Dr. Boyce: Why Bill O’Reilly Cheers the Death of Trayvon Martin

eopewopewposby Dr. Boyce Watkins

Bill O’Reilly recently added himself to the list of commentators who made remarks about President Obama’s speech on the Trayvon Martin case and George Zimmerman acquittal.  O’Reilly gave Obama credit for “addressing the race issue,” but then proceeded to lecture the president about how he is incapable of correcting the real problems in the African American community.

“The sad truth is that from the president on down, our leadership has no clue, no clue at all about how to solve problems within the black community,” O’Reilly said. “And many are frightened to even broach the issue. That’s because race hustlers and the grievance industry have intimidated the so-called ‘conversation,’ turning any valid criticism of African-American culture into charges of racial bias.”

O’Reilly proceeded to say that Trayvon Martin was being profiled by George Zimmerman because of the clothes he was wearing, not his skin color.

“It was wrong for Zimmerman to confront Martin based on his appearance,” he said. “But the culture that we have in this country does lead to criminal profiling because young black American men are so often involved in crime.”

O’Reilly further attacked the African American community by pointing to “The disintegration of the African-American family.” He also mentioned that “73% of all black babies are born out of wedlock.”

Even more interesting is that O’Reilly connects the president’s inability to help the black community to the proliferation of “gangsta culture” that glorifies violence and irresponsible behavior.

Alrighty then.

Since my disagreements with O’Reilly a few years ago, I’ve refused to appear on the Fox News network. I did two appearances on Fox Business, but only because I have modest respect for John Stossel and wanted to discuss the exploitation of college athletes.  Beyond that, I’ve turned down every appearance request I’ve received since that time.

I also cringe whenever I see black commentators being forced to cater to one of the most racist media outlets in American history, only because they have money and an audience.  I personally believe that we give credibility to the beast by feeding it with our attention.  The truth is that we risk looking weak and desperate when we allow bigoted whites to put us in situations that they themselves would never accept.  Allowing racists to put us on the defensive is one symptom of our continued second-class citizenship.

With that said, Bill O’Reilly exists in America for a reason, the same way certain bacteria can only survive in a moldy refrigerator.  He thrives in American media because O’Reilly is a living manifestation of every angry, uneducated racist in our country.  He connects to the misguided white man the way Beyonce relates to 31-year old black women.  There are a lot of angry, ignorant, arrogant Americans in this country, and those are the people who tune into Fox News.

O’Reilly is not only an enemy of progress who seeks to destroy the country he claims to love, he also fails to understand that it is white men like himself who create the things that he and other white men seem to fear.

O’Reilly cheered the death of Trayvon Martin because for him, most urban black males are dastardly, frightening beasts, unworthy of the decency that one would give a fellow human being.  While a man like O’Reilly would shudder to imagine his own children dodging bullets on the way to school or rotting in prison for minor crimes, he somehow believes that this is the life that black men CHOOSE to live, no different from the way he knows that his dog enjoys being in the backyard, covered in mud.

Few intelligent people would disagree with the statistics that O’Reilly spews about the struggles of the black community:  Violence is out of control, too many of our families are broken down, we are filling up the penitentiaries, and our economic hurdles are monumental. But where O’Reilly gets off the bus is when the words “personal responsibility” come into the mix.

You see, white men like O’Reilly are the ones who push to supply guns onto the black market that young black teenagers use to kill each other.  If they were giving these guns to white kids with no jobs or education, they’d be killing each other too.  Men like O’Reilly are the ones who started the War on Drugs, creating a mass incarceration epidemic that has been no less destructive than the N*azi holocaust.   It’s hard to hold families together when you’re giving fathers and mothers 100 year prison sentences for crimes that white college students commit every single day of the week.

White men like O’Reilly are the ones who profited from the 400-year legacy of slavery and Jim Crow, which created the vast economic disparities built from whites systematically stealing nearly every penny of wealth from black families over the course of several hundred years.   They also run the media outlets like Clear Channel and Interscope Records, who make millions feeding poisonous music into the brains of young black children before they even learn how to read.  Most decent black people would never allow an out-of-control gremlin like Lil Wayne to influence our impressionable children:  Lil Wayne is propped up by corporate America.

When these points are brought up on his show, O’Reilly cuts to a commercial.  That’s his right, since it’s his show, which is why I wish black people would refuse to allow themselves to be swallowed by the Lion’s Den of Lies and Half-truths.  Bill the Bigot knows what time it is, but similar to other men like him, he refuses to look at his watch.

I could go on and on, but I’ve got better things to do.  O’Reilly represents the very worst of what America has to offer, like the man who injects his wife with a disease and then asks her why she keeps choosing to get sick.  But white privilege gives him the opportunity to live in this hypocritical fantasy world, since men like O’Reilly are good at holding everyone accountable but themselves.

Actually, I don’t blame Bill O’Reilly for being the kind of bigot who lies in the tradition of Bull Conner, Adolph Hitler and every other person who’s hated black people.   I blame the rest of us who somehow give uneducated men like O’Reilly and Rush Limbaugh the credibility necessary to shape public discourse.  The same way that a fire needs oxygen to grow, O’Reilly exists because people believe in him.  But like any other lie, phobia or fairytale, he would stop existing if we simply convince our minds to let him disappear.

Dr. Boyce Watkins is the author of the lecture series, “The 8 Principles of Black Male Empowerment.”  To have Dr. Boyce commentary delivered to your email, please click here.

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  1. Dr Boyce, I couldnt of said things better than how you have done here in this article.

    People like Oh-Really O’Reilley and Rush my Limp-hand Limbaugh are typical of today’s white society and to be honest I don’t actually hate these types, I actually appreciate them because they allow me to gauge the clandestine racial hatred barometer so I thank The Almighty God for their presence.

