Man Says Tyler Perry Abandoned the Black Gay Community


It’s hard to know if Tyler Perry is gay or not, we’re not trying to say.   But there are rumblings that are seeking to insinuate that he might be part of the gay community.  Aaron McGruder, creator of the Boondocks made a television episode that seemed to imply that Perry might be gay.  The episode led t a backlash from Perry and stirred a great deal of controversy.

Now, a popular YouTube video by a man named Walter Lee Hampton II is accusing Perry of turning his back on the black gay community.  Hampton, who says he was a friend of Perry’s back in the 1990s, says that he feels that once Perry became successful, he sought to disavow his association with the gay community.

Hampton says that he is tired of gay men who use the gay community to become successful and then act as if they are ashamed of who they are.   He says that gay black men helped Perry to get his start, and that Perry has kept his existence in hiding largely to avoid losing the support of the black church, particularly in the south, where Perry has a very large audience.

“These guys need love, support and understanding,” he said.  ”To run away and do nothing, I just have a problem with that.” 

Whether Hampton is accurate or not in his assessment of the situation, he does appear to be sincere.  Also, we have to ask if the black community’s decision to abandon gay black men leads them to feel even more lonely, hurt and isolated than they would feel otherwise.  Check out the video and share your thoughts.

235 Responses to Man Says Tyler Perry Abandoned the Black Gay Community

  1. Some of the comments on here are indicative that there is a real problem in the black community! Tyler Perry being gay is not the issue; it’s his insistence on perpetrating stereotypes and stigma when it comes to gays and especially his treatment of HIV in his films.

    I don’t give a rats a*s what his sexuall orientation is (I do believe he is gay), but if he is, his actions are appalling.

    • What stereotypes are you talking about tyler just showing the real in the black communities and its not the responsibilty of tyler
      to tell grown azz folks to use safe s*x if they dumb and want to risk their lives than that’s on them

      People need to take responsibilty for their own actions and when it comes to s*x some people in the black community are willing to take those risks just like in the gay communities be responsible for your own grown azzes you are not naive so grown the fk up and protect yourselves

  2. This is no major announcement. If he is gay or not is between him and GOD. I like his movies and the fact that he doesn’t share his money, celebrity or support with me doesn’t matter because I make my own way in life. We can’t always ride on each others success. If someone in your community needs help, help them. If you see the need, it’s for you to supply it. Not worry about what the next person does.

  3. Who cares if Tyler Perry is gay! This is what you call a straight HATER at it’s purest! He is doing this because of something foul that is in his own life. If the gay community needs help them YOU help them, you gay, and please don’t mention God in this … God don’t like ugly, and this is definitely UGLY. You need Jesus.

    I absolutely like the film Temptation. It makes people think twice about what they’re planning to do with their lives. She steps out of her marriage, cheats on her husband, then treats him like a c**p? (YOU KNOW PEOPLE DO THAT) then she ends up getting burned … if that ain’t true, THEN WHY DO SO MANY PEOPLE HAVE AIDS/HIV TODAY? smh

  4. n***a you ain’t s**t….it’s hoes like you that get f****d up for running your mouth because you Mad Bro!!!! What you want Tyler to do buy you punks some condums so you can stop spreading that s**t. Hoe sit down!

  5. Funny thing to me is, every time a brotha makes a name for himself someone who feels LEFTOUT goes public with a bunch of so called FACTS AND TRUTHS about said person. My question is this. WHAT BUSINESS IS IT OF OURS IF THAT MAN IS GAY OR NOT. AND FURTHER MORE, IF YOU WERE A REAL MAN BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY A REAL FRIEND THIS WOULD AND SHOULD OF BEEN HANDLED BETWEEN YOU AND MR PERY ON A PERSONAL PRIVATE LEVEL. But then, there’s no public spotlight in that for you now is there????? SMDH I really hope this gossip whether true or not gains you the notoriety you seek because at the end of the day, YOU LOOK LIKE THE SELL OUT….,

  6. Why is that you must be the doorman to make someone SAY….I AM BLACK AND GAY…come on out…I’ll hold the door. I’ve never had respect…and I retired from the military….I’ve never had respect for gay men….who because they were gay…didn’t care who knew…always wanted other gay men to jump on there band wagon. Gay men stretches from one degree to 360 degrees. What one may feel comfortable doing…coming out….it may not be for another. And society does not make it easy. That’s why many black gay men make a decision to not become public with there personal business. So what back in the 90s…he was snapping and cutting up…he grew…and yes…he may have felt that because black spiritual folks…some…are so prejudiced towards the black gay community he needed to chance his circles. That was his choice. And you making a YOUTUBE video demonstrates that you have no decorum on who knows your business. If Tyler chooses…chose to distant himself…that was his choice…..we all make choices…Just like your choice is to expose Tyler for the acquaintance that you may have had….years ago….He has to do what he has to do…to accomplish what he has accomplished because of the prejudice and stereotype that the black community imposes on the black gay community. IT IS WHAT IT IS….

