Prosecutors Said Man Deserved Death Penalty Because Blacks are More Violent

poreporepoerreDuane Buck’s case led to the death penalty after a jury convicted him of shooting two people while under the influence of drugs.  Buck gained international attention from social justice advocates due to the reasoning of the psychologist who helped convince jurors to give him the death penalty.  The psychologist argued that Buck was more likely to commit crimes in the future because he is black.

The prosecution relied on the racially-controversial testimony in securing Buck’s conviction, and his attorneys, along with a long list of advocates from Texas and beyond, are asking for a new hearing.   Over 100 prominent citizens from the state of Texas, along with a former Texas governor, are saying that Buck should get a new and fairer sentence.

You can read a press release here.  Also, the American Bar Association President Laurel Bellows released a statement that supports a new hearing for Buck.

Making matters worse, research by the NAACP Legal Defense Fund has determined that the Harris County District Attorney’s Office has a pattern of racial discrimination when it comes to African Americans.  More than half of all Texas prisoners on death row are from Harris County.  Additionally, one of the county’s DA’s resigned after sending racist emails.

A study showed that, between 1992 and 1999, the Harris County DA’s office was three times more likely to pursue the death penalty when the defendant was an African American.

The case is part of a broad pattern of discrimination occurring in courtrooms across the country.  The campaign to end mass incarceration, sponsored by Dr. Boyce Watkins and Russell Simmons, often cites data from the Sentencing Project, which shows that African American males receive prison sentences that are 20% longer than those of white men, even when they are convicted of the same crimes.

Buck’s case is just the latest out of Texas to receive national media attention.   Advocates are also fighting for Sharanda Jones, a non-violent, first-time offender who was given life in prison with no chance for parole on sketchy evidence that she was part of a drug distribution conspiracy.

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      • Faye, I don’t normally comment on these sights, but did you really type that nonsense???? You are really going to try and convince those of us that have been alive longer than he has been president that he is the reason why other race’s talk down to us? I suggest you go an open up a HISTORY book and read before you spew such nonsense!!!!

    • Martin R. Delany

      Bush v Gore coming back to haunt us. The Supreme Court said the Bush v. Gore decision could not be used at precedence (stare decisis). If one could used Bush v. Gore, the death penalty would be abolished.

      Remember Bush’s equal protection claim was the counties in Florida had varying standards for counting the votes (hanging chads, dimpled chads, etc.). Bush said if the Court did not stop the count, his equal protection rights would be violated. So the Court stopped the count and he won the election.

      So it is in Texas, the counties have varying standards for imposing the death penalty. Duane Buck could claim his equal protection rights are being violated…if Bush v. Gore could be used as precedence.

      Unfortunately, the Supreme Court limited who could use this argument. The irony is the 14th Amendment’s Equal Protection clause was intended for use by Black folk. See Slaughter House cases.

    • The only supreme individuals are Christians and they come in All colors white, black, mixed etc. If you think you are supreme to anyone, then you can be assured that the Devil has infiltrated your heart with nothing but Hate being the very opposite of God’s Holy Word which is of nothing but pure ‘Love’, but that is your choice to oppose God, that is why there is a Heaven and a h**l, with the latter being reserve for your kind, the one’s who want to defy God and be supreme, as Satan attempted in Heaven, now he’s recruited your kind as his ally, what a sinful choice you have made, unfortunate for your soul, upon death and this is no joke, just the plain Word of a just God.

  2. Broke b***h never

    The problem with blacks are that they are always forgiven for the worst scenarios. They laugh they joke they tape they do anything that is available to them for the h**l of it. I am pretty sure other cultures take similar advantage of any situation if presented to them.We are only heros stop less.White Supremacy is for the junkies.

    • I just love you to pieces!! You are not alone that know Black need to stop being so forgiving. Black should open their eyes and get rid of that gene of enslavement; even more, trying to be accepted. Were it not for laws Black would still have their own neighborhoods, schools, businesses, and strong backbones.

      To be real, not all Blacks are good nor all Caucasians are bad, but people too many died for the freedoms of today. I stood then and will continue to stand today educating on the legacy.