    All I’ll say for now is that they don’t have very long to go as a people & world order so its natural that they would ‘up the ante’ as their economic, political and social backs are against the wall.
    They are left with no choice but to attack anything that appears to reduce their power base, white supremacy & privilege!!

    • what a airhead you are this is why we was on earth first. You airheads are not smart we need to be there to fill your heads with true history. without us you are lost.

    • oops this was not for you, this was for salenegtupues the mouth with a lot of air in the head.

  2. Oh good God almighty. I get such a kick out of reading the rantings that emanate from the tiny, simian, lightweight economy-version brain of such wrongly aggrieved h**o erectus as “Dr.” Watkins.

    Sire: you need to understand the negro’s place in the hierarchy of humankind. For it has always been and will always be thus. Read up on Dr. Samuel Morton and other Great Minds On Race, you will understand why Abraham Lincoln was correct when he said :

    “I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been in favor of bringing about in anyway the social and political equality of the white and black races – that I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race. I say upon this occasion I do not perceive that because the white man is to have the superior position the negro should be denied everything.”

    Boyce Watkins: you are very, very funny. Your brain weighs 120 less than O-Reilly’s, it’s as simple as that. That’s why you write like such a r****d.

    Sorry dude ! The truth hurts don’t it ? !

    - Arturo de Gheaube

    • What a typical example of inadequacy!

      I guess scholars like Dr. Samuel Morton were and are the criterion by which all knowledge must be derived….what a derisive aberration from a people who haven’t even been here for but a few seconds in history…just mere urination in a big wide ocean!

      I guess I should commend the white race for making it out of the caves as such takes much resilience to survive and overcome but just remember HOW you got out of there…do your history and learn that it wasn’t solely down to the efforts of your own kind!
      You were in such a barbaric state that even your Jewish brother didnt even come back to save you and he left you for many years to rot in your exiled land mass, the Caucasus, and thats why you have been at odds with your brother ever since…even up to this day, hence why he calls you ‘goyim’!!

      I hear you say; ‘we emerged from this quagmire like existence, and we arent at that stage now’…oh but you are, and you havent escaped that way of life in the mental sense as we can tell this from your actions.
      I would say that due to your calculating nature your people have subdued the earth and you continuously play out your pathological thinking which principally is premised on your natural standing in the universe KNOWING that you are the most unnatural species among the entire human family.

      It remains true that every race has its time to rule and we can honestly say that it indeed has been your time to rule in this way on a global scale for the past 400 years, however you make a grave error in referring to Black people as a race, and as we are your father, and the father of all, you will know that we brought you here and we are quite capable of taking you out of here…and we’re doing so as we speak! (Go read Death of the West by Pat Buchanan)

      Disappointment, ungratefulness and your own self-hatred has driven you to subjugate the darker peoples of the earth, however your world order will not be able to withstand the coming of divine intervention and justice, your Thomas Jefferson spoke of this!

      We’ve seen the methods that your kind uses to maintain your nefarious rule and your Dr Samuel Morton and others of his ilk were plentiful and were and are vital componants within your system that are used to conserve white supremacy, but you all have ignored one thing; retribution!

      The visitation of the same will not come from a gun fired by a Black Panther or any Black resistance movement, or from any kind of physical weapon for that matter but from the seed of destruction which has already bared fruit and is here for the harvest.

      In a few days we will see who the ‘superior’ really is, and who’s people & world order was alleged to be so.

      Stay tuned!!

    • You are a fine example of the kind of white man that is too cowardly to face the truth. Quite obviously, there is precious little in your miserable life except the desire to believe you are superior to others. That notion is simply a desperate attempt to justify yourself in a world where you and your weakness are pitifully unjustified.

    • salenegtupues: It is very interesting that You love this site!!

      Plus, when one use the word “Negro” he has to be a very old person. He will not be around to see the changes in society.

    • JESUS is a black man. Now r****d on that, so ugly person you are!! You need to read history yourself, and there is nothing and I mean nothing Oreally can say to black people except, HOW MUCH DO YOU WANT?

    • I don’t always agree with Dr Boyce but on this issue.

      He is as truthful as scripture and shines like the finest cut Diamond. Right on Dr Boyce. Right On !

    • @Salenegtupues.

      How small must your brain and intellect be to waste all those words to tell us what we already knew? “Abraham Loncoln believed in the dumb azz unScientific doctrine of White supremacy, as does the current Republican dominated US Congress.”

      Black Human Beings are not now nor ever have been interested in becoming equal with idiocy and the devilish, White led obsession of fear, killing, stealing and destruction.

      Time for real change has come and going forward White racism can not, will not stop real change. So go ahead and rapture yourself and do the rest of the “end-time” false prophet incited stuff on y’all’s religious agenda. Bye. Get on down the road.

    • really bro I disagree with the doc 100% but really. I also want to point out that president Lincoln was not so much in favor of equality of economic or political standing but more so of equal opportunity

    • you are a fruit cake!!!

    • Whom was here first on this earth, will also be the last.

  3. Go suck a fat babies dyck fool!! Have u ever asked why did Lincoln think u should be deemed superior u piece of waste? Because of powerful landowners that wanted to protect their economic machine at all cost. Well jimbob, the buck stops now trolltrash!!! Lets pull up some numbers from the fbi crime reports from 2011!! Arrest for murder, whites 4000 blacks 4000, forcible rape, whites 37.000, blacks 17, 000, aggravated assault, whites 300, 000 blacks 100, 000, Drugs, whites 783, 000, blacks 300, 000 (yet the police patrol black neighborhoods at a 4-1 clip than white ones) and thr list gets worse for u ” superior” f olks!! Superior at fycking up and destroying any thing good and decent!! Now again why did Lincoln want to make the white man superior? Because those that make the laws can use the system they created to circumvent them and all cost!! Ask all the liars from the ” weapons of mass destruction” league!! We still haven’t seen a firecracker out of Iraq or Afghanistan! ! As an old wise man said about the blind, ” people with inner insecurities never see themselves, they never see the horrible that lies inside of them!!” That’s you and yours superior twinkie!! Hotep

    • Brother Imhotep:

      If our people would just pick up a book, and READ, to find out the Truth about these crime stats, perhaps they would start showing some love toward one another.

