Largest Prison-Owning Corporation Issues Massive Dividend of $675 Million to Sharedholders

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If you want to make money these days, owning stock in a prison company is the place to do it.  The confinement of human beings, while selling their cheap labor to companies seeking to save on labor costs has become a cash cow.  One company that has benefited handsomely from the profit boom is the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA).

CCA is the largest owner of private prisons in the nation, behind only the federal government and three states. The company just announced that it’s Board of Directors has declared a special dividend to shareholders of $675 million dollars.

The company can pay its shareholders so well because it is rolling in money.  The prison population has spiked since the Sentencing Reform Act of 1986, which created long prison sentences for those charged with the possession or distribution of drugs.  Those hardest hit have been African Americans.

NAACP President Ben Jealous spoke to the matter recently when he announced his group’s plans to join Dr. Boyce Watkins, Russell Simmons and 175 scholars, activists and celebrities who are calling for an end to mass incarceration and the War on Drugs.   The United States has just five percent of the world’s population, yet it houses 25% of the nation’s prisoners.   Jealous says that it’s time for the nation to get smart on crime:

More than 500,000 of the 2.3 million people behind bars in the U.S. are incarcerated for nothing more than a non-violent drug offense. And over 40% of them are people of color. Although rates of drug use and selling are comparable across racial and ethnic lines, blacks and Latinos are far more likely to be criminalized for drug law violations than whites. One in nine black children has an incarcerated parent, compared to one in 28 Latino children and one in 57 white children.


The CCA operates a total of 67 prison facilities throughout the United States, with a total capacity of 92,500 beds in 20 states and the District of Columbia.  The company was heavily criticized for offering to buy prisons in 48 states, in exchange for a guaranteed occupancy rate of at least 90%.



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  1. This is the reason these racist pig organizations and institutions put Black men in jail, which is to make money off of us!

    Just look at the percentage of non-violent offenders, who are in jail, and, who are Black compared to chili chokers and crackers! These demonic devils put us in jail for looking cross-eyed, but the Real murderers and rapists, who are caucasoids NEVER or SELDOM go to jail for the crimes they commit on Black men, women in children.

    These cracker females can kill their own billygoat kids, and get off, or go to mental institutions just ask Suzie and the other crackers, who are not in prison for murder. Y’all know, who they are!

    This is modernized slavery! At one time in OURstory we had to work for free; now we are working for pennies, and are still slaves on the white boy’s plantations called jails and prisons!


    • When you’re right, you’re right…I give Credit where credit is due. You have definitely summed up the matter…BLACK MAN STAY OUT OF JAIL!!!

    • Those prisoners put themselves there. Boo hoo for them, keep your nose clean and no one will “take advantage” of you.

      • There are a lot of Black men and women in prison, who don’t belong there!

        Just because they are behind bars does not mean they are guilty! Just look on this site where Black men have spent 15-25, and even 40 years of their lives behind bars and were found INNOCENT!


        STOP STEREOTYPING! These demonic devils incarcerate Black people MORE THAN ANY CULTURE! Just look how they incarcerated that sister, who shot in the air to protect herself from an abusive husband…where was the ‘stand your ground law for her’? IT WAS A WARNING SHOT, and she got 20 years!!!

        BUT, A caucasoid WOMAN KILLED HER GRANDSON (shot him 7 times; TWICE IN THE BACK), AND SHE JUST GETS 22 YEARS!!!

        Another older Black gentleman shot a white boy that had a knive, who was threatening him and his wife ON HIS PROPERTY; he shot and killed the white boy, and is serving jail time RIGHT NOW! Where was his ‘stand your ground law’?

        Another white gal shot a Black man, who was in her house 5 TIMES…she didn’t go to jail because the ‘stand your ground law’ protected her!!! SHE WAS CLASSIFIED AS A HERO!

        I can go on and on about this racist injustice, illegal system!


      • if you believe that, i have a pristine lake in southern arizona to sell you

        • wiseoldsnail–

          Get your stinking old white or dumb black tail off of this thread where you / your stupid comment in stank, rank opposition to factual truth stated regarding the white racist ruling class supremacists’ fully deliberate highly racist / money-motivated incarceration of black men, women, / teenagers is both an eye-sore and inflammatory garbage. Rapidly take a high dive off of a cliff.

