A similar case to Trayvon Martin’s gets ignored by media

1_photo Recently, I’ve stumbled across a story that really had me stunned for words. Last year in November, a 17 year old African American by the name of Jordan Davis was shot dead in Florida by a Caucasian man, Michael Dun. Michael was carrying a concealed weapon with a permit. The Jacksonville resident was riding in an SUV playing Hip Hop music when Michael argued that the music was too loud. Gun shots rang shortly after the dispute.

Dunn’s girlfriend Rhonda Rouer told authorities that Dunn had three coke and rums at a wedding reception prior to the shooting. On the drive back to the hotel. they made a pit stop at a store. At the Gate Station, Dunn told Rouer that he despised “Thug music”. Rouer then went into the store and heard several gunshots while still in the store.

Rouer witnessed Dunn putting his gun back into the glove compartment. After she asked why he shot at Davis’ car, Dunn exclaimed “They threatened to kill me”. Both Rouer and Dunn claimed they had no knowledge that anyone died after the incident until the story appeared on the news the next day.

Dunn is being charged with first-degree murder, and three counts of attempted murder.

This case in particular is very similar to the case of George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin. Little solid evidence from both sides beside one surveillance video that shows only the inside of the store was presented in court. Also, an African American boy was shot dead senselessly in the Florida area.

The question is, why isn’t CNN or the social media spewing with stories about Jordan Davis? Why hasn’t this story reached the airwaves like the Trayvon Martin story?  Some may think that because Zimmerman was not initially arrested after his incident, the story was a lot more controversial. However, despite the beliefs, there is no one to blame but the national media for skipping this one over. What do you guys think? Read more up on the case and let us know in the comments below.

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  1. You expect white men to respect black youth, but your black self who should be fathering, taking care of them and protecting them, sit by while drug cartels turn them into hardened criminals who murder babies and each other. If you dont respect your own, why should anyone else????

    • Troll SHUT THE f*****k up and look at yourself these racist fool had no business shooting into their car if they had intended to kill his lying azz he would have been attacked in that very gas station and not able to go walk to his car and kill someone’s child and claim they threaten to kill him I guess when a boss threatens to fire a person they can go out and get their gun and come back and kill their boss huh

    • While you’re recognizing what a Blackman ‘isn’t’ doing Maurine, what are you doing? All B/women do is criticize BLACKMEN and sit idly by, crying over graves, working, and having babies for extra Public Assistance edges. B/males are the most targeted men in the “U.S.,” if not the world–and you ask what we’re doing? Surviving; then…
      Until the B/females realizes she has more holes and avenues for the B/Family’s success than the B/male, we’ll always seem like we’re idle. B/females need to rid themselves of the Aunt Jemima and the super srvant, Black mammy mindset. She’s too scared of invading the “massa’s” space to be independent and speak about his visible killings of her males. She always points the finger when she’s scared to recognize white oppression.

      • Don’t buy into the hype or assume that everyone that responds is black even with posted pictures. I have read many responses that seem as if they were plants. People we are being played with this “black man/white woman” and black man vs black woman game. Do we really care about the white woman or do we care about the economics of the race as a whole?!! Come on now lets be REAL. If you are one of the few that cares about who a person chooses to sleep with then that is saying a lot about you and it is not good. Look a little deeper and into the future of what ANY decision could cause your family or your race under a variety of foreseeable circumstances whether good or bad. Make a choice and go forward because it is YOUR life. Black women are the last line of defense and we are tired. Once we REALLY give up on the black man then the black race will cease to be because all would have been lost never to return. We give too much away and choose not to remember that it started with you -the man/woman in the mirror. It will stop the same way. So act

        • Oh no sweetie, black men have long turned their backs on black women so please don’t sit here and paint the black woman as the bad guy here. Nat Turner has a problem and most likely have a white wife at home all while he is sitting here and spewing vitriol at black women.

      • I am so perturbed by sweeping generalized statements ~ this is absolutely dubious!

        Truth be told, Caucasians lead the number of welfare recipients. The welfare system perpetuates a sedentary lifestyle that is generational. While white oppression is a real phenomenon, so too is the need to take ownership of choices ( of all races).

