Dr. Boyce: President Obama Lacks the Moral Authority to Give His Lopsided Speech at Morehouse

weoeoiweioweby Dr. Boyce Watkins

This week, President Barack Obama gave the commencement address to the young men at Morehouse College.  I was happy to see the president speak to these men, for I’m sure they were inspired by his presence.  The achievements of Barack Obama are nothing short of legendary and inspirational, he deserves to be recognized as such.  Morehouse College President John Wilson should also be commended for his extraordinary leadership.  Dr. Wilson was gracious enough to join the presidents of Spelman and Clark in co-signing the open letter on mass incarceration written by myself and Russell Simmons.

The president’s message consisted of the same themes that I recall hearing from my grandmother:  You have to work twice as hard to get half as much if you are black in America, and racism is no excuse for you to give up.  I agree with this message, and I share similar messages every single day of my life.

The president’s decision to speak in ways that he knew would resonate with Morehouse men and their older black parents was an intelligent political move, without question.   The president’s speeches tend to be more conservative when he speaks to African Americans (I even noticed his use of the word “Lordy” early in the speech), and this is a good fit, since black people are also very conservative. The truth is that many African Americans would be Republicans if the party would just stop being so blatantly racist.

Another thing about black people is that many of us suffer from the low self-esteem that tends to afflict oppressed individuals.  We’re not much different from the housewife who believes her husband wouldn’t have had to beat her if she had not burned the cookies.  When her husband is out with other women, she is simply thankful that he took the time to pay the rent.   She’s ecstatic about any form of acknowledgement from her husband whatsoever, and when he berates her, she knows that she deserves it.  To some extent, she comes to embrace her oppression as the natural order of things, and the tranquility of her marriage is built upon the idea that his views, needs and status are superior to her own.

When President Obama graces us with his presence, we are simply honored that he took the time to even acknowledge us.   Any symbolic gesture, no matter how scant and meaningless, becomes precious to us, because for some, there is no greater achievement that any black man could aspire to than to get validation from white people.  Had President Obama passed on the presidency and taken a position at an all-black school and educated thousands of black children, we would have considered it to be a wasted opportunity.  Why would such an important man spend his time with us?  The political harmony between black America and the Obama Administration is a carefully-designed relationship in which our job is to shut up and cheer for anything the administration chooses to do with our votes.

Part of this asymmetric partnership with the Obama Administration is that we are actually HAPPY when the president berates us.   We like being told that we don’t try hard enough and that the reason so many of us struggle is because we have come to embrace an inferior set of habits and cultural norms.   We ENJOY the abuse, because deep down, many of us have bought into the myth of white superiority as much as white people themselves.

So, when Obama comes to Morehouse and says, “Stop using racism as an excuse and start taking more responsibility,” we LOVE it.  We also nod our heads in agreement because for the educated elite, Obama isn’t talking about us.  He’s talking about “them.”  You know, those n*ggaz who keep getting sent to prison, who can’t get jobs, and who are killing each other in the street.   They deserve their plight because they don’t work as hard as the rest of us, at least that’s the logic. It’s easy to grab onto the simple answers:  Black men love their kids less than white men do, black women are only capable of raising incompetent children who eat Popeye’s chicken for breakfast, and black people are slightly less human than whites, thus prone to more criminal activity.

But here’s the issue.  Telling black Americans to stop using racism as an excuse allows President Obama to create a set of excuses for his own significant, even embarrassing, lack of action to help alleviate the clearly documented, undeniable, legislatively-enforced poison of racial inequality that continues to impact our society.   As he tells the Morehouse men to take more responsibility for their own lives, the mirror of personal responsibility should also be turned on the most powerful black man in the history of the world to use his massive platform to help confront systematic racism that affects us all.  I also wonder if the president is going to follow this speech with one telling gay men that they can’t use homophobia as an excuse to complain, or that women shouldn’t be speaking out about s****l assault.   The double standard is actually borderline frightening:  The president’s skin color creates a human shield protecting the White House from being attacked for saying things that would lead to riots were Obama 100% white instead of just 50%.

The “Super Negro Theory” is a commonly-held belief that if all 40 million black people would simply make straight As, never ever break the law in a minor way, work 80 hours a week and make no mistakes, we could overcome any form of racial oppression.  “If Colin Powell can rise out of the projects and become head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, then you should be able to do the same,” said the successful black man to a class of 2,000 high school kids.

The point here is that black people are the only group of people who are severely punished for being average.  If a young black male grows up in a neighborhood where he might get shot everyday on the way to school, the educational system is dilapidated, he is being racially-profiled on every corner and there’s no food in the house, we expect him to be able to rise to extraordinary levels of focus and capability to overcome all of this.  Sure, a few kids can be born and raised in the violent chaos of South Central LA and go to Harvard, but statistical theory clearly says that a large percentage of these kids are going to end up dead or in jail.  The point is that the “Super Negro” theory may apply to that rare kid who can leap systematic oppression in a single bound, but you can’t expect that same degree of personal power and focus to apply to 40 million people.  Unfortunately, some of our kids are going to be average, which for black people, is analogous to being pathetic, lazy, ignorant, trifling and worthless, thus giving white people an excuse to mistreat you and Obama an excuse to ignore you.

The best way to confront racism in America is through POLICY.   I can’t tell you how many hard-working, law abiding black doctors, lawyers and professors I meet who are discriminated against in the workplace.   Most studies show that when black kids make the same mistakes as white kids, they are more severely punished both in the schools and the courts.  There are a pile of studies which show that kids who are traumatized by living in violent neighborhoods with horrible schools and no jobs are far more at risk than those who do not.  So, why do we allow any politician to speak as if these issues don’t affect our outcomes?

Similar to the man who tells his wife that she needs to lose a few pounds, she also has the right to ask her husband why he himself is obese.  When he sleeps with other women, she can use that as her explanation for why another man was in her husband’s bed while he was at work.  The point here is that every single mandate that President Obama is putting on the men at Morehouse College (and those who could not be there) to “man up” and stop making excuses must be applied to a president who has continuously used Republican racism as his excuse for contributing almost nothing to fight the curse of black unemployment, mass incarceration, educational inequality, workplace racism and all the other social ills that we face every single day of the week.

Here’s another memo for the president:  You’re not just half black, you’re also half white.  So, as you speak to African Americans and tell them to stop using racism as their excuse for a lack of achievement, I encourage you to give similar speeches to your white “brothers and sisters,” telling them the same things.  The fact is that the Obama White House has a much more sympathetic ear when whites complain about 7 percent unemployment than it does when black Americans complain about 14% unemployment.  This is patently and undeniably unfair, and even the president knows it.

Hence, this lopsided approach to racial inequality does not give Barack Obama the moral authority to come into a room full of black people and talk about what’s wrong with us.  Chris Rock, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan or Harry Belafonte, could make these very same statements and have credibility because they are not afraid to speak the same way to whites.  My mother could talk about me like a dog growing up because I knew that after the criticism was over, my mother would go into the world and fight others who sought to do me harm.  Black men must openly question whether or not their president is truly willing to go to bat for them as quickly as he’s willing to go out and fight for the gay community.  Don’t get angry with me for stating the facts, we must openly confront the nonsense.

This, folks is racism 101, whether we like it or not. I’m sure that at least half of the people reading this are going to call me a “hater,” or perhaps even say that I’m jealous (I would never want to be president).  But the reality is that these simple-minded responses (with very few facts to support them) are reminders that some of us are doing exactly what the Obama Administration wants most black people to do:  Give up your votes, turn off your brains and when someone expresses dissent, ignore the issue at hand and attack the messenger instead.  As I mentioned to those who were upset with me for undermining Lil Wayne’s deal with Mountain Dew:  Brainwashing DOES work, and free-thinking is not encouraged during the era of our first bi-racial president.

As the president tells the men at Morehouse to “man up” and stop using racism as an excuse for failure, I say to the president: Man up and stop using Republican racism as an excuse for not addressing the black unemployment crisis. If white people had 14% unemployment, Obama would declare a state of emergency.  Part of demanding equality means putting an end to blatant double standards.

I’m not sure if the Morehouse Men applauded the message or not, but they also hosted the rapper “2 Chainz,” who had them all reciting the chorus “All I want for my birthday is a big booty hoe.”  So, needless to say, these poor brothers are getting a series of mixed messages.  But the consistent message is that if a black man has enough power, then any rhetoric, no matter how distorted, is reshaped so that it seems to make sense.  But this speech doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me, and we should refuse to sit quietly while black people are being disrespected.

