would be a struggle because even a $250,000 income may not be enough money.

    • Finally, someone with an IQ above 70. I wouldn’t count on getting much positive feedback though. It seems that most of these people, on the author’s advice, have opened their minds a little too much and lost any semblance of reason, rationale and logic.

  6. She should stop having children, it is unfair not to provide a home and food for innocent children. Give her help and some imlants to prevent more pregnancies.

  7. This story and the comments saying she shouldn’t have kids she can’t afford should be played side-by-side with all of the anti-abortion articles….do we really need to ban abortions? Let people have choices? Maybe her family put it into her head that abortions are wrong and that she must live with the consequences of her actions. Which means she’s been trying. Walk a mile in her shoes then come back and write a comment.

    • Okay, so have you “walked a mile in her shoes”? I’m going to take a shot in the dark with this but: you haven’t. Your entire comment is based on this imagined supposition about abortion and so on. You try to come off as wise and having the moral high ground, but it’s BS. You don’t know anymore about this woman than the people you’re trying to talk down to. Get over yourself.

  8. Regardless if the father is in the home or not, who in the h**l has fifteen children. People have to realized that you have the right to have kids, but I have the right not to pay for them. Nothing was mentioned why the father was in jail and I don’t want to assume. This lady has more children than a millionaire family. Jay-Z and Beyoncé are worth a billion dollars combined and only has ONE CHILD. I feel for this lady but if your not living on a farm, base your family size on your income and desired style of living.

    • Africa has the highest poverty and illegtimiate birth rate and polygamay in the world and yet NO ONE tells them to stop having babies they cant afford, but an american black mother is treated like a criminal by her own people for deciding not to kill her children in the womb!!! And for carrying on her race. What is wrong with American negroes that they gladly lend a hand to everyone but their own????

      In 2012, Save the Children helped more than 15 million African children with programs for health, nutrition, education, HIV/ AIDS, and more. Results in 2012 also show that more than 33 million people were reached by our work, making children’s lives better through outreach and training of parents, teachers and community leaders.

      Billions are given to foreign blacks every year to help their children, but American negroes complain if children in their own race gets $800/month in help.


      • We are not talking about Africa.
        We are talking about this woman. Start being accountable or get off this site.



          • Right on!! Excellent comment!!! Don’t let anyone bully you from what is right!!

            Okay, then why are you here? No one made you click that link.
            As for the rest of your comment, I had thought about toning down the rhetoric and being nicer, but f*** it. Your comment is one of the dumbest I have ever had the the displeasure of reading. I had to read it a couple of times to make sure that I understood it. What the h*** are you talking about?

            1. NO ONE was talking about Africa. You just started that out of nowhere. It’s not relevant to anything that was mentioned in the article.

            2. Those commercials you’re referring to are for charity (meaning people aren’t forced; they donate willingly). Unlike welfare, which is taken out of our paychecks whether we like it or not.

            3. Poor people in Africa typically have to rely on donations and charity. Poor people (of ALL COLORS) in this country have a lax welfare system (which explains the shocking amount of people who abuse it)that they, more often than not, can use for food and housing.

            I’m not sure about the guidelines of this site and whether or not you actually got booted, but even if you didn’t I would suggest taking a little break from posting on public forums. At the very least, wait until your reading level is above grammar school. At most, wait until you have something intelligent to say. I’m not holding my breath on that one.

        • BlackBlueDog, she is not talking about Africa. She is talking about how quickly we are to give to everyone except our own. We rather criticize our own than to help them. It is a comparison about how we cry, become prayful and donate for other people but when it come to home grown Black people in America, we rather talk about them. DEANNA I completely agree with you and I too know that giving $800 a month to a needy American born Black family is no money!! By the way everyone pays taxes, whether you receive assistance from the government or not. Everytime you go to the store and spend money on anything, you will pay taxes on it.

          • No, she was talking about Africa. And, if I might add, it’s not about “how quickly we are to give to everyone except our own” as you so pretentiously stated. It’s about the abuse of a lax system and a government that forces us to pay for people who have no intention of trying to better themselves or their family’s situation.
            Forgive me if I’m wrong (I’m not, that was just a formality), but it’s not just African Americans on welfare. You and Deanna are idiots for trying to marginalize the issue by making it essentially black vs. white.