        As an African American female, wife to successful African American male and mother of three beautiful children from our union, (two boys and a girl), we are determined to work as a team for the success of our family and be a role mode for other families (of all races). Bottom life, it is everyone’s responsibility to do and be better for themselves and the greater good. Certainly you can appreciate my position.

        As for you Maurine, if you want to point out “drug cartels” perhaps you should also mention pharmaceutical companies destruction of communities.

        • well said and well done…..I applaud you as many should develop the thoughts you have expressed….by far of all the comments everywhere your post and response is the best. more people should follow your example.

      • Nat, this may be just a little true for some, or a couple but most black women I know spend their days teaching young boys the laws of their state, the reason they should dress intelligent not just stylish and how they should try to create a job instead of working for some white man and by ALL means do not date or lay down with a white girl ever.

      • Absolutely!!!

      • Don’t assume that maurine heifer is black. She sounds like one of the racist trolls to me. I have been married to a wonderful black man for over 20 years and have 3 beautiful black sons. Don’t do what white folks do by type casting all black women in one boat!

        I understand your frustration young brother (you sound young) but don’t give up hope on black women.

        We need to stay together because we are under siege! We need to come up with a game plan – for real.

    • Maurine – Show us the same respect we show you. By your premise Whites shouldn’t respect Blacks solely because appear to not respect themselves. That is a warped construct….

    • Maurine: your theory is RACE BASED ignorant.. you have no knowledge what respect is.. did you respect the Newtown CONN School terrorist killer- becuz he ‘s WHITE? Did you respect the Colo. movie Terrorist killer- becuz he’s white? So how STUPID do you sound? America has a SERIOUS problem with people like you who think as you do.. the majority of african americans DON’T commit crimes.. and if you say they do.. Your even further a bottom feeder race baiter…


    • the father issue may be true BUT it is also true in white fathers and the cartel as u say is NOT black they are…. u know, yet because of the injustice blacks have to deal with daily, they are drawn to an illusion of get rich quick or die trying. so sad, blacks have no plane, ships or yachts. bull ya!!!






  2. You expect white men to respect black youth, but your black self who should be fathering, taking care of them and protecting them, sit by while drug cartels turn them into hardened criminals who murder babies and each other. If you dont respect your own, why should anyone else????

    • Supreme Court Justice Taney declared long ago in his Dredd Scott Decision (look it up in your U.S. history textbook or on the Net) that a Black man has no rights a white man is bound to respect. That opened the door for the all white jury to free the murderers of Emmitt Till, to initially free the killer of Medger Evers and the many lynchings that went unpunished by our legal system.

    • Not every black child is involved with the drug trade. I have heard no evidence that the young man that was murdered had any affiliation with the drug trade. Additionally, they were in the rear of the vehicle and had no control over the volume. LOUD MUSIC IS NO EXCUSE TO DRAW YOUR GUN AND SHOOT AN UNARMED PERSON OF ANY COLOR.

  3. Something must be done about the stand your ground law. I know that this law does cause murder but it does make the murderer a way out. Not to mention that a gun (concealed weapon law) give cowards courage.

    • Mae: I agree. It seems that most NRA folk who brag of having tons of guns ready to shoot are simply coward’s of the white race.

      They are not patriot American’s they are simply racist white folk who dream for a day that they can overthrow the goverment and shoot any black person they hate. Reality is, most black men are not threats to white folk, most of us want equal opportunity to land a job and support our families. Too bad the media isn’t interested in showing that side of typical working black men.

    • guns do give cowards courage, we must be careful about reading the laws being passed, this law should have never been passed, it seems like the klan without hoods, killing children with hoods. so sad

      • Nyomie, All people of color should join the NRA buy weapons and defend their families and themselves. It seems that the NRA protects their members,, let’s see what happens when a third become African Americans. Malcolm X; Being passive is for sheep. They arming themselves, we should do the same.