Dr. Boyce Watkins is the author of the book, “Black American Money”. To have Dr. Boyce commentary delivered to your email, please click here.  To take Dr. Watkins’ online class, visit this link

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  1. Its about time someone with a real voice said something to black men..you seem like you envy the president and his position, because you know black people listen to and respect the president unlike your self his words go a long way and your words tend to fall on deaf ears. There is nothing wrong with what the POTUS said to black men.BLack men do need to step of and do better for them selves their family and community ,most black folks such as yourself get their money and live as far away from the hood as possible. DO YOUR KIDS GO TO SCHOOL IN THE HOOD? I highly doubt it. OUR POTUS spoke the truth stop dragging your knuckles and blaming the so CALLED MAN! if you have a law degree help some of the poor blacks, maybe change the laws that have been designed to keep that black man down…but do something..don’t just run your mouth like you do.

    • PetefromDetroit

      Yep Dr. Boyce.
      Now go even harder I respectfully opine or take your ball and go home just like I have, because I refuse to play by the rules in our at- large community today. A couple of the rules are;
      1) Any black community assessment of black men has to be in parallel with with the enemies assessment of us as well to be mainstream. It MUST put our heathen lack of “personal responsibility” as the root cause of our problem(s).(One of the sickest propaganda/biggest lies I ever heard)
      2) Any less-than-favorable opinion/analysis of ‘Bama will not be tolerated among any socioeconomic classes of blacks. Obama has 40 million black Secret Service Agents.
      I’m out.
      I’m moving to Canada. I chose to dissociate and disenfranchise from a mentally sick people full of propaganda-fed, self loathing humans.
      Its my personal responsibility.


    • It was great that President Obama spoke to the young men at Morehouse College. They are far from average, and do not have to man up. They have studied hard and are now apart of the educated elite. They have not used racism as an excuse and have taken on more responsibility. Which is why President Obama was there to give the commencement address. Congratulations to Morehouse College graduating class of 2013.

      • If all of what you said is true about the young Moorehouse students then why would the president feel the need to say, “Stop using racism as an excuse and start taking more responsibility,”????????????

      • Bahati sobukwe

        Absolutely, he was in the wrong place giving a good message. And this was not his first time giving this message in the wrong place.

        • You fail to see the strategy in the President’s choice of place to deliver the message. Why wouldn’t he deliver it at a prestigious black institution like Moorehouse so that all black Americans can see for themselves exactly what he is trying to drive home to his people–what WE can achieve by taking responsibility and not using racism as an excuse? I think it is brilliant. The visual of a black President surrounded by an educated black elite is a picture that is worth a thousand words. If that does not inspire black people I don’t know what will!

          • Especialy when you consider that the background of a significant number of those students IS NOT the so called upper or upper middle class, socio-economically!

          • Also, was it a “bad” or “negative” thing for young Black men across the country to see a sea of young Black men, like themselves, graduating from college? Especially so with the prevaling mentality that an African American child doing well in school equates to that child trying to be or act white?! Every major media outlet, print and broadcast, covered his ATL appearance and they rarely show posiitive Black images . . .

  2. I have to disagree with this. You were on point until you said Obama words are degrading us (paraphrasing). When he said “Stop using racism as an excuse and start taking more responsibility,”I agree 1,000%. This goes towards employment, incarceration, and education. Obama is not creating excuses because he can’t get things done while he’s in office. Unless you forgot, the Executive branch can only make sure the laws are obeyed. Congress makes the laws. The courts interpret the laws. There’s only limited power that the President has. It takes all the political powers to work together to make our country a better place. And the same thing goes with us Black people. You can’t use statistical theories to define your own people. You suppose to be a better person and break that cycle. Obama can’t do it by himself. What happened to the parents and families raising the kids. It takes a village to raise a child. Dr. Boyce did say that some of our kids are going to be average, such as being pathetic, lazy, ignorant, trifling and worthless. That statistical fact will always be true if don’t do something about it. We’re always quick to talk, but slow to move. And I can’t stand the fact that using the the sterotype “Living in the ghetto will get you no where.” We can make the “Super Negro Theory” a fact and not a theory. Turn away from that street life mentality, keep our kids heads in the books and off of the streets and tv, and we can have 40 million black kids making straight A’s, never ever breaking the law in a minor way and working 80 hours a week and making no mistakes. It all starts at home with family and support systems. Blaming Obama is getting nothing but more black on black crimes escalating. Once we get our heads on straight, then we can make progress towards the real racial inequality that still exists in this country.

  3. Many people are starting to see that most of what President Obama gives to Black people is lecturing – a type of lecture that he would never give to a White audience. It wouldn’t come off so bad if his administration had any track record of helping the Black community. Many others are noticing as well:

    QUOTE: Barack Obama will never tell white people at a traditionally white college or university to stop blaming affirmative action for every job we didn’t get, or every law school we didn’t get into, though we’ve been known to use both of these excuses on more than a few occasions.

    He won’t tell white graduates at a traditionally white college or university to stop blaming Latino/a immigrants, for “taking our jobs,” which excuse we’ve also been known to float from time to time.

    He would never tell graduates at a mostly white college to stop blaming immigrants, or so-called welfare for our supposedly high tax burdens, even though these remain popular, albeit incorrect, scapegoats for whatever taxes we pay.

    He won’t tell white grads at white colleges to reject the entreaties of their right-wing radio hosts and talking heads, who keep blaming the Community Reinvestment Act and other fair housing laws for the mortgage and larger economic meltdown, even though such things were not to blame.

    In short, to Barack Obama, it is only black people who need lectures about personal responsibility. Only they who make excuses when things don’t go their way


    • PetefromDetroit

      Outstanding Essay JTC.

    • yeah he talks to blacks like the worse white rascist in the country, with his stereotypical comments that didnt even apply to the hard working graduates.

      the only reason i can think of why he would say something like that is maybe because he knows it is unlikely that they will get careers in their chosen fields when his govt will not enforce our civil rights to equal opportunity.

      that college has a duty to help the students who fed them get and keep employment. if those students dont make good on their loans because of lack of employment, that school will be forced to close, but if i were a student i wouldnt pay one cent on the loan unless that college kept me employed.

    • The problem is that our black leaders in general have not lectured us enough! Have you seen the state of our people as a whole? I have NO problem with OUR President telling us to get our act together and become the great Africans we once were. We need leaders who will tell us the truth and not what we want to hear.

  4. Sometimes the truth hurts.

  5. The dilemma Dr.Boyce The dilemma!
    This is one of those situations that when our people have to choose from the popular viewpoint versus having to choose from the realistic truths, untruths, and everything in between.
    It’s always the emotions that block us from being able to reach the conclusion that there is truth, there are lies, there is right, and there is wrong in everything.
    The problem occurs when we use emotion to extract what is pertinent s instead of just using common sense!
    Systematically, over the past one-hundred, and fifty years we have been psychologically bombarded with truth,false truth, lies, and false lies so much to the point that we cannot come together in agreement as to what is just the obvious, the relevant, and necessary.
    How can a sifter with a lid on it possibly sort the smooth flour from the lumps.Closed minds, or minds that have been filled to capacity with a lot of useless information cannot intake anything much less sift through issues to find the truth.
    We have been subliminally processed to reject the truth , ignore the truth, and even passionately attack the truth and the messenger if they don’t fit the description of the person who we have been systematically programmed to receive the truth from. It will be almost impossible for us as a race to get on the right page until we all get inside of the same book. This itself seems to be almost an impossible task as long as we can’t come to an agreement as to which book we should choose to use as a mutual meeting place.
    What Black America needs is a singular-minded, well-crafted,majority (of our population in America) accepted,chips-all-in blueprint to ratify, adopt. We need a plan that we will all faithfully follow regardless if we have an accepted or appointed leader, or not.
    One common ground plan that even if we don’t walk the same roads and paths, leave the same date or time, or take the same mode of transportation that we end up consistently, and faithfully still heading in the same (compass needle) direction!
    If we can all come to the realization that this is the “First time” for all of black America to experience a president that is related to us whether it is by one-half, or one-tenth! He will do these following things for sure:
    make mistakes,make mistakes, make mistakes, get somethings right, get some more things right, get more things right, and did I fail to mention :make mistakes!
    we as the beneficiaries of hav8ing a black president will do the following:
    make mistakes,make mistakes, make mistakes, get somethings right, get some more things right, get more things right, and did I fail to mention :make mistakes!
    I leave with a pet phrase I have come to adopt: “as long as emotions override intelligence; errors are inevitable. To what degree is based on how much we let those emotions bend us out-of-shape!