            “I too know that giving $800 a month to a needy American born Black family is no money!!”
            I disagree. I think that giving $800 to someone who has done nothing to earn it and statistically will continue that pattern without contributing back is more than fair.

            I realize that there are some genuine hard cases out there. People who genuinely need help. However, we’ve ended up with a system that is prone to abuse and is likely to pass those same traits on to the next generation. So, you get families that, one generation after the next, live off of welfare with no intention of getting off. Tell me, how is that fair to people who bust their a** at work 40 hrs or more a week. Real help would be work programs. Better yet, stricter guidelines with time limits to discourage people who can work from permanently living off of the system. Beggars can’t be choosers. If $800 isn’t enough, then let them get a job like everyone else who actually contributes to society.

            As for the taxes bit, you’re right. We get taxed every where we go. However, that doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t be angry about their money going to someone who can work but just won’t. Just so you know, there are no laws stopping you from giving more in taxes. If you feel like you aren’t giving enough, by all means give as much as you wish, but don’t be surprised when that frivolous attitude hits a brick wall when it comes to other people’s money and what you believe should be done with it.

  9. It sad of the opinions because not helping her can also make things worse. What will become of her children? I’m sure it is hard and no matter the situation who are we to judge her? Truth she could walk away and make them all our problem. That’s a choice she has too you know instead of saying she simply needs help. The man is better in his home than in jail if he’s a productive man. I mean who wouldn’t agree right? It a lot of detail lacking but bottom line she has a lot of kids but there’s a list of white women that do too. Yet and still they hair done, live in a nice house and got reality tv from it. There was one that didn’t want her man around just the kids for the free ride. Then you have one who ended in divorce and another who having kids now with her older set of kids. Did we care? Yeah but they still got help. So stop hating and start helping. NEXT

    • “who are we to judge her?”

      The people who are having to foot the bill for her irresponsible life choices.

      “Truth she could walk away and make them all our problem”

      Considering the path that her life has taken, letting someone else raise her children may not be a bad idea

      “The man is better in his home than in jail if he’s a productive man. I mean who wouldn’t agree right?”

      That depends on the reason he’s locked up. Being in jail would suggest that he’s probably not that productive. “I mean, who wouldn’t agree right?”

      “It a lot of detail lacking but bottom line she has a lot of kids but there’s a list of white women that do too.”

      Absolutely, which is why attempting to make this about race is as stupid as you trying to put together a coherent argument (much less a coherent sentence).

      “Yet and still they hair done, live in a nice house and got reality tv from it.”

      I can’t tell if you’re young and just learning to read and write or if you’re stupid and still trying to get a grasp on it. Anyway, are you kidding me? I think most reality shows are horrible, but if there is a reality show about a white welfare mom it’s more the exception than the rule. Look at the numbers.
      How many white women are on welfare? I don’t know. I honestly don’t feel like putting anymore work into replying to your asinine comment than is necessary. My guess would be thousands to tens of thousands.
      Now, how many of those moms have their own reality television show? Again, I haven’t looked that one up either, but it’s safe to say that it is significantly less. I mean a miniscule amount. Negligible, in fact. ONE WOMAN (possibly more, but I sincerely doubt it) is not the standard for the group, nor is she somehow equal to hundreds or thousands from another. Moving on.

      “So stop hating and start helping”

      Is this help enough for you: ( )?
      People helped her after this incident and since she was already on government assistance, they likely had been long before she had 15 children. The difference? Taxpayers had no choice in the matter and were giving her ungrateful a** a free ride. Then, when she gets on camera and makes fool of herself people did it willingly. They paid her debt and got her another place to stay. Not only was she so irresponsible that she lost that place soon after, she couldn’t even be bothered to show any gratitude to those poor saps that spent their hard earned money on her.
      Yep, you can sit down now.

