Nation of Islam Petitions Pres. Obama and AG Eric Holder to Release Malcolm X Files

The Nation of Islam has petitioned Attorney General Eric Holder to release Malcolm X files that will provide evidence behind how he was murdered.


The Nation of Islam petitioned President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder earlier this year to make available to the public all government files (unredacted) related to the assassination of Malcolm X. The petition came following the release of the film titled “Betty and Coretta,” in which the film heavily alluded to Min. Louis Farrakhan being the mastermind behind the tragic 1965 assassination of Malcolm X.  The film is executive produced by Mary J. Blige — who happens to be a dear friend of Min. Farrakhan — and examines the lives of Malcolm X’s wife, Betty Shabazz and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s wife, Coretta Scott King.

The petition reads: “The mass media have tried to implicate Minister Farrakhan in the assassination of Malcolm X, falsely and maliciously reporting that he was directly involved in the murder of the slain black leader.” Rumors immediately sparked about Mary J. Blige and Min. Farrakhan having “beef” following the release of the film; however, Min. Farrakhan cleared the air and let everyone know that he and Mary J. Blige are fine. “Mary J. Blige is my friend! And nothing that’s in this movie has diminished my love and respect for her.“ He also addressed persons who believe he played a major role in assassinating Malcolm X. ”I am not guilty of killing Malcolm X,” he told the Final Call. ”If I were, I would have been brought into a court of law and sent to prison.” The Nation of Islam believes the government conspired to have Malcolm X assassinated and should face the public with their involvement.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s illegal and unconstitutional Counter Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO) interfered with and disrupted the lawful rights of nearly every Black organization and its leadership, and the U.S. government has never denied its role in the murder of Black leaders,” the petition reads. The NOI’s call to have the government reveal documents surrounding Malcolm’s death is revered as one of many steps made to a make sure that it is crystal clear that Min. Farrakhan did not have anything to do with Malcolm’s murder. You can support the petition by clicking here:

Will you join the NOI in requesting documents pertaining to Malcolm X’s  assassination be released?

35 Responses to Nation of Islam Petitions Pres. Obama and AG Eric Holder to Release Malcolm X Files

  1. If this is true then the Federal govt does need to release the files so one can be clear about the participation of the individuals who truly had a hand in Brother Malcolm’s murder.

  2. That racist pu.nk by the name of ‘gay edgar hoover’ had Malcolm X killed!

    Those negroids were ‘front boys’ for the government, who killed brother Malcolm X. THEY WERE NOT REAL MUSLIMS!!!

    I wish y’all would start researching the Truth instead of beLIEving what this racist media tells y’all about Malcolm’s murder! The bottom line is that; him and MLK were getting ready to UNITE, and this is why the government aka willie lynch had both of them killed!!!

    “The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power.” -Malcolm X

    M indless
    E vil
    D evils
    I n
    A ction


  3. Control the production and distribution of Information (Media), you control the mindset of people and the way they see and perceive things and issues.