    • PetefromDetroit

      Yep. Outstanding Essay. Unfortunately ,it wont be read by the people who need to read it the most. Peace.

    • David Frank you have got to be kidding. We did at one time, AT one point in time,come close to black unity on important issues, and we beneifted greatly. BUT,

      It is not possible today because immigration has brought to the black american community, the great dividers – the africans, who couldnt even unify with their fellow africans, and divided themselves VOLUNTARILY based on culture, country of origin, etc. They are among us now. Many black americans are trying to embrace and trust them as a community member and they pretend to want unity when it comes to getting black benefits, but betray us at every turn in and out of the work place.


      • PetefromDetroit

        Even better and more concise essay Tina. We stand up for everybody. Nobody stands for us.

      • Yes, more divide and conquer please!ANd keep those Africans out!Please, its painful to see an african american think like a white man. Get your facts straight. Africans did not divide themselves volontarily: its called divide and conquer. Samehas been applied to you, and that why you have this warped sense of logic. Imma break it down for you. There will never be a place for the african american in america. Get the h**l out! Your best bet is africa. Oh and that bit about african americans being intelligent, is just plain racist ( for lack of a better term) free your d**n mind already.

      • Tina, as long as we voluntarily count ourselves out those who are trying to stop ushave another victory party! Notice those groups that tried to stop President Obama from being re-elected cried some tears when their efforts failed, but they picked themselves up and strated all over again.
        You can’t hit unless you swing.Sitting in the dugout complaining about taking yourself out of the game only provides one event to lament over. Life is full of laments, but without laments you can’t appreciate victories.
        I hear so many people say that during slavery they would not have crossed to the other side of the street, or allowed themselves to be degraded. Thank God our ancestors took it, endured it, and made it possible for us to now ba able to ponder about what we would, or wouldn’t do.
        We have to start somewhere so that our children can pick up where we left off.Or, we can hand them air and watch them struggle much harder.

    • WHAT??. emotions separate humans from animals. The brain is mostly water or emotions. Are animals.smarter than humans? You are sadly ignorant in this matter.

      • Dr Hyme, I’ll be the first to admit that I am ignorant about many things. More than I care to be. I try hard to correct this,but my 55 years don’y qualify me for social secrity, but it does give me a little insight on social consciousness.
        Animals kill to feed themseloves generally. They do on lesser occasions kill aimlessly, and with no set purpose in mind.
        Based on the black on black crime percentages why are we way past the mean,median, and modein this area.Is it misguided intelligence, or out of control emotions.
        Yes we should factor in the outside forces that create the climate for this kind of mindset to fester, and grow.
        But, I am truly remorse to say; they are not pulling the
        I just pray we find more solutions faster than we keep manufacturing the hate, and the senseless killings.

        • Simple. Anger is not an emotion. Intelligence without wisdom is violence. Emotions make you sensitive – less violent. Yes animals are more intelligent. Please read this article. Google WHY THINK LIKE A MAN IS HYSTERICAL at. Themodernmedicineman.com. wisdom is human. Intelligence is a gift from our animal ancestors.

          • Further the violence perpetrated on natives and Africans is a root cause
            of violence in these communities. If whites would pick themselves up by their bootstraps and stop living off stolen land and labor and pay retributions or go to jail, poor people would not be so violent. You can’t rob people and then blame them for being poor. Not rational. I’m sure you are rational.

  6. Dr. Boyce, why the hate and negative diatribe about President Obama? When will you stop such nonsense to appease you and your friends who have an ax to grind with the President?

    You do not impress me with your criticism of the President and it appears that your intellect have led you astray with inexcusable criticisms.

    I listened to the President’s exhortations to the graduates of Moorehouse and he was on target. I do not subscribe to your commentary of convenience and believe me, such post surely defines your philosophical thinking and your lack of gratitude for President Obama’s efforts to reverse malaise across the land.

    Shameful commentary on your part.

    • PetefromDetroit

      Calexfo Translated;
      How dare you not agree with our mascot?

      I will not listen to any criticism of Obama under any circumstances unless he dropped a drone on my head.

      He was right by telling the Morehouse graduates that you are different from the rest of the blacks.

      “President Obama’s efforts to reverse malaise across the land”- Does not translate in any language to truth.
      OOHHHHH Cake! I want some!

  7. Our problem is that we put too much hope in a Black President and it gave us a sense of false security. We still need to strive as individuals to make our lives betterl

  8. Boyce you sicken and disgust me. You’re lame, jealous and a moral hippocrate. If you spent as much energy pursuing higher office as you do raising your tongue against the President; you could affect the change and conditions you claim to be of so much concern to you. You remind me of the guy who never even played for a high school team talking about the mistakes he wouldn’t make at the playoffs.

    • @rece, I agree with you totally and I’ve said I’ve said the same things often enough. Boyce Watkins is the epitome of and “educated fool” and I use the term “educated” very loosely. I actually get physically ill when I read some of his garbage; especially as it relates to the President. Watkins has such low self-esteem that the only way he can feel somewhat important is to tear down the one person that he wishes he could be. He is so filled with jealousy and hate for the President that he’s become obsessed with turning every Black person against (President) him. I truly feel sorry for the people on here who agree with him, for they are really lost. When Black people stop looking at the President as a “Black President” and start seeing him as a President who happens to be “Black” maybe they’ll accept the fact that he is the President of the United States and not just “Black America”. No, the President isn’t perfect but he’s best f**king President this country has ever had, and for anybody who considers him/her self Black, African-American or whatever doesn’t have the f**king “moral authority” to criticize him at any level.

  9. If you have an education that does not allow you to deal with your economic situation…..then you have an education that you can not use……… 63,000 black students who graduated last year from college are either unemployed or underemployed. One major mistake we made in Chicago was to say do not criticize the late Harold Washington
    When he was mayor…..we loved Harold Washington……but it was Harold Washington who ressurected Rich Daley
    By putting him on the dream team ticket as the states atty…….Harold died the rest is history…….black people will have gas ovens prepared for them and laughing all the way to the ovens……we love our president

  10. Maybe Watkins should go hang out with Alan West of the Tea Party- maybe they can both have a 40oz on their intellectual plantation. He may not be Martin but you’re definitely not Malcolm. Fall back articulate rider.

  11. Charles Goodman

    I sometimes agree to disagree with Dr Boyce more often, however I pray that all human ears in the world pay special attention to one sentence that speaks with so much truth and power.

    “The truth is that many African Americans would be Republicans if the party would just stop being so blatantly racist’

    I say Amen! Dr. Boyce.

    • This is what Blacks in America have been reduced to….

      Attacks dogs for bigots…

      Self-hate is alive and well within you…keep hope alive. You can be their house n****r if and when the day arrives, with that Samuel L. Jackson BS (Bawse…what that n****r doing on a horse?).

  12. Phyllis A Jones

    I guess what bothers me is your constant voice of disrespect for President Obama. Our race self-distructed long before he became President. We cannot look to him to solve our problems of internalized racism. You just proved it when you wrote this article. Until we as a group of people organize and get involved with the problems that plague our communities we will continue ” to let it happen.” Why arent you organizing community leaders?

  13. Pres Obama is not right. I am off the Obama train I am tapping out can’t take anymore.. When a Black man stands up and tells other black men to be good to their wives and their boyfriends and then their partners I’m out! he has no respect for black manhood


    David Jones · Top Commenter
    Well said Darrell….his pettiness is why many of us don’t respect him and why no one will ever follow him in his quest to become a leader in the black community. Apparently he thinks no one is noticing how he iis trying to use his friendship with Minister Farrakhan to elevate his image in the black community. Boyce is a joke…..

    BOYCE YOU HAVE TO ANSWER FOR THIS^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


  15. O’Drama is nothing, but a mulatto-pull-the-string-puppet for caucasoids.

    He would not dare go to a cracker college, and tell those yankees to stop being racist, treat everybody right, [we] are all equal, don’t judge a person by his color, etc., etc., etc., but he treats his own kind worse than a broke di.ck dog!!!

    This jive-azz mulatto has you negroids fvcked up! He’s your screacha, and he can do no wrong or say no wrong when he disses his own kind! You crazy negroids will drink his bath water with pizz in it!