  10. Ooooo wee!I have the perfect answer!Keep those d**n legs closed and get yourself a d**n job!

  11. The wife and decided that we could only raise three kids. Guess what? We only had three kids. I worked and fed and provided for these kids with no outside help. I fell sorry for the kids but not for that trash so called mommy. Now the system is being blamed for the daddy being in jail. He is in jail because he broke the law and needs to pay for that.

  12. Carla Jenkins-Moore

    They’re suppose to keep children with family not split them up! Its like she being punished for putting the system on blast!JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL

    • “They’re suppose to keep children with family not split them up!”

      Ideally, yes. But then, this isn’t the ideal situation, is it?. This woman has 15 kids, no job, no man around and living off of the government. Putting the children in foster care may not be the worst move. In fact, they may actually fair better that way. But, I agree, that is a rough situation for the kids.

      “Its like she being punished for putting the system on blast!”

      No, it’s more like a lifetime of bad decisions is catching up with her and instead of taking responsibility, she’s pawning it off on everyone else.


      What’s Carrie Underwood have to do with any of this?

  13. Did tv execs help OctoMom?

  14. OPENED my mind & closed it the the h.e.l.l. back up. NO funky. minimum wage daycare job is going to feed 12 kids w/o government assistance, dad or no incarcerated dad.. She still has no excuse for her statement… It still resonates that both people don’t have the resources to support 17 people…

  15. That's Incredible

    Whatever the reasons for this woman’s decisions…they have already been made!
    Anything else is less than constructive…I wish her, and her precious children well!!

    By the way, Mormons and other cult groups practice having as many children as possible through polygamy…and, yes they do receive welfare. However, the only difference is, that they have many woman in the polygamy arrangement helping to raise the children…

    All of these perfect people in the world….gotta love them!

  16. This is crazy! Black, white, yellow or brown. Don’t have children that you cannot afford to pay for. Neither she nor any of her baby daddy’s could afford to have one child, let alone 10 or 15. Now she feels entitled to assistance – no one assisted her in getting those babies. We all make mistakes, but this is not a mistake – this is willful ignorance. God will make a way – somehow, but He also wants us to use wisdom and plain ole common sense. From the clips, she does not sound like a great mother and the kids would probably be better off not in her care. Some how the cycle needs to be broken and she seems to be stuck on stupid. Not judging her motivations, heart or any of that — just calling like I see it. Too many years of bad decisions has landed her and her family where they are now. It needs to stop and she doesn’t seem capable of disciplining herself or considering the consequences of her actions and what the impact will be on her family.

    • Totally agree with you! There are so many people on this site commenting about everything from Africa to HIV to abortions. Plain and simple: that woman should have used better judgement when she was having all those children. After the at least the 1st couple of kids, she should have realized that caring for children is not easy. It costs money. We shouldn’t have to pay for her mistakes.

  17. I have been in her shoes, and I am a single mother four children. No matter what happens in life we all have to be responseable for our own actions. Unless the father is in jail for something he didnt do, she needs to be responseable for them. Not saying a lil help wouldnt hurt, but at some point before having all 15 they new they were in over they head anyways. Im pretty sure they were struggling before he went to jail. And on another note! Who in the h–l in this day and age crazy enough to get knock up that many times? Lord bless these children.

  18. People need to make up their minds.. Folks complain she has 15 kids on one hand but other protest against abortion. The father of 10 of the kids were with her until his arrest. We dont know what that was for or if it WAs a valid arrest. Yes she bares responsibility as well.We are dealing with the lives of human beings here. The kids are here to stay. Plus it was wrong for the judge to ask her if she was pregnant again. What would she do? Send her to the abortion clinic?

  19. Although they are a gift from God that’s a bit much for even Two parents. These babies are our future and they deserve. To be cared for they didn’t ask to come here. So while we judge the mom it’s the kids that’s suffering. What would happen if mom was dead.who would step up and help then. In this situation it truly will take the village to raise the kids. JUST MY ONE OPINION.

  20. Elder Julius Scott

    She never set a standard of marriage before children. Everyone makes mistakes but, 15 children and no husband just a fiance. He wasn’t going to marry her either just string her along. Some women should read Steve Harveys book.

