Dr. Boyce: The Gabriella Calhoun Police Beating – “Negroes in a Barrel” Police Work at It’s Best


by Dr. Boyce Watkins

I’m not sure who sent me information about the case of Gabriella Calhoun.  I do know that a Your Black World contributor, Yolanda Spivey, covered the case, asked a lot of questions and came to me with her conclusions.

I admit that I am a natural skeptic of almost everything put in front of me, especially things that happen after parties.  My greatest dream and wish is that more black kids would spend Saturday nights in the library instead of believing that only nerds are willing to do such a thing.  I spent Saturday nights working toward my dreams, which was pivotal in getting a chance to live a life that I never thought I’d have.  Plus, after 20 years of teaching on college campuses, I’ve seen too many bad things happen on Saturday nights.

But with that being said, there’s nothing wrong with going out and this also shouldn’t give the police a reason to harass you.  My father was a cop for over 25 years, so I respect good law enforcement.  But I also know that police can become as frightened as the rest of us, and sometimes abuse their authority.  I’ve seen people get beaten down by police for even the most minor gestures, such as asking why the officer is arresting their friend or telling the officer to let them go.  None of this is acceptable and amounts to a consistent violation of the right and safety of American citizens.

When it comes to Gabriella Calhoun, I get the sense that officers were waiting for something to happen, profiling a group of young black teens, believing that they had no access to the justice necessary to protect them from the abuses that officers would never inflict on a group of young white kids.  Gabriella and her friends had nothing to do with the fight taking place in the Denny’s parking lot where they were eating dinner, she didn’t even know the girls involved.  They were doing nothing wrong, but were told to leave the restaurant because they were also black and/or appeared to be dressed as if they’d been to the same party.  No one else in the restaurant was asked to leave, which might make Denny’s liable for what happened after that.

While being told to leave the restaurant, Gabby was grabbed by a police officer.  The rest of the story, which you can read here, is one where this young honor student with no criminal record woke up spitting teeth and blood onto the ground while being choked by an officer who told her “I don’t care if you have asthma.”  The officer then forced Gabby to walk across a crowded restaurant with her chest exposed because she allegedly refused to lift Gabby’s shirt to cover her up.  What kind of animal thinks that this behavior is acceptable?

I spoke with Gabby for an hour the other day, then I spoke with her mother, and her family spokesperson.  My conclusion, from the core of my heart, is that this young woman did nothing wrong.  Gabby, a petite, 18-year old weighing no more than 130 pounds, is hardly the kind of overwhelming and intimidating figure who deserves to have her teeth knocked out by the cops.

One of my daughters is the same size as Gabriella, and when she once got out of control, I lifted her over my shoulder and carried her out of the room.  Only a corrupt bully would have the audacity to think that she deserves to be hit in the face with a baton and spend the rest of her life chewing with dental implants.  Gabby told me that she once took pride in her beautiful smile, and now she doesn’t even want to take pictures.   This doesn’t even count the trauma she likely feels after realizing that police are not there to protect her, but instead, may abuse or even kill her.

In the case of Gabriella Calhoun, police can’t do what the public is trying to do with Trayvon Martin.  There’s nothing in Gabby’s past about hitting weed after school, getting suspended or engaging in any form of aggressive behavior toward anyone.  Her older brother is a straight A student on his way to medical school, and Gabby herself finished high school a semester early.  She told me that she’s never even been sent to detention, and her mother assured me that she and Gabby’s father run a tight ship, as good parents are supposed to do.

I get the sense that Bloomington police know that they’ve made a serious mistake, for they are back-pedaling faster than Deion Sanders did when he played for the Dallas Cowboys.  They might need to move even faster, and learn that good police work means interacting with people with mutual respect, not persistent degradation.