    I ain’t NEVER seen a bunch of negroids, who hate to talk against this clown. These negroid radio screachas are just as bad as you negroids, especially Sharptongue Sharpton. Another radio host out of Atlanta loves this negroid so much, she probably fantasizes about this mulatto when she makes love with her husband!

    These yankees knew what they were doing when they ‘selected’ this mulatto to be president. They knew putting him in office would keep you dumb azz negroids in this slave like condition, while he continues to give these illegal aliens OUR rights!!! How in the he.ll can an illegal alien obtain a drivers’ license IN HIS HOME TOWN OF CHICAGO? How can these foreigners get a FREE pass to attend college? How can these illegal aliens gain business licenses?

    A Black man and woman can’t get shyt to open up a business! A Black man and woman can’t go to school without outrageous loans to pay back. A Black man and woman can’t get a drivers’ license, if they have more than 3 DUI’s, but that crack head Paris Hilton, and the other cracker female junkie name Lindsay Lohan, have been in jail numerous times for being drunk and drugged up, but they still have their drivers’ license! A Black man will have his license taken away if he is behind in his child support!

    WAKE THE FVCK UP!!! This mulatto is out to demean, degrade, and demolish Black people. He’s a negroid…Black on the outside, pale on the inside.


    • Logic N the Chi

      what derrick said. look me up on facebook fam. Love the writing style.

    • Man, I am with you on that comment you made there. I’m in agreement with you on this half white liberal gay loving President and his idiots supporters who love him more than GOD. Why can’t they just open their f*****g eyes and see that b*****d don’t gives a f**k about us!

    • @ one point I thought you were crazy but I’m beginning to see more truth in what you say as I struggle to reason beyond my capacity.One point isn’t clear though,don’t you have black foreigners as well out there?

  16. I’m sorry Dr. Boyce, I don’t get it. You sound like you are on the bandwagon with Tavis Smiley and Cornell West. You hit some points but, you should know when to pick your battles. Sometimes you should just not be so critical of the POTUS just to make a point of “how to kick a black man down”. Is it because he has more authority than you? I used to not care for Judge Mathis until I listened to him speak on helping black boys to become stable law-abiding citizens by physically participating in the community. He spoke about how so many “educated” blacks like to talk(down) to our kids from an educational stance because they don’t REALLY want to get involved. Where do you do your community service/action or is it just lip service that you have to offer? I’m just saying…

  17. Wallace McMillan

    Dr. Boyce,

    Really appreciate your comments about the POTUS’s speech at Morehouse College. I am sick and tired of people giving the POTUS a “pass” because the Republicans are giving him a hard time. In reality, this President has, for the most part, continued the same policies of the previous administration, especially in regards to foreign policy. The speech he gave to the Morehouse graduating class sounds more like something I would expect from Herman “999″ Cain, than from someone who is trying to change policy.

  18. Thanks, Dr. Watkins.

    Look folks, nothing is wrong with constructive criticism. The POTUS has been conspicuously silent on almost every issue involving the Black community and he should be held to task as anyone should. If he chooses not to involve himself in such issues for whatever reason, political or otherwise, its his choice. However, he should not be given carte blanche to enjoy our support at every turn.

    Listen, I think President Obama is a special man. He has remarkable qualities and certainly deserves our support and as done an outstanding job leading the free world. But I do have to question why he is so silent on issues that deeply affect our community. From mass incarceration, to poor education opportunities at the basic levels, to directing major initiatives aimed at curbing urban violence, nothing substantial has come from his administration. The president has the bully pulpit and certainly exert tremendous influence to affect this issues. Furthermore, there are systemic causes to our ongoing pathologies that definitely can be address and national dialogue will be ensued. For those things, I am disappointed.

    Sure, we are responsible for ourselves and our plight. But, I also must say that we shouldn’t, no matter who you are, continue to blame ourselves for our own shortcomings or misgivings without recognizing the root causes and continue to expose the true culprits. This has been done far too long by the dominant culture to maintain their dominance. This is a tried and true strategy. And we are still falling for it. Now, its mantle has been taken up by our own elite. What a shame.

    Thanks Again Mr. Watkins

  19. @Derrick FINALLY I find a person that can see with both eyes open about the situation with our so-called president that u call Odrama, I would agree with you 100% and furthermore I would like to add not only are black ppl in this country blind, but they’re also in-slaved in the mind still to the point they don’t realize that Obama is acting like the perfect house n****r, as I know 1st hand dealing in realty and working for the state of NJ, Obama is for the bankers and the rich and not for his so called constituents that put him in office! I used to invest well in realty, but now the banks have the money & they don’t need ppl to assume properties they can now just right them off and do what they want with them afterwards, making their money on both sides, anytime there’s a so called recession black men are always hit the hardest, especially with unemployment and little to no opportunity for successful self employment, look at the statistics more black men are unemployed in his presidency than even the Reagan days! To me we only had one black president and his name was Bill Clinton! The only thing he’s fighting for is the gay marriages! You see the only black man that got a call from Odrama was a f****t black basketball player! So you blacks keep loving Odrama just get ready to work in that cotton field while the house n****r site on the porch and preach!

    Ppl that hate Dr Boyce are the ppl that do not want to realize the truth about the situation, Dr Boyce is real black man that want positive results for our ppl, but they always say ignorance is bliss!

  20. Dr. Boyce your jealousy speaks loud, but your message does not…..how many black males have you mentored, tried to get scholarships for?

    As a Phd History/Criminal Justice Major…..your message reads like the Blacks who sold other Blacks into slavery..shame on you….

    • wake up and see that he’s done nothing for real people, especially blacks. than he singles them out for scorn? wake up!

  21. i’m sick of his b-lls-it. he only serves corporations anyway. —k him.

  22. Not going to berate you like some of the others on this post Dr Watkins. Its not fruitful or respectful. Some of your views I agree with and some I don’t but that’s what makes the world go round right?

    What I don’t understand is why we continue with this same tired rhetoric about how President Obama isn’t the superhuman savior we thought he would be. Hasn’t he said from the beginning he’s serving as the President of ALL the citizens of the US? What is he supposed to do if he touts education as a way for us to be competitive our domestic job market with all the international competition yet the priority of a large percentage of us (especially the ones who most criticize) don’t make a priority of guiding our children to be successful. Whether it’s the black church supporting single mother in raising their boys and girls (by the way I’m sure you are familiar the the fact that that’s what the bible says is PURE religion) or successful black men mentoring black young men and women, artists and athletes actually becoming role models etc. We can’t expect someone like the President to FIX things in our community when we by and large aren’t making a priority of fixing it first.

    Where is our agreed upon initiative? The one we are, with almost one voice, shouting about like the gays are about marriage equality?

    Do we really have one? We scream jobs, are we specific or even preparing ourselves and our kids to qualify for these jobs once they arrive? Asians seem to be doing this. Do the majority of Pro athletes, rappers, black business owners, politicians, give to Black Jr High, High Schools, Colleges and Universities or just a sensitive few?

    Does our culture rage at the blatant sellout racism of folk like lil Wayne and actually boycott this blasphemy or do we like you said “host it” our institutes of higher education?

    What make us think the President should works harder than we do to want our success? We can’t even get on the same page about he solution. We can’t even focus on a theme.

    At least Dr King had a plan that may have been simple but it was a plan and enough people got behind because of the pain sssociated with not doing it. Are we in enough pain seeing our kids kill each other week in places like Chicago, Detroit, etc. Where is the outrage within our communities beyond blogs like this and how does the President “solve” this problem with enthusiasm when we as a community are at best tepid?

    • Thank you, Ron! They have no solution other than the one where they lead the misinformed through their usual rhetoric of staying in perpetual victim-hood while they enrich themselves. The president has just as moral authority than Dr. Boyce. Where can I find some revolutionary, forward thinking, action taking black people at because this site is full of whining?? The name is totally misleading.