  21. The insensitivity of some of these posters turns my stomach.

  22. Rochelle Anderson

    As usual society will have to fit the bill for another family. Yes she should have stop at 3 4 or even 10 kids ago but that’s neither here or there. The children are here now and I’m sure that they are a blessing to her. Wherever the fathers are they will pay one way or another… The family will struggle but if they put God first they will always make it. He will provide them with what they need.. As long as they work hard they will get what they want. Amen…

  23. How in the h**l does it make sense for these two people to continually grow a family when they can hardly take care of themselves? Yes, conservatives are s**t bags and don’t give a damned about black people are poor people for that matter, but what does that have to do with this situation?

    I have never understood how it’s mostly someone else’s fault when someone the age of this woman and man continue to have child after child, when they are hardly making it.

    The problem mostly lies in the way that these individuals, especially the woman were raised. I know many young girls who are now women, who were raised similarly. This practice of babies having babies was handed down from their mother, grandmother, etc., and they are going to do the same. They were raised on welfare and that’s all they know or look forward to. It’s a pathetic and ridiculous situation, and until the black community attacks this problem, it will continue to be persistent.

    This sad story is mostly due to ignorance that unfortunately prevails in so many black communities.

    • Your reply is very ignorant! “The problem mostly lies in the way that these individuals, especially the woman were raised. I know many young girls who are now women, who were raised similarly. This practice of babies having babies was handed down from their mother, grandmother, etc., and they are going to do the same. They were raised on welfare and that’s all they know or look forward to.” You are the worst kind of bigot!!

    • “Yes, conservatives are s**t bags and don’t give a damned(sic) about black people are(sic) poor people for that matter, but what does that have to do with this situation?”
      Oh, go to h**l, hypocrite! You can’t imply that you’re above those types of statements and ideas, then turn around and do the same d**n thing. I know it probably hurts your head, but just think about it for a moment. You are generalizing and stereotyping an entire group of people. Marginalizing their views by labeling them and making off-base claims. You know what fits that description precisely? Racism. Oh, the irony! I’ll never understand this paradox that some liberals prescribe to:

      1.) Republicans/Conservatives hate black people/don’t want to help them/ etc. So, black people (and all minorities for that matter) should stay away from them.

      2.) The lack of minorities in the conservative movement is an indicator of just how racist they are.

      Circular logic at it’s finest.

      Bonus: Any person of color who doesn’t toe the line, swoon whenever a Democrat/Liberal speaks, dares to think for themselves or, heaven forbid, become a Conservative/Republican, is a race traitor and should be called all sorts of derogatory, racist names (Ex. Uncle Tom, Oreo, etc.)

      Yeah, I’d say that sums the general attitude up pretty nicely.

      That is what makes your comment so confusing. You say something as ignorant as that and then follow it up with a decent analysis of the actual subject of the article.

  24. My husband and I had one son. When my son was two year old, I was diagnosed with cancer and my husband left me on my sick bed, to raise my son alone. That was 21 years ago. Unbeknownst to me, his leaving me was the best thing that ever happen to me. I raised my son alone but he did pay me child support. I also put myself through undergraduate school and graduate school. I also have a law degree. The lady with the 15 kids has a unique situation that is incomprehensible to many people. She reminds me of the lady in Washington, DC, who had 16 kids and Mayor Barry told her she needed to stop having children.

  25. Hey she’s just “pro-life.” She’s fulfilling the GOP mandate. She has supplied drones for their fast food factories and cannon fodder for their wars.

    • You’re an idiot. Seriously. Admittedly, that’s not my best comeback, but let’s face it, anything more clever than that would just be lost on you anyway. So, you’re an idiot.

  26. Stupid cow gets no sympathy from me! He was not a fiancé, that is someone you are engaged to, he was a live-in boyfriend that she had 10 kids by, how stupid can you be? Then there are 5 others by how many more men? She was too dumb to tell him to put a ring on it before she had the first one by him. She needs to have it sewed up! As a matter of fact take it out and throw it away! I am not going along with her story just because she is Black, when you are stupid and wrong, you are stupid and wrong! No matter what color you are. I am sick of women having babies by men who don’t give a d**n about them. Just what did her man do to land in jail? I suggest you work 10 jobs and take care of your children and dumb a*s don’t have any more!