      • Rebecca Churchman


        Based upon your comment, it’s sufficient to say that you have limited knowledge of the subject at hand. It would be prudent to educate yourself before placing such an insensitive remark. Please read the following information which will provide you with significant data to refute what you’ve opined here. My hope is that you will have the presence of mind to further explore this subject. Perhaps the following statistics will further peak your interest.

        There have been 310 post-conviction DNA exonerations in United States history. These stories are becoming more familiar as more innocent people gain their freedom through post conviction testing. They are not proof, however, that our system is righting itself.

        The common themes that run through these cases — from global problems like poverty and racial issues to criminal justice issues like eyewitness misidentification, invalid or improper forensic science, overzealous police and prosecutors and inept defense counsel — cannot be ignored and continue to plague our criminal justice system.
        The Innocence Project was involved in 171 of the 310 DNA exonerations. Others were helped by Innocence Network organizations, private attorneys and by pro se defendants in a few instances.
        1. Eighteen people had been sentenced to death before DNA proved their innocence and led to their release.
        2. The average sentence served by DNA exonerees has been 13.6 years.
        3. About 70 percent of those exonerated by DNA testing are people of color.
        4. In almost 50 percent of DNA exoneration cases, the actual perpetrator has been identified by DNA testing.
        5. Exonerations have been won in 35 states and Washington, D.C.
        Please take a moment to review the profiles of these unique cases at:

        • Rebecca–

          Kudos to the truth!

          • Dr. M. M. Campbell

            Thank you for your wonderful enlightenment.
            Another awful disheartening data which is extremely significant regarding the drug laboratories handling evidence in drug cases .
            See below

            Chemist at state drug lab probed; authorities fear people
            have gone to prison on flawed evidence
            Boston Globe, 08/30/2012 4:56 PM
            By Milton J. Valencia, Mike Bello and Martin Finucane, Globe Staff
            A chemist at a state drug laboratory in Jamaica Plain breached procedures in the handling of
            evidence in drug cases, raising the specter that people have been wrongly convicted on tainted
            evidence, the head of the State Police said today.
            The chemist, a woman who worked at the lab from 2003 until earlier this year, was involved in
            testing drugs for thousands of cases, said Colonel Timothy Alben.
            District attorneys across a wide swath of Massachusetts will now have to review their cases to
            see if the chemist was involved, officials said.
            “I think we’re all furious about this,” said Alben. “Our concern is about any miscarriage of
            justice that’s out there.”
            The State Police were directed by the governor to close the laboratory down as the investigation
            continues, he said…

            something you should know!
            thank you,
            Dr. Campbell

      • Ellen–

        Get your stinking old white or dumb black tail off of this thread where you / your stupid comment in stank, rank opposition to factual truth stated regarding the white racist ruling class supremacists’ fully deliberate highly racist / money-motivated incarceration of black men, women, / teenagers is both an eye-sore and inflammatory garbage. Rapidly take a high dive off of a cliff.

      • @ELLEN… YOU MEAN your brothers and uncles wont take advantage of them.. ..rapists, animals!

    • You know, I’m in complete agreement with your point here, but it is hard to reach you when you couch your criticisms in racist terms. Cracker is a racial epithet, and it’s interesting to me and troubling to me that you use it so openly without rebuke from your peers. If I used a racial epithet among my white peers, they would call me out for it. And I’m calling you out for it. Your point is totally valid, but you undermine the power of it by using the language of racists.

      • Liar and you know it…it is common knowledge that yall have n****r parties and go hunting for blacks. Why are you hear anyway? Check out what they say on stormfornt!