But this case is bigger than Gabriella.  It’s really about the idea that police felt that a large group of black people automatically poses a threat to the surrounding community.  It’s about the fact that they felt comfortable infringing on the rights of a group of students, forcing them to leave the restaurant, when they had nothing to do with the fight outside.  It’s all about the “Negroes in a Barrel” theory, leading cops to believe that every black person is somehow related, and that proximity to a guilty party automatically implies that you should not have access to fundamental human and civil rights.  It is consistent with the stop-and-frisk policies of the New York City Police Department, which adds to the mass incarceration crisis, which has come to match the N*azi holocaust in terms of the millions of people whose lives have been ended or destroyed.

The truth is that, this case represents the continued acceptance of state-sponsored terrorism.

I am fully supporting Gabriella and her family in their quest to pursue justice.  Her mother told me that when she sought help for her child, all of the civil rights organizations she reached out to ignored her calls.  Now, since the word is out, they are starting to call her back.  This makes me happy, and I pray that it sends a clear signal to the Bloomington Police Department that you can’t treat our kids like animals, and if you do, we’ll have your job.

Gabriella Calhoun is a shining young star who represents the future of black America.  None of us should be willing to sit and watch our best and brightest be beaten down, abused and traumatized by those who see our kids as nothing more than food for the prison industrial complex.  Between urban violence, failing schools, and racial profiling, our kids are facing danger everywhere they turn.  It is up to us to stand up and say “We won’t allow this ANYMORE.”

Dr. Boyce Watkins is the author of the lecture series, “The 8 Principles of Black Male Empowerment.”  To have Dr. Boyce commentary delivered to your email, please click here.

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  1. Glad to see you are going to represent this young lady and throw your weight behind her, however it disturbs me how you seem to pick and choose which police brutality victims deserve attention and which do not, in a classist sort of way. No matter what neighborhood you are from or whether you come from a single parent home or level of higher education one may have shouldn’t determine Justice in my honest opinion. The bloomington police will attempt to drag this young lady through the mudd with the usual stereotyping, just as they’ve done Trayvon Martin and his family and Danroy DJ Henry, with which whom had a squeaky clean background and the Westchester County Legal system is putting his family through h**l as I type this.

    Please be very careful in your judgements as you put out a clear message of the “haves & have nots”..

  2. There are two sides to every story…..Why were those two other women fighting not arrested…? Did the police get their names…? And who in their right mind would want to stay in a restuarant where there was just a fight, police involvement and scores of unruly people….? If Gabriella was all that smart, she should have gotten out of there…..

    • Keep up the good work, Dr. Boyce. You are doing your small part in the liberation struggle. I do not get where some of these people come from. It is beginning to feel like this community has been infiltrated by spies. Some of the comments here just seem intentionally meant to deviate, distract, confuse and muddle the conversation. I am an avid believer in freedom of expression but not senseless oppressive expression.

      • I’ve been wondering the same thing. All these white folks on here pretending to be Black. Making these off the wall comments. Sounding like uncle tom negros. Looks like Stormfront in here.

    • Who said the women outside wasn’t arrested…..the names etc is really relevant to the story. You asked who would want to stay in a restaurant where there was just a fight…..excuse me? The fight was outside not in the restaurant and they were eating. So if you were eating at a restaurant and two ppl were fighting outside, are you telling us that you will leave the restaurant and go outside….if you was all that smart….you would not have made that comment lol.

    • Sir, i do not believe you read this article in this entirety. If all you recieved from this story is that “there are two sides to every story”, then I need you to re-evaluate the way you think. I need you to understand what happens to a young woman in GENERAL, who’s body has been exposed to the public unwillingly. Then I want you to think of hard hard you must be hit in order to knock teeth out, and ask yourself if it was or could be considered excessive force. All these aspects must be looked at whether or not the party is innocent or guilty. Police are charged with facilitating peace, orderly conduct in public places and the general welfare. An implied task is that these officers who should be bastions of civility, approach situations with clear, level-heading thinking. This is the only thinking that you should act upon, when in law enforcement or any uniform. When you are in a position of authority and you cannot control yourself, which is what happened here; the police officer couldn’t control herself, became emotional and acted with her authority on this young woman. This is like a parent beating a child to the point where they break bones, because the child killed the dog or something equally as provoking. We call CPS on these parents, do we not? Do we say that, “there are two sides to every story” in an attempt to save face for the parent, who is supposedly more mature and in obvious control and empowered by that authority as a parent?

      next is. Are we not punishing soldiers and marines for crimes of war that resulted from situations far far far more hectic, confusing and stressful than this?

