White Boy From South Carolina’s Murder Gets Compared To Trayvon Martin’s Death


Reported By: Britt L

The shooting death of an unarmed white South Carolina Marley Lion teen has drawn comparisons on the Internet to the slaying of unarmed black teen Trayvon Martin after a Charleston woman made a comparison with a photo to highlight Marley’s case.

James Island, South Carolina resident Lizz O’neil said she used the comparison photo to highlight what she called the senseless killings of youth and that she was not viewing Lion’s alleged slaying at the hands of three black men as a racially motivated crime.

“I wanted to make the point that lives are lost every day. Some are nationally recognized and some never make it past the local news,” O’Neill told the Charleston Post and Courier. “Every life, in my opinion, deserves the same recognition despite race or circumstances.”

Last Saturday, 29-year-0ld community watchman George Zimmerman was acquitted of murder and manslaughter charges in regards to the February 26 2012 slaying of Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida. A six woman jury decided Zimmerman acted on self defense in a scuffle between Zimmerman and Trayvon.

There wasn’t enough sufficient evidence to prove otherwise.

The 17-year-old white male, Marley Lion, was gunned down less than four months after Trayvon. Marley was shot in June 2012 after calling police to inform them that two black men shot him five times. At trial, four black men were charged with murder.

Another Black male was charged, only this time he allegedly tried to rob Lion, not shoot him.

After Lion made way to his car, he turned on the car alarm to deter his attackers before he was shot.

Many Twitter Titans believed that O’neil’s photo, with Trayvon’s picture at the top and Lion’s at the bottom, was a way for O’neil to claim Marley Lion’s case wasn’t getting national coverage because he was white.

On Martin’s photo O’Neil wrote, “This story made national news and was recognized by the president and countless celebrities.” By Lion’s photo, she wrote, “This story never made it past the local news.”

Under the photos, she posed the question, “You tell me….What is the difference?”

O’neil claims that she was not implying race was the actual difference in the two heart riveting tragedies.

“The reason why I chose Marley in particular was not because he was a white boy killed by a black man, as so many are trying to make it seem. I used his story because it hits close to home,” she said in the city paper interview.

The NAACP accused Zimmerman of profiling Martin because of his race and hoodie he was sporting the night he was killed. Similar allegations of racist behavior haven’t been leveled against the men accused of killing Lion June 2012.

Rev. Joseph Darby, the first vice president of the Charleston NAACP chapter, talks about the similarities and differences between the two teenage deaths. Darby did not attribute race for putting Martin’s death in a large spotlight, while Marley’s death was not.

“The distinction was the failure of the Stanford, Florida police department to charge Zimmerman with a crime in a timely manner,” said the reverend.

“On the one hand, they were two young men who were minding their own business when it occurred,” Darby said, according to the Charleston City Paper. “On the other hand, I think the problem in the Trayvon case is that the aftermath was different. In the case of Marley Lion, there was an immediate search for the killer, fairly rapid apprehension, rapid action. With Trayvon Martin … the police were aware of the killing, but there was no charge until there was national pressure. I think the reason the Trayvon Martin case made national news was the level of inaction in Florida.”

Charleston’s NAACP current president Dott Scott made a statement in comparison to reverend Darby’s stating:

“One thing we need to be clear on: I applaud how things were handled with Lion’s case, because here was a young man, fresh out of high school, bothering no one, taking a rest in his own car, and he had someone take his life away from him. [Police] did what they should have done,” she said. “The only thing we’re saying is it doesn’t happen the same way with the life of a black child. That’s where the disparity is, and the fact that it took so long to even bring Zimmerman to the due process of the justice system, and to have the verdict that it did… We feel like that would not have been the same verdict if race wasn’t an issue.”

O’Neil told the Charleston paper that she never intended for the photo to surface the nation the way it has.  We must also remember that in the case of Trayvon Martin, no one was convicted.  In this other case, all of the men are expected to serve time in jail.  Maybe that is part of the difference also.