  3. Wake-up, this is not new for the reason Caucasians have planted this lie in the minds of the 223-million of their ethnic group for years. Yet, the consider acts of heinous crimes committed by Caucasians are due to mental health. This man should be held accountable for his actions, but not death.

    Historically, following slavery these educated racist are still upset that their free labor is no longer available. For each Black executed, given life, or worse killed on the way to jail a banner should be flown outside to the NAACP offices. Ida B Well hung a flag outside the window each time a Black was lynched, this is the same.

    Caucasians (not all) are serial killers, homegrown terrorist, Jim Jones, David Koresh, Columbine, Newton, Aurora, and stabbing in Hollywood of a women (mother in law enforcement), Orange County boy beats father with a hammer, the list compared to Black is endless.

    This idiot should research just from 1950-present on the violence of those that look like him, the numbers are staggering. They received mental health excuses, bad home life, teased at school and abandonment.

  4. I guess some white folks excuse child molesting, rape, murder, and burgulary and robbery from their own kind I see on my news and read in my paper daily!! But we are more violent? Wow, it never stops!! Ill be glad when ur christian god gives a darn about us and smite this heathen cracker down!! Maat..

  5. Hatred runs soooo deep within a certain segment of our white brothers ,until it will about ten more generation to even begin to see a positive a change. Those people in Texas are filled with the Klan mentality and always will be . What about the white hate groups that are over the Texas belt , and even hold higher offices such as that mentally deranged prosecutor .Thank God there are decent white people who believe that the Lord made us all equal but different .The versatility is what make the world and this nation what it is today .
    I can only for those sickos that think they are superior over others.

  6. The district attorneys’ office maybe have racial biases in it, but if the man did commit the crime then he deserve the punishment. No body forces him to use drugs, he made that choice. We seem to put ourselvees in arms way sometims and then when we are cought we claim racism.
    If you arleady know something is working against you why do you put yourself in a position to get cought up in it, knowing fully well it will work against you. You can only be stupid for so long and sometime you have to wake up and face reality.
    We know that drugs and guns are coming into the black communities some through our own fault, but some through other sorrce. Why put yourself in a position to end up in the criminal justice system?.
    Racism or not he took two lives, who is pleading for those two people that he killed, do they deserve justice?.

    • You’re correct in suggesting that one should be punished if they commit crime. However, the degree of punishment should not be biased. Racism is not a “claim.” It is real, and it often accounts for certain disparate sentences and adjudications.

  7. I say he deserved the DP because he killed 2 people, ask his victims family if he deserves the DP.

  8. I feel no pity for someone who kills two people, but to say that there is justice for a black man in this racist society is just plain stupid. And this educated racist maggot who made the statement about how violent blacks are need to look at his history,how they kill off the native population of this and many other countries and called them savages when the savages are in your own mirror. you bomb churches kill children and women like they are nothing, take off your blinder and look at yourself.

  9. Unless I missed it in the initial report. Did the two individuals who were shot die? I did not see it. If they died then he should face the death penalty. Otherwise; he should not face it, just because he is an African American!

  10. Th comment made by the prosecutor is way out of line ,but if this person killed two people he should pay for his crime—their is no excuse for murdering TWO people and we should not give him one —violent people come in all colors—some us seems to be living with our heads buried in the sand—-all black folk are not above the law and neither are whites —we need a clear cut punishment ( LAW) that treat ALL the same according to their crime,while banning prosecutors from making racist statements that lead others feeling that their crimes of murder are of a LESSER DEGREE……PEACE!!!!

  11. Wow…Racism against any race will mot go away… So if this psycologist did an evaluation on those that blee stuff up like in nrwtowm and so would she say that Whites are more like to blow things up because of the akin color probably not but thats who you hear about doing it RACE SHOULD NEVER BE THE BASES FOR ANY DECISION RACISM SUCK…

  12. Forgive typos man I. hate that

  13. These people keep showing up in Texas courtrooms with state paid lawyers expecting to do incarceration … ” If you don’t hurt their wallets, they don’t care”… And to hear the NAACP doesn’t have an legal counter to the “Harris County” negro lockups makes them look judicially inept…

  14. The system does not work, never really has. However we cannot ignore the lack of responsibility parents and individuals are taking for themselves and their children. I agree the racist statements should allow for a new trial, but does that change the fact of the crime itself? When people take it upon themselves to take the life of another human, you get what’s coming to you. Sorry, but sometimes people have to be held accountable for their actions, black, white, red, brown, or yellow.