      • Tim–

        If you are bothered by black people who due to hundreds of years / still counting of their ancestors / themselves being regularly subjected to the evil injustices of perpetrated vile / evil covert / overt trickery, deception, lies, thievery, brutality, slavery, murder, social, education, economic, employment, housing, health, law enforcement, / judicial injustice from white Euro-Americans / Europeans / who due to great anger decidedly / deliberately choose to refer to racist white people (white people being the great majority of in the world who have historically been both beastly, racist, / taken inhuman / unjust evil actions against black people) are as “cracker”, “pale face”, “pink pigs”, “Mr. Charlie”, “Jim Crow”, “white boy”, white girl” or whatever)Timmy-boy get over it / MTF on! The commenter’ point is not only extremely valid / powerful in truth without any requirement of validation as such whatsoever from white people, but “the power of it” is strengthened rather than “undermined” via lectured opinion against any portion of it by disturbed indignation of any hypocritical conservative, liberal, / independent white folks worldwide many of whom both in public venues /or online merely pretend not to be racist pigs / many of whom are simply in surface-level denial of being racist dogs except when they are exclusively among their own Caucasian people including friends, family, and employers. If it’s too hot in the black anger kitchen for you / yours, don’t visit, read, comment, / just stay the h**l off of online websites, publications, / blogs specifically created for important news, issues, topics for discussion, articles, / opinions of specific interest , urgent knowledge, / hopefully subsequent pro-active follow-up research, assistance, / tremendous collaborative unity protest action by African-Americans / Black Africans in USA, Europe, Africa and elsewhere worldwide.

    • Derrick–

      Brother Right on!!!

    • You are clearly an idiot. Look at all the co sleeping deaths in Milwaukee. That’s murder, 98% were black. They get off scott free. The urban areas are modern day war zones. Gangsta gangsta style. Blunts and b*****s right? Graduation rates are falling and black leadership is absent. You are so wrong and have completely drank the kool aid that has been spewed to you. Slavery? You want to get out of it? Get an education, get a real job, avoid crime. Abide by laws, be a decent human being. That my friend is how I got out of the same slavery you speak of.

      White boys plantation. You’re the fools filling them up. No crime no time. Your logic sucks. I won’t step a foot into most Milwaukee neighborhoods. A white man is a dead man there. Racism runs high. Question, why are all the hoods so violent? Why don’t people try to clean those areas up? Answer. The liberals want you to be suppressed and earn your votes. Ask your leaders to stop this, ask Sharpton and Jackson. They could give two s***s about you.

  2. This kind of shyte has been going for years so the activities of this company doesn’t suprise me at all!

  3. Modernized h**l -holes
    Equals=modernized slavery
    Which is non other then
    I.e. somebody else’

    Copyright 2013
    All rights reserved

  4. There is less chance of landing in jail if you aren’t committing crimes. Just sayin

    • @kerri:


      Now, our women and children are being attacked, and taken to jail from ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS!


      When are you crackers gonna stop KILLING US…AND NOT GOING TO JAIL?


    • No….there is a less chance of landing in jail if you are white….just sayin….

  5. Lawrence Campbell

    …”Just say no” to going to prison is not/has not/ and will not fly. Get off the negro mind set…it doesn’t work for getting off the street plantation, getting represented in the penal system, avoiding s****l intercourse (early and often). It will not make your child attend classes, let alone learn anything, and it won’t stop the modern day gestapo (police machine) from inventing charges, to keep those of us that might present a little resistance from “bowing down”/ accepting torture gracefully. Once this (our) ethnic group is used up, the next weakest will follow. When people that don’t even slightly resemble you are arming themselves against government tyranny right here on the prison farm, what real chance do you think your eloquent words will have then?…find your spine, or get with a Man or Woman that has one, even if you have to share, cause nothing less will do in the near future. If you are a Believer, it won’t hurt to ask for Divine Intervention because we’ve allowed and participated in our own undoing.

  6. Lawrence Campbell

    …”correctional corporation of america” was founded/funded by a group of former (and some current) retired heads of state and federal corrections facilities, along with former (current) police chiefs, in collusion with former and current judges. It’s purpose is profit driven, it’s commodity is YOU! You anti social security number is you first mark (of the beast) into the system… make no mistake about that. Your billing number becomes extended on the world’s stock exchanges, like any other trade commodity. Additional “laws”, statutes etc., further contribute to your likely violating some nebulous issue having to do with the wishes and desires of your owners…wait a minute…I’m upsetting you.