      Breaking away from poise: this shyt is dumb!!! soldiers are getting years of confinement for situations many psychologists, sociologist, vietnam vets, generals and other experienced persons, would deem as very hard or “sensitive” situations. Situations like your buddy who you have known for years, who’s family you have met and who’s kids you called nephew and nieces. This buddy goes down in a hit and run attack. The platoon get intel on the whereabouts of the culprits and once detained the soldiers make them do heinous things to demean them. now these soldiers are shunned, and they didnt even bust teeth out, bash heads in or otherwise!!!!

      not to get completely off topic but i am merely trying to put this into perspective.

      do not excuse abuse of power, when it eventually affects you ( and it will ) you will be outraged.

      that is all


      • Lisa Jo Williams

        Afromaven: VERY well stated. I wz already clear on the matter, but utilizing ‘war crimes or torts’ as analogy for those less than clear folk, wz genious. I hope u’re sharing these gifts; in a classroom somewhere…
        Pacem, SistahGurl.

    • She was said to have been eating in the restaurant (don’t forget, the fight was OUTSIDE the restaurant – in the parking lot)
      These days with even your pet hamster packin’ heat (sure seems like it!)she and her friends may have tried to wait it out in the restaurant until the ruckus died down. Maybe your questions should be: why, if the fight was outside the restaurant, did the police come inside – away from the scene of the altercation that they were called to deal with in the first place – to ATTACK Gabriella and her companions? Next question: why should she and her friends, when they were not causing any trouble, be told to leave a place where they had a legal right to be – having paid for their food, etc… and when they rightly protested be attacked and thrown out? Then, of course now that her case has gotten attention, be charged with 2 felonies and indicted by a “ham sandwich” grand jury? Seems to me you might be asking the wrong questions!

  3. Wtf is going on with this country the justice system needs major reform!

  4. There I was sitting peacefully in Books a Million, minding my own business, reviewing some books I felt would have benefitted my students, when not once, but twice, a guard came by informing me I should not sleep on the premises, that I am loitering. When I asked him who was the punk who put him up to this, he showed me a guilty cracker, who couldn’t answer my questions. He called the cops to boot me out and that is exactly what they did, for no good reason. Blacks are easy targets….Just like so many of us…I am 6ft2in, 250 lbs…and the contempt is such for us that it did happen to me. Someone will have to pay cold cash…of that I’m certain…Stay strong little sister…

    • @ Earl

      ” a guard came by informing me I should not sleep on the premises, that I am loitering.”


      God d**n thats outrageous, sue their a***s!!

  5. Concerned Citizen

    I wonder how often this happens and it never receives media attention. Glad that this won’t be swept under the rug.

  6. Albert Hill II

    This story is full of holes her friend with her stated “our fight had nothing to do with the primary fight or stabbing”. We need to teach our children & some parents that when an officer of the law ask you to do something “shut your d**n mouth & do it”, if you have issues with the orders or the officers attitude take it up with their superior @ the station house or the next day & maybe then less of us will be beaten or killed by law officials hands

    • That doesn’t always help. Did you see the tape a few years back of a young white man walking slowly peacefully along only to be slammed into a wall(sustaining major, permanent brain damage) by a cop who claimed he thought the young man had been involved in a fight a somewhere else?
      This young man was never asked any questions at all. He was comatose for a month! And as for your bright idea of just walking into the station house – there have been people attacked in the station houses for doing exactly what you suggest.
      I suggest you take your blind to all else cop loving attitude off this page. You = Delete!