  16. I am truly sick to my stomach of the blatant hatred of my people. Every single day one of my people and it is always men are either shot by a policeman or a Zimmerman and they will always site it was a clean shooting, which they are working their arses off to get that black a**e Zimmerman off. Yes, I said black because he is. They know it and are taught to hide it and act like their white. Now I have been studying my a**e off to learn where we really came from and who we really are. they (money runners)have systematically turned one against the other. They started the KKK, they purchased America, an every war that has been fought, they started it. The money changers…don’t know who they are? Go and study on you tube. They Amazon have started making the cost of our knowledge unaffordable to us, but if you really want to know you will get it. We have the Power, not with guns but with our minds not college!! We come from a truly magnificent place. Learn your Egyptian history and Your mind will start awakening. Literally,I Promise you! WAKE UP!!!!

  17. We black people and white people should really stay away from each other! This is the mindset of the white race believing lies and creating more lies while claiming to want peace and unity amongst the races when nearly every other races have some ignorant a*s opinion about us from whites. This the justice system we suppose to rely on then we’re screwed as black people. Also,I can’t help to notice that white people just enjoy to comment on here with a*s backwards opinion about us when they don’t know a d**n thing.

  18. Why does his name have to be “Buck”? Smdh….

  19. Texas is a Horrible State.This State has a p**s Poor Record for Electrocution of Blacks,and Disrespect and Dignity for Human Lives…The sad part about it is,no one has been held Responsible and Accountable for all of The Atrocities against Black People.

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  21. The prosecutor should be fired for what he said. He has probably been biased in cases involving Black defendants and fabricated and tainted evidence in his cases.

    The man should still get the death penalty. He murdered two people.

    It’s not the death penalty that is wrong, just the racist lowlifes that use it unfairly against blacks.

  22. Iiindianapolid

    d**n Texas is a racist a*s place I never would live there

  23. if you are educated you know better.blacks are reader now and know better we will no longer let you dump this in our minds.we know what race do the most killing. we think for our self.we have always known.

  24. I think when we as black people rise up an learn our worth an stop putting ourselves in situations, we can stop blamin a system that clearly was not designed to help us but to hinder us. Our growth as a people is contengent upon us learning and teaching. Its not enough anymore that when you know better you do better. They put is in prisons an tell us we are animals and we conform to that. Most of our young men come out worse than when they went it. We have been conditioned to think less of ourselves. The blame starts right in our own front yards. Im sorry i never see racism as an excuse but our own faults that we refuse to overcome.

  25. And they wonder why we are angry. This type of hate is mostly found in people who still see us as three fifths of a human being which is the most racist thing a person could ever come up with. Most of the lies about us black men are not even true. This article here should prove to all of us that things has not even begin to change for a nation that claims to be “Post Racial”. Racism and hate is always going to here until this country’s ending.

  26. victoria mcgill

    I am praying for both of you the system should be a shame of themselves for how they treat us as blacks my heart goes out to all that are on death row that shouldn’t be there if the shoe was on the other foot they a**es wouldn’t like at all we get treated like s*** already i don’t any changes coming to soon we as people have to think much smarter and make wise decisions i am so tired of seeing our black people go down for dumb stuff that they can or can’t control and i am not racist but i can go there some people just won’t never change but we have to just sayn i couldn’t live in Texas just don’t see how alot of people do it Chicago,IL is where the heart is.

  27. All African Americas need a massive exodus from America like the Jews in Europe did. The world will see and understand the plight of an endangered species and allow white America to fall even faster with its lies of equality. Just migrate to where you are respected as human beings and start over like so many others have before you. There is no other way after all the hundreds of years of enslavement, injustice and death to change anything worth changing. The Devil cannot and will not change, its who they are. Pray for a safe passage and well being for your love ones, but stop fooling yourself things will get better there.

  28. Michael Jackson

    Ummm! He F?@#in killed two people, that should get him the death penalty! True it shouldnt be about color but he kinda deserve just what he dished out.

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