      So many Blacks beLIEve these fake crime stats that these cracker’s post on this site, put in their magazines and books, and they also, beLIEve what they see on THEIR tell-a-LIE-vision media. We are ALWAYS being portrayed in a NEGATIVE image, and Blacks, who don’t read, will NEVER know the Truth; how heartless and murderous these serpents, called caucasoids HATE BLACK PEOPLE!

      I put those STATS with FACTS on their pale azzes, and they NEVER return to the site! They can’t stand that Truth, and they expect us not to know this Truth. This is why they didn’t want us to read and write during our forced enslavement, and they STILL don’t want us to read and write today!


      • “these crackers” I love that. Truth be told the average White American doesn’t even think about the situation of Blacks in America. It is insignificant to us. There is not a Black in America that was alive during the slavery period (which by the way, Slaves were a commodity…like sugar and flour… that were purchased. Who do you think actually caught the slaves and sold them? … do your research)yet Blacks blame slavery for their plight in life. Something that ended two hundred years ago. Rather than accept responsibility for lack of education and high crime rate, you look to find excuses and seek someone to blame for your inadequacy as a race. Think about it… your excuse for your current situation is something that occurred over two hundred years ago… really? That’s the best you got? That is why Whites find the current Black situation in America insignificant.

        • @ Eddie

          If we’re insignificant then there’s alot to say about your people’s current standing in the world.
          You’ve now become a bunch of pathetic fart-filled blow-hards who love to try and scare & bully your way in this world but we got news for you buddy-boy, no one is scared of you, nor are they allowing you to bully them anymore!

          Of course we would be insignificant to your kind, thats quite plain to see even for a blind man….you need to stop stating the obvious bud!!
          Your people’s narcism is so profound that its got you’re limited flat-a***s so wrapped up in such a delusionary state, thinking that your all superior and that you’ll be around forever…I wouldn’t count on it Eddie-boy, so if I were you I would just ride the white supremacy myth out the best I can until…party woops out’a time!!

          Let me see about YOUR education…the Asians are coming over here and out performing everyone’s assess, including yours white-boy, the figures speak for themselves.

          The South Koreans, Chinese, Japanese, Indians as well as the Brasilians are building a world bigger and faster than yours (Europeans too…your ancestors!!)which your people both fear and are becoming more and more dependant on as the days go by, YET youre race is so superior????

          I thought your narrow assess had it like that….evidently not!!

          As for the natural resources son….well youre going to have to go mainly to Africa for that one Eddie my boy, I guess thats why the U.S., China, India, Australia, European countries, Russia, Brasil, the Middle Eastern countries are all out there clamoring over themselves to get a piece of it!

          As for a lack of education in our community, I suggest that your pee-wee Herman self stop believing the hype as there are more entrepreneurs and degreed brother & sisters out there more than ever before, but I wouldnt expect you to know about that, what with you being so anally retentive and narcistic…true to form without breaking away from convention where you & your kind is concerned!!

          By the way Kenya & Uganda are the leading nations in medicine across Africa, i.e. qualified doctors & nurses, and thats why theyre being employed around the world en masse!
          Go check out the HBCU’s in this country and see how much young Black people are graduating!

          Your ‘superior’ argument isnt looking good bud!!

          Oh I hear your mouth going like the clappers now…”what about all those negrahs in the penitentiary?!?”
          Well, what about all those white boys on Wall Street, in congress and those conglomorate owners who should be locked up for stealing social security, bumping up their salaries to 7 figures while others needlesly loose their jobs, or setting up “trust funds” that will allow for money to be transfered into an account “legally” for some fat-f**k corrupt politician to put in his pockets, or receiving ‘soft money’ for their campaigns??
          Oh…I know why they don’t see jail time, because its considered ‘white collar’ crime…ohhhh not considered to be as serious as what us negrahs do huh?!?

          I’ll leave your sorry a*s on this note Eddie ‘give head’….the proverbial rug is being drawn out from under your feet right now and your world is about to cave in from under you pal so like I said before, enjoy the ride as best you can cos’ just like they say in X-Box land….its GAME OVER!!!

      • maybe you should have done a little more reading and writing!There is a part of math that seems to escape your grasp. It’s called percentages!When 13% of the population commits 50% of the crime it means that the people with the lower % of the population commit more of the crimes! Raw numbers do not add up when you understand how that works!
        By the way my pale azz has relatives that are of different races. All that you are doing is perpetuating the separation and total divide of your country. please do yourself a favor and read the intelligent posts immediately following this article. Cheering on the race baiters is not the answer to racial equality.communication between all americans is what we need.

  4. Dr: Boyce, was this really the best/wisest title you could give this article?? It has salient issues BUT It stirs HURT and angst amongst the family & sympathisers of Trayvon’s family.

  5. Peter D. Slaughter

    People like this are the cause of these problems within the black community and there is no doubt about it.
    Now,all of sudden they trying to slick and just stupid to preach that black people need to be more responsible.

    We have been hearing it for years from people like Malcolm X,
    Marcus Garvey,Amos Wilson and many others.
    This guy and his supporters had no problem in supporting the war and all out attack on Iraq.
    Look’s like there nwo take over plan has backfired right in their phony faces.

  6. Ouch…Most of what Mr. O’Reilly stated in the first paragraph is actually true. The truth hurts. However, it is what it is. What bothers me is the fact that most of you flew off the handle and the only thing you could think to call him is a racist. Look past that word and actually analyze what he has said. Get on down to the truth. Hurts a little doesn’t it??

    • @ Corbin56

      Just as deceitful as Oh-Really O’Reilley, Creepin’ Corbin!!