  23. Unfortunately Dr Boyce and others that are critical of the president don’t have the facts. During the first two years of his presidency with the support of a democratic congress,he included billions of dollars in the Education budget for historically black colleges while there was a recession and high unemployment. These HBC’s had a building boom, staff salary increases and tuition cuts. The 2013 budget included 80 billion for HBC’s, the Republican House deleted these funds. In 2014 budget included 85 billion for HBC’s, again the Republican House deleted these funds. Every student, graduate, faculty member and parent knew of these facts because they lived it for the last four years. So the presidents message to them was not blame the racism that had impacted their lives, but to go ,stand up and succeed in spite of the obstacles.
    For those of you who are not watching what is happening in congress, the republican agenda is not to allow the president to succeed at anything he tries to do. Obama has received the highest number of opposition votes by Republicans in history, 96%.if he says up they say down, or if he says down they say up even when their vote would benefit their constituents or political platform.
    To those who say he doesn’t have enough African Americans in his cabinet, remember the president nominates and congress approves. The favorite Republican tactic is to hold nominees in committee so that there is on vote on the floor. There are more vacant federal judgeships than ever in history. There is an acting IRS director because they refuse to approve his nominee. FBI director Mueller is 2 years past his term of 10 years, Obama asked him to stay on because the Republicans have said and he knows that there is no way they will allow him to choose the next director for a 10 year term. there is no way he can have two African Americans in his cabinet because the Republicans won’t approve.
    We have people like Tavis Smiley, Cornel West, Russell Simmons and Dr. Boyce who write letters to the president such as the one referenced in this article complaining about the 1 million African American men in prison. These are complaints with no constructive ideas or suggestions that the president could act upon. The fact is most of these prisoners are in state custody, there is nothing Obama can do about them. He can not overturn prison sentences issued by the 3rd branch of government, the judicial system.
    As I have previously said if he made speeches and used his bully pulpit all h**l would break out. Remember the Professor Gates Affair.
    Any hint that he is making a statement or trying to take some action favoring African American anything will only trigger a massive backlash from the racist in this country.

    • Thank you for this insight. This is the kind of information that should be shared on these sorts forums. Your info has undermined a few of my views. I’ll be doing my research. Thank you, Sid Mack!

      • So you say he shouldn’t make a stand because of a backlash? You are kidding right?
        Is he that weak? A wimp? What is he a lawyer for? A lawyer president should be able to right many if not all wrongs or die trying. Why is he a president then? If people new he was afraid to do anything about REAL SUFFERING then we have wasted votes and EIGHT FREAKING YEARS OF OUR LIVES.

        • Your response is based on emotion rather than fact. A president/leader must govern rather than appearing to favor one group over another. Especially when that president/leader is a member of the favored group. It is not a test of manhood. Obama is not a prime minister, emperor or king. He is the administrator of 1/3 of the government. 1/3 is the congress, most important is the House of Representatives which controls the budget. The other third is the judiciary.
          In case you haven’t noticed the House of Representatives and the Supreme Court are controlled by Republicans/conservatives who have said openly that they would not cooperate and their objective is to make Obama fail. He knows that, the only thing left is the bully pulpit to get the citizenry to force congress to act in the best interest of the country. African Americans are only 14% of the population, Latinos are 14% of the population and 68% are white. Obama got the majority of the African American and Latino vote he did not get the majority of the white vote. This leave a significant number of whites against him, limiting his effectiveness when using the bully pulpit in this racist country.
          Obama has to very carefully pick his fights to be effective. Obviously Obama can not order or even say that African Americans should be hired ahead of other groups. One thing that he has done is to invite the ceo’s of the top companies to the White House for a luncheon two months ago. He asked them to hire more African Americans and veterans. They agreed to do all that they could. No doubt there will be or have be or been some small increase in employment.
          This has not been widely reported in the media.
          Recently Obama hired 800 veterans to work for the Veterans Administration do peer to peer counseling to mentally wounded veterans. Almost 200 of the 800 are
          African Americans
          This has not been widely reported in the media.
          Obamacare will improve the health and economic conditions in our communities. 10 million of the 30 million uninsured Americans are African Americans.
          This has not been widely reported in the media.
          In 2010 Obama and a Democratic congress created a new agency, the Consumer protection Agency to oversee the banks and prevent predatory lending. The new Republican House of Representatives is delaying and weakening this agency. African Americans were major victims of predatory lending, many lost their houses or were stuck with huge debts.
          This has not been widely reported in the media.
          Michele Obama, Arne Duncan the Secretary of Education, Valerie Jarrett political advisor and other White House staff gave graduation speeches at HBC’s this year. Never before have so many White House staff gave in the same year. The themes were all the same. Their target audience was those people that were directly effected by the cuts from budget by house Republicans. It’s unfortunate that most African Americans don’t know the what how the government works, don’t follow what is happening in congress and the judiciary, don’t do any situational analysis and think that because there is black president that he can wave a magic wand and make the country better.

          • Without emotion I could not think. Period. Animals are less emotional so I should think like a dog? Women are emotional so this attack shows your hatred of women. Must be a cunning low life that could convince the people you hate – women – you deserve to be in the same party. You hate community – black- and women. You have destryed the Democratic
            party or made it so mixed up it is useless to serve its own constituents. No my friend I have long been known for thought. But gay is a thought disorder. Fact.

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  25. Earna Terefe-Kassa

    I love me some Obama, but Dr.Watkins made some very interesting points. Gave me food for thought.

  26. Dr. Watkins continue to speak the truth about President Obama and his continual disrespect towards black Americans. You make valid points to support your position and those of us who are not still caught up in the awe of the first black title being given by whites are able to be open to receiving the message. Our self esteem is so low as a people that we will accept what little this administration has done to directly address issues affecting black voters and we have the audacity to defend the president by saying he’s the president for all people. When’s the last time anyone has heard a Latino, Jewish or someone from the gay community make such claims. These groups have an agenda and their issues are their priority and they could care less about a president for all people. I agree that racism, oppression, poverty and high unemployment didn’t just begin when President Obama took office, but that does not give him the justification to speak in a manner that if we worked 10x harder, were more educated and disciplined circumstances would be better for black Americans. This is exactly how the speech goes every day in white contolled corporate Ameikkka workers slave mentality no longer applies

  27. Message to President Obama and The First Lady Blacks didn’t vote in record numbers to be criticized or given motivational speeches. We voted for your administration to enact policies that would address issues pertaining to our communities that would bring about CHANGE and HOPE.

  28. Thanks Dr. Boyce. I totally agree!

  29. First of all, Dr Boyce you do come off like a hater. I don’t believe you are jealous but this article reads like jealousy to me. You are basically saying that you are okay with the message but not the messenger and you take offense to those who are willing to listen to him. That’s jealousy. Second of all, you are being a hypocrite cause you berate black people all the time. What gives you the “moral authority” to berate black folk. You yourself have posted comments one of which stated that you will not sit by while my black people believe it is cool to be drunk, high and uneducated. I am paraphrasing cause I can’t find it or you took the post down. Lastly, the only policy that will change the black community is the legalization of drugs. Then maybe in a generation or two when the illegal drug market culture dissipates and die perhaps our community will heal and begin to fulfill its full potential.

  30. WE have such a long way to go.
    Intelligence does not require one to love a president because he is black
    nor does it require you to hate anyone who critiques or does not love a president because he is black.

    Having said that, there is a problem when one can give the same speech to a group of prison inmates and a class of college graduates.

    The Moorhouse man, probably from the time he was in kindergarten, was already worth congratulating and speaking to with respect for what he has achieved.

    As Alice Walker would say, “I think it p****s God off when you walk by the color purple in a field and don’t notice it.”

    • I think Dr. Boyce said he liked the speech. He wanted the speech to come from someone he respects like Chris Rock, Harry Belafonte or perhaps himself cause he chooses who has the moral authority to speak to black people. So maybe people should ask Dr. Boyce why he likes the speech and it’s message.

      • Logic N the Chi

        No Mikal missed the point elliot. he said they would have more credibility because they do not shy away like hoebama from calling out crakkkas

  31. I’ve had a change of heart about Oboma since he, Eric Holder, and that New Jersey FBI Black man put that $2 million dollar bounty on this Black woman’s head and labeled her a Terrorist. The same Black woman who fought our Civil Rights battles 40 years ago!

    Why don’t they put bounties on the Whites who murdered Blacks (KKK) or go after their assets?

    Seems Oboma comes to the Black college because he knows we are upset that he put this bounty on this Black woman’s head. I’ll never forgive him for that.

  32. Dr. George Benson

    SID MACK’s closing statement in his post: “Any hint that he is making a statement or trying to take some action favoring African Americans anything will only trigger a massive backlash from the RACIST in this country”…

    So instead of calling out the Race Card White People routinely insert in the decks of life they deal out to Black Folks, the President should make ridiculously insulting, self-hating, destructive statements that give credence to the RACIST’s assertions in this country that Black people are indeed 3/5′s of a human being and therefore treating the like animals is purely justified?