  27. My prayers goes out to my sister and her babies! How dare you evil hyporites trash this poor soul!! Who knows what she’s been through in life! I’m a black man who understands that things are not always what it seems to be on the surface. Yes she had all these babies and I my opinion she need not to have any more. We need to support her and not act the the slave masters of the past who encouraged this type of behavior to benefit their own wealth.I was ok to have 15 kids to work their cotton fields, as a people our ancenstors(slaves) paid her debt give the children and her what she needs!!!! Show her some love!!!

    • Amen brother Brett.

    • Negro please. I think the government should cut all this free Aid and only provide medical insurance. 2 many black women having all these kids. No sympathy from me. I wouldn’t want her broke azz being my mama. I cant offer her sympathy but I can offer her a ride to the abortion clinic.

      • Shut hour dumbass up!!!

        • “Shut hour dumbass up!!!”

          Wow, I hope Latoya is okay after that massive verbal beat down you gave her. You’re hilarious! Where do you come up with this stuff? Was that response just a spur of the moment thing or did you think it out? Quality stuff, my friend. Quality. F*** spelling and grammar. When you have a burn as good as this one, you can get away having a 4th grade reading level.

          Ideally, this should go without saying, but this is the internet and you seem exceptionally stupid (plus, this scenario has happened before), so I’ll go ahead and save you any confusion. That was entirely sarcastic. Though, it was kind of funny that you misspelled “your” and “dumb a*s” while trying to imply that she was stupid.

    • This is craziness.. I was raised poor, abused as a kid, mother died and I was raised by alcoholic father. I have worked all my life, been married to same man since I was 18, got a Bachelors degree at age 40, paid for by the company where I worked for 30 years, raised 3 upstanding, hard working kids. I have never taken any kind of welfare unless you call unemployment for 6 weeks once welfare. I pray for these kids, but This Mother is an idiot, and I would say the same no matter what race she is. Our country is going down the tubes, our political system is a joke and then we have so many people with this woman’s “Entitlement mentality.” God help us all.

      • Nice. Seriously. You’re living proof that it can be done. You deserve every reward you get for your hard work. Sadly, all you’re likely to get here is ignorance and any sort of label from not being compassionate enough to an out and out racist. The fact that some people will condemn your actions while accepting or even condoning that sorry excuse for a mother, let’s you know just how far we’ve all fallen.


      They did “show her some love”. Spare me the history lesson. She got herself into this. Trying to lay it at the feet of something that happened nearly 150 years ago is weak. If it was ever a mystery to her where babies came from, she solved it after the first child. 15 children!? Please. Decisions have consequences and if she was half as responsible as she’s trying to make everyone feel, she wouldn’t be in that situation in the first place. 15 kids, no job, no husband/father, no place to live and nursing off of the government t*t with absolutely no sign of getting off of it. The example she’s setting for those kids alone is bad enough, but to have her drag them down with her? The woman is horrible.

  28. She needs to quit breeding. And that’s what it is at this point, breeding. Birth control is an amazing thing.

  29. This is a lot of Niggativity! This Woman was shoveled out there as a Stereotype to make us all look like Dumb b*****d’s because they Won’t help her or Nobody who looks like Her! Put a Chasity Belt on this Woman & keep it moving like interstate cargo! She made Her own Bed Hard She stuck like a truck for being ignorant & would have a Baby by Any Negro Who Came Along???

  30. This is yet another excellent example of why white people MUST end forced integration, and seek distant separation from the American Negro. So much child-like behavior… It’s as if their brains do not function in the logical manner white people’s do. And every time the Negro does his/her stupidity (that one would expect from a child) they turn their black faces to the white race and say “somebody gotta take care of me, feed me, house me, clothe me…I’m jus a dumb ole Negro. Ya’all got help me white people.”