      Its the context that the numb-skull speaks into NOT what he’s saying as his true motives negate the narrative he made which appear on the surface to be a truth!

      I thought you would have known that numb-skull!!

      ah well….(smh)

  7. Bill O’Reilly is and always has been the worst kind of TRAILER TRASH
    not good enough even to put in a garbage bag.

    Black on Black Crime! Give me a break…White America.

    Now, the way I see it some good old White Boys decided we should go over and invade Iraq and take their OIL and in the process Butcher &

    Shall we even discuss the brutal butchery of the Native American Indian?

    Bill O’(TRAILER-TRASH) Reilly should get his fact straight,

    We, Black Americans have a LEGACY that is the most honorable and noble in all of America and the entire history of this nation.

    The first man to DIE for the freedom of America was a Black man by the name of Crispus Attucks March 5th 1770.

    See your history book or Google this man, who by the way was once a Slave, but bought his own freedom and went on to become a World traveler as a Sailor.

    Bill O’Reilly is an IMMIGRANT and his people didn’t build SHI_ in America! His mother just farted out her behind another sorry, worthless CRACKER!

  8. The racist mentality of this country along with it’s disrespect for God will one day bring it to it’s knees. Without question God will judge us all and this country will one day fall to His wrath.

  9. Well written and absolutely true. Those who choose to disagree with what Dr Watkins has said are running away from reality – as they always have.


    One day you weak negroids will stop being so passive and weak toward these devil crackers!

    I’m outta here!

  11. Finally I can go back to referring to you as Doctor Boyce instead of Mr. Boyce. Your article was right on point, especially when you pointed out how other black commentators was almost force to come on and defend a white racist’s opinions. This is why we need our “own” everything, tv stations, communication itels, finance our own businesses. When we have to work and depend on bigots dollars to “force” our views we are still second class citizens. The pervasive attitude is not just shared by Bill O, the entire Fox News commentors and most of their guess have the attitude that Trayvon had it comming to him. This is how evil these people are, they have no problem in telling you if your children are dead or killed so what! Wake the H-ll up people! Racism is Racism, confront these bigots like our fathers did and defeat these bastards like our fathers did.

  12. @Derrick
    Derrick as you already know Nat Turner was betrayed by a house slave who told his “master” part of the plan that he had overheard. So a man fighting for his freedom and others was caught and hanged because of the betrayal of one who loved his master more than he love freedom and his own people. This pitiful lesson is still being displayed today. The blood of this slave still runs deep in some of our brothers and sisters. Everytime one of our strong brothers like you or me stand up to challenge these bastards they put a black person in the way to say “don’t challenge my master he treats us good”. Our solution? Read what Sister Tubman did when she was confronted with the same issue.

  13. Because he is DUMB,

  14. To all hypocrites that want to blame the “STAND YOUR GROUND” laws for the Travon Martin murder, i say this: Get real. Some of you are either too guilt ridden or too scared to face the reality that we as a nation have a problem with prejudice that has little to do with the CASTLE doctrine. I go one step further than the castle doctrine which defines one’s home as his castle. I believe that my body is my KINGDOM which I am duty bound to defend. The CONSTITUTION gives me that right and I will not relinquish it because of a few namby pamby “turn the other cheek” do gooders who are just plain scared of guns. 

    • You are the one who sounds scared. Totally scared. I suspect you will pay the price for your racism and rabid fears.

  15. @Brother GW:

    You know the Truth, but so many of ou brothers and sisters are still lost and turned out!

    They ‘prostitute’ for these crackers 24/7. I see them everyday skinnin’ and grinnin’ in front of their enemies, but frown up when they see a strong brother in their presence!

    Sister Tubman had to put a gun to a weak azz negroid slave’s head because he wanted to run back to his massa instead of run for his freedom. She told him, you will die a slave, or die fighting for your freedom. These modern day slaves are no better, than that weak azz negroid male, who loved his massa. Those negroid screachas of yesterday are still screachin’ the same old bullshyt they were TAUGHT to teach today! LOVE GOD, LOVE YOUR ENEMIES, TURN YOUR CHEEKS, BUT HATE YOURSELF!!!

    Sharptongue and Messy Jessy are two clowns, who have negroids like those negroid screachas, who were screaching and lying to their enslaved brothers and sisters with that religious bullshyt.

    No matter what WE do to try to wake up our people, you will ALWAYS find a bootlickin’ negroid, who will LIE on us, HATE on us, and perhaps, who will try to KILL us to please his massa!

    Brother, I keep saying give up on these xtian negroids, but for some reason, I keep on pushing. These Black Goddesses on this site are more STRONGER, than these weak males running around here talking about LOVE YOUR ENEMIES bullshyt!

    Remember, it was a jealous-hearted negroid slave male, who SNITCHED on Uncle Tom, who was not the character these crackers porytrayed him to be. HE WAS A STORNG BLACK MAN, WHO TRICKED HIS MASSA TO TEACH HIM HOW TO READ AND WRITE, AND AT NIGHT HE WOULD TEACH THE OTHER ENSLAVED BROTHERS AND SISTERS.

    A negroid slave by the name of Sambo snitched on Tom to his slave maker, and the slave maker had Sambo kill Uncle Tom the next day!