    You my Bamboozled, Minstrel Minded Negro, should put in an application at the White House to become President Obama’s shoeshine boy. And when you are hired please, please take the Army of Bamboozled, Minstrel Minded Negroes posting their castigations of Dr. Watkins for rightfully calling out President Obama for his perpetual dehumanization of Black people whose ancestors pave the road with their blood that he walked on to get into the White House.

    • Dr. Benson, Let me play a little rope a dope with you. Instead of changing the subject you could have said that the money that the president budgeted for HBC’s was not cut. Oh, you couldn’t say that because its true. If you and Dr. Boyce had done just little research then you would know that Michele Obama, Arne Duncan Secretary of Education and other members of the Obama administration all spoke at graduation ceremonies at HBC’s. All of the speeches had the same theme, “don’t let racism stand in your way.” The entire HBC community knew about the cuts and the reason for the cuts. The Obama’s, Duncan and other could have gone to their alma maters and been graciously received, they chose HBC’s because this community needs encouragement because of the cuts. They are living the effect, no salary increases, higher tuition, no campus improvement. They marched, rallied, wrote letters and made phone calls in protest. This has not been reported in the media and apparently unknown by our most learned doctors.
      You could have said the Republicans did not vote 96% of the time against the president. Oh, but you couldn’t say that because its true.
      You could have said that the letter to the president and statements by Smiley, West and Simmons contain constructive ideas and plans that Obama could implement in this political environment. Oh, but you couldn’t say that because they are nothing but complaints.
      But, actually you didn’t respond to anything I said, I wonder why?
      We know that a wealth republican political action group paid senior citizens to go on the famous tea party cross country campaign. They people from $5 to $20 to make adversarial telephone calls, write letters and post comments in predominately African American media.
      So are you getting paid for this post?
      I am trying to understand you!
      I wonder if there is something else that accounts for venom and personal attack on me. Are you having family problems? Maybe you got passed over for a promotion. Maybe your having s****l identity problems. Its obvious that your parent or parents failed to teach manners and civility. If you are doctor then whatever educational institutions that you graduated from need to up their game, improve their courses because they certainly failed to educate you.
      For your information you should have posted your reply by clicking reply directly below my post.

      • I am sorry but I cannot follow you. You say that there were no cuts but then HBCUs accepted the cuts. WE DONT NEED WORDS OR TALK. WE NEED ACTION. NOT ONLY IS THERE NO ACTION BUT THE CHEAP TALK OR SPEECH WAS A PUT DOWN. Re write what you said if you can make it clearer. Otherwise you are giving OBAMA’S SPEECH. TALKING LOUD AND SAYING NOTHING.

  33. You are a perfect example of “CRABS IN A BUCKET”. Nothing he does is good enough for you. Next term you run and f o better than Barack Obama. ……the first black president of the United States of America.

  34. spivey l. gordon

    Dr Watkin ,

    I have not always agreed with many of your topic of discussions. Your comments relating to President Obama’s speech at Morehouse Commencrment last weekend was appalling.

  35. Dr. Boyce, did you just seriously compare black people to domestic violence victims in an abusive relationship with the POTUS? Exhibit A as to why us “Obots” have been on you, because your remarks tend to be so far past reasoned or reasonable criticism and into just tearing down the President.

    The president’s message consisted of the same themes that I recall hearing from my grandmother: You have to work twice as hard to get half as much if you are black in America, and racism is no excuse for you to give up. I agree with this message, and I share similar messages every single day of my life.

    This essay could have ended right there! You should have understood the positivity and necessity of the President’s message because it was taught to you by your own grandmother (a message which probably has lots to do with why you now have a “Dr.” before your name and initials after it).

    For shame.

    • Your granny was not the POTUS ELECTED TO END THAT CONVERSATION. how long do we have to swallow that talk. Forever? Or until we get a real black president?

  36. makheru bradley

    Moral authority. No hypocrite has any moral authority. No war criminal has any moral authority.

    “So it’s up to you to widen your circle of concern — to care about justice for everybody, white, black and brown. Everybody. Not just in your own community, but also across this country and around the world.” — Obama

    This out of the mouth of a person who has authorized drone attacks and bombings that have killed innocent women and children, in Pakistan, Somalia, and Libya, including a 16-year-old American citizen, in Yemen. Saddam Hussein was tried and hanged for killing less people than Obama has already killed, and Obama’s killings continue unabated.

    “My job, as President, is to advocate for policies that generate more opportunity for everybody — policies that strengthen the middle class and give more people the chance to climb their way into the middle class. Policies that create more good jobs and reduce poverty, and educate more children, and give more families the security of health care, and protect more of our children from the horrors of gun violence. That’s my job. Those are matters of public policy…” – Obama

    If that is his job, then President Obama is an abject failure, and a poor role model for Morehouse’s graduates to emulate. And remember he said: “One of the things that all of you have learned over the last four years is there’s no longer any room for excuses… we’ve got no time for excuses.”

    • Well said. I voted for Obama in hopes of some serious change. However, he has proven to be a Democrat within the U.S. borders, but a Republican outside the U.S. borders – I can say the same for Clinton. He delivered Africa to the Western neo-colonialists on a platter when he allowed Libya (Africa’s financial independence) to fall. In spite of the cries and pleas from his brother in Kenya, he turned his back on Libya. If anyone has read Obama’s father’s dissertation when he (the father) was a student at Harvard, you will see that Obama clearly undermined his father’s dreams for Africa.

      Most people give me a deer-in-the-headlights look when I talk about what Obama is doing outside of the U.S. Appointing Bill Clinton as an envoy to Haiti is like appointing Hitler to Israel. What was he thinking? If anyone has not been keeping up with what has been going on in Haiti or anything outside of the U.S., then you should do some homework before responding.

  37. Boyce Watkins, I agree with Darrell; you are a petty person in the class with Cornel West, Tavis Smiley, Alan West and the other Blacks who are jealous of President Obama!! Your rant against Obama will not accomplish its goal; sell books and newsletters to benefit you financially!!

    I’ve had enough. I’m unsubscribing to Your Black World!!


  38. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

    I generally find Boyce’s commentary devoid of substance but he has identified one of the fundamental weaknesses of Obama’s presidency-his repeated use of African-Americans as political props.

    Obama has given a variation of this speech on three occasions, each time to a black audience and each time chastising blacks to exercise responsibility. He doesnt give this speech to hispanics (who he needs to court for political purposes) or th LGBT community (ditto) or tea partiers. Instead, he demonstrstes his political centrism by showing his willingness to take on his base generally, and African-Americans specifically. Consequently, while a sure shot better than the other option availsble, he has exercised that time-honored tradition of the Democratic party of taking the black vote for granted. This might not make him any worse than other Democratic politicians but it sure doesn’t make him any better. The fact that the black community stands for this speaks volumes.

  39. black rascism is why blacks wont try to get this fool impeached. he used blacks to get in office, and now he is disrespecting and using blacks to please white rascist, so they wont impeach him.

  40. He told them the truth! My mother told me the same thing when I was young and attending school, we have to be better than them, we are always having to prove ourselves. This is a must for Black folks! This president nor any other president can make a doper stop doping, nor a drunk stop drinking, nor a man be a father, nor a woman be a mother! The president can only tell them the right thing to do and it is up to us to do the right thing but as a rule, we follow in our parents footsteps, mama & daddy does drugs so do we. Mama & daddy depend on welfare and food stamps, so do we and on and on and Dr. Watkins you know this to be fact so stop the d**n hating!

  41. CONTENT OF CHARACTER should ALWAYS outweigh COLOR OF SKIN. Within ALL races, color of skin can become a blinding issue. Obama is a black MAN, not a black GOD. Since man is flawed, you can expect that the first or any Black or white president can be flawed. So, he is subject to error. AND it is okay for anyone to point out an error. Some black folks defend him just because he is black, much like a mother who says her child can do no wrong.

    Every great leader has advisers. In the old testament, God sent prophets to speak to the kings. Don’t kick the messenger because he publicly addressed the POTUS about a tear in his pants. Colossians 3:16 says that we should admonish one another, and Ephesians 6:19-20 encourages us to speak boldly.

    So, when and where can we discuss the errors, imperfections, or simply our opinions about a Black President? Many defend him to the death – right, wrong, or indifferent. We shut our eyes and ears to any flaws of our black president. He is a man, not a god, and flawed.