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  1. a black negro raped a 5 year old white girl down here in florida and no negro says a word.

    • @ Tom
      I guess that in the confines of your home/office people like you can get away with talking the way you do but out in the open I dont think you people have the testicular fortitide to speak as candidly as you do online.

      As you purport to be someone of moral standing you should know that to present stories in soundbites can cause much confusion and to do so also highlights the nefarious intention or motive of the storyteller while being sparse with their particular news.

      So a “negro” raped a 5 year old white girl and nothing was said, where’s the source of this story so we can look into what your presenting to us? You see, if you were altruistic you would have provided the story in its entirety in the first instance but instead you provide us ONLY with a one-line sentence claiming that a Black person raped a little white girl just to ‘drive home’ your point of reverse discrimination with an undertone of angst with the feeling that “negroes” arent deserving of a full story, explanation or facts of a crime which one of us supposedly committed!

      Typically, when there is hightened media attention on one story other stories are somewhat, editorially, pushed to the side in order to give maximum coverage to the popular story, usually for political reasons. The press have ALWAYS worked this way, however when it works that way for Black folks you people have a problem with that?!?

      We have known your type for centuries Tom and youre not fooling us.


      • There, the girl was held against her will, choked and sexually battered, the sheriff’s office said.

        She managed to escape, run home and tell a family member about the attack.

        A security video (attached to this story) shows the suspect trying to board a Manatee County Area Transit bus as he tried to flee the area, according to a sheriff’s office spokesperson.

        The suspect is described as a black man around 5-foot-10 and 220 pounds with a muscular build and short hair or balding. He appears to be between 30 to 45 years old and was last seen wearing baggy blue jean shorts, no shirt and dark colored tennis shoes, detectives said.

        • @ Tom
          You say that the details of this case are according to the sheriff’s office;
          1. Has the suspect been arrested, charged & sentenced as a result of video footage of them escaping the scene of the crime?
          2. Has it been legally established & confirmed by law enforcement and the DA that the video footage is admissable evidence?
          3. I would assume that the case, and possible conviction of the suspect is legally logged within the court system so if I were to obtain the details of the court case under the Freedom of Information law I would see that what youre purporting is be true?

          Please note Tom, although you have given your information as a result of possible county police investigations you havent supplied local enforcement investigations, nor have you supplied information from the District Attorney’s office.
          Doing so would be mire conclusive rather than citing sheriff’s remarks and video footage that could quite easily be defined as someone who is ‘suspected’ as the perpetrator of a crime rather than someone who was charged and later convicted of a crime. Looks like you want the job of arresting officer, judge, jury & executioner!

          • Correction: You say that the details of this case are all according to the sheriff’s office, my questions are as follows;

          • @ Tom

            I will also mention at this point for you to look into the cases of Rosewood, Fl in the 1920s and Emmit Till in 1955/6. Both reasons as to why these situations occured are very simular to, if not the same as what you purport in the case youre presenting to us here.

            To us, its sounds all too familiar, hence why we need to rely on the established acts rather than just the comments of a few ‘concerned’ citizens and/or law enforcement officers.
            We’ve seen and experienced what happens when only the latter is deemed & utilised as legal & sufficient evidence for the judicial system to consider.

      • Like Raid to a roach…..I believe you killed it, Sir

    • @Tom How do you know a Black man rape a 5yr old White girl were you there? this is something White men do rape and kill little children. This has been done so many time in this country when Whites do something they point fingers at a Black man.If you were not there to see for yourself a White man did this.

      • White men are the number 1 rapist in this country, and in the world. Majority of their cases never see any justice, and for the most part, some of them gang rape little children. I mean preteen children and they celebrate their disgusting ways. These have been documented by their own words, and statistics from the FBI
        Trayvon Martin case is more important than this white boy from south Carolina, since the murderer zimmerman was not arrested till the country spoke up. FL has a nasty history in the south. Rosewood is a perfect example.
        And last but not least, when a white girl go missing and is not only in local nws but national, where is the news of the black children that are missing?