    • Aaron Steinberg

      Two of the most infamous “NEGROIDS” are Tavis Smiley and Cornel West, both skinning and grinning for the racist gentiles to hold their coveted positions. For one, I want Tavis “white-a*s licking” Smiley toppled from his crow perch! I use this term because I despise anyone that denigrates our President Obama. He has been up against a wall of crazy-assed, cracker m**o’s since his overwhelming elections twice and these racist pork belly white son’s of b*****s refuse to give him credit for his education, the family man he is and his love for a country for all it’s inhabitants, Black man or white, Jews or Gentiles! We have some crazy a*s Jews in our synagogue. My nephew and this Jew b*****d were banned for fighting in the foyer. My nephew kicked his a*s for making an undeserved comment about our President calling him the “N” word. I’ve since left Beth Israel and they can kiss my Hebrew a*s also. PLEASE JOIN ME IN STARTING A CONTINUING PETITION WITH COLOROFCHANGE TO BOYCOTT ALL OF TAVIS SMILEY’S SPONSORS AND SUPPORTORS AT PBS. AS FAR AS O’REILLY, HE’D BE LESS FRUSTRATED IF HE WAS MORE CAPABLE AT HIS MAILBOX….. you get my drift.
      The entire Steinberg family.

  16. I agree with your analysis of Mr. Reilly Dr. Boykin but let us not be guilty of the same misrepresentations as these men. Bill O’reilly is ignorant but not uneducated. He does hold degrees from Boston University and Harvard. He uses his education to fight against all things that do not coincide with his bigoted worldview but who he is. Mr. Limbaugh is most definitely ignorant and uneducated. Thank you for Dr. Boykin for continuing to fight the good fight.

    • while I disagree with you and the doc 100% thank you for pointing out that Mr. O’Reilly is well educated I appreciate that kind of honesty

  17. Dr. Watkins’ comments are designed to provide thought and insight, but instead responders to his commentary veer off topic and filter their vitriol through juvenile name-calling and little meaningful dialogue.
    NRA powerbrokers and plea-bargaining lawyers support the new prison industrial complex. The O’Reilly factor has the media presence to provoke confrontation that can only result in incarceration that fattens the bank accounts of those who invest in locking up mostly black and brown poor people. Gun violence in black communities is the ploy to help ‘white-power’ eradicate America’s ‘color problem,’ while prescription drug-addiction in poor white communities has opportunities for rehabilitation and mental health counseling. But here’s the clincher: “American-fabricated-white-superiority” is the vortex that has all of us circling the drain of destruction. You can’t swim upstream in a cesspool.
    America has built an empire on the “US” vs. “THEM” model of war with the built-in economic multiplier that benefits the few, taking land from the indigenous peoples of this land, while raping the coasts of Africa for free labor to build a New World for themselves, only to justify “whiteness” by labeling Native Americans as ‘savages’ and devaluing Africans as ‘descendants of drills.’ Thusly, Travon’s death is no real loss to a ‘created-white-culture’ that has chosen to disrespect POTUS … they are one and the same ‘animal!’
    Like-minded people need to seize the opportunity to mobilize and consolidate our resources and help one another with life-saving strategies. Stop feeding the knee-jerk frenzies on social media and wasting time with ‘un-reality-TV’ and set humanity-sustaining goals and follow through on them. Time to repeal civil rights advancements and curb flexible gun laws and color-specific justice. Become pro-active citizens; otherwise, chattel enslavement will be “deja vu … all over again!”

  18. RIP Trayvon, God Bless You

    Bill O’Reilly is doing the devils work, and I bet he’s too stupid to realize it. Or he just gave up all hope because he already sold his soul and knows he ain’t getting it back.

    Bill, you’re a complete waste of human life. Go to h**l.

  19. @ Bro D..negroids are pathological sufferers of Stockholm Syndrome!! @ Traveller..u speak the truth! ! Well said!! That cracker hasn’t truly read Ourstory!! Or he sure has not even researched Dr. LEAKY!! Good stuff!! Hotep

  20. keep both barrels loaded

    This is my vent:
    When Crakkas talk c**p like this I GO STRAIGHT TO THEIR YT , ETC. PAGE WHERE ONE OF THEIR LITTLE PASTY DEVILS DIED AND RAISE ALL h**l. Like its a page abouts devils and their families being brutally murdered in South Africa. I would say “AHhhh, one less beast jr. to grow up and terrorize the world. ” I got jokes. I gave their a***s a whoopin with words of their life. These devils could not take their own dirt. The right words hurt more than a physical beating because it gets inside the head and heart. Everytime these devils say something about it I say now you know how us brown skins feel about Travon. If you do it, do not use a account you want to keep, create a fke one. I know its cruel but the crackas have it coming. This is one really good way to pay them back.

  21. Dr Watkins is often attacked for speaking nothing other than the truth. It doesn’t say much for your opposition to this scholar if you actually take time out of your day to insult him, rather thna simply ignore his articles-as you would do if you really held so much contempt for his work.

    I agree with this article: my favourite quotes are the ”moldy refrigerator” part and ”an out of control gremlin liek Lil Wayne”. Very funny.

    There are many legitimate criticisms that can be made of our community, but the dialogue on these problems should not come from the likes of O’Reilly. He is perpetrating a ”white is right” agenda- how many times have you heard him say that there should be criticisms of white culture? There are things that white Americans are doing that is wrong; why won’t he talk about that too? The dialogue should come from those who are able to be more objective on the matter.

    I would disagree with you slightly on your assertion that black commentators are ”forced” to cater to racist audiences; would it be ignorant to contect this by saying that many of them do seem happy playign their role as the person to refute accusations of racism against Republicans? I don’t think someone like the so-called commentator Deneen Borelli looks like she is being forced to play her role as a black Republican…?

  22. Dr. Watkins, while you may elicit a response from certain people, please know that intelligent folk are tired of these articles about racist whites. What is your point? We already know how filled with hate they are. The last thing I want to see early in the morning is another article about hateful whites. Can’t you write about positive things instead of every negative thing you can find about racist whites?

  23. How long are blacks gonna continue to blame whites for their destructive behavior? Theyve been blaming white people for a hundred years and yet the self destruction is getting worse. The jews have every right to be in the same position as blacks, however they are the most successful group of people. Name one thing about the black community that Bill O said was wrong…. You cant because Bill is sadly correct and until Black people begin to take responsibilty for their self destruction, we will continue to become extinct.