  7. I as a black woman do not go to Denny’s at all. I don’t allow my teenage daughter to spend my money there. That restaraunt chain has a history of being very biased against my people. It is not something that we as a community do not know about. Keep your butts out of that place.

    It is unfortunate what happened to this child but not exactly surprising anymore. We live in a hostile environment where the actions of a few cuase harm to the many innocent. We have to educate ourselves about how to live in America, we take way too much for granted.

    As for Earl, you could have simply informed the guard that you were researching materials for your students. Your comments simply antagonized the parties involved. When faced with obvious racial situations, we have to remember that we are expected to behave in certain ways. Put the attitude in check and use your common sense and stay away from the cops. I use people’s stupidity to my advantage, not against myself.

    • It’s not about US staying away from them: we do that at every opportunity. It’s about THEM staying the h**l away from us!
      She did not approach the police, they ran up on her!

  8. Quincy Cummings

    Dr. Watkins,

    My name is Quincy Cummings. I am chairman for the Bloomington-Normal NAACP Legal Redress Committee. I’d like to speak with you on this matter to inform you of the investigation the Branch has done.

    I can be reached at (309) 648-4787

    • Mr. Cummings,
      Why not respond to those that have made an interest to this article? Its said ,when the family contacted organizations, there was no help available ?

  9. Oh, so sad. Again ignorant police officers on the prowl. Being a retired Supervisor officer with the Border Patrol, it sickens me when things like this happen. Sadly it happens all too often in larger cities. I think I can reassure everybody ,these officers will face retribution through internal affairs. Lost jobs, and over even criminal prosecution (JAIL)

  10. Latonya McCain

    I never go to Denny’s because they look at you like your gonna cause a ruckus and they need to fire them PIGS and take their badges and throw them to a black crowd and beat them like that … Our justice system went to pot because everyone is not protesting on the mistreatment of US Citizens … This is just the tip of the Ice, when they pass that Martial Law all of our rights are gonna be taken away..I hope those pigs get what is coming to them

  11. Good afternoon Dr. Boyce,

    I represent a community of individuals who are literally “invisible” to society, because of their disability. The Deaf and Hard of Hearing more so the “Deaf” can’t hear, and can’t speak! I read your stories daily, and every one of these stories a deaf individual has the same story, but it’s magnified, because of their inability to communicate it to anyone. Think about it Dr. Boyce EVERY ASPECT in life no-one is able to communicate with them. These individals have “hearing children” who are being exploited as well.

    Dr. Boyce I really need to get in touch with you particularly regarding the Williams-Bolar story. These individuals Human and Civil Rights are violated daily. Every single high profiled political story I can provide you stories that are jaw dropping, and I truly believe once these stories are told it will be the most amazing story you will ever hear. I too have contacted many of the civil rights organization, and joined a few in hopes to get the help we so desparetly need. This is a clear case of Disability Discrimination! Please Dr. Boyce I promise you if you visit my website or email me for my contact information you will be elated that you did. I pray I hear from you soon! God Bless! Keep up the good work, as you, I’m a diehard advocate for the underdog, which is an understatement when it comes to the Deaf community.


  12. I am so tired of reading and hearing what cops are doing to our people. They have robbed, beaten, raped the women of our communities for years, as well as the black man and now young people are living the nightmare that blacks have lived for centuries. Yet we hear of what has been done over and over again. I am grateful for the advancement that has occurred since the 50 and 60s. But if you really look at it the white man and the system is re-doing the same things they’ve always done to black people in this country. In most countries where this kind of occurrence happen over a period time there is usually some type of revolution. I am not at all against something to stop the history of violence and crimes against black people in this country

    • terry, a sad but possible scenario is that our children, and our children’s children, and so forth, will likely have to live out the same experiences as those of the Civil Rights Movement. They might have to fight for their civil rights all over again and be subjected to the same violent, racial attacks. why do I say this? because there are signs: on June 25, 2013, the Supreme Court of the United States changed the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Along with the Civil Rights Act of 1964, this is one of the most significant Acts in American history in its benefits to African-Americans. it is likely that the Supreme Court will also reverse Affirmative Action and the Civil Rights Act of 1964 next. America hasn’t changed, only camaflouged itself as if it had changed. She (America) can change her underwer, but her a**hole still stinks!!!!