  4. There is a major difference in this case versus the Zimmerman case. None of the black youths in this case attacked the driver so he had no lawful justification (self defense) to fire his weapon at them. They may have verbally threatened to kill him but he was not still not in any immediate danger and had other alternative responses available. The Zimmerman case shows him crying for help for 40 seconds on the 911 calls before the fatal shot. A reasonable person could conclude he felt his life was in danger and was lawfully justified in defending himself from Trayvon, who had plenty of time to get home and who chose to escalate the situation by sucker punching Zimmerman and breaking his nose and proceeding to beat on him. The bottom line is that Trayvon attacked Zimmerman, not vice versa.

    • Maurine,your thinking astounds me! I might be able to call my brother or sister out of character, but someone out of my family is not allowed to do so. History has shown that whites have disrespected blacks from slavery through this present day. At a time when we could not defend ourselves, we were disrespected. What are you talking about. I will react if I witness a non-black disrespecting one of mine. No, I do not expect other people to disrespect black people, no matter what is done. It is not your right nor position to disrespect us!!!!! But you are frank and out with your feelings, aren’t you?

    • Dave, Your rational just stuns me. How can you in all common sense say that a person can follow you, confront you, and when you defend yourself from his stupidity you are then at fault for your own death. I don’t know what you are smoking or drinking but you line of thought is just erratic. You must be one of those white folks who are afraid of Black people because you know as well as I do if Black people started losing their inbred slave mentality they would be one of the smartest and noble people. Black people just need to stop trying to emulate the deviousness and stupidity of the white race and look out for their families, their education, and their own community there will be no way to keep the Black race down,

      • Von, your description of the events that occurred is not accurate. GZ never confronted TM. It was a non-incident until TM jumped GZ. That’s not how to handle a situation unless you are prepared to accept the consequences. The 911 calls show GZ crying for help. That’s not TM crying for help. TM was the initial attacker and GZ did have a right to defend himself. None of the black leaders on TV even talk about the 911 calls and how TM jumped GZ. Supposedly, the Skittles are more important. The judge made it clear to the jury that following someone is not a crime in the first place. TM was not harmed by it. He could have called the police himself. The timeline shows he already had made it to the father’s girlfriend’s place. But then he went back outside and jumped GZ. Those are inconvenient facts. TM escalated the situation into violence and paid the ultimate price. Certainly GZ had every right to defend himself from TM. Stop turning him into a martyr who did nothing wrong.

        • I have to agree with this article, but for those that can’t articulate basic logically brain functioning,, read carefully:

          “The Neighborhood Watch Program fosters collaboration and cooperation with the community and local law enforcement by encouraging citizens to be aware of what is going on in their communities and contact law enforcement if they suspect something – NOT take the law in their own hands,” continued Executive Director Kennard. “The alleged participant ignored everything the Neighborhood Watch Program stands for and it resulted in a young man losing his life. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Trayvon Martin during this terrible time.”

          National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA) is one of the largest associations of law enforcement professionals in the United States, representing more than 3,000 elected sheriffs across the nation, and a total membership of more than 20,000. NSA is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising the level of professionalism among sheriffs, their deputies, and others in the field of criminal justice and public safety. Throughout its seventy-two year history, NSA has served as an information clearinghouse for sheriffs, deputies, chiefs of police, other law enforcement professionals, state governments and the federal government. For more information on the NSA and the Neighborhood Watch Program, please visit http://www.sheriffs.org.

          • Tony, it was Trayvon that turned it into a physical confrontation. Otherwise it would have been a non-incident. Even if they argued, not a big deal. Whoever escalates it into a fight is in the wrong.

    • Dear Dave,
      zimmerman got out of his vehicle and confronted Trayvon, when he was told/commanded not to get out of his vehicle by the POLICE DISPATCHER. Now if his punk-a*s FEARED for his life wanting to be somebody, then he should have stayed in the car. As a LEO, it p****s me off he disobeyed a direct order to stay in his vehicle. zimmerman caused the death of Trayvon by his direct action by not listening to an actual LEO. You’d have to be some BLOOMING WHANK’R, Nuff Said Inc.

      • A non-emergency dispatcher is not law enforcement and Zimmerman was not required to obey it. He was out looking for an address since the dispatcher needed one to tell police where to go. Trayvon initiated the fight into a physical confrontation and then a tragedy happened but not a crime.