    • You are correct. Look at these comments made by blacks. They call white people “devils” or crackers. White people dont give a d**n about that. They laugh at us. Black people need to educate themselves and grow the f&ck up.

      • Both of you need to STFU and you grow a pair shawn while Kendra gets a spine!

        If you bothered to study whats going on in the Black community that constitutes our plight then you would be as educated as you purport Black people should be!!

        Like I said earlier to Creepy Corbin; “Its the context that the numb-skull (O’Reilly) speaks into NOT what he’s saying as his true motives negate the narrative he made which appear on the surface to be a truth!”

  24. There are a lot of angry, ignorant, arrogant Americans in this country, and those are the people who tune into Fox News.

    • really because I am white and my best friend is black and I would take a bullet for him in an instant. I have lived all over southern California and have gone to tons of different public and private schools all of which were mostly white and have yet to meet someone who as a general rule didn’t like black people. I know some black people I cant stand I also know some black people I think are awesome and the same can be said of my white friends so this idea that most whites hate blacks and are racists is a pile of horse dump

  25. It so obvious that most of you have not seen the video. If you had you would have seen that he stated truth. I noticed none of you can point out where he lied on the video. Calling the man a racist does not change the facts. We have a serious problem in the black community that we cannot blame white folks for. We take the easy way out by calling white folks racist, blaming slavery, etc.,We always have an excuse for black behavior. Go watch the video and then see if you can dispute any of his FACTS!! It’s really sick that in 2013, we still have all the same excuse we were using in the 60s.. Sadly, we deserve everything we get.. Oh, and calling me an uncle Tom ain’t changing the Facts either, LOL!!!

  26. For O’Reilly to demoralize us is bad enough, he is promoting the disintregation of the black family, and how violence black men are by broadcasting it on Tv, and to the rest of the world

    • he is not promoting it he is reporting, analyzing and try to help stop it. step one to fixing a problem is recognizing there is a problem.

  27. spivey l. gordon

    Dr. Watkins, After your stirring comments on Bill O’rilley, I’m voiceless. Great assessment.

  28. Please consider the source. This fellow is a deeply WARPED-MINDED-RACIST. A RACE-BAITER extraordinaire. He should just cover up that crabby ugly looking face of his, with that dirty pillow case for a hood, and that dirty white sheet that was past down from his parents with the letters KKK on them, and do his show in that attire. He can switch back to a suit for one show, and then back to his favorite KKK attire, because you know; they wear suits now, and host news, and cooking shows as well. Folks we know what this kid is. He’s not even an adult.

  29. “Nobody in the Black community, from the President on down, has any idea how to fix the problems of Black people,” but Bill O’Reilly does? Excuse me while I lose my lunch.

  30. It would be good if the same thing happened to Bill Ugly O, Reilley and watch that cocknocker cry like a baby.He is talking big now but he is actually a little man.

  31. O’reilly is a fu@king idiot. For goodness sakes, it was raining that terrible night that racist followed Trayvon Martin and killed him. And till this day, I don’t believe that racist head was bashed on the concrete. I believe he slipped on the wet grass and hit his own fat head. That pri@k!!!!

  32. This is no Surprise A Devil in America will never give the Blackman Justice Period & you Sambo’s & Sambolina’s get to the rear with that Love everybody BS! Any Negro talking like that at a time like this is Full of Self Hate & Love the Enemy more then His own!!! I will be glad when Another Natural Disaster Hits so this Devil will get his a*s where it belongs at that Big Cabin in the Earth! Shout out to Brother Derrick keep your Head up Brother! We are in the 4th Quarter Now,at this point Dummies ignorance is a choice!

  33. First of all, there are NO “black” people, and, there are no “white” people! We can start w/that, and then move from there, because then, the basis for any kind of “race” argument would disappear!

    Truth be told, regardless of what Dr. Watkins or O’Reilly says, the reality is that Europeans here in this country, who call themselves “white”, is based on the false notion that they are the superior “race”, w/respect to those people who are of Asiatic/African origin, and the entire culture that has been built upon the same!

    I am NEVER surprised by what idiots like O’Reilly, Hannity, or Limbaugh says, because I know that they don’t know any better, and that those that echo those same sentiments and display the relevant attitudes, are merely the dregs of that same ignorance!

    Perhaps if those who THINK that they are “white”, would simply admit that they have been displaying “demonic” behavior which is evident in their history, then we may have a basis for some kind of “healing” here in the United States. But until then, I’m under NO illusion that this is a “post-racial” society, regardless of Barack Obama being President of the US, and that the European in this country is only going to understand what’s really going on, when they start reaping ALL of what they themselves have sown, simply because they will not accept the Truth of who THEY are!!!

    In time, they will be sent back to Europe, from whence they came, to await their fate; while the Asiatics of America, in time, will have the opportunity to LEARN to start Loving, Cherishing, Protecting and Teaching one another, the Truth about themselves, and their history, WITHOUT interference from those ignorant fools, who think that a Man is identified by color, rather than Nationality.