    • Sir Lawrence Campbell–

      Tell it! Black men, women, boys, / girls please, please WTFU!

    • Lawrence, your claims that private prisons drive government to increase prison populations just doesn’t make sense from a business standpoint. In its own securities filings with the US government, which are available for anyone to read, CCA admits that, “Since we are paid on a per diem basis with no minimum guaranteed occupancy under most of our contracts, the loss of inmates and resulting decrease in occupancy would cause a decrease in our revenues and profitability.” Obviously, if CCA’s revenues go down, that means their customers – government bodies – are paying them less (and saving money). The argument that local and state government makes more money by having more inmates in CCA’s prisons is just plain false. More inmates means government has to pay CCA more money, not less. Also, minimum occupancy agreements do not encourage government to put more people in prison. If CCA has an agreement to run a prison for a minimum amount of $10 million per year with a minimum of, say, 400 prisoners, CCA makes more money if the facility only has 300 prisoners (because it’s saving money not having to feed and cloth the additional 100 prisoners, yet still being paid for the minimum 400). And adding more prisoners to get the prisoner count up to the 400 minimum would costs government extra money, not make government more money. So, it is more profitable for CCA and cheaper for government to have less prisoners incarcerated than the contractual minimum in the near term. Over the long run, no government body in America has an economic incentive to artificially raise the number of people it puts in prison.

  7. There are very simple ways to solve this problem. First, stop committing crimes and follow the rules strictly. Second, get involved in your communities to elect people who care about your rights and to protect your interests.

    These 2 simple rules would reduce black incarceration by 99%.

    The reason we dont want to solve this problem is because our black leaders are corrupt and they are selling out their people. The second reason is too many black people are uneducated and immoral.

    • @ james corey

      “..follow the rules strictly” HuH?!?

      What a joke…thats what our Black brothers & sisters back in the day in the south did when they went to church, and as a result in ‘strictly following the rules’ they were bombed and killed and no justice was afforded to them!!

      ‘Good little negrahs’ were also burned, lynched and castrated back in the day, even until today we are vilified, racially profiled and brutilised by the police without a cause, so we just being model citizens who shy away from crime doesn’t cut it where Black people are concerned, and to believe such is naive to say the least!

      I’m sure even Emmit Till was a decent and law abiding young brother…but I’ll stop right there and leave it with you to check out history in order to find out what happened next!!

      • Stop living in the past and worry about changing the future. MLK would be more proud if you do so. I am appalled when I watch Mississippi Burning. I have much hatred against those whites who did that. But moving forward, I try my best to create a peaceful environment, teach my kids to love everyone. Back in the day, Egyptians had slaves. We thought the world was flat. If you dwell on the past, you will never change your future. Start today, do it yourself. Preach to your peers to stop the violence. Let go of the gangster rap culture. Don’t create a Menace to Society. If you can do that, you can change the future.

    • “…too many black people are uneducated and immoral”

      There are far more buck-tooth tobacco-chewing ‘Billy-Bobs’ ‘Mary-Beths’ and ‘Uncle Jebs’ around than there are ‘Hakims’ & ‘Shaniquas’, so go research the national census quick, fast and in a hurry!!
      And check the stats regarding young blacks in college while youre at it!!

      Its “uneducated” to assume, and “immoral” to speak haphazardly and omit the truth when one is in need of the facts!

    • @cory: “The reason we dont want to solve this problem is because our black leaders are corrupt and they are selling out their people. The second reason is too many black people are uneducated and immoral.”

      The THIRD reason is that, you crackers are DUMB and STUPID! You still have racist crackers, who are political figures, that want to see Black men, women and children BEHIND BARS for economic reasons, and GENOCIDE reasons!

      YOU PEOPLE are becoming extinct! This is why dirty pigs are shooting us down, taking us to jail, and now incarcerating our children. These racist dumb down schools are feeding our childrn garbage (salt & sugar), and giving our young brothers drugs, such as Ritalin. Ritalin is just another form of HEROIN!

