Gospel Singer Calls Out the Man Who Allegedly Slept with His Ex-Wife


Gospel music sensation, Deitrick Haddon, recently announced the termination of his marriage. He talked about this and other matters on “The Yolanda Adams Morning Show.”

Haddon talked about a cheating scandal involving Isaac Carree and his new fiancée. Haddon said, “I learned that people are not ready for the truth or transparency. When you go there, they’re [like]what? What in the world?” he said about his telling the truth online.

A short while ago Haddon spoke about his hatred toward Carree with respect to an alleged adulterous affair with Damita Haddon, his now ex-wife. In a Facebook message Haddon wrote, “I do expect Isaac Carree to stand up and be man enough to own his mistakes & give his fans the truth they deserve to know.”

Haddon admits that his initial feeling of hurt and anger got the better of him. “I was so upset, cause I didn’t believe that something like that could happen to me when I dedicated my entire life to the Kingdom, to advancing the Kingdom since I was 10 years old—preaching since I was 10 years old,” Haddon said.

Haddon continued, “I went through something that made me walk away. I didn’t fall. I walked away. I went on war. I went on a war against God.”

Haddon and his ex-wife once pastored a church and had everything going for them, but then suddenly, it all came “crashing down.”

“When you go through something like that, your mind, you kind of lose your mind for a minute, and I actually lost my mind for a minute,” he confessed. “But thank God for His mercy and grace. He brought me back.”

Haddon went on to say, “I experienced that, how you can be so hurt from people and things that happen in life that you say, ‘I don’t care nothing about church, singing no gospel music, I don’t care nothing about none of it. I’m just trying to live!”

Adams, host of the radio show, said to Haddon, “If you do a renewal of the mind, you will understand there will always be those who are distractions and detractors, but remember who you’re called to.”

However, Haddon now says that he has a “fresh vision, fresh anointing.”

149 Responses to Gospel Singer Calls Out the Man Who Allegedly Slept with His Ex-Wife

  1. keep trusting God! Know tat through all your pain and suffering he will bring you through it another dose of anointing and a new level in God. Be Blessed!!!

    • So he blames this guy because he married a s***k? Either he needs to have his hootchie detector adjusted, or he needs to be prepared to be taken advantage of.

      • @Mad Max, you are 100 percent correct. SHE sleeps with him, not the dude, and unless he put a Gun to her head, she is the true deceiver. She could have said no, if she really gave a d**n about him. It kills me, when a person get cheated on the victim never blames their so-called significant other.

    • Trust in ‘god’?

      Where was this ‘god’ when this heffa was creeping with another man, and she was suppose to be a xtian?

      Y’all need to quit with this ‘god’ shyt because ain’t no godda.mn ‘god’. I keep telling y’all this Truth, but you don’t want to hear it!


      You have haters, heathens, hypocrites, and ho’s sitting up in the entertainment center (church) just like they are standing on the stree corners!!!

      What type of ‘anointing oil’ will she need to be rubbed on her cu.nt to keep her legs closed, and stay True to her husband, like she’s suppose to do?


      • i only read a few of the comments on this subject matter
        the holy preaching church going gospel singing man and his not so holy cheating wife.i could only stand to read a few of the comments.of these lazy weak minded wilful so ignorant folks and their totally impractical way of thinking.but not [derrick he is definitely not dumb or living in the [twilight zone.he is able to see the forest for the trees ok.politics-greed and religion has been the [enemy of all humans except the tranquillizing religion pusher the most effective tool for controlling the sleeping masses= mass manipulation of the minds of those who are too mentally weak oblivious to the religious scammer and his sick contro freak ways all he has to do is use his best and most effective weapon fear and he you automatically become his slave as derrick tried to say in his comment the [entity that we call god i call it the laws of the [universe ]does favor the believer nor protects him or her just because they worship this invisible entity it favors nor protects no one you have to protect yourself and in the process of doing so be protected the man chose to marry a woman who was totally unworthy of his love and he like jesus on the cross thought that his heavenly father the invisible entity that he had been praying and worshipping since his childhood days would offer him special protection from lifes hard knocks =rude awakenings=wrong -wrong -wrong again.take a look at the billions of religious around the world they jump up and down sing gospel songs all day and night these jokers will kill rob rape cheat steal your money etc their motto is onward christian soldier we will always answer the call of duty if even if it means killing our fellow human beings we believe in our sick and confused minds that we are doing gods work ok therefore we feel no guilt because as children of god we are automatically supposed to do his work whatever it maybe or whatever it takes because we are good decent productive submissive little slaves] grow up or die a sucker

        • @al:

          You would be surprised, how this fake azz, white/washed religion has gotten negroids so fvcked up, they can’t think for themselves.

          These dumb azz negroids have been waiting on ‘god’ to fly down from the sky for 500 years, and they’ll be waiting another 500 years!

          These crackers put a mental game on these negroids so strong, these negroids are too scared to SPEAK UP and SPEAK OUT against their slave makers! These negroid xtians are so fvcked up, they don’t want to hear the Truth!

          They beLIEve these LIES honkeys have told them, and they can’t shake this fake azz religion loose. Religion is a habit that is worse than crack to shake, and these crackhead churchheads are no different than a junkie on the street!