    Oh, how stupid does someone hv to be to believe that a black man could afford to provide for all those kids? Since he’s in jail, obviously he was providing for himself like so so many Negroes, CRIME

    White people MUST DEMAND distant separation from the NEgro!

  31. Hey little mo pu.nk azz krakkker bytch, you sure not shy showing your racist,bias, bull shyt rant.I’m sure INTEGRATION is ok to fight many wars,bring revenue in the billions in both collegiate and professional sports.WHY u know krakker Mo that the black man and black woman is more smarter,,stronger and talented than any krakkker born this racist amerikkka.Black AFRICANS built this country for free through forced and degrading methods such as lynchings and beatings.Black African amerikkkans INVENTED something your ignorant krakkker azz used everyday such as elevator Alexander Mills,automatic gearshift Richard Spikes,traffic signal light Garrett A.Morgan,John Standard and many more i won’t list.Where were u Big klanner mo and the rest of u negroids when THE DUGGARDS WHO have 20 kids and received government assistance !!!They even got a school bus off the tax papers dime.This WOMAN and her fiance was both working and taken care of their children.Her fiance got incarcerated and the family situation changed.I wonder if mr white krakkker faced duggard was jailed and his wife is left to struggle raising 20 kids would there be such outraged.I BET NOT!!!There is so much misplaced stereotypes when it comes to black and brown amerikkkans.THERE is more white krakkker faces on food stamps,there is more white on white crimes and mass killings by whites than minority groups because most whites own GUNS!!!The SAD thing is many black misinformed minority groups especially AFRICAN AMERICANS buy into and believe this bull shyt.Leave this woman alone along with her kids;she is just an easy target because she’s black and fit the usual bias stereotypical mole.BIG BUSINESS AND BIG CORPORATION ABUSE the tax papers everyday and no one can do anything because their got LAWYERS ENOUGH SAID!!I say to little MO that black people in racist AMERRIKKKA demand that white krakkkers respect,tell the truth about black contributions,that equaljustice be in the law,equal employment,equal opportunities,and that racism and discrimination cease at once from krakkers.Finally. our 40 acres and our mule then taken your flat pancake behind,wrinkled disease septic azzez back to england where u came from on the MAYFLOWER!!!Kiss my dikkk u silly krakker MO!!!

  32. I read all these comments… many very nasty. My question is, why is it ALWAYS a woman’s responsibility to make sure she doesn’t become pregnant, why can’t sperm donors be more responsible by taking precautions such as using condoms, having a vasectomy, just not having s*x until they are ready to be responsible for someone other than themselves? But no, it is ALWAYS left to the woman. I won’t come on her comments or situation since I’ve not walked in her shoes, thus cannot say what she shouldn’t have done or what she should have done or do. I pray that things turn out in her and the children’s favor.

    • Its on the women becuz they bring life into the world. Abortions need to stay legalized. There are 2 many sorry blacks n the world. The system needs to cut all those lazy azz babymama off. Aid should only be for the disabled/elderly and Married couples that have gotten laid off. Black folks its not the governments responsibility to care of us. Get it 2gether black women with multiple kids.

  33. Lord I’m praying for a blessing for this family. Give her the strength . Lord pour financial blessings into this young lady’s life. Dear lord give her peace. Keep her strong through her hard time. Lord giving those thank that pours abundantly into her life. Keep them safe and together Dear Lord. Don’t judge this young lady the lord has plans for this family. I really think that she a strong person to be raising 15 kids. As times we all needs help. That what wrong with the world quickly pointing the finger but falls short some times

    • She’s not a strong woman she’s a stupid 1. I wouldn’t want her being my neighbor. Until the black community gets their sh-it together we are gonna stay lost