        • Dave it is obvious you blind when it come to justice. zimmerman, one was not recognized by the NHA, two, if he were the so called watch captain he should know where the f#ck he is at. The big fat f#cking liar was told to stay in his vehicle by the police dispatcher,, and if you can remember,,,,,,, his retarded a*s said “Okay” If you wanna remain part of the cover up are brown nose zimmerman, by all means do so,, Because you obviously are lawless,,, Do you believe in justice are due process? Well,, none of that happened Dave. Do me a favor Do Not reply back, and have a nice day.

          • Tony, the dispatcher asked Zimmerman for an address for the police to go to, that’s why he got out of the car. That does not give Martin the right to assault him and turn a non-incident into a physical fight where Zimmerman is on his back screaming for help for about 40 seconds before the final shot. Martin broke Zimmerman’s nose with a sucker punch. Martin even hit a school bus driver, as I’ve recently learned. How do you excuse that? Did the school bus driver not show him an ID? Martin wanted to be a thug and gangster or at least pretend like it. He played a big role in his own tragic demise.

  5. As a parent who has lost their son (August 13,2012, walking home from the corner store, no weapons, only a snickers and sprite in hand) to senseless violence, empathize with Trayvon Martin’s parents. The worst thing in the world as a parent is to have to bury your child under any circumstances let alone because of someone else foolishness. This world has become a society where it’s ok to mistreat people and try to justify it. M sorry I just can’t accept the fact that this man has been found not guilty. How do the parents move forward and the community as a whole which only leads to others who will feel it is ok to do the same thing or worse. Honestly I could watch this trial knowing I have to sit thru this any day with the people that killed my son, three times over( 3 defendants in trial separately). If people can celebrate someone such as an athlete coming out the closet being a homosexual, a professional athlete going to jail for dogs, big rally’s for gay rights, When will we stand up as a nation to fight against this inhumane treatment. Too many parents are losing their children to senseless violence especially in our African American communities and even worse when it’s our own culture killing up each other behind senseless stuff. Enough is enough people!

  6. The Stand Your Ground law works both ways. If white people can defend themselves when they feel that their life is threatened, I do not understand why the law would not apply to Black people.

    When do we stop whining about our children being gunned down in the streets with impunity?

    There is a Black man in the White House and Blacks are being killed more frequently than ever before.

    When do we go out and buy a gun, get it registered and learn how to handle a weapon responsibly?

    What would happen if hundreds of thousands of Black men and women were seen by whites at shooting ranges learning how to shoot back?

    These people are cowards who prey on the weak and the defenseless. Don’t believe me, believe their history.

    Where did they acquire the land called America? By killing as many natives as they could. The natives had bows and arrows while the whites had gatling guns and repeater rifles.

    If we do not stand up for ourselves history tells us NO ONE else will.

    One thing I have learned after over 70 years on this earth – cowards do not like to get hurt. Arm yourself.

    • Actually, it has been shown that in practice, the Stand Your Ground Laws do NOT work ‘both ways’. When the survivor, or shooter, is a Black Person, they are not questioned and released by Police Officers. They are immediately locked up without bail. When they go before a Judge with their plea of Self Defense, it is disallowed.

      The application of the law in Florida is ‘Just Us’ across the board.

    • Thank you, You are now my guru.

  7. The differance is there is no evidence of a struggle in order to defend himself so the stand your ground law
    would not suffice.

  8. Robert McDaniel

    Business as usual.Black people still do not get it.This has been going
    own for 500 yrs.Educate your self w/ truth.It is not all in the white
    man’s educational system.I will leave you all & go process my pain & anger
    & ask GOD for a good night sleep. GOD bless you all & Dr. Watkins.

  9. My whole beef with this situation is Zimmerman’s lack of remorse. I don’t know what happened that night because I was not there but if I were Zimmerman (glad I’m not) when asked if I had any regrets my answer would have been “I am sorry the boy’s dead, but I defended myself and would do it again”. So the state of Florida just gave him permission to kill again whenever he decides a hoodie wearing person is guilty of something and he’s not going to let the a*****e get away with it. HOW THE h**l CAN HE SLEEP AT NIGHT?