    Derrick my brother you are the only few black men in this country that understand this Zionist control media in this country. I have been following your comments in this forum, brother any time your comments are always on point.
    People please learn from brother Derrick, your so call media is not here to tell you the truth about any issues. The main stream media in this country is owned by corporations and these corporations are Zionist own. 90 – 95% of the media is controlled by the smallest community of the United State, in the process the news is always one sided. They present the news they way they want you to see and read the news regardless of the facts or not.
    These people know the power of the media; this is why they are buying all the other news outlets they don’t originally own.
    For example BET and Essence Magazine were originally black owned, the same people who already controlled majority of the news outlets in USA bought BET & ESSENCE magazine. Why? Simple, because they want to make sure any article or news that comes out BET or Essence Magazine they have to approve it. We are talking about control here people. You guys should read the “Secret relationship between Blacks and Jews” book 2.
    Another big news media that fall victim to this is CNN. CNN was founded by Ted Turner. CNN was big and high in the 90s. It was competing with big news media like the BBC England (the biggest news media in the word) for the domination of world news.
    For some reason Mr. Turner was tricked to merged with AOL. After the merge with AOL, Mr. Turner became an ordinary share holder and no longer have control of CNN, not only that he lost ownership of his baseball team (Atlanta Braves).Just after the merged with AOL, AOL stock (WALL STREET) went down very deep, which makes him lost a lot money also. What Mr. Turner didn’t understands at the time was that, the same people who control the major networks and media at large also have control of Wall Street, they are capable of making a company’s stock rise and fall.
    The question is why are they making sure that they own and control all these news media? They know the power of the media. You control the media, you set the agenda and present the news the way you want the news to be seeing and red. In the process you change the way people perceive and see things. You control the public’s mind set. Very few people in America know these facts.
    Until we have a balance media, not a media control by the few (Zionists), American will continue to fight unnecessary WARS and those who stand up to speak the truth and educate the public about the facts of things like bother El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (Malcolm X) and the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. (May The Peace and Blessings OF God Be UPON Them) will always be silence through the gun.
    The only thing that helps these days is the advent of the internet that brought most of these things in the open and we have a place like this where we discuss these issues.
    Yes go ahead a release the documents I say.

    • @Malima:

      Much Love & Respect for your gratitude. Our people have been brainwashed for so long, they are afraid of the Truth, and they suffer from MS, not Multiple Sclerosis, but Mental Suicide! Their minds have been trained by these crackers to THINK suicidal thoughts, which have ‘killed’ them MENTALLY!

      With all of these rich Black professional people running around here, there is no reason, why we should not have our OWN media. There are over 25 mexican stations in Chicago!!! But, these dumb down negroids always include these chili chokers in our struggles, while they’re already making progress, but we continue to regress!

      While I was in Chicago, I went to chinatown, and ALL of those slant eyed mongoloids had their OWN BUSINESSES, plus they have a mall, where the businesses are written in chinese!!! I didn’t see one beauty and barber supply store in chinatown, but once I left that area, there were beauty and barber supply stores ALL over the Black community!!!

      Those slant eyed mongoloids are some of the most racist critters on the planet! I had to put plenty of those niq.qars in their place, while I was there. ALL RACES HATE US, BUT I DEMAND MY RESPECT!!!

      Peace & Prosperity!

  4. Rev. George Brooks

    Are some of these bloggers, and ALL NOI members, saying that ALL of the Nation of Islam members at that time were on geniune friendly terms with Malcolm X, including Elijah Muhammad? And what favorable comments did Brother Farrakhan utter during the time, if he made any, leading up to Malcolm’s death, and are there any that were recorded that can still be brought to the light? And this is not to accuse Brother Farrakhan, but to simply call for ALL information on all sides being put before today’s public, including government files. And this same thing needs to be done in the case of Dr. Martin Luther King’s death as well. — Rev. George Brooks

  5. DANNY ELIJAH GILBERT… You Are The Only Idiot On This Thread. Obviously You Don’t Understand How White Supremacy Works.

  6. Lawrence Campbell

    Ask the devil to tell the truth, watch the disciples of the devil make accusations with no real knowledge, firsthand or otherwise…divide and conquer.

    I’ve had first hand experience/training and knowledge with both Brothers Minister, and beyond, to include The Supreme Minister and his sons, and the NOI and FOI. I too have my personal opinion, but this race toward discrediting any semblance of leadership in the World Community (specifically among people of color) is a dangerous precedent. We’ve already established open hostility among ourselves though violence everywhere we reside (in fear), and have no real leaders for guidance. Let us not give the right to this devil, nor our personal devils, to do any harm to one another…move on to what’s imminently dangerous, such as the “acts” of legislation threatening what little “free dumb” we almost had.

    Arm your MIND, seek the Real Truth concerning the demonic plans for certain groups (we know whom), the stripping of MAN and WOMAN from their rightful places throughout the globe.

    Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding…any one without the other is nothing short of mind abortion. “Know THE TRUTH”, then speak with (a) humility.