  7. UNBELIEVABLE…And here we have,a a grown gay man who acts like a ….,whining about Tyler Perry exposing his personal life, whether he is gay or not, it is none of our business… and Hampton thinks we should listen to him. What a JOKE! Hampton, you should be ashame of yourself to go national to whine about what Tyler Perry is not doing for the Gay community. Tyler don’t owe you a thing nor to the Gay Community. Whatever your beef with him, be man enough to talk to him personally. If he choose not to speak with you leave it alone. As I listened to you, This is not about Tyler this is about YOU! You want the community to feel pity, and reward you for a few minutes of fame…well, it’s not going to happen….get pass it and move on. I am sick and tired the Gay Community talk about their feelings and rights as if we owe ya’ll something. We don’t. The choice ya’ll made to live against God’s will is not our responsibility, and it does not constitutes your rights in this nation…the only rights ya’ll have is the human rights which we all have. Ya’ll wonder why, you suffer through homsexuality,that’s because the behavior is of an abomination to God. I have nothing against people, I love associating with people. But I am not going to accept the behavior that ya’ll throw in our faces and cry wolves. If ya’ll choose to live against the will of God, then so be it but keep it out of our faces. I am a fan of Tyler Perry and love his movies because he entertains well. I am not going to ridicule him because of what you (Hampton) said…As I would pray for my neighbors, I will pray for you, Tyler and the rest of the gay community, regardless of your gender, s****l orientation, religion or status. We are all human beings which God gave us options to live as we see fit, individually. Every human beings who make a choice to live outside the norm should accept consequences that goes with the territory. With that being said, do not continue this negative behavior wasting negative energy when the country have bigger problems we need to concern ourselves, such as keeping people employ and safe, educating our children and youth who can barely read and write, minimumize HIV and AIDS…need I said more? Mr. Hampton get a life and stay within your community to pursue what you see fit leaving Tyler alone and our communities.

  8. This man sounds bitter and probably trying to get some hush money for Tyler.


  10. Maybe Hampton is just jealous that Perry broke through first!

    Stop clicking your fingers in the air Hampton!! LoL

  11. I hate all this Dudes movies especially For Colored Girls? A Negro Married to Janet Jackson & Gay?This Movie was Gay & Weird or other Movies of his always got some Darker Brother as a Crook or Hood? This n***a Making movies the same way crackers do with Stereotypes about us? This Boy has been touched! Like my Dad told me when I was young “if somebody trys to touch you come & tell” otherwise you must have liked that BS lol My peoples are riders in LA you would get toetaged dealing with my Fam lol this Dude Bat for the other team lol Gayer then Little Richard WoooooHuu

  12. Wow, so people should believe some dumazz who made a cartoon because boondock is a stereotype cartoon and ghetto as fk. Tyler doesnt owe the black gay/straight communities sh it where were yall when he was broke and homeless oh yeah no where to be found

    we don’t support each other so im not surpise at this jealous man coming out with a claim that tyler is gay if it’s true so what its his business and gods

    and if they gay community would stop trying to hard to get everyone to accept their lifestyle they all be better off if people dont accept your lifestyle deal with it and get a life

    You can’t force people to accept thing they don’t want to just like you don’t want to be force to be straight so get over it and deal with it

  13. It’s okay to love who you want to love and demand the respect from others towards the gay community but calling out Tyler Perry on any level is not a good approach in my opinion .. So Your point is what??