  10. charlie.jackson.92351@facebook.com

    I just renew my concealed we ponds license

  11. charlie.jackson.


  12. All I have to say is open season. You all know what I mean. Brothers and sisters protect yourself and your loved ones it’s going to continue to be a rough journey.

  13. I’m so angry… those mothers on that jury did not do their job. they would scream into the blood ran from their eyes had this happened to one of their children.

  14. OOOOO let me guess?NOT GUILTY!Another black kid gunned down by a sicko and no justice will be served.

  15. This man was men mentally ill if he taught is life was threatened by hip hop music this case is also clearly racial I with male against a young black male

    • Angela you are not alone in your total misunderstanding of what took place in the Jordan Davis killing or the question the article posed. As the shooter sat in his car at the convenience Jordan Davis and friends where parked next to the shooter, elegantly playing load music. The shooter claims to have asked the youths to lower their music and the youths responded as groups of young men sometimes do, telling the shooter this is a free country and he can’t tell them what to do. The shooter had been drinking and argued the point, as drunks sometimes do. The shooter admitted he got his gun an fired a shot into the youths car. The youths then left the store property to discover Davis had been hit. The shooter and wife left the scene and drove home to another city. A day or two later the shooter heard about the shooting death and admitted to the police he might be the person who fired the shot. The shooter was arrested. booked into jail and went to court and was released pending his court date. Read more at Jacksonville.com: http://jacksonville.com/news/crime/2013-01-04/story/photo-jacksonville-teen-fatally-shot-gas-station-be-shown-times-square#ixzz2YzdzFZvU The only similarity between the to cases was races of the two people involved and a weapon was used. The Zimmerman case was a attempted police cover up and in the Dunn Case the justice system did it’s job.

  16. To answer the question at the end of this article, the major difference in the Martin/Zimmerman case that caused this one to not get the same amount of media attention is that Zimmerman was released with no charges pressed against him after being questions by the police when he shot Trayvon. It took media attention and the public to even get him brought up on charges in the first place; otherwise, he would have walked free from the beginning. He was found not guilty by the jury, but I’m pretty sure that this is not the end of it because just like the first time, the outcry from the public is very likely going to cause this situation to go to the next level of seeking justice.

    Dunn, on the other hand, arrested and charged as soon as it was determined that he was the perpetrator, whether by turning himself in or any other means. Had Zimmerman been charged when he was brought in to the police station after Trayvon’s death, I’m pretty sure that case would not have gotten nearly as much attention as it did.

    Many times I have asked the question about what makes the media pick and choose which cases are going to be high profile versus those that won’t get any media attention at all. But if you follow some of the cases that do make media attention, you can determine always see why they are chosen. Take the case of Scott Peterson who killed his pregnant wife in California. Many times before and many times after the Peterson case, pregnant women were killed by their spouses/boyfriends but get no media attention whatsoever. I still have yet to determine what was so special about the Peterson case that brought it to the media forefront. As with the case of Casey Anthony…for all the mothers who have killed their own children and got not media attention, what was so special about this one? The Arias/Alexander case was one that revolved around jealousy and obsession – nothing special about it when you think of the many women and men that are killed by their exes due to jealousy or obsession.

    I said all of that to say that this happens all the time. More cases go without media attention than those that actually get it. The reasons are not always clear as to why many of them deserve so much more attention from the media than others, but it is clear in the Martin/Zimmerman case vs. the lack of attention in the Davis/Dunn case.

  17. Black Men remember “Sitting Bull” at Little Big Horn who refuse to die as a “Squaw”, But a “Man”!! “Get with It”"

    • Sounds like you are suggesting an Eye for an Eye is the solution. If that is you suggestion please consider “An Eye for a Eye leaves everybody dead”

  18. For those who simply, “…can’t believe this has anything to do with race!”…? Cool.

    Let’s see… If every ‘person of color’ were to leave Florida forthwith and forevermore… By your logic, that would mean that the only unarmed young people that would be shot dead there with no provocation would be White Anglo-Saxon Protestants.