  13. thanks for bringing these issues to us, Dr.Watkins. because injustice against blacks rarely go reported in mainstream media. we need more people like Dr.Watkins. I would love to be a reporter for this site, and to report instances of racial injustices in Milwaukee, WI where I live.

    the NAACP is rather incompetent. I recently called them to complain about the Supreme Court’s action on June 25, 2013 when they voided key parts of the Voting Rights Act. I spoke with a man who spoke in rather lethargic, uninterested tones when I asked what the NAACP planned to do about it.

  14. thank God for people like Dr.Boyce Watkins who keep us informed on issues of injustice which rarely go reported in mainstream media. its sad how the local news stations isn’t reporting these issues! WWII is over, but truly we still have Nazis in our midst.

  15. The NAACP back in the 60′s, 70′s may have meant something. That they would stand up for you but anymore it’s a joke. Thank you for being her voice. Everyone else is stepping up now that you have, but they will not do anything.

  16. another thing, the NAACP is an incompetent organization for the most part. Why, I called the branch in Milwaukee, WI last week to see what they would do about the Supreme Court’s decision on June 25, 2013 to void key parts of the Voting Rights Act. I spoke with a rather lethargic, disinterested sounding man who told me in no uncertain terms that they’d do nothing. “The President will have to issue an executive order against it” he said. “write to your state senators about it” he said. but that was it. I was disgusted.

  17. I’m from Philadelphia Dr. Boyce and like Gabriella Calhoun, there are a lot of children who can be considered “shining young stars who represents the future of black America.” At home I often recite to parents, teachers and civic groups your exact words, that “none of us should be willing to sit and watch our best and brightest be beaten down, abused and traumatized by those who see our kids as nothing more than food for the prison industrial complex”, however for many, those words are falling on death ears.

    Civic organizations have become self-serving and only look out for whom they find deserving. I like to give an example; would you Dr. Boyce consider Trayvon Martin as one of the shinning? I would hope so despite how he’s labeled; Research the NAACP or the ACLU’s coverage even Black Worlds coverage; from the time of his murder on February 26, 2012 to about May 5, 2012 Black World ran the same coverage and the same spin like all other mainstream media outlets at times quoting the pundits premiering on MSNBC and the like, but after May 7, 2012 Your Black World news headlines were, “Could a black woman take the Kim Kardashian career path and be Respected?”, while the Trayvon Martin case became the George Zimmerman case and his coverage went to the back pages with stories about how was “Money Raised On George Zimmerman Website Is Paying For His Hiding And Security.” The headlines and coverage are back in the forefront after the “George Zimmerman trial began on June 17, 2013, but where are stories about what was Trayvon Martin like before his death or his dreams or aspirations.

    So would’ve it had been more productive for Your Black World to run positive news and examples of “shining young stars who represents the future of black America.” during the times that Martin was not the story instead of puff pieces about “Republican Group Calls for “Armed Revolution” if Obama is Re-elected? Montage on Facebook said that “Civil Rights groups are a joke” and I agree that if it isn’t bringing in high dollars they don’t care; but I get the same feeling about the Black News media.