  14. Natalie Pearson

    I have a big issue with this video!! Good on you for making the video, now you wanted to know what I think so here it is!! You’ve obviously made this video cause yes, Tyler Perry is successful now, and your obviously missing those eat outs that you were once apart of. As people get busier and busier the amount of social interactions with there local friends lessen depending on the attitude ya friends keep. You yourself said you weren’t really into his plays, Tyler Perry’s life now revolves around those plays and productions. He invests into them. He’s gay?? Whoopy fken do, he obviously has a lot more respect for the church and people in the world than to make “gayness”, which is only a state of sexuality the focus of who he is. Tyler Perry is more than a statement of sexuality!! If he is gay that’s his business!! You said yourself he copied some transsexuals sitcom thing and created Madea!! “created” being the key word there! He may have got the idea from the stand up comedy but he didn’t copy it, he “created!! Giving back to the black gay community?? HIV/AIDS ?? Well how’s about using condoms for starters, people aren’t sexually stupid, people are sexually risky, and take chances. Perhaps if you watch Tyler Perry plays and movies/productions, you will note he has messages and is reaching a broad audience, gay, straight, transsexual, young, old, drug a users, alcoholism, youth, young pregnant women, marriage. .. All the issues people regardless of their sexuality face that affect loved ones. After your video, don’t be surprised if an idea stems from it so that black gay people in America can feel the love and support from Tyler Perry. Tyler didn’t become the man he is today over night, he obviously had morals and values before he became what he is today, im sure he used his manners with a lot of pleases and thankyous, dinner and doing things at the time. Your video ain’t gonna bring Tyler Perry or Madea down, it’s just gonna make him stronger, that’s if he were to have the time to waste to watch it. Whether Hampton, make a difference yaself to the black gay community, Tyler has already done it, now where’s your contribution?

  15. I just think it is sad that he has to be identified as straight gay whatever. The work he has brought to our community the actors homeless children those are the things that should be talked about. As always though blacks people pull at other blacks. Like leaches and mosquitos wauting to attack. This man says he has nothing to gain bullshit yes u do if somebody believes the story they will pay. A few dollars for truth/gossip. So u have something to gain from your 1 minute of fame. Just disgusted at the antics.

  16. I haven’t decided either way if Tyler Perry is gay or not, personally I don’t care. I still like his work. With that being said, IF he is gay, that is between him and whomever he is intimate with. Hopefully IF he is gay he’s being honest before involving himself with anyone both physically and mentally. That is all

  17. Oh and BTW Mr. Hampton, perhaps if you had some evidence you may have been more convincing. Oh and arguing with the others while constantly promoting your videos didn’t help your “cause” either. Jussayin

  18. I agree with the shout out from the onset.I cannot be in support of the efeminising of Black males depicted by Perry in his “craft”Which Is why he has been given the credos to generate more money and distribute this garbage into our communities.When we should be involved in nation building and neutering our children,who are so intent on self destruction.We are lauding these caricatures as our reality built upon the fantasies of people who do not look like us.Its the Down low by any other name and irresponsible, and yes, we don’t need to know what happens behaving the bedroom door, however it is irresponsible to use others,to exploit and pretend to be what you are not. Anything you decide to do in life man up and don’t be ashamed.If you are ashamed you should not be doing it.

  19. First off, to each his own! but gay ppl walking around here acting like being gay is okay. IT’S NOT! HOW CAN YOU SAY YOU BELIEVE IN GOD AND YOU ARE GAY. That is not Godly by no means….what Bible are y’all reading cause my Bible talks about MAN & WOMAN COMING TOGETHER AS A COUPLE AND MAKING CHILDREN IN JESUS NAME! You can’t get made at Tyler Perry cause he moved on when he started making money. You say TP lost a lot of friends to AIDS but being gay is the #1 cause of getting AIDS. Y’all make me sick cause somebody is successful and OWE you something cause you are his friend (just like Kobe and his parents) IT’S HIS d**n MONEY! You didn’t work for it. So who gives a d**n what you think TP owes the gay community . Stop s******g men and maybe the Lord will Bless you the way you are suppose to be Blessed! STOP SLEEPING WITH MEN-MEN! Stop being jealous! That’s a sin too! TYLER PERRY KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK AND I HAVE ALL YOUR DVD’S! GO MADEA, GO MADEA!!!!!!PLEASE!

  20. Tommy Avant Garde


  21. These posts are SEXY. I like cocoa bros!

  22. black people especially the women are so ignorant. I believe everything this man is saying. why do so many gay people (black, white, whatever) try to hide who they are. and I don’t believe in the bible, it is a fairytale. and remember white people used the bible to hold blacks in slavery. some of you stupid black people need to get real. most white people support other gay white people.

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