  34. Bill, you really have issue, because whether you are willing to admit the truth or not, there are just as many white women having babies out of wedlock as black females, in addition, since you think that we are not as good as your white daughters; guess what, the black men are the ones that is s******g your little girls, and they like it. so little do you know, your daddy might be black, cuz you don’t know what your mother was doing while you were away in college, getting your education on, so that you can get on television, and try to down grade Travon Martin. Furthermore, Bill, just think about it, your wife might be spending your hard earned money on a Black man, just to please her in bed, because you don’t have a life worth a dam; so she uses your money to take care of what you are not capable of handling; in the bed room. Now, Travon is resting in peace, while you spend your time, relishing on what George Zimmerman has done, but George, don’t have the b***s to walk out in public, and feel safe. If I was in his shoes; and had to live in fear, or hiding, then he might as well had accepted the guilty verdict, cause he will look over his shoulders; and be turning his head the rest of his life. Now it is sad, when you are trying to down blacks; when your own wife is giving it up to a black man, and your own daddy might be black, and if he is not, he just had not had a chance, or he would not have been with your mother, as long as he did. So if I were you, I would be careful, because, you white men have an inferiority complex as it is. but black men can’t help it because God Blessed them with large p***s. so you have to work with what you have. By the way Bill, what about you first cousin Senator Strong Thermond, did he not educate you about that good piece that he got, and fathered a daughter; by a Black woman, and his conscience whoop his a*s so bad, that he had to admit it to his family, and included his black daughter as air to his estate. Strong Thermond, did not forget what that woman put on him; and every time he wanted to deny the charges; that he had farthered an outside child; he had to own up to it. So Bill, if Black people are that inhuman, your brother enjoyed it, and maybe that is what is bothering you. You might have all kind of half black brothers and sisters, cousins, etc.,. you don’t know where your daddy was all the time, when he was suppose to have been at work, or gone to the store. Strong Thurmond was one of the most notorius racist; white man, other than you, that I have ever come across; or had the opportunity to listen to. I am almost sure that if Travon Martin was profiled because of what he was wearing on the night that he was murdered, how would you feel; if zimmerman would have profiled your son or daughter; because what your hard earned money bought for them to wear. What Travon was wearing, had not one dam thing to do with Zimmerman following him, he was not the police, and if he had not been following him, then he would not have got his a*s whipped, and his dam nose broke, and if Travon had been a little bit larger, he would have been f****d up real good. People are tired of the bull s**t that goes on, we did not ask to be black or white, but we are here; so you might well live with it. The jury was prejudice, impartial, and only one hispanic, which you all have problems with on their race; and them coming to the united States. Sleep on this Bill O’Reily, and I’ll be listening to see if you pull this comment out of the hat, be really interesting.

    • that is false the statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau state that roughly 30% of white or Caucasian babies are born out of wedlock were as roughly 70% of Black or African American Babies are born out of wedlock #numbersdontlie

  35. KKK(O’Reilly, Limbaugh, Hannity, Geraldo, Beck and everybody on FOX NEWS NETWORK). All they do is spread hate and ignorance, and unfortunately they have a large following who believe their BS. Demonizing the president and African Americans are what they do best. Bias people do not want to have a honest conversation about race, because it will expose the fact that their parents have taught them how to be racist. Racism is generational and it’s in their bloodline. BIGOTS come in all races. When blacks mention race, we are playing the race card. Trayvon was killed because of the color of his skin, PERIOD.

  36. If you looked-up the word Bigot in your Funk & Wangnells Dictionary, there’d be a full page picture of O’Reilly. He is what he call most people he dislikes: “A Bloviating b***h” full of pomp and hot air!!!

  37. The premise for White guilt is White Privilege… virtually separate but unequal is the foundation for the problems of Blacks in America today. If you don’t like Dr. Watkins… don’t read his stuff.. he is coming at it the way he views the problem. We all have different takes on it… My take is give all Americans the same equally… Education, housing, Job opportunities etc… and America as a whole will flourish… give one citizen (Whites) more than another (Blacks) then you have the problems that this model have created. What needs to be fought for as Americans is the right of equality. There are people who come from Europe (White) illegally into America, and have more opportunities than a citizen (Black) who is born here his whole life.

    • so you think that black people were the true inhabitants of America!
      Your mind is so caught up in hate that you make ridiculous statements.
      most of the posts on here are some of the most racist words i’ve ever read! you accuse whites of being racist but your own words are filled with hate! O’Rielly never said that Trayvon deserved to die! and he wasn’t being racist in his remarks about black people. He was just saying that Sharpton and Jackson are frauds who could care less about what black people are going through in this country!people like you don’t want any dialogue with anyone that truly wants equality for all Americans! you sound like the black version of the moronic white n**i supremacists!

  38. While I was doing some research on statistics concerning “stand your ground” law I happen upon this article “A white man in Florida kills a black teen for playing loud music and alters his story to fit stand your ground” written by Rmuse for Politicususa. The article was written last year just before Trayvon Martin’s death. When I read the article I felt it needed to brought out how little regard for life some people have especially when it involves Black youths.

    O’Rielly said,“It was wrong for Zimmerman to confront Martin based on his appearance,” he said. “But the culture that we have in this country does lead to criminal profiling because young black American men are so often involved in crime.”

    From the above statement, O’Reilly just made a racist statement. Our Black youth are not often involved in crime. That statement is like saying that all black youths wear hoodys.

    O’Reilly seems to be among the clueless making racist staements about our Black youths. This is the type of racism the white conservative are playing out in the media. They hide their contempt for Blacks by making skewed remarks to fit their agenda further divide whites and Blacks.

    The grievance industry? Is O’Reilly talking about the 1 percent? The crooks on Wall Street? Or may be O’Reilly is talking about those of us who condemn the Supreme Court who showed their content of the “Voting Rights Act”?

    Maybe O’Reilly isn’t interested in the case of A white man in Florida kills a black teen for playing loud music and alters his story to fit stand your ground just before Trayvon Martin’s death. Nor is he looking at the real statistics The Tampa Bay Times used to show the disparity of minority deaths when it come to “stand your ground” law.

    Mr. O’Reilly, Explain how George Zimmerman was just profiling Trayvon’s clothes and not see the black teen wearing them?

    O’Reilly like other conservative talk show host and Republicans have skewed the statistics concerning “stand your ground” law to their favor.

    Dr. Watkins I think you should accept any invate from O’Rielly to be on his show. You can show how he slants his information.

    O’Rielly only wants field negros on his show. Accept this weekend when he had a governor stand in for him who invited a professor of Black studies. More on that later.

    Doctor, lets not forget about Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity who feed misinformation to their audience made up of mostly angry disambiguation Neanderthals.