  42. Brother Eddie X

    I think Dr. Boyce Watkins words are credible especially when they call for Obama to not just talk about Black responsibility, but actually using his political power to address the very system that makes it necessary for us as Black people to talk about racism. We seem to think because he is president that he is working in the interest of the Black man of America. He is not. He is not on the front line of social justice and Black consciousness. He is too busy engaging in the drone bombings of civilians worldwide to address the diverse and highly intertwined systems that have and are creating the problem of the children of slaves. He will not go back to the White community and talk about White Supremacy. He won’t go to the Arab Community and talk about the degenerate business they set up in Black communities. But he is sitting in Pharaoh’s seat. You cannot lead BLack people and continue to give us a message about working hard to be part of a system that we have to bleed and die to be a part of. To lead Black people is to teach us to use our education to establish something for Self. To lead Black people is to give us the original knowledge of ourselves and to teach us the history of our sojourn in America. And that is what Barack Obama Cannot do.

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  44. I saw the speech. He repeated ” no excuses” so much that it seemed pathological. This needs analysis. There is a deeper meaning to this.

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  46. This definitely needed analysis. FLOTUS’ recent comments as well. If you recall when asked who she would like to be other than First Lady she stated Beyonce…then she chastised young black children who she argued don’t want to be teachers or lawyers but athletes and rappers. They are both hypocrites who are simplifying the realities of making it. They are perpetuating the bootstrap trope. I used to love them, but they pander to White America far too much. Rather than speaking about the deep issues surrounding race and poverty and how tough it really is to make it they sound like the right wing conservatives. their children don’t attend the same public schools that my children attend, and the truth is that you can do all the “right things” and get a college degree become a teacher etc., and still not make ends meet ! This next term is a huge flop.

  47. Stephanie M Nation

    NThis is sad and pathetic on Dr.Boyce part so far all ive heard from him is jealousy and envy and for the black idiots on here Dr. Boyce is representing BlueDogs which are conservative democrats he does not have your best interest and he never will my reminder to these stupid black folks is when you vote should you allow a tea party candidate to enter the white house they are politically connected and so was the kkk

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  49. This speech was a joke. Barak and gays are plotting to destroy black universities. Ask any black college president. This man is out of his mind to even show up at
    morehouse let ALONE GIVE THE COMMENCEMENT SPEECH. but in the video you can
    see the fawning gays. Dumb a***s don’t realize he would sooner shut down the

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  54. http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-975514

    Dr. Boyce is on point.

    YouTube: “Exodus: Inner-City Blacks Abandoning Obama & Democrat’s Liberal Agenda” uploaded by Rebel Pundit, published on Oct 29, 2012.

    Source: “Cambridge cops support Crowley” CNN, July 26, 2009.

    You Tube video: “A conversation between President Obama and the black community” Published on Jun 7, 2012 by drboycewatkins.

    YouTube: “Black People Were Never Citizens Of Amerikkka” – Dr. Umar Johnson.

    I’m willing to bet that Dr. Dre still has more street smarts and common sense than President Barack “illegal alien bootlicking/Chicago Cut Throat/Despotic” Obama, many U.S. born Black university graduates and Black Nationalist/Pan African/Marcus Garvey Movement Race Card players, who denounce his or her U.S. citizenship, trash the Constitution, while giving praise to, and giving away his or her earnings to numerous no good “jackleg poverty pimping preachers. It is certain, that many of these individuals who teach and preach such material may not even be U.S. citizens, because there are illegal aliens and his or her anchor babies from Somalia, Kenya, Nigeria, Trinidad, the Sudan, etc., etc., in the U.S. as well.

    If Frederick Douglass were to be resurrected from his grave, slim chance exists that he would agree with numerous individuals from within the Black community who denounce the importance of his or her U.S. citizenship , because Frederick Douglass like other individuals spent his or her life to free U.S. born Blacks from being enslaved and for the purpose of making Constitutional protections a reality for U.S. born descendants of slavery.

  55. “This speech was a joke. Barak and gays are plotting to destroy black universities. Ask any black college president. This man is out of his mind to even show up at morehouse let ALONE GIVE THE COMMENCEMENT SPEECH. but in the video you can see the fawning gays. Dumb a***s don’t realize he would sooner shut down the school.” by drhyme


    Indeed, Amen to the power of infinity, and Barack “the Magic Negro/illegal Alien Obama/Chicago Cut Throat/Despotic” Obama has done a mountain of nothing to competently serve even one deserving U.S. born descendant of slavery.


    YouTube: “Exodus: Inner-City Blacks Abandoning Obama & Democrat’s Liberal Agenda” uploaded by Rebel Pundit, published on Oct 29, 2012.

    The only time BO set foot in any Black community, especially the “inner-city” is when he is in trouble or losing, when he wants something, to talk down to U.S. born black men, women, and/or his or her siblings, and/or when he has been or is being rejected by his Irish relatives/Caucasian associates.

  56. Selected Comment:

    “This definitely needed analysis. FLOTUS’ recent comments as well. If you recall when asked who she would like to be other than First Lady she stated Beyonce…then she chastised young black children who she argued don’t want to be teachers or lawyers but athletes and rappers. They are both hypocrites who are simplifying the realities of making it. They are perpetuating the bootstrap trope. I used to love them, but they pander to White America far too much. Rather than speaking about the deep issues surrounding race and poverty and how tough it really is to make it they sound like the right wing conservatives. their children don’t attend the same public schools that my children attend, and the truth is that you can do all the “right things” and get a college degree become a teacher etc., and still not make ends meet ! This next term is a huge flop.” by mikkig



    It is certain the Jay-Z and Beyoncé Knowles are no longer fans or have any interest in Barack Obama, because BO has a habit of throwing anyone under the bus to save his own hide.

  57. Dr. Boyce is on point.


    YouTube: “Exodus: Inner-City Blacks Abandoning Obama & Democrat’s Liberal Agenda” uploaded by Rebel Pundit, published on Oct 29, 2012.

  58. “black rascism is why blacks wont try to get this fool impeached. he used blacks to get in office, and now he is disrespecting and using blacks to please white rascist, so they wont impeach him.” by tina



    YouTube: “Obama’s Aunt Say’s ‘The System Took Advantage Of Me’ – illegal alien Part 1″ uploaded by herncomp, Sep 21, 2010

    If you are black and an illegal alien you would benefit from BO. If you are U.S. born and Black chances are between slim and none that Barack Obama would even respond to you at all.

    As it stands the key group who should be demanding that BO be impeached should be U.S. born black men and women. Caucasians and other know or have proof that BO is inept, but these individuals are laying low and won’t impeach this fool because of the possibility of U.S. born Black resorting to “Rioting” if Caucasians initiate this.

    Hispanics (Mexicans/Cubans/El Salvadorians, etc., etc.) and millions of illegal aliens from around the world won’t demand impeachment because no good BO is promoting Amnesty/Dream Act for possibly twenty million or more illegal aliens, which benefits Hispanics more than any other ethnic group.

  59. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4u3PteRPLys

    YouTube: “Obama Says He Been to 57 States”

    When an idiot (Barack Obama) is in charge, no telling what is taking place behind the scenes by the other individuals who truly know what they are doing, are extremely competent, and will not hesitate to make use of any idiot to achieve his, her, or their goals.

    • Phillip Battle

      Mr. Lofton— tell it like it is. To many Black/AA are so caught up in the fill good first Black President junk it will set us back as a people 400 years.

      Look at the Asians, Dominicans, and every other ethnic group in America, and how they make use of the resources that are available to them in the USA. why are we the most SHEEPEST of them all? Black/AA folk running around praising failed accomplishments of a person of color– who happens to be a child of a white mother, and African father– who shares no history of the struggle of Black/AA decedents of the American Slaves.

      The fact of the matter is— American white folk chose Barry to be the first black president of the USA– to take the attention off of Bush and his band of thieves– who stole trillions of dollars– from housing, wall street, and all other financial institutes that bilked the public out of their money.

      So cry babies Black/AA— call a spade a spade– if anything try to unite and create a financial Nationwide institute that will have the ability to provide educational opportunities for our young children who are victims to this failing public school system-that is being used as a training ground for far to many Black/AA’s children to support the multi billion dollar industry of the penal institutions.