  7. Peter D. Slaughter

    I wonder do a vast % of black people get it ?
    Serious,it does not matter if they are released or not.

    I will give 2 reasons why.

    1. If they get released black people are not going to do nothing except say ” ah ha ” we knew it was y t who did it ” .

    2. Instead of being all excited and emotional over this
    Black’s who are really down need to keep on trying to keep this brother good ideas alive and well.

    Still arguing and debating over who did what does not empower black people in the hood at all.

  8. Back in the Day it was the Honorable Elijah Muhammad did it? Now that the Minister is in his seat He will catch Heat too! The Devil is a Liar! This Got the FBI’s finger prints all over it! Malcolm was fooled by these Enemies & the so-called teenage secretary was an FBI informant & He brought it & fell for the line like a fish! I got the 1960 picture of Malcolm Muhammad Imam Warith Deen Mohammed & Min Farrakhan in Mecca & Egypt in 1960 Malcolm was no Dummy about who’s in Islam! He was Surrounded by Agents the head of Malcolm’s security was an FBI Agent I seen him on DVD crying like a Girl because he helped our open Enemies kill our Brother! I would love to know who burned up the Mosque in NY #7? The Nation owned the House Malcolm lived in,why would they destroy their own property? Sounds like the Enemy! T.H.E.M gave orders to leave Malcolm alone if you kept up we already knew you were an Agent of Satan & Gay Edgar Hoover! The Panthers got the same thing snitches & stool pigeons! Some of our people are sick & believe in White Supremacy so they will kill our own like drinking water! How sick are our people? They planned the Split between Malcolm & His teacher and planned his death in Mecca but an innocent Muslim instead got it!(Poisoned) some of you all believe everything these crackers say so you already Dead you just not taking a Dirt Knapp Muhammad loved Malcolm like a Son just ask Brothers like d**k Gregory who was there! Everybody would come over to Malcolm’s house & a Secret to you Slave Minded Negroes He & The Minister lived in that House together both were Newly Weds! Muhammad Ali would stop by on the Regular In Islam we are Brothers! No big I or little you! Open up COInTelpro period so we can see what they did to all our people!

    • These modern day slaves, such as, Sharptongue Sharpton, and Messy Jessey are also stool pigeons to keep Black people in this sub-servient condition.

      They are not out to help us because they are getting paid by the very people, they claim to be fighting against, which is the government aka willie lynch. ALL of these negroid leaders are Boule’ negroids, and their job is keep Black people at the bottom of the ship! They are pawns for the demonRATic party to keep negroids voting for these heathens, so they can continue to usurp us; not only here in amerikkka, but also in Afrika.

      O’Drama is a Boule’ negroid, too! This is why he was SELECTED to become ‘resident’ of the uNUTed snakes because his father was an Afrikan. This is why ALL countries in Afrika are occupied by the uNUTed snakes army, so amerikkka can continue to STEAL that oil, that is in Afrika! Remember, O’Drama is responsible for the killings of Gaddafi and Bin Laden, and this is the REAL reason he was SELECTED, so he could put the hit out on these Afrikan leaders! If a white boy did this; those arabs would’ve tore the uNUTed snakes apart!!!

      O’Drama was SELECTED a second term, so he can continue to cut social security and medicaid. His job is to eliminate Black and poor people, and as you can see, he’s on his way!!!

      I say our people are sick ALL THE TIME, and they need a mental healing because they only beLIEve what these yankees tell them. I didn’t know my people were so fvcked up! All they think about is running to the entertainment center (church), pay tithes, and wear their new clothes, while nothing is put into their minds.

      I went to the the Salaam Restaurant, while I was in Chicago, and the food was right on time. I had some cabbage and spinach, baked chicken, whiting fish, squash, and of course, THE BEAN PIE!!! It was good to be around some strong brothers, and the sisters were friendly, who served the food!