      Speaking of immoral. How can a cracker teach Black children, while she molests them? Go read the article about a cracker bytch, who molested a 6 year old Black girl IN CLASS!!! Her defense for not do the crime was, she was prejudice against Blacks! AIN’T THAT A BYTCH?

      These are the serpents we have dumbing down our children!

      Now, what did you have to say about immorality?


      • correction: Her defense for not [DOING] the crime…^

      • Derrick,

        Your a very angry man and you should be but you are also guilty as is some very sick white people of promoting HATE. Instead of being part of the problem maybe be part of the solution. You cannot change the past but you can make a better future by being a better human being. Get involved with youth groups or become a spokes person for making the world a better place for every one. How many town or school meeting have you attended? Have you ever written a letter to your local or government officials? Please share with us how you’ve changed any thing by degrading other human beings by calling them names?

    • If bigots like you would all die off…the world would be a better place for blacks and blacks would not have to worry about being railroaded into prison… never mind the fact that whites commit the most crimes.

    • James Cory–

      Stick your head in an un-flushed toilet / open your mouth wide as possible. Afterwards, should you survive, quickly run to the nearest drugstore, buy the best suntan lotion you can afford, / take off for the beach or some park, rub the tanning lotion on your head / body to help cook your brain / skin. Both are miserably sick / ever so pale.

  8. Peter D. Slaughter

    Back when certain real Hip Hop mic controllers were speaking about the new world order.
    Also,when Brother Steve Cokely was dropping all the details.
    A vast % of black people were being tricked and misled down the wrong path.
    Today a vast of black do not even know they are being held hostage to 21st century updated slave,n**i type nightmare.
    The only solution is mental awareness on a higher level and then act on what you know

  9. People going to have to get their act together. Serve Jesus Christ in Spirit and in Truth.

    • @Marie:

      Did you know that most chaplains are overwhelmingly male (85%) and middle-aged (82% are 50 or older). A MAJORITY are white (70%), 18% are Black, 5% are Hispanic, 5% are Asian or other and 2% did not specify their racial or ethnic background, who teach religion in prisons.

      Furthermore, over 75% of people, who are incarcerated claim to be xtians!!!

      Therefore, this ‘jesus’ character must have been a criminal!!!

      I’m gone!

    • Marie–


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  11. Correy, I sense your passion, but your logic is skewed. Innocent law-abiding decent people being mowed down in the streets by a regime of terrorists is not the same as people committing multiple offenses and then lobbying to do away with the prison system. You keep arguing that Blacks are accused more often and receive longer sentences than whites on a large scale. The truth of the matter is that these folk commit multiple offenses over years and receive many warnings and probations before they are actually jailed. As a matter of fact, some of them should have been jailed 5 years before they ever got there. You also argue that they’re incarcerated for nonviolent infractions. WELL, YEAH! There is a lot of criminal behavior that doesn’t involve violence but greatly impacts man innocent lives nevertheless. Have you any idea of the impact made when a thug breaks into an elderly woman’s or single mother’s home? So you think someone caught with a dime bag shouldn’t get 5 years? You’re right. And they don’t- THE FIRST TIME. It’s the next 22 times plus the stealing a 6-pack plus the DUI plus the unlicensed driver charge plus the bad check plus the stolen goods plus the nonpayment of child support plus the unlawful possession of a weapon. Come to think of it, maybe if some of these thugs got locked up the first time, they wouldn’t go on to commit felonies (most of them do).

    Quite frankly, I’m all for prison. There’s a time and place for everything under the sun. I say get ALL the sagging drawers buck-toothed vocabulary limited to one syllable words untrained uneducated unfettered unskilled uninterested unintelligent live for the moment nuckleheads OFF THE STREETS, build a d**n fence around Chicago and turn out the lights.