  2. A young black boy also just saved a “white European” girl from being abducted also..so what’s ur point.!? It’s good & bad in ALL races.! Let’s not get started on white people & their sins & oppression of EVERY non white race.! We’re going to leave that alone..

  3. Its interesting that this person can post a pic of Trayvon Martin next to a young teenage white boy and say “whats the difference” and then cap things off by saying its not about a race issue…what asylum did they escape from?!?
    By placing a Black person on a pic next to a white boy beyond doubt MAKES IT ABOUT RACE!!

    To be honest I think theyre trying to insult people’s intelligence by stating an obvious and apparent situation and simultaneously try to manipulate the truth by equating two sensitive issues to prove their so-called point of inequality in the press because a young Black teenager has all the headlines over a white one. We are not necessarilly responsible for the way conducts its affairs as it is driven by power hungry moguls with selected editors who are stealthily linked with political powers in washington dc and NOT Black ppl! You hate the fact that you havent been in the limelight lately so you all have to find a way back because by doing so youre striking a blow for your race to show that youre still on top of the ‘nig-gerz’! White folks; deal with the situation in front of you, stop hiding behind your hypocrisy and admit that to some measure you are responsible for the social decay you see playing out in the hoods across America!

  4. Justice for all

    I am glad this picture was posted of the two teenagers. Were both was innocent and had a life ahead of them that was taken by murderers, and should receive Justice.
    Since I clarified that we will see where the differences is and why the outcry:
    Marley Lion, family did not have to obtain a lawyer for justice. The police department did a efficient job of investigation. They did not place their opinions before doing their job.
    Trayvon Martin’s family didn’t receive a complete and total investigation for their son’s death. The crime scene and investigation was done with no class of investigation, I wouldn’t even say second class. The family and the attorney had to go to the media for a response to the fact that their son’s murderer was set free.
    Because of the lack of investigation their son’s murderer is free.
    To compare the outcome is so outrageous and full of hypocrisy.

    What we see again with posting this is the Injustice people of color receives from the Justice system and Law Enforcement that needs to be change.
    Equality and Respect is the outcry from the people.

  5. Please, these cases are very different. But this only makes the point everyone has already said, if the teen would have been white it would have been over before it begin. Story got no coverage because the black killer shot a white teen. Point taking end of story.

  6. Here is the problem with the society, this woman was making a point and should not be slandered. What no one is saying is that the lions case did not have the political pressure as martins. Lions case did have immediate results do to the actions that happened. George claimed self defense thats why he was not immediately arrested. If the civil rights, and the government let the cops and the da do a proper investigation they would have not failed. Botoom line is to that 2 young men men lost there lives for no reason and the goverment and the state of fla is to blame for the martin case.

  7. Are white people really this stupid? I mean, really? Even Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder combined can see the difference between the two cases. The white boy received justice, the black one didn’t.

    • You mean the Hispanic-Jew that shot Trayvon Martin? White people had nothing to do with killing Trayvon. I don’t think it is right for that person that shall not be named to go free either but, if you want equal rights let white men have civil rights also. Give that white family that lost their son the chance at prosecuting a hate crime, if he was racially profiled because he was a nicely dressed white kid.

      Here is the way the justice system works: Blame all the people you want but, the police give information to the district attorney and they make the decision if there is a chance of conviction and the DA basically are the ones that go to the judge for arrest warrants, especially felonies. So, if there is blame of an arrest warrant give it to the prosecutors office and not the police. It is a shame a person would blame another race for problems. Blame the DA not the white man for this.