    O’Rielly made one mistake this pass Sunday. He had a governor substituting for him. The Governor made the mistake of having a black professor on the show who is head of a Black studies program at a university. The governor asked the professor was Zimmerman racial profiling Trayvon and the professor said yes. The professor all but called the governor a racist before it was over. He also had a Black Congressman on the show too who agreed with the professor. It was so refreshing to see. The governor cut them shot when they stated talking about the failures in his state. I only wish I had written down their names, sorry.

    If you really want to know what’s going on with Florida’s “stand your ground” law, check out The Tampa Bay Times which used media reports, court records and interviews with prosecutors and attorneys to identify more than 200 “stand your ground” cases across Florida. The list, though incomplete, is the most comprehensive in the state and likely includes most fatal cases.


  40. Dear Dr. Watkins
    Mr. O’Reilly has never cheered the death of Trayvon Martin he has called it a tragedy on many occasions and has been very compassionate to the Martin Family an if you don’t believe me just ask them or their family attorney. I would also like to point out that only a few weeks ago Sean Hannity welcomed a studio audience of dozens of black conservatives who echoed Mr. O’ Reilly’s comments that the African American communities largest problem is without a doubt the lack of good family structure and more specifically the lack of good male role models in the home. Sorry to bust your Fox News is racist bubble. Mr. O’ Reilly is also right to point out that even though the deck is stacked against young African American men living and growing up in inner cities any drug use, gang involvement or criminal conduct is a personal choice and they must be held responsible for their actions in a just society.

  41. @ Andrew Ford

    “….only a few weeks ago Sean Hannity welcomed a studio audience of dozens of black conservatives who echoed Mr. O’ Reilly’s comments that the African American communities largest problem is without a doubt the lack of good family structure and more specifically the lack of good male role models in the home”

    When you say “Black conservatives” you mean negroes the likes of Allen West?!?

    Just Hannity invited a few carefully selected apologists on Fox News we’re now to accept your ludicrous point of Fox News and Hannity not being racists?!?

    Which hole were you born from…sounds like from the back-passage!

    Ratty Hannity has no desire in healing any racial divide in America, believe me, and if he wanted intelligent discourse about race in America he would have been much broader in his reach in terms of what type of guests he would have had on his show!
    As he’s already characteristically proven, he’s not likely to have been so balanced, and I would go as far to say that he isn’t capable of being so, particularly when it comes to Black people!!

  42. All you o’rielly fans (negroids and caucasoids) are just as dumb and ignorant as this redneck critter!

    There were so-called Black radio stations, who were playing his HATE SPEECH, and the talk show hosts were PRAISING his comments he made about Black people. If, this ain’t modernized slavery, I don’t know what it is. Anytime EVERY negroid female and male, who call into that station AGREED with this redneck, klanner’s commments! Only three Black men disagreed with his bullshyt!

    Are these so-called Black radio stations CONTROLLED by caucasoids…I would say, yes! You would NEVER have a caucasoid conservative or liberal radio station let a Black man spew his concerns about caucasoid people…NEVER! But, this radio station acknowledged this racists’ viewpoints with a smile! And, the few callers, who disagreed with this clown, were CUT OFF!

    This redneck can talk about the plight of Black people, but he NEVER mentioned how his own race FVCKed over Black people! These dumb down negroids, NEVER challenged this cracker’s comments! That rednecked talked about negroids like a step-father, but those dumb azz negroids agreed with this racist redneck! Their point for agreeing with him was ‘don’t hate the message; hate the messenger! And, y’all wonder, why I call them negroids! NOW, YOU KNOW!


  43. One of the fatal mistakes that we all make in analyzing so called black pathogy is placing all African Americans in the same box. We come from all walks of life. We need to focus on the subset of the population who are most afflicted with the social ills that are so widely discussed and from there develop targeted policy. O’Reilly has no interest in helping to resolve any related issues. His focus is on spreading a message of black inferiority in order to maintain the status quo of white superiority and privilege. He is an arrogant hateful man who should be called out on his BS. He believes he has the upper hand because he realizes most people will latch on to what he says regardless of his intellectual dishonesty.

  44. Nothing But The Truth

    As Americans of African descent, we can no longer sit idly by while these white devils conspire to incarcerate us in large numbers; deny us jobs and skills training; prevent entry into the building trade unions; cut funding for child care and operate a public school system that miseducates and kills the will and spirit of our African-American Children; elect a great number of people to legislative bodies and the judiciary who have absolutely no interest in or regard for African-Americans. These white devils have regularly denied us the basic necessities of food, clothing and shelter. They systemically deny us the right of life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness. They are breaking up our families and placing our precious children in foster homes with total strangers. They are also putting guns and drugs in our neighborhoods and incarcerating our people for selling the drugs and using the guns to kill rival drug dealers. At what point are you prepared to fight the enemies of our community for our survival? I have been fighting for a long time to help change these realities? How about you?

  45. why i am upset by the slap at Trayvon I can not ignore the fact’s that O’Reilly presents,why I am in total agreement with Dr.Boyce I am not in denial about what O’Reilly is saying .I hope Black folks will stop proving bigots such as O’Reilly right.

  46. Mr Watkins please do not leave our racist Hannity. I definitely agree with you out of sight out of mind. All of those racist host will fade out eventually when no one but their ignorant followers are watching

  47. For many years growing up in this Racist America, I felt African Americans need their own government; a community based government to develop ourselves and become independently non-participants of the white establishment. Black people were the first humans create on earth and evolved with the same survival instincts for centuries, as a strong race we really don’t need the white off bred humans to dictate their values anymore. We don’t need to buy their products or educate our children to be smart and successful. We can tile the land and grow our own produce for our selves, develop the skills our ancestors used and communicate with other global cultures toward further advancement. African Americans need to look beyond the white box which has restricted our dreams and leave the devil in his own h**l fire of self destruction.

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