  60. Peter D. Slaughter

    I wonder why so many black’s are still defending this person ?
    They seem to be in some type of denial and love to be abused either by a white type of oppression or now even some type disguised black face oppression.
    I wonder what type of mental spell are they under to not see the reality of the situtation.
    Go check real history.
    When did or why would the white people who really control this really put in some real black president to really benifit the black masses.
    ole massa shade tree would never do it.
    When the trick,deception was being set up and being put in the minds of many world wide.
    Look how many black people took the bait,hook,link and sinker.
    Now they mad at this guy for saying something different.
    I wonder would they tell on another black person if they were going to run from the plantation long ago.

  61. Rev. George Brooks

    Here’s a question that we all need to put to President Obama. And perhaps Brother Boyce Keith has the platform to do it best. PRESIDENT OBAMA, WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO HIRE A MOREHOUSE MAN TO BE IN YOUR CABINET, OR ONE OF YOUR TOP ADVISORS THERE IN THE WHITE HOUSE ? — Rev. George Brooks

    • When he finds one that qualify, Look around you how many black are on any top cabinet, They mostly hang around with the easy stuff in government so that they don’t have to put anything on the line. You don’t see them in the finance committee, you do see them on foreign policy, that’s because they stick to social issues, and only have one agenda, and that’s lifetime electability. And I bet you call yourself a man of GOD.

  62. The fact that you would slam the POTUS for giving a speech that recalls many of the same themes as your grandmother tells me more about you than any book you’ve written could. I appreciate that we can be critical of our president the same way as everybody else, but criticize him simply for sake of doing it. Have a point sir. Yes, we should address double standards wherever they exist. And he should be more forthcoming about the racism he’s experienced since he’s been elected to office. But this was not the fight that he was presenting the brothers of Morehouse college with. He was saying that people have to accept racism to overcome it. And find ways to agitate in spite of it. Sir, please continue speak truth to the oppressors of the modern age. But don’t throw around empty rhetoric as a way to draw more attention to yourself. It’s unsavory.

  63. We really need to have an open mind to what is being said. The truth was spoken here in my opinion, and the truth shall make you free!!!


    David, you and others are seemingly engaged in the same dynamic (pettiness, jealousy, etc.) you are accusing Dr. Watkins. Agree or disagree with Dr. Watkins I plead of you to be respectful to him. Dr. Watkins is an incredible economist, father, activist, etc. and although it appears you disagree with him on this ONE issue and perhaps additional issues please be careful how you slander—there’s legal recourse against such. For example, I’m one such individual, contrary to your statement in part above, that “no one will ever follow him…” I actually follow aspects of Dr. Watkins’s instructions around finance, Black Love, community building, etc., i.e. those aspects that prove conducive to the freedom and liberation of Black people thus all people. Dr. Watkins, like you and others have the right to expression and critique of each other as well as our president. I’m only suggesting, keep it respectful and it is YOU not Dr. Watkins that is seething in disrespect. Dr. Watkins is an esteemed scholar and member of our (BLACK) community. One who should be loved, respected, admired, encouraged and kept in our prayers and well wishes. Might I suggest you do a bit more research on Dr. Watkins before you refer to him as a joke? He is not a joke. Like you, he is a reflection of divinity in the making….. I applaud Dr. Watkins and his efforts to ‘lift Black people’. Dichotomous thinking is not something we should engage in this regard. It’s not ‘either or’ but often ‘both and’…I love both these Black men (Boyce and Barack), one the president of the United States of America (including Black people); the other, an internationally renowned scholar speaking truth to power as he sees it! No need to disrespect either. Peace, love and blessings to you.

    P.S. Dr. Watkins nor you are alone in your sentiments…here’s another criticism of President Obama’s speech: http://www.washingtonspectator.org/index.php/BREAKING-VIEWS/yvette-carnell-obama-tells-morehouse-grads-their-on-their-own-in-fight-against-racism.html

  65. Wow, so sorry that so many of you thought President Obama was going to be your Savior. Sorry but the truth hurts. Some of you need to get off your azzes and do something for yourself instead of waiting on a hand-out. Just because we have a Black president didn’t mean that all would be well for Black America or any American. Did those of you waiting on hand-outs criticize the white presidents when they did nothing for you either. THE TRUTH HURTS!

  66. When do black people collectively reject Obamas “lazy” approach to using his powers to bring justice to hiring and equal opportunity. It appears that Obama is a throwback to the “light complexion black who thinks he is almost white and is delusional with the attention and comments that people give him. Let us see what happens when we walk away from the Democratic Party !

    Enough–we have loss hope!

  67. Kudos to Dr. Watkins. Pres. Obama perpetuates myths and stereotypes, not to mention insults the intelligence of educated and aware black folks.
    His speech was more for a graduation from the methadone clinic, not from Morehouse College.
    His disdain for black folk is more than just politics. This man is not our friend and should not be a role motto. He is not mixed race — he is mulatto and all the negativity and stereotyping that last description brings.
    I am afraid we have been set back years by his presidency and the damage will be seen when he is out of office.

    • PetefromDetroit

      “His speech was more for a graduation from the methadone clinic, not from Morehouse College” Yep.
      And…. Not to mention that his “No Excuses” speech was/is the polar opposite of true.
      In my honest and well-pondered opinion and with my own eyes, I see the well-to do blacks as easily the most dysfunctional of the american black socioeconomic classes. And for this man to propagate over and over and over, from the most powerful podium in the world, that the crux of our problems lie directly in our lack of personal responsibility, is far more evil than a 16 year old robbing someone at gunpoint IMO. The only way that this personal responsibility doo doo could be true, is when he looks in the mirror and sees a reflection of himself, a man who has I believe, genuine contempt for most of his most loyal constituents. I don’t see how we will recover collectively. Our seats at the dinner table are taken. We will now have to literally push people out of seats to assure any kind of future for our offspring. We did bad Y’all with this Obama thing.

  68. Baraks sperm donor was black. He is as white or more white than most whites. Few blacks in Hawaii or Indonesia. He is white inside and that’s all that matters. In fact I know many whites blacker than he. Michael McDonnell for example.

  69. There are a lot of us who think for ourselves and don’t look to you as a leader and can not be duped because of your victim laced rhetoric. I’m not impressed with your titles, education or labels, what would impress me would be to see men and women like yourself stop using people through the use of playing the victim card.

    Some people don’t have the ability to know when they’re being used for economic gain, but I do. You and other’s who think like you are not really about empowering the people if all you’re preaching is perpetual victim-hood, while you continue to get ahead and enrich your own pockets. Black folks pain and suffering is big business to you and nothing more.

    We can all have a differing opinion, but when you cross the line by denying the truth, I have a problem with it and it seems that there’s a pattern among a vast majority of the so called black intelligentsia who practice this. The president seems to bring you and your cronies insecurity’s and inadequacies to the surface. They seem to forget all about personal responsibility and blame every thing on racism or something else.

    How did you supposedly excel and why aren’t you teaching your followers the same things? Leaders truthfully acknowledge that there are problems, find attainable solutions to solve them and don’t make excuses or lay blame on others because only men not fit to lead do the latter.

    Maybe you would have preferred a Caucasian politician to give the address instead of Mr. Obama since he lacks moral authority. Where’s your moral fortitude and courage to speak the truth as it pertains to our people?

  70. You sound like a rapist who blames his victims . If a people have been harmed they must be healed. Personal responsibility starts with the original crime. Forty acres would have been a huge help. But nothing for slavery? If people don’t
    pay for crime then why do we have jails? Just tell the victims “don’t complain?

  71. Pingback: Ending Gun Violence with Actual Corrective Measures, not Corroding Gun Rights | LennyMcAllister.com

  72. Theodora Herzl

    EXCELLENT JOB DR. BOYCE WATKINS…I am a Morehouse Alumni (Class of 1997) and Naval Veteran. Since Massey was president….these fools have become SOFT clowns and do not have a clue about what this Government is up to; especially when it comes to YOUNG BLACKS IN AMERIKKKA. This dude “Obama” is a p**n and a fool for doing Zionist dirty work globally and nationally; and, BLACK people just want a seat in the balcony of “STAGED THEATRE”: just to say “WE WERE THERE”….DUMB DUMBs……and N@GGAz are abominable PRIMITIVE h**o IDOLATERs in the name of SATAN/Edomites. I hope and pray OBAMA sends all of these POP-Culture BLACKS who voted for him to the battlefield…because that is where they belong……OUR “PRESIDENT”….Please!!!!….what a Global chagrin to BLACKs in this country of old. SHALOM!

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