      • first lets not go by what the media says and stick with facts
        fact one: hispanics are descendants of SPAIN. Spain is in Europe. most of spain is blonde/blue. Because they do not speak english does not matter. Since germans or russians do not either. It is all white that makes zimmerman white.
        Jews thats funny. The bible calls Jew in bible from people of color. Jews was not refer to those in israel as such, but as the Israelites. However, like all over the world the Caucasians (referred from those from the Caucasus mountain in Europe from Noah child Japheth) who actually were Gentiles (Genesis 10:1-5), came and lower the pigments in the people and some over the years became or close to their white ancestors. Black parents can make white babys from lost of pigmentation however white people cannot grom pigmentation. So to call zimmerman a Jew is bout as crazy as the KKK celebrating Juneteenth. Fact is zimmerman is a white boy who killed and innocent black child. But of course your ignorance will prevent your dumb a*s for recognizing this fact

  8. the problem is if you were born white in certain states you dont know what its like to be black. Bad enough we can get along with each other. Its always going to be about race. A jury of 5 white woman and 1 hispanic is not a fair trial when there are no men or blacks or asians. A jury of peers means differnt races and both sexes on the jury. It wouldnt be fair if a white man got tired a for a black killing and the jury was all black. Im sure white people would get mad. The reason why we yell racsit is becasue the african american is a protected race from slavery to present. White men hide the truth about egypt say king tut was white when he was really black. His mother was queen tiye a black queen in egypt. White need to stop taking our people and the credit for egypt buildings.

  9. The Zimmerman trial dealt exclusively with Zimmerman’s act of pulling the trigger on Martin, and whether he was justified in using deadly force in the name of self defense. Race is irrelevant. What led up to the encounter is irrelevant. The only thing the trial addressed was Zimmerman firing his weapon. The jury decided that, given the circumstances at that moment in time, firing his weapon was an acceptable form of self defense.

    If any of that seems racist to you, then maybe you don’t know what racism actually is.

  10. While it is a tragedy that both young men are no longer with us do to the fact that there are people willing to take someone’s life in a minute is terrible white or black. I do not understand how blacks cant say they are really more racial than any white just look at how OJ killed those people and anyone who will tell the truth black or white knows it happened and look at how Blacks celebrated OJ’s verdict of innocence did you see any riots on that case no. When was any of todays Blacks enslaved the president is Black so just how far have we came, Blacks need to get over the Race card it’s long over do that we need to STOP as people with this issue and just do the right thing no matter the Race. When you see these riots going on and innocent people that had no dealings with any of this being victimized who is actually more Racial just be Real.
    In speaking of our Pres he of all people should just keep his opinion quite whether he’s black or white his opinion should be kept to himself as a Leader of our Country.

    • @JC
      What you say is easy to say when youre an outsider looking in and assuming that you fully understand the plight of Black people.
      If you lived in our shoes for even a minute you would know why we speak, act & think the way we do but as youre not prepared to do so I would suggest for you to leave the articulation of our psychosis to the better ones among us until you decide one day to mature.
      Unfortunately for you the world doesnt necessarilly function around your people’s thinking anymore so I wouldnt get so lofty in my thinking if I were you, youre not that special!

  11. Well Mr Traveller it is true I don’t live in your shoes but it is clear to see that anyone who has an opinion is wrong unless they are agreeing with you. It is clear to see that you must have a problem with white people period. I have been around Black Folks all of my life and the ones that are still friends to this day don’t see color as you appear to so who’s Mature? I had a young boy that worked for me that got killed by a Black boy who would not engage in a fight but rather chose to stab him in the back as he walked away does that make me hat all blacks no. The only thing I am saying is that the system fails in a lot of cases that boy got 7yrs and he should have got life or the death sentence. You don’t take into consideration that the same thing might have hit home to anyone else. Don’t blame Whites blame the system or the fact that there weren’t enough facts. Oh yea what makes you so special.

    • I really don’t give a d**n about your stories of ‘I have Black friends’ (we’ve heard that one before, and too often!!) and I know someone Black who stabbed someone white’!
      If you feel that I’ve spoken only for my words to be viewed one dimensionally then your entitled to that opinion, however I will add that your view clearly indicates that you are not capable of placing the reservations you have regarding Black men under a moral microscope!
      Yes I said reservations, and why?