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  35. Unless you have been there…
    I am a 37yr old mother of 9 children. My oldest son is 22 & youngest is 9. I was married & my ex husband n I both worked. Through no fault of my childrens or my own he decided to go out of the marraige. Plus he fathered 2 more kids. Now I didnt ask for my husband @ the time to leave and put the burden on me. After all I was planning on us raising our children & growing old together. Jus because u have a large family doesn’t mean you are trifling or uneducated. I graduated high school, college, & went to nursing school. I took my lemons and buried the seeds. And came up with a lemon tree. It was hard but I did it and continue to do it. I am a child of god there for I cant judge the next person, thats for my lord n savior to do. However I can help my fellow man in any down falls if I can help. People are quick to judge yet need to look at their selves. One sin is no more or less than the next they are ALL equal. That pen u took or that cookie u grabed that was not yours is jus as bad as robbing a bank in the lords eyes. I say that to have the understanding that instead of talking about a situation. You should help out and our world would turn out to be a much better place.
    Have a Blessed Day……

  36. Unless you have been there…
    I am a 37yr old mother of 9 children. My oldest son is 22 & youngest is 9. I was married & my ex husband n I both worked. Through no fault of my childrens or my own he decided to go out of the marraige. Plus he fathered 2 more kids. Now I didnt ask for my husband @ the time to leave and put the burden on me. After all I was planning on us raising our children & growing old together. Jus because u have a large family doesn’t mean you are trifling or uneducated. I graduated high school, college, & went to nursing school. I took my lemons and buried the seeds. And came up with a lemon tree. It was hard but I did it and continue to do it. I am a child of god there for I cant judge the next person, thats for my lord n savior to do. However I can help my fellow man in any down falls if I can help. People are quick to judge yet need to look at their selves. One sin is no more or less than the next they are ALL equal. That pen u took or that cookie u grabed that was not yours is jus as bad as robbing a bank in the lords eyes. I say that to have the understanding that instead of talking about a situation. You should help out and our world would turn out to be a much better place.
    Have a Blessed Day……

  37. That’s a lot of children. I stopped at 3 because my husband left and the daycare and afterschool program fees were killing me even though I had a good job. I just can’t understand that many children, or Saincy being single with 9.

  38. Made it off Welfare

    My heart goes out to any single mother.Raising kids is not an easy job however you have to wake up and think about your future. I have 3boys and i was on welfare got my Asociate then got my Bchelors and now working on my Masters. I am active in the church and i just finished writing a book. At one point in your life you have to want better for you and your kids. I will pray for this woman. My heart goes out to the children.They are innocent. You have to take responsibity and take care of your children. i always made sure my children had. Yes it is hard and still is very challenging but at the end of the day my children are taken care of. You dont have to stay where you are you can acheive your dreams. As long as i have breath my children will not go without even with one parent….

  39. Tired of Stupidity

    I was raised with the belief that you don’t have any more children than you can afford to take care of on your own. That is the Woman’s Code of my family.

  40. Did that brood mare EVER hear of BIRTH Control? What kind of male would even approach a female like her to begin with? Bet she looks like ‘Precious’ of the movie of the same name. Ghetto is what ghetto
    be. Bet some of her herd are her fathers!Bet her IQ and shoe size are the same! Lawd hab mercy what I gon’ do now? Try getting spayed sweety!
    Fed Up with the useless underclass

  41. If You Cant Feed Your Baby (Yeah, Yeah)
    Then Don’t Have A Baby (Yeah, Yeah)
    And Don’t Think Maybe (Yeah, Yeah)
    If You Can’t Feed Your Baby (Yeah, Yeah)
    You’ll Be Always Tryin’
    To Stop That Child From Cryin’
    Hustlin’, Stealin’, Lyin’
    Now Baby’s Slowly Dyin’

    I’m wondering if Michael Jackson was a republican….

  42. She should be in jail for child endangerment and neglect. In this day and age it really is no ones fault but her own. She was not complaining she was raped. And the man that had 10 kids with her should be paying his bill back to the tax payers for the child support I am sure we will have to fork over. But all this aside I am sure she was brainwashing the kids into thinking it is a way of life, get pregant and let the tax payers take care of it. So welcome to the next generation of welfare moms and deadbeat dads.
    The only one to be sorry for is the kids. They need help not her.

  43. What a cute little brood of children in that photo.

    I like big families. I came from a family of ten children. There’s always someone to talk to. If you get angry at one sibling, there are many others to talk with, hook up with. Always someone there who has your back.

