Amazing: Student Creates App That Helps College Students Get Money For College

chris greyBy:  John “Hennry” Harris

Many families across this country are still trying to rebound from the economic slowdown meltdown increasing the reliance upon scholarships to pay for college.

Christopher Gray, 21, a Drexel University junior and CEO/Founder of Scholly, has found a way to make finding those scholarships easier.

Gray himself has been very successful in finding scholarship funds.  He is known as the “Million-Dollar Scholar” after being awarded $1.3 million in scholarships.

Over the past three years, Gray has also helped other families manually scour through databases, and figured, “Hey, I need something that can help.  There has to be a faster way.”

Gray developed the answer in the form of Scholly, an app that uses eight specific parameters, like state, GPA, or race, to instantly filter through a deep directory of scholarships available for the prospective student.

“It’s extremely simple,” says Gray and that ultimately was the goal.

“The fact that it’s on the mobile (phone) really hits the audience,” says Soham Bhonsle, 21, a Scholly user and Drexel University senior. “It serves the need of its time. We want it on the go.”

Nicholas Pirollo, chief technological officer for Scholly, also offers that apps optimize searches compared to standard websites because they are more tailored to specific needs.

A recent study, conducted by Sallie Mae, shows that 39% of families used scholarship funds to pay for college during the 2012-2013 academic year and Scholly connects users with relevant scholarships in about five minutes.  Scholly’s database is updated monthly to remove scholarships that are no longer available, add scholarships, and refresh deadlines.

There is money out there to go to school.  Scholly has more than 10,000 downloads of the $0.99 app found in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Scholly’s costs are intentionally positioned at an affordable price to serve more people that need it and boast a potential big payoff.

“Pay 99 cents and you may get $5,000 or $6,000 in scholarships.”

Scholly helps put the power of funding your education in your hands.

59 Responses to Amazing: Student Creates App That Helps College Students Get Money For College

  1. Christina Wright

    That’s great news….CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  2. Excellence At Its Best

  3. There are lots of Christopher Gray’s out there! Black people can be some of the most innovative people on earth! I encourage all Black folk – young and old alike – to do something amazing to help ourselves and others. If there is a need for a product or service, fill that need.

    Let’s stop waiting for other ethnic groups to start businesses that fill the needs of Black people and then beg them for a job. They start the business in the Black community, they bring in workers from other communities, and we give them our money to take back to their communities.

    Black people commit economic suicide every day. We pay or buy from others what we should be doing primarily for ourselves. That’s why they have jobs and we do not!

    Black kids should be making at least a $75 a week just by performing services or Black people. The money pays for incidentals, school supplies, gas, the movie or concert, or a game.

    Let’s be creative and make our jobs instead of standing around waiting to be given one.

  4. Say it agan J.D.!

  5. So helpful and keep up the good work. I’m a returning student and i really needed this help.

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  7. Do they help Bible College Students

  8. how can i cope with this? just here in motherelan’ & have a grade but which to study there.

  9. HMichelle Cooper

    Is there a website or link to use this app?

    HMichelle Cooper

  10. Awesome. Keep it up bud!

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  13. I agree JD. Creativity is the precursor to abundance!!!!

  14. Miriam M. Taylor

    Awesome. Thank you for being a Blessing unto us all. God Blessed you in your future Creativity / Solutions.

  15. Great job young man!!! Think hard, work hard and grow rich! Thank you.

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