      Because your first posting is very narrow in definition and it doesn’t take into consideration the psychosis, as I pointed out previously, that Black people have been living with and trying to shake for at least a century.
      If you bothered to look into the psychology behind the plight of Black people in the diaspora you might begin to understand our sojourn in America without making broad unsubstantiated statements and accusing people of being racists when theyre pointing out to you what could be wrong.

      Me being racist, not possible as I nor any of my people (not even Pres. Obama) have a political, social and economic powerbase that has the potential to reduce one’s status within those paradigms.
      It doesnt matter if a white person is working-class, they still function within a system that has been established by and for them, and whether they feel that it actually works for them or not it is still a ‘civilisation’ which primarilly takes their exclusive cultural expression into consideration above any other..commonly known as ‘white privilege’!
      No, I think the word that you erroneously assign to me JC is is ‘prejudicial’ meaning someone who judges before any balanced conclusion has materialised, not the word racist!

      And, based on the definition I just gave of ‘prejudicial’ its evident that I cannot be so as I have facts on my side, not only the ones written by our scholars of history, but by YOUR own scholars who have been quite clear when it comes to their research and what they have written regarding European and American history.

      Yes JC, one doesnt have to travel too far as we just have to stop off at your institutions for concrete evidence of the European’s participation in their subjugation of the darker nations & people of the earth, your people have archived all of this data perfectly for us today!

      So before you think about jumping to conclusions again about Black issues I suggest you do the mature thing and simply think before you speak, because failing to do so clearly highlights your own prejudicial state of mind!

      • Special shout 2 Traveller 4 being on point throughout this discussion with JC and you hit every point I might add. I see me and you agree on many points. I looooove your comment,”Me being racist, not possible as I nor any of my people (not even Pres. Obama) have a political, social and economic powerbase that has the potential to reduce one’s status within those paradigms” and you are so right “our” meaning of black racism if there is such a phrase can be justified here in AmeriKKKa .

        Every few years there is something that makes race a topic among Whites it will always be an issue with us becuz we live in a K.K.Kunt…try that HATES any1 and I do mean any1 darker than a napkin. Be it Hurricaine Katrina when the feds just let ppl in poor or urban communites suffer.

        The LA Riots after the K.K.Kops beat down Rodney
        King,”O.J. Simpleton trial” to this K.K.Kuntry electing it’s 1st African American President, so let’s not fool ourselves RACE will 4ever be an issue here bcuz AmeriKKKa is scared 2 talk about it plus it makes TO MUCH MONEY.

        Until we have a real understanding as a REAL “United States”and whites really comprehend the plight of African Americans and why racism is here 2 stay then there will always be division. Which is what AmeriKKKa wants.

  12. I guess I’m missing the whole point in this. Blacks in this country have a greater combination of freedom and opportunity than any other country in the world – even countries in Africa. The Black population does better here than in any other country in the world. Why is there so much whining? I think it is counter-productive at this point. We endlessly look like entitled victims.

    Prejudice is here, but it does not seem to drag White, Asian, Latino, Pacific Island and Arab races down. For instance, Mexican immigrants are progressing in income, employment and education at an incredible rate. They seem to have a strong positive sense of community, and work to build on it. Mr. Cool talks about the plight of African-Americans and that there will always be a division. It sounds like that’s what he wants/needs. Does it feel good to commiserate endlessly?

    Let’s break the cycle ourselves, and not count on anyone else. We can be controlled as long as we count on others. I know my family raised me to be independent and to succeed despite our challenges. I think we need to herald the achievers, and not look for short-term political gain. In tragic situations such as Trayvon’s we gain nothing by making it a race issue – it will only cost us in the long-run.