      I met brother Gregory this past weekend, and he looks better in person, than on tell-a-LIE-vision, and pictures! He’s a little brother, but BIG with knowledge and wisdom! I’m not gonna mention any names, but he knows, who had a hand in killing MLK. Him and the late Brother Cokely ran this Truth down in some videos they made after MLK was asassinated.

      There are plenty of negroid agents, who consider themselves our leaders, who are leading us astray!

      Peace Be Unto You!!!

  9. Dirty MF’s

  10. Derrick; do you realize you appear to be against everybody. You will not have enough people to back your goals until you compromise a little. Perhaps accept that the other minorities and some blacks have been brainwashed and do not know that they are working to keep us and themselve in servitude to the minority race. Exposing the truth to them to see how many will show interest might be a good strategy. The truth might spread throughout their community and they might join you on reaching some of your goals. Of course, I am assuming you are not a spy placed on these threads to agitate and draw out those who might speak against the establishment.

    • @Harold:

      What I ‘appear’ to be, and what ‘I AM’, as far as you are concerned are two different things! I AM A PROUD BLACK MAN…plain and simple. YOU DON’T KNOW A DA.MN THANG ABOUT ME, SO ZIP YOUR JIBS!

      I’m not worried about these ‘minorities’ (caucasoids, chili chokers, mongoloids, and camel jocks) because I AM PART OF THE MAJORITY CULTURE! I don’t consider myself a ‘minority’ because BLACKS OUTNUMBER ALL CULTURES WORLD-WIDE! By the way…a minority is a ‘minor’, and I don’t take orders from NOBODY!!!

      If negroids don’t want to accept the Truth, then; that’s their problem; not mine. I call it; like I see it, and if you THINK I’m against everybody, you should go back and re-examine my comments.
      I’m against these negroids (self-hatin’ negroes), I’m against these mongoloids, I’m against these caucasoids, and chili chokers (mexicans), who hate us with a PASSION!!!

      I LOVE MY “BLACK PEOPLE”, AND THEY KNOW, WHO THEY ARE! I’m not here to integrate, and love my enemies because I don’t agree with that bullshyt! I’m not on this site to make friends, I’m alright in that department, I’m here to voice my opinions just like YOU!

      I’m not worried about people ‘backing my goals’ because I’m succeeding without negroid’s or caucasoid’s backing…end of story!

      Your words: “Exposing the truth to them to see how many will show interest might be a good strategy.”


      As far as being a ‘spy’ on this site…YOU’RE OUT OF YOUR RABBIT AZZ MIND!!! I WILL NEVER DO THE MONKEY FOR THE HONKEY!!!

      I see you’re just another jealous hearted negroid running around here promoting LIES and bullshyt! My goals have already been met; therefore, I’m enjoying life, and I have not worked on the cracker’s plantation, since 1994! I’M FREE FROM DEALING WITH THOSE SERPENTS!!!

      In the future…don’t ASSume shyt because it makes you look like the AZZ, that you appear to be!


  11. I see a lot of bad info on here. For starters, none of the folks involved in the murder were from the Minister’s Mosque and the alleged cia character was really an fbi agent and can be seen in pictures posted in time magazine giving improper cpr to brother Malcolm

  12. Brother you are misguided, Yes Farrakhan admitted that he was vocal in Malcolm’s mocking of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and called for his death as a traitor, he did foster a climate where many true believers in the Nation felt that Malcolm was a hippocrite and traitor to his teacher, leader and guide but to suggest that Farrakhan was directly involved is defaming and slanderous… additionally why all this love for Malcolm now that he is dead, when while alive the Government counted him as one of the dangerous men in America…. It’s all subterfuge brother to keep you away from ther life giving teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad

  13. Even Louis Farrakhan himself has admitted that he may have said some things that may have compelled his backers in the NOI to assassinate Malcolm X. That’s old news really. But here is the thing, people. Why are we obsessing about that now? Aren’t there bigger issues for us to contend with? Like, how far we have deviated from the unity we demonstrated back in the days of slavery and in the 60s and 70s, when we were being whipped, and hosed, and spat on. Amazingly, not withstanding such attrocities, we were such a united people back then. But look at us now, all divided and snobby. Turning our noses up, almost as if we despise each other.
    We have allowed black on black racism to infiltrate our moral fabric, our existence, our way of being and now our race is severely divided and fragmented as a result. Truthfully speaking, we won’t have to worry about white people’s alleged scheme to phase us out because at the rate we are going, we will do that all by ourselves.
    Fact of the matter is, the way black people are dissing each other, tearing each other down and impeding the progress of each other is not only a disgrace to our race but it is also a mockery to anything Malcolm X or MLK advocated for. And I dare say that if this is what a little bit of education has done for us, then maybe we might have been better off staying dumb.
    Along other lines, I cannot help but get another dig in on the POTUS. Ever hear of the slogan, “No Justice, No Peace”? Well, we have a black POTUS in the white house, which we black folks rallied to elect, and still we cannot get any justice, and we sure as h**l can’t find peace. In President Obama’s eyes, we do not exist. We only surface when some unsung heroes like Tavis or Cornelle calls him on the carpet causing him to either defend his inactions or temporarily pacify us. Alas, the effectiveness of Smiley’s’ and West’s movement is only as effectual as our willingness to keep it up. And you know black people, we won’t come together on anything. It’s like going to church on Sunday, getting a “feel good” message, pledging to go out into the world to spread the good news, and then plopping down on our stoop until it is time for the next feel good sermon.
    If that is your typical modus operandi then maybe this fact will compel us to do differently. Consider this, while there are prominent blacks in America who have accomplished major feats, brianiacs even, Obama does not regard us enough to even give us a seat at the table. Just take a look around this administration. Its general makeup, mostly white, some Hispanics, and a sprinkle of Asians. Yeah, we may be in play, but of no consequence. And only if you consider being an Ambassador, or an Advisor, or a staffer as being in play. Sure, Obama elected a sister as his US Surgeon General but she is so out of the spotlight that she almost does not exist. In essence, these second rate, backseat positions are not really in the forefront, and they sure as h**l are not what you can call a “win” for black people. They really can’t impact any change, and especially none that would be of benefit.
    No one talks much about the US Surgeon General, or the Ambassador of this or that country, or remembers a staffer once they are gone. But they do, every so often mention the Secretary of State, recall defining moments of the Press Secretary, and the pluses and minuses of the Secretary of Defense, even bring to mind the little pet peeves of the Chief of Staff. Come to think of it, have we ever had a black Press Secretary? Have we ever had an African American Chief of Staff? What about a democratic, Supreme Court justice, who was of the black persuasion?
    You know, I don’t blame past presidents who were white for not giving us our rightful place in their cabinets. While we were deserving, it’s no surprise that we didn’t get any better out of presidents who didn’t look like us.
    But President Barack Obama, himself being black, had a golden opportunity to level the playing field in a number of areas like business opportunities, health disparity, and oh yes, JUSTICE. He could have changed the face of JUSTICE for every black man who has rightfully believed the justice system was against them. Obama could have done made such strides by electing an African American woman and/or an African American male to the Supreme Court. In so doing, he might have stemmed the tides of racism, police brutality, profiling, drugs, and male oppression. If he had of done so maybe innocent men would no longer have to fear spending 20 years in prison for a crimes they did not commit, or worse, receive the death penalty, wrongfully. And what does he do? He elects a white woman and a Hispanic woman. As if they are going to be any more compelled than their predecessors to consider the plight of black people in their rulings.

    • Brother
      Obama is not the reason for our suffering. We are cause wh have self hatred and even though we realize the root of our self loathing we are still looking for someone other than our narural selves to raise us from this hellish condition.. we are truly deaf, dumb and blind…If we would do for self and kind and unify then our issues would be solved overnight

  14. There is no statute of limitations for murder. If Min Farrakhan is guilty of this crime then charge him in a court of law and present the evidence. Otherwise, stop using Malcolm X as a smoke screen to stop the progress Min Farrakhan is having transforming the lives of black and oppressed people all over the planet.

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