    • If u r “all for prison”, then u should go there urself. Jes ur utter ignorance alone qualifies u. U don’t even have any idea who the real criminals r. They r those ppl who bring down world economies b/c of greedy speculating then trillions of our taxpayer dollars go to bailing them out & to support their perpetual global murderous wars for profit. They propose destroying our social safety net throwing us all into poverty as they privatize every public enterprise they can get their greedy hands on. They r almost always white but they hire out a few blk lackeys/puppets to carry out their nefarious crimes n order to avoid looking like the racist white supremacist system that it really is. Unless u r apart of that criminal group urself, then u r jes as apt to b targeted by it the same as those small time criminals that u r attacking either blk or white. Jes keep on living n ur stupidity.

  12. Mr Corey, my apologies please. My response was meant for Traveller. I actually agree with you.

  13. ‘Truthbeliever’

    I would suggest that you review my comments as I’m finding it hard to see where I said as you quoted by you; “.. that Blacks are accused more often and receive longer sentences than whites on a large scale”??????

    I did not make even the slightest suggestion in that regard so you must of got that understanding from another galaxy…one that is definitely not in tune with us down here!

    Lastly, I guess ‘skewed’ pertains more to your misunderstanding of my words as well as your general scope!

  14. Yes, Traveller, I am from another galaxy. And yes, I aready have my own fence. Don’t want your everyday drawers-showing baby mommas and daddies riding by my nice neighborhood trying to look in. I said your logic was skewed because you compared innocent victims of racisms with the injustice done to thugs committing crimes on a regular basis. I stand by that. Please accept my apologies for saying you said things you didn’t say.

    Bottom line for me:lock up every thug within arms-length. Get THEY a***s OUT (I’ve no intention of being grammatically correct. I’m making a point) of my community, shopping mall and grocery store.If you can’t do the time, then don’t do the crime. I say we start with the thugs in Chicago and I’m spearheading a d**n campaign for a big a*s concrete fence.

    • @lying deceiver:

      YOU MUST FIRST GET RID OF THE “THUGS” ON CAPITOL HILL! Starting with O’Drama on down to the naacp, nbc, and nan; then, perhaps we can progress, as Black people!

      We must STOP depending on Sharptongue Sharpton, Messy Jessy, and these other so-called leaders because they have ‘done their time’ and are now working for the very people THEY fought against back in the ’60′s. They’re old, and need that retirement money, and they are working for the government, so DO THE MATH!

      You are a caucasoid or ‘closet negroid’, who thinks that material thangs makes you powerful! Just because you live in a ‘white fence, tree line boulevard’ with grocery stores and shopping malls does not mean a thang! You caucasoids are suffering just like us Black people, even MORE! The burbs are falling, you people just keep it amongst yourselves. How come you people are still the #1 people, who commit suicide?




      I’m gone!

    • Your “..nice neighbourhood” already has baby mommas & daddies in it, its just not mentioned or not made for everyone to see as many things in such neighbourhoods are very external and what lies beneath the surface are not spoken of or are very well hidden!
      The trouble with people like you in so-called white-picket fenced towns like yours is that you think you are immune from psychological & social decadence.

      Just because something isn’t seen it doesn’t mean it does not exist, and you’ll do well to remember that fact when you next attempt to socially lambaste a group of people!

  15. This isn’t news. This s**t has been going on for decades, the ONLY reason why that it isn’t highly publicized is because the fact of the matter is that institutional racism is set up for failure against young black impressionable boys. It is INDEED synonymous with old school slavery.
    The very first phone that was invented was called a phone, a cell phone today is very different, elaborate, intricate and do spill sorts of things. It’s still a phone.
    So is slavery, instead of the auction block, amerikkka upgraded it’s laws and systems and just utilized through prisons.