  13. @ Jogo Bonito

    I think you need to become less surface in your thinking when it comes to understanding the social construct of the Black community.
    You also need to.educate yourself on the psychology of the African American and how it impacts & influences its own social, economic & political paradigms.
    The first thing a psychologist does is go to the root mindset of a patient to figure out what feeds their current behaviour knowing that digging deep into past actions & behaviours will give them a comprehensive understanding of the patient’s life.
    This is what people need to do BEFORE making wide sweeping statemes by accusing Black people of “whining” and are people who make nothing but excuses.
    It is clear that Mexicans, Arabs & Asians come to America and do well but they are totally ignorant & unaware of our social reality, and l must say that those same racial groups are the first to exploit African Americans by acting as though they bring good business to the community but they do nothing to re-invest in the social programs in Black areas.
    Do not assume that there are no community leaders & activist who are not addressing Black community issues, you assume because you conveniently do not bother to look in the first place in order to justify your lambasting of our community.
    Our activism concerning Trayvon Martin DOES NOT allow for turning the issue into race, its the profiling & murder of an unarmed young Black teenager that makes the issue about race, as well as

    • @ Jogo Bonito
      ..as well as what constitutes the not guilty verdict, a reality that Black people have been battling for many many years!

  14. @ Jogo Bonito

    I forgot to address your following comment; “I guess I’m missing the whole point in this. Blacks in this country have a greater combination of freedom and opportunity than any other country in the world – even countries in Africa. The Black population does better here than in any other country in the world.”

    Judging from the sound of your name either you or someone in your family chain emigrated from somewhere to America.
    When people emigrate they do so mainly for economic reasons, meaning the conditions as to where you or they come from were not as great as what they appear to be in America.
    While this remains to be a human trait it appears from your words that you subscribe to the idea that ‘those African-Americans need to be thankfull, and feel lucky that theyre in America because where they come from is far worse and they would never had made it if it wasn’t for beneficent Americans.

    Not only does it seem as though YOU forgot why your reasons as to how you eneded up in America but you also act condescendingly as though you hail from somewhere far more superior than these “whining” Black people!

    Its either youre ignorant to what history teaches, or your just plain dumb and ignorant!

    Just remember that the conditons under which we came to America were, and are not the same as the Irish, Italians, Asians, Jews, Mexicans etc.
    Those groups migrated while we were TAKEN FORCEFULLY from our native land!

    If you can be bothered, look at the history of Irish migration around 1840 due to the wars which took place there (I assume that the economic clime was not condusive hence their exodus from their native land), as well as the history of Ellis Island in New York City which involved Europeans escaping from political & economic conditions in their respective countries.

    And speaking of NYC, go and look into what built that city’s financial hub, and who helped to design Washington DC as well as the labor that was used to build it!

    You people need to remember that what you boast of regarding American society was built with our blood, sweat & tears, and we’re not here due to some benevolant white folk!

    Check yourself before you wreck yourself Jogo!!

  15. Traveller, I am sorry if I have angered you. I was just trying to have constructive dialogue. Obviously you disagree with my position. However, I still hold to my beliefs.

    In one of your responses you note that Mexicans, Arabs & Asians come to America and do well but, go on to focus on the wrongs they have done in Black communities. However, you fail to acknowledge that many of these folks came here penniless and lived hard lives, to pursue the opportunities in this country.

    You also note that these groups, emigrated willfully, but contrast that Blacks were brought here forcefully. I “by no means” want to understate the horror of slave trading. However, Africans have not been forcefully brought to this country for nearly two hundred years. We should never forget the past. We must learn from it, and grow moving forward. All of your comments are focused on the past.

    I can tell you that, when my family emigrated here legally from Brazil in the 1980s, we were penniless – I was two-years old. To America, my family had no history. We faced, and continue to face, racist attitudes – including from Blacks. However, my family chooses to move forward, overcome the challenges, and not to look for someone to make things better for us. We believe there is enough opportunity available if you chose to pursue it.

    Granted, we were not forcefully brought here, but unless you are two-hundred yeas old, neither were you. We are part of America, and will be going forward. My only point is that this issue has become a race issue, when it doesn’t need to be. I don’t believe it serves the Black community well. The lack of introspective attitude may only serves to further isolate the Black Community in America. Maybe this is what you and Mr. Cool want……

    • # Jogo Bonito

      And the first thing you want to talk about is my “anger” as if by saying that it justifies your point.
      This is exactly what non-whites say when racial issues are brought to the fore by a Black person, so its obvious that convention isnt broken here, unusually so for a second generation Brazilian?!?
      Its not for you to determine whether the points we as Black people exclusively make concerning our community makes us stagnant, succesfully so we have been, & will address those issues without your uninformed opinions…still sound angry Jogo?? Dont give a shyt Jogo!