    Sure. Let’s see if that works. I’m willing to give it a try.

  19. I am a white female with 4 children. Ages ranging from 19-3. 3 of my children are biological and one is adopted. He has a mixture of races that is unknown to us. One is white the other is not known. My 19 yr old so has a system in his truck. He plays hip hop and very loudly I might add. This is scary to me because of that reason.

  20. I would also like to add.. All white people aren’t racist and that is just as offensive to me that I am always considered as one of those white people or crackers or whatever the case may be. I have numerous black friends a few I consider as sisters and my teenagers have numerous black friends all of which I love as much as the white ones. They too call me moma j. I know that the black race has suffered many trails and obstacles in life and it does seem that the black race gets treated unfair or different in some situations but in my case it’s just as bad for me because I . have to suffer the consequences of my ancestors. Not all white people hate blacks I wish that could be more understood also too

  21. We need our own stations; that’s why I love the Muslim Journal and The Final Call, because you will get the truth, nothing but the truth, so help you G’d. The State of Florida is on the radar, let’s just see what they do with The Jordan Davis case. It seems you can be as guilty as 2 left feet and yet not serve a penalty.

  22. This is how the world is. Look when people vote its always 50 something to 40 something no matter what the subject. In the trial of Casey Anthony and O.J. Simpson both also were sent free. Its just the wrong people got chosen for that jury. Millions of white people want everyone treated fairly, and millions of black people want white people treated fairly. Its just that millions of both white and black people don’t have the same thought of equality for all. If my closest friends were on that jury Zimmerman would be going to the big cell block right now. Look at the supreme court, always a 5-4 or 5-3 vote. Its always close to 50-50, that’s the way is, even though its wrong. Yeah many times life just isn’t fair, and for Black people many times it turns out that way.

  23. Well, just as whites are so “afraid” of Blacks; i believe we ALL should apply for gun permits; and carry concealed weapons. If you live in a state where the NRA rules, get yourself a legal weapon. Get your permit. There is going to be so much more of this happening to our children now. I am NOT saying everyone should go out looking for trouble like this fool in this article; or George Zimmerman or even Bernard Geotz. But you ALL have a right to protect yourselves under the laws of this country. SECOND AMENDMENT! None of us should be caught without protection now. It’s open season not only for our Black youth against each other; but whites now feel they can hunt us down and kill us as if we are game.
    Protect yourselves. especially Black women. We will be targets next; and you know, they will say we were “asking” for it.

    • The Supreme Court ruled it was unconstitutional that an elderly black man in Chicago being bullied by black youth was not allowed to protect himself with a gun. Trayvon attacked Zimmerman, not the other way around. Trayvon escalated the situation into violence and paid the price for it. The biggest killer of black youth is other black youth.

  24. I feel terrible about this! I also think GZ should be convicted! I have to ask a question though. My black family members and friends have expressed concern before I even thought about it! But, their concern as well as mine now, is, how come black people don’t seem to care about the white children killed by blacks? Many, many white people supported Trayvon in this trial, but I wonder if there was suddenly a white kid murdered and the trial became bug everywhere, would the blacks care? And support the white families or family who lost a child? I had worn the black hoodie, donated to Trayvon causes, expressed my support for the Martin family! I am married to a person of color! I accept everyone that is a good person. Again my question, seeing as though many whites supported Trayvon in this case, would blacks support white families that lost a child in a similar situation? I know that a lot of people are divided on this entire subject and it’s tough to talk about, it seems like just because you are white or just because you are black, people are likely to side with whoever they are the same race as. Sad. Don’t respond to be rude! I am asking a question and want an honest non aggressive answer! Tx!

  25. I come saying this let us as a people get this upset and p****d off the next time there is a black on black killing because if we start to show that we care regardless of who does the killing we can expect to see justice when it’s due. Because if we say to the justice system a blacks life is valued then and only then can we expect change and not be disappointed with injustices.

