Homeland Security Employee Calls Obama a “Mulatto F*ggot”

wpwpopwo Ayo Kimathi is the employee for the Department of Homeland Security who was recently given paid leave from his job for hating his commander-in-chief.  Believe it or not, he is also responsible for running a website designed to prepare black people for a race war against whites.

The evidence against Kimathi is starting to pile up these days, as another video has surfaced to further shoot down his chances of getting his job back and regaining the trust of the federal government.

In the video, Kimathi refers to President Obama as a “mulatto f*ggot” and “the first gay president.”

Before the controversy, Kimathi was an Immigration and Customs Enforcement acquisitions officer.  Now, he will probably just be unemployed.

Kimathi is not the first person to refer to Obama as the first gay president.  Newsweek actually used the term on it’s cover when one of its writers applauded the president for advancing the gay agenda more than any president in recent history.

Kimathi also called the president a “miserable, low-life, scum-dwelling product of the Europeans.”

The former government employee also got himself into trouble with remarks about the first lady, Michelle Obama, referring to her decision to grace magazine covers, appearing as more of a s-x symbol than a first lady.

20 Responses to Homeland Security Employee Calls Obama a “Mulatto F*ggot”

  1. lmao it is what it is

  2. So what was his point? That he’s stupid enough to run off at the mouth and lose his job? How is he going to explain that to his next employer?

  3. brooklyn one sean

    you black/afro people better wake up about the agenda of the cave dwellers in this country, they want a dumb,highly s****l diseased,hom0sexual, unemployed slave population.
    wake up.
    i am looking for a country as i speak, anyone has a country that has a decent size black.afro american population i can look into. thank you in advance.

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