  16. Just when I thought I had seen enough after reading 2 major redundancies in this article I have to read the idiotic comments too. First of all I am a white male living in a southern state and we are commonly stereotyped as hillbilly etc. I also attend college frequently and major in computer science. As for college attendance rates you can chalk that up as a loss along with financial aid. People of all colors come for a month then drop out and collect the check. Coincidentally the colored to non-colored (as you all put it) ratios are very unbalanced tipping the scale in favor of colored. Therefore by default more colored will drop out then non. So can we now make that in to some conspiracy also? Point being now days you would be more justified in blaming your luck then your color because regardless of who you are or where you come from you will have a major obstacle in front of you and you will have to overcome it to be someone. If you are one of the few who do not face an obstacle then then your character will remain weak and your perception of life will be left void. We are all at a disadvatage not you the black man not me the white man, we are all under the same s**t storm and our ridiculous debates and our ability to blame everything on anything but ourselves has gotten us here. Ignorance is bliss and we are the placebo. Find something better to debate on rather then being the person that lives so far in the past he never had a shot at the future. If you think everyone else has it easy your very mistaken, half of you are twice my age with half the knowledge so get cracken on something productive or perish under the next advancement the choice is yours. As far as my background to give you an idea of my credentials, I served my country overseas for many years beside people who were clear when it came to race, when 1 mans life depends on another then you realize there is enough bs going on and you don’t need to create your own. Same goes with real struggle, when its bad you don’t have the time to sit back and blame everyone else. FYI try being a country boy with a country accent and work in a department full of people who well written from wealthy families with high standing references. That’s just another chapter in my struggle, but in it I will take responsibility for my own well being and overcome rather then b***h and complain.
    ~Maybe it is you who does not know my struggle, the one in the here and now and not one from before I was born.

    • White “Country Boy” Label–

      Great post, well written, / well said though many other variables come into play deliberately / specifically designed to far more negatively affect and destroy black people in the USA, Caribbean, Africa, Her Middle East including Israel, Europe / elsewhere worldwide. Peace!

  17. We must find ways to make changes in society we have a right to do so as a parent or etc. Lets look at ways to make changes as people of color to help the young black males that are in jail and still going in everyday.
    We must educate them about life issues and hope that they will make a change in there life. We can all help in this white and black to overcome this issues of black young males going to jail and then to prison with no chance in life to live and learn about life. I have worked in the system as well as having family member dealing with this in there life today. I am asking God to show me what needs to happen, to make life better for our son’s and grandson’s. we must pray for a change in our society to happen we must not blame anyone for the problems in our communities and life and start making changes.

  18. “Neither Slavery nor Involuntary Servitude, EXCEPT AS A PUNISHMNENT FOR CRIME whereof the party shall have been DULY CONVICTED, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to THEIR JURISDICTIION.”

    13TH AMENDMENT (1865)

    So, if your a prisoner in America then you are a Slave, and all benefiting from your negative conditions are members of the Slavocracy.

  19. All I can say about this article of WOW!! And, if you’re on here & you don’t think this is all about is!! People of color are more likely to go to jail because the police are TARGETING them!! Black people do not sell nor use drugs at a rate higher than whites, yet make up the majority of the prison population. Everyone please get & read the book The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander and make your friends/family/co-workers aware of this tragic issue!! This is so corrupt I can’t even think straight. We will no longer be the land of the free…but the home of the incarcerated. Thank God for the NAACP & Russell Simmons. This has been a closet issue for way to long.

  20. There’s a lot of $MONEY$ in Imprisoning BLACK PEOPLE!!
    Why you think they in OUR hood so much?!?!
    REing UP!!

    • There’s a lot of $MONEY$ in Imprisoning n****z!!
      Why you think the POLICE in OUR hood so much?!?!
      REing UP!!

  21. Nothing new about this, it’s just sad that a lot of the people invested in these companies are African American and see nothing wrong with it. It’s the same people playing both sides of the fence, ie Russel Simmons, promote an artist who preaches death and at the same time you are attending marches and peace rallies. GTF outta here with that! One of the biggest problems facing black people is their own willingness to sell-out, from the killing of Malcolm X to the selling of BET by Bob Johnson to the Majestic Michael Jordan who I was a huge fan of until I realized that he stood for absolutely nothing but his own ego and wealth. Jay-Z, Kanye, Beyonce, Jeezy, and all the rest of the people we adore so much who set the absolute worst example for our kids and who are all funded by Jewish & White money which comes with strict rules of what message needs to be pushed. At this point, I just talk to my kids everyday and point out the obvious about these clowns masquerading as celebrities and businessmen.