      What you failed to note from my post is when I said, ” I think you need to become less surface in your thinking when it comes to understanding the social construct of the Black community.
      You also need to.educate yourself on the psychology of the African American and how it impacts & influences its own social, economic & political paradigms”.
      If you pay close attention to those words you will see that the rabbit hole goes alot more deeper than you think when it comes to our plight. I can see where one would jump to conclusions by deriving from my commentary that I may only speak with regard to the past alone, however there is much food for thought in what I wrote as it was not written in haste…or even “anger”.
      Expand your mind Jogo, you’ll be surprised with what you may learn!

      • CPRRECTION; This is exactly what white people say when racial issues are brought to the fore by a Black person

  16. How anyone can judge gz case..he is the onky one living out of the 2 that really know what went down… its gz against the dead..gz coukd have started the fight… or advoid the fight.. just cause he said trayvon started or fought back doesnt excuse the fact he is dead due to gz getting out and pre suing him.which a fight woukdnt of happen if the adult made an adult action by not follow ant young adult that very could of been afraid 4 his life having a stranger following him

  17. big difference number one is the motives of the crimes cant compare a robbery to Trayvon Martins case the only thing that is similar is 2 youths lost way too early.But i see those black men were found tried and sent up the road and we couldnt get that.

  18. I have sat here and read through ALL the comments that have been put about this, and the thing that has completely shocked me is that I thought that there was only 6 Jurors in this case that saw “ALL” the evidence, that sat through the weeks of trial and looked at “ALL” the evidence that both sides presented. So you can see that I am shocked to find out that everyone on this page was a juror as well, that would have made the jury the largest in the world!

    “WHATS THE DIFFERENCE?” How about they are BOTH human beings? They were both someones children! The problem with our country isnt “RACE”, the problem with our country and our children (WHITE, BLACK, ASIAN, MIDDLE EASTERN, ALL RACES) IS 1.) They no longer have parents that sit down and read the bible to them anymore, no longer taught the true values of life! 2.)People like Eminem and Lil’ Wayne teaching them to “CARRY GATS” AND TO “BLOW THE N****R TO h**l” and so on.

    The best way that I have heard this case explained is by Dr. Carson the Neurosurgeon, when he said, “The reason that I dont play the race card is because he is a Neurosurgeon!” (Remember, Dr. Carson is a black man), he said, “When I take someone into the operating room, cut open their head, pull the skin back and expose the brain, I am not working on a black man, a white man, an Asian man, I am working on a HUMAN BEING!”

    We are ALL decendants of Adam and Eve! God made us ALL in HIS IMAGE! NO ONE is perfect, and we ALL make mistakes! However, just as I read in some of the comments above, like,

    ” I guess that in the confines of your home/office people like you can get away with talking the way you do but out in the open I dont think you people have the testicular fortitide to speak as candidly as you do online.”


    “K**** **** you are a dangerous m**********r…and you are gonna f**k with the wrong n***a and die at his hands….”

    This is the kind of talk that Im talking about! You posting a comment on this website that is discussing a black teenagers death, and how innocent he was, and that if he had been a white man that the case would have gone differently! WHITE, BLACK, ASIAN, OR WHATEVER, we give OURSELVES the bad reps that we have because of the THREATS like in the comments above! We need to STOP blaming the world for our own mistakes and start taking responsibility for our own actions!

  19. I think kevin edge is a stupid a*s white man. That is asking for someone to kick his white a*s. Cause like you were told you are gonna run across the wrong person weather they are white or black, that is gonna tear your white a*s up. Wish I could be there to watch.

  20. ‘ After graduating from college, Einstein did not discover a job linked
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