    We survived (all ten of us) without a penny of Welfare.

  44. What a cute little brood of children in that photo.

    I like big families. I came from a family of ten children; and we never needed one cent of Welfare.

    It’s nice to have lots of siblings. If you get angry at one, there are many others to talk to, hook up with. Someone always has your back.

  45. She and her so-called boyfriend are mentally ill, with just enough sense to game the system.

  46. Dose’nt she have other family members to help her out? uncles aunties grand parents?

  47. no abortions! have your babies, where can I send you a hundred dollars
    will send more when I become employed

  48. U ignorant f***s no class trashy a*s f*****s are not aware that when u hate your fellow man you hate God.
    God will judge you You deaf dumb and blind. Stay as you are. Life going to whip your a*s

  49. The question is during emancipation, where were the white social workers and white psychologist to counsel and explain to the newly freed African, born, into a brutal slave system, particularly, in America, that White-European exploitation of Africans rips them from their mother tongue and denies them connection to their mother country how far the effects of the cruelty of slavery can into the future affect the mentality and the behavior of Africans. What did white European-Americans scientist put in place aware of the Russian scientist experiment with a dog? Classical conditioning is why exists a classic Angel Adams. Her situation is the outcome of dehumanization of Africans, mostly, but whites’ characters aren’t untouched as demonstrated by the majority white media that aired that mother’s plight insensitive to many atrocities of slavery and a white female judge that insults that black female’s personhood. All that is a part of an insidious plan to destroy the African born in America ability to manage their own lives. Beaten, raped and robbed in this white majority rule American society that black woman worked Angel Adams unaware set up she was to suffer. Harm to an Angel Adams’ family white scientist definitely should have prevented her hurtful experience,but it is all about making money from their investment in the slave trade that into the future reaches the freed African, female. Robbed of her self esteem and raped of her self-worth, sexually exploited, none of didn’t have to happen to African females, born, in America, but it has been and still is about European, now, white American greed.

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  51. There is a related story that references this story and lead me here @

    Neither story really answers the question of why this happens. Why do people make decisions to bring others into the world in large numbers without a means of caring for them. I can understand that things happen that we do not plan for but 15 kids is a lot for anyone homeless or not employed or not. It is also interesting to me that the father’s arrest was mentioned but what was he arrested for? I hope that it was something that he really could not avoid.

  52. Stop having babies out of wedlock! Keep your legs closed! That’s all

  53. At some point …somewhere Angel Adams MUST have at the very least noticed….that if it’s hard to take care of 5, 10 kids would be difficult and 15 children a daunting task when your income has not adjusted to accommodate the financial responsibility. To me, it’s cruel to the existing children in he family to bring more children to it. The existing resources will be stretched to the red. What’s done is done. Even though we can berate Angel for her carelessness and irresponsibility: ” Somebody got to pay for al these kids.” It made people angry at her sense of entitlement. I certainly did me. The question is how to do we make a real lasting change instead of putting bandaides on th problem. I think some serious psychological help is needed for this woman. Tax paying citizen or not, if this woman got mental help to help her understand HOW she can contribute to society. The children may need to go to foster care temporarily until the mother learns to take care of herself. Does she not realize if she bettered her life and invest in a post secondary education that she is helping her children at the same time??

    She is asking for help but maybe she doesn’t realize that she needs a differen kind of help. Stop victim posturing Angel and figure out what do YOU need to do to help yourself at the same time.

    The Lord helps those who help themselves…..not those that blame others for their mistakes.
    Insanity is repeating the same thing over and over and expecting
    A different result. If you just toss cash without showing her how she can improve her life herself…then it’s insane.

  54. The most effective way is to develop a simple system as being a starter project.

    Aquaponics is really a combination of growing fish or aquaculture, and growing plants without soil or hydroponic.
    Many newcomers will build their tanks, purchase their fish, and plant their seeds all inside
    same day or weekend.

  55. I don’t care what you say it is up to the people to do the right thing and don’t have kids they cant feed and not to go on food stamps or free money

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