  26. I am a 55 year old black man and it is sad to see that my country has not changed in all these years. It is sad when any child dies especially under these circumstances. It seems to me that we are regressing as a society instead of progressing as we should. In my opinion the only place a private citizen should have a gun is in their home to protect them or their family. Why are making the gun companies richer by purchasing weapons either legally or illegally, to kill each other. There are just as many poor white folk in this country as there are black and once they stop letting rich white folk manipulate them, then and only then will we see change in this country! White folk who believe this man was innocent, let that had been one of their kids, you know you would be outraged about the outcome! Stop thinking you are special and join the rest of the world and the human race, not just the white race.

    • C King, I thought you had a good argument until you played the ‘rich white folk’ card. And just because this wasn’t our kid doesn’t change the facts that were presented to the jury. Remember that the evidence did show that GZ acted in self defense beyond a reasonable doubt, according to the jury. that doesn’t mean he was innocent . It just means that the jury decided the case based on the evidence, not emotion. The day we let mob rule and emotion dictate our judicial system will be the beginning of the end. Oh and one more thing, GZ was Hispanic, not white. If you claim that he is half white, then so is our president.

      • @ Maty o…You appear to be trying hard to be a reasonable person. So lets take a look at you saying “the facts that were presented to the jury.” those facts (sic) were processed and presented to the court by Seminole County via the Sanford Police Department. The Sanford Police did a horrible job of police work, by contaminating the crime scene, holding Trayvon’s body 3 days while his black parents inquired about a missing black male several times, failing to arrest the admitted shooter and conveniently changing police Chiefs during the (sic) investigation and the prosecution over charged knowing the the contaminated evidence did not prove second degree murder. There is a young black woman sentenced to 20 years for reckless use of a unlicensed firearm.
        Take about that.

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  28. There Is No Justice For Blacks In Fl
    My 19 year old daughter was raped with here hands handcuffed behide her back and shot in the head right in the middle of her head.
    still fighting for justice her name is Tondelaya Mckenzie .1984 2004 Read Grave Doubt Written By New Times News Fort Lauderdale Florida 2006.
    The State Dose Not Want To Spend A Dime To Prosicute Anyone When Our Children Are Murdered
    For Info On Case Call 5023876511

  29. Everyone should read this book: American Frankenstein – How the United States Created a Monster! It explains it all!. http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/1450085695/ref=aw_d_img_back_books

  30. Black citizens don’t have to leave this country nor do our youth have to be gunned down like diogs, white America turns a blind eye to the injustices that blacks are continually plagued with as the result of blatant racism, when sandyhook happened the citizens were outraged, and the shooter was portrayed. as. troubled….whites have an excuse and a reason to kill justifiably…blacks are denigrated, ostracized for speaking out against victimization, we don’t have to leave this. Country….this country nerds to shop perpetuating the lie

  31. I have some what of a rapport with Al Sharpton. I am going to see what he has to say about bringing attention to this case.

  32. Blacks get killed by whites all the time. The fact that Zimmerman was never charged set that case apart. All life is precious. none can be replaced.

  33. People in fl know about this I’m waiting ti see what happens

  34. Just because he is charged doesn’t mean a thing. He is most likely out on bail and he will not be convicted. Actually he will be rewarded…

  35. all of these cases need further investigation. This includes the case of Trevor Dooley aged 71, jacksonville, florida, being sentenced to 8 years in prison for the killing of a white aged 41.

  36. The amount of hate and racism (yes, from ALL directions) in here is the reason why this country is in the condition it is in. It just shows what is really in people’s hearts. The smile and “Excuse me.” that you give at the store is just fake. But when something like this happens, you are not sad, you are mad. That is hate. And it lives in all of you. You should all be ashamed.
    I can tell you that if you think hate and name-calling will ever improve this country, you are wrong!
    I am white. But I see racism every day from all races. Each time I see it, the person is so blinded by what they are saying or doing, that they seem to think it is right, and that they somehow deserve to feel and express such hate. Trouble is, they throw it out to the world to see…even people who might not share in the hate. Then, the infection is out there to spread again.
    So if you have hate in your heart, do the world, and for God’s sake, your children, a favor, and keep it there.
    Do you think if our children all grew up not knowing this hate existed that it would disappear??
    Let’s stop this madness!!!

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