  22. First of all black folks we killing each other so the white man’s job is done. 2nd I don’t care about black folks men or women who become sexually involved with a white person then when they call the cops u want the blacks to step in and rally. 3rd we selling crack to our own folks destroying our own communities. Last I checked a white man wasn’t slanging on the corner. The prison system is just waiting for a black person to mess up. There are innocent blacks in jail and we need to support their release. Being a criminal is a choice If u wanna sell drugs and they tossing the book at you for selling crack then you need to start selling cocaine to the white folks. lol

  23. Stephen Verchinski

    This lack of rehabilitation springs from many sources including that of the liquor industry and beer industry whose profits have increased due to cuts in taxes and lack of adjustment of excise taxes for inflation.

    That said, I recently saw a documentary that highlighted Angela Davis. Intelligent woman who saw this prison complex evolving decades ago.

    You have to be proud to fight the power. Develop a new economy. Good luck to us all.

  24. Follow the money: Check out the history and activities of A.L.E.C. (American Legislative Exchange Council) and the Prison Industrial Complex. They have to keep the prisons filled in order for big business to prosper. Longer sentences, and jail time for minor offences, add to the bottom line. It’s always about money!!

  25. I have read throughout these responses that there are people in jail for no reason, except the white man wants them there. If anyone knows of any person, that is being held in jail, and is not guilty, they should provide evidence of that person’s innocence to some person in authority or to Dr Watkins. Since he is attempting to help solve this problem I am sure he may have means available to correct the situation. If you are just exercising your free speech right to just accuse the authorities with no proof please give us a break. People are trying to solve problems here.

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  28. Quiiet as it is kept the whole world is Westernised and until this evil system is changed things will never change. People have to be brave enough not to ask permission of any one to do the right thing and look at their own movie.Everything is about money even if they have to enslave God’s children live off of their sufferings sell their flesh and drink their blood.They even sell land ,I have never heard of that until I came to West.Thomas Jefferson bought the Louisiana Purchase from France while the Native people lived on the land.European Arrogance.Wiston Churchhill leased the West Indies to America for 99 years in the last European World War without even asking the permission of the Africans living there.European Arrogance again.I donot say ” N ” world I say just what they say and mean.

  29. how many shareholders are politicians?

  30. Interesting comments. None of those writing are in jail. What did you do differently?????

  31. Wake up and don't fall for the ok ke dok

    This is just more proof that young black males are being targeted with easy money, drugs, & guns and told to go play. Wake up…you are being set-up and the whole nation suffers. Now they have planted guns in our community, just like they (CIA) did with the drugs in the 70 & 80′s .
    Now they are killing our youth. The injustice system is corrupt and
    once you are let out of prison, now you have an X on your back and can’t get a job. Now you are thirsty and rob and rape in your own community. Now you know what the game is. So don’t fall into the trap.
    Prisons and Jails are the New Plantation.

  32. Most Blackman are in prison because they belong there. I know of two brothers currently in prison because they sold drugs, killed people and help to destroy an already Poor Black community with their drugs and drug related crimes committed by crackheads needing a hit. People were robbed,beaten, killed or injured for their valuables. Cars and homes were broken into by petty drug addicted criminals needing money or goods to sell to pay for their addiction……Drug dealers should be executed and drug addicts should be incarcerated into prison labor camps and worked to death…..Society has no place for criminal miscreants be they Black or White!

  33. O you men! surely We have created you of a male and a female, and made you tribes and families that you may know each other; surely the most honorable of you with Allah is the one among you most careful (of his duty); surely Allah is Knowing, Aware.

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  35. Good article. I wrote a piece on the business side of SB1070. It was utilized to feed the private prison industry. At the time of signing SB1070, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer employed as her senior adviser, Chuck Coughlin whom owns and operates High Ground Public Affairs. In turn High Ground Public Affairs is a major lobbying firm for the private prison industry. Follow the money!

    Carlos Galindo
    Bilingual Radio Talk Show Host

  36. Someone please visit the Jails, Prison and Juvenile Detention Center in Georgia,[Clayton County]…We Pray Help is on the Way Soon.

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