    I tie this conversation to the Martin case because our youth are not only under attack by some factions of law enforcement and the Industrial Prison Complex but by our own devices as well. Like Melissa I too am “glad to see that you are going to represent this young lady and throw your weight behind her” because it disturbs me how the black media seem to pick and choose which police brutality victims deserve attention and which do not. It also disturbs me that the Black Media has followed the same path as Madison Avenue; caring more about their bottom line believing that celebrity news, fashion and beauty is what sells. Maybe it would affect your bottom line in the short run Dr. Boyce but think of the effect of having a reporter covering news about the positive things that our youth are doing in every city everyday across America

    • what exactly are you trying to say? are you faulting Dr.Boyce for covering other issues as well? because he talks about celebrities sometimes? that is bogus! it is always someone like yourself to throw stones at others and you aren’t doing nearly half as much as he’s doing. the intellect and skills of DrBoyce goes unmatched. and for you to be so petty is wrong!

  18. YBW is right to follow up this article .., Clearly a establishment full of patrons and security cameras has to have a element of truth… These youngsters people have to be encouraged to stand up (strategically counter)to tyrannical enforcement… At a time when our elected officials are representing on the behalf of their constituencies from the top- down with p.I.s.s poor negotiations.., The grassroots initiative for AA communities tshould be stockpiling eyewitnesses, video , audio and LAWYER-UP since money is their real integrator in the land of the lawyer- free…

  19. Did any of y’all watch the video? Maybe they felt threatened idk BC a bunch of black ppl were not just fighting….they were running on counters in the kitchen throwing knives and dishes everywhere… I guess that don’t give the police a reason to be threatened or beat the s**t out of someone else who wasnt cooperating….stupid a*s ppl

  20. Those black cops that assaulted the innocent girl are just modern day overseers. We are so self hating and self destructive. We kill off our greatest rappers (Biggie, 2Pac, Big L, Jam Master Jay) and then complain about the low quality of music. We shoot and kill each other over trivial s**t like dissing or sneakers. We don’t take school seriously. We need to get it together.

    • excuse me, it was a white female cop that busted Gabriella’s face. what the h*ll are you talking about buster?

  21. Darrell Johnson

    We as a country and people are not that far removed from slavery…we still experience growing pains..still thats no excuse for the institutional racism that still exists!!!

  22. Only thing I can think of is Never give up your guns,Don’t depend on any Nergo group(naacp)lost the power they had long ago..Train your children how to protect themselves..get all the info you can on who way involved..and when the law fails Do what you must as a parent..track that b*****d down and do unto others as they have done unto you..and it will stop..

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  24. It seems the whole incident was on tape and it supports the officer’s version of the altercation. Make sure you have all the facts before you start screaming racism. It destroys your credibility.

    This is the most recent story.

    BLOOMINGTON — A video of an incident involving an 18-year-old Bloomington woman who claims police used excessive force against her backs up the city’s position that she attacked an officer, Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner said this morning.

    Renner said he has watched video collected by police from Denny’s restaurant of a June 29 incident where about 200 people gathered after a private party at Lucky Garden.

    Gabriella Calhoun said she was slammed to the ground by an officer who grabbed her by the neck as she walked out of the restaurant at the direction of police. Police cleared out the establishment after a fight between two women that started outside moved inside. Calhoun has been charged with aggravated battery of a police officer and resisting arrest.

    Calhoun said this week she underwent extensive dental procedures to repair three teeth damaged in the incident.

    According to Renner, the video shows the woman jumping on an officer as she leaves the restaurant.

    “It pretty much corroborates what police say happened. It suggests to me she was not just the innocent honor student who happened to be at Denny’s and someone attacked her,” said Renner.

    The mayor said he is pushing for release of portions of the video which could come later today.

    • @ Craig

      At no point does this so-called article you’ve submitted state the dialogue and behaviour of the police officers so this makes it one-sided!

      Its obvious that the Mayor would support the police’s side of events bearing in mind that they dont want law suits made against them.

      200 people cram into Denny’s after a party they attened elsewhere, have a fight which initially took place outside Dennys and then finds its way inside the restaurant….has anyone stated WHY there was a fight in the first place???
      Convieniently this appears to be irrelevant compared to a crowd of “200″ Banshee-screeming people wanting to cause mahem at Denny’s??
      Highly unlikely that Dennys can handle 200 people at one time so thats hyperbole to say the least.

      Nonetheless, Gabrielle Calhoun ends up with a busted face and grill, and according to how Black people are genreally treated when law enforcement have their ‘suspicions’ I’m not surprised that Gabrielle ends up with an aggreviated battery charge as one needs to defend themselves against dumb-a*s, barely got through my GEDs, over-worked & frustrated, doughnut-eating, got wayyyy to much caffeine in my system, ignorant and racist cops!!

      Craig, we’re not on the massa’s plantation anymore so your narrow-a*s condescending self can go back to the big plantation house, hang out there and hope the “200″ ‘field-negroes’ running free outside doesn’t burn your house down with you in it!!

      In short, STFU!!

      • Traveller: I happen to live in Bloomington-Normal. Mayor Renner, who was recently elected as a Democrat, ran on a platform of transparency. Knowing him as I do, I have no doubt that the video shows exactly what is represented and we will all see soon and this hatred can stop.

        What is most disturbing about this is that the local newspaper ran with a story from social media and failed to do any due diligence.

        I am absolutely stunned at the hatred that is expressed in websites such as this. It’s a sad commentary on our society.

        • It looks as though you look & search around to be “stunned”!!

          What, just because you say you know the Mayor and you live in Bloomington I should just capitulate to your words?

          Transparency…from a politician??
          Yeah right!!
          …and that goes for Black or white!!

          People like you have an agenda.
          Like I said before you look around for dissenting Black voices so you can appear factual and ‘in the know’ to Black people hoping that we will all just bow down to your ‘gracefulness’ as though we, once again, are the slaves and youre the all knowing master!!

          He who knows it feels it Craig as the addage says and no one knows police brutality more than Black people.

          Your condescending remarks,
          “It’s a sad commentary on our society”
          don’t mean a d**n thing to us.
          We have had to put up with your unwarranted, uninhibited, unmitigated and relentless renditions of racial slurs & remarks in almost every part of society for centuries yet you think “its sad..” and you are “stunned” to see & hear the commentary that in actual fact is a backlash from the years of oppression that my people have to endure on a daily basis?

          Now the shyt comes back on you now you can’t handle it???

          I’ll tell you what, go and find a buck-dancing, boot-licking negroe and express to them your dismay.
          I’m sure they’ll be able to help you greatly, but just remember one thing, all they’ll want from you is a job and to be near you and your family at the expense of other Black people like me who actually has some self respect for themselves!!

          I know you don’t dig the ‘near to you & your family’ part huh?

          • Traveller, are you going to continue to blame racism when the video shows Gabriella striking an officer? If she kept her hands to herself, she would be fine. She hit a cop and suffered the consequences. A grand jury saw the video and indicted her.

      • @Dave

        I’m aware of what the video shows but what isnt clear is a detail cataloging of events where the officers are concerned i.e. THEIR behaviour. You need to stop making excuses for people who would equally bust you upside the head, or even kill you at a drop of a hat! What made the young girl jump on the officer?!? Defending yourself is important and Gabriella had every right to do so…its only negroids who think they shouldnt when it comes to abusive law enforcement officers!!

        • If you strike someone first, you are not defending yourself, you are starting a fight. I would never hit a cop. I say yes sir, no sir and do what they tell me.

          • And if you’re the wrong color, still get your a*s kicked!

          • …of course you would say yes sir no sir cos youre a punk! I dont think you understood anything I said, typically because your narrow a*s thinks by virtue of being white, youre right!!
            Your reality is not only different from ours, its overwhelmingly remote so dont try to relate your white experiences with black ones…WORLDS APART !!

          • I’m a punk for taking orders from a cop? Haha. I’m not a punk, you are a moron if you think you can hit a cop and get away with it. I know more about this case than you so don’t tell me my opinion does not matter. You can type nonsense all day but it won’t change the facts of the case. And we all live in one world, like it or not. The laws apply to everyone.

          • If I say yes sir no sir to a cop and they hit me, then that’s on the cops. But Gabriella did not do that. She pushed a cop, punched another cop, and resisted arrest afterwards. If Gabriella truly did nothing, then the video would show it and this would be a good case for excessive force. But if Gabriella did not throw a punch, then she would not have suffered like she did. The video supports the cops.

          • @ Dave

            “The laws apply to everyone.”

            Yeah, go tell that to Trayvon Martin’s parents, I’m sure George Zimmerman shares that same sentiment with you too, you “moron”!!

            We don’t need people like you to tell us what the law does for “everyone” as we experience the total opposite on a daily basis!
            When one of your narrow-a*s people get slapped up, brutalised or even killed you want the whole world to get behind you and support you without question, even when the circumstances are sketchy.
            But when Black folk mention anything about police brutality, well we’re just paranoid and just mere emotionally charged blow-hards citing arguments with no basis!!

            The fact that you would see things based solely according to what you see on a video without examining whatever took place before shows your convenient short-sightedness, and like I said previously, he who feels it knows it and no one feels & knows police brutality, racial profiling racism, discrimination more than us!

            I guess what anyone writes that is in opposition to what you or your kind may say regarding race would be “nonsense” because it dares to challenge your racist psyche and you can’t bare to face the fact that either a non-white a Black person has urged you to look within it.

            I understand that this turns you and your kind crazy, and just like I’ve seen with regards to the Zimmerman verdict you people have to turn things around and look at things as though your offended when blatant injustice has reared its ugly head and the same is highlighted by those who don’t look like you.

            I’ve got news for you people, it aint always got about you and when you act condescendingly towards what we legitimately feel youre bearing witness to the fact that incidents like Gabriella Calhoun’s IS indeed about colour because you simply barge your way in thinking to defend and tacitly endorse brutality by not even mentioning other factors that may contribute to resolving the issue on a comprehensive level.

            Lets be straight, your people just can’t help but think that your views are always more superior than anyone elses, particularly where those
            ‘n-i-g-g-e-r-s’ are concerned, they couldn’t possibly know what theyre talking about!!

            You can take your patronising view of the law working for “everyone” and stick it up your keister, love don’t live here anymore for your type bud!!

          • Traveller, what makes Gabriella think she can hit a cop and get away with it? What made Trayvon Martin think he was justified to punch and beat George Zimmerman even if he was being followed and profiled? Both times the situations were escalated into violence by the supposed victims themselves. That’s not how the law works. Hitting a cop is never going to end well. Assaulting a creepy a*s cracker because he gave you a dirty look is not justified.

          • Dave, dont cast your pearls before swine.

            Negroes like this help create the very rascism they complain about when they want to do wrong but not suffer the consequences.

            It is negroes like this that cause policeman to go bad, and not protect innocent black victims, and allow crime to run rampant.

            Traveller is just a no good negro criminal who wants to run around victimizing the innocent and never be punished. It is sad that there are way too many negroes like him on the loose, when they should be locked up for the good of the public, and they should not be allowed to voice their immorale evil view points. Telling young people that they should make aggressive moves on gun toting policeman and disrespect them is setting young people up for jail and possibly death. If this were my blog I would delete every comment that is clearly promoting immorality.

  25. Note to self: NEVER step into Denny’s. Also, kindly inform my companions to look into Denny’s history. My money and yours are better spent in a more respectful environment…

    With that being said, I am very sorry Gabby went through this awful ordeal. May God continue to watch over her family and the perpetrators never find rest. And yes, this can happen to any young black woman out there. That’s the saddest part of this whole thing.

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  27. Everyone should read this book: American Frankenstein – How the United States Created a Monster! It explains it all!. http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/1450085695/ref=aw_d_img_back_books

  28. @ Dave

    You know what you can do we YOUR definition and experience of the “law”, don’t you?!?!


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