          Much Respect & Truth

      • In h**l You will lift up your eyes if you don’t repent. God is real and the devil is too. If you all about cleaning the outside of your cup and don’t clean the inside of you, the result will be You will have the form of godliness but denying the power there of. This is all scripture. Read your bible. Instead people coming out their mouths like a jackass, read the Word and its all in there. Its not what goes in your mouth that defiles you, but what comes out your mouth. People be careful what your saying, your sounding real ignorant. If you read your Word, you will discern good and evil. Who is a simple-minded woman and hypocrite. Discern and read your word, also ask the Lord for revelation while meditating on the word. Amen, Amen.

  2. Why would any woman cheat on a good husband? This is sad but God is going to bless him with someone far greater! Hold your head up brother!

    • Why would any Man cheat on a good wife??Food for thought it happens all the time.Marriage is a three fold cord you,your mate, and the only true God so some where God was left out by one or the other otherwise this would have not happen

    • Has he not had a baby with some young woman already?????

  3. Oh, just stop your belly aching. You are not the first person to be cheated on and most definitely will not be the last. So, wipe your tears. I am more than certain that there is a nice young man just waiting to wear your “ring”.

    • Wow… such empathy for your brother. Are we not our brother’s keeper? This man is human, he is allowed to feel hurt and pain. Surely in time and constant prayer, his hurt will heal. Keep in mind we all hurt, should this happen to you, would you not feel pain? I certainly would.

  4. I don’t know of this brother or his work, but he said he has preached the word of God since the age of 10. If that is true he should go back to some early lessons he surely studied long ago and revisit them. He needs to learn of God’s unmerited grace and mercy because we all fall short of the mark. My brother you need to learn about FORGIVENESS.

    • Van Stewart:

      Let your spouse cheat on you and see if FORGIVENESS is the first thing you think of. Yes, as Christians we must forgive because we want God to forgive us but as humans FORGIVENESS is easier said than done. We cannot cast our transgressors sins committed against us as far as the East is to the West…..at least not at first the pain and hurt is too grave.

    • He didn’t say he hadn’r forgve her. I’m glad that he was open and honest that is a part of healing. Praying for him and all that is in the triangle that God will restore and I know He will.

    • And you are the expert on someone else’s pain??? Stfu-please. Until you have walked in another man’s shoes you cant tell him how to deal with a path he has never traveled. When youre advising someone, you do it with love Not reprimand. Now you go read your Bible

  5. Someone who teaches or preaches the gospel, isn’t automatically a wonderful or even good spouse. In fact, they can actually be some of the worst, as they’ll justify their behavior with “The Word”. Just because God allowed for divorce in the case of adultery, it doesn’t mean he intended for followers of Christ to whip the Divorce card out anytime it’s an issue. I’ll never defend adultery as right. But when a spouse cheats, it doesn’t always mean that the other party is an innocent victim. As several people here have stated – Did you even begin to forgive your wife , Brother Haddon? Did you consider what led to her committing this act? Has this been the first time she’s done this? If she is an otherwise decent person then, this was a lapse in judgement. And it’s time to examine what she was probably trying to tell you was wrong BEFORE she just gave up, and took that step. And you, brother, are called to cover your wife; not call her out to shame.

    • Saynot2creflo…….Amen!!!!

      God does things in mysterious ways and the reverend should evaluate
      his ex wife’s motives and intentions before he pass judgements.
      God gave us the ability to think and reason and we need to use our
      God’s given gift to make his kingdom better.

      There is an old saying that man/woman does not leave butter for margarine. A pet never leave its home if it is love and cherish.
      There is more to the story that has been told.

    • Yes, we should forgive those who despitefully uses us. But we are not Jesus Christ himself. We must remember that the flesh is indeed weak. Until you are put into this situation, I feel that there is no way that we can speak on how someone should handle it. People love to speak others pain or misfortunes…Smh. We should pray for this couple instead of judging Brother Haddon and his wife…. Remember, only God can jugde us………………………period. Amen

    • So let the church say AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I know all things are possible with God!! I stay single…because I know I can’t even try to forgive a man that cheats on me!! He is foul to me after cheating!!! I get physically sick at the thought!!! I know God is able!! I’m just not willing to stay with a cheater… Once a cheater …always a cheated!!!

  7. Who wants to stay with a cheater!!!! Move on!!

  8. Until it has happened to you, people don’t understand the magnitude of hurt that it causes. Forgive the first time, but the second and third times is completely different. We don’t know how long this has been going on. First time shame on you second time shame on me.

  9. All these men who say they will forgive their wife for cheating are a damm lie! ! A mans core is different than a woman and his pride is different! ! I’m not a woman but I know a woman, a good woman that caught her husband with the woman at their house fycking and she divorced him immediately! ! He had absolutely no RESPECT FOR HER! ! likewise in the case of a man, we (I) respect mine and I get the same in return. My mother always says” a lady is a lady at ALL TIMES! !”. If she ducks another man, dump her cause he will never look at her the same. And I know women who step on weak cats but not they bad boys! ! Respect due at all times, no if ands or buts about it from my wife or leave me if u wanna fyck someone else. REAL TALK! ! MAAT. ..

  10. Correction – fycks another man

  11. Addendum. Ain’t no second or third time forgiving fycking another cat coming from me
    . If u dishonor my name, u don’t want or need it. . Keep it moving yung brotha …Hotep

  12. Or let’s say ill forgive u, but u still GONE! !! PTAH RA

  13. U men on here gonna say y’all gonna overlook ur woman blowing another cats Johnson and licking his cream? Cmon man! !! Yeah its real like I put it, Dnt candy coat it! ! Be for real! ! Bye! ! Hotep

  14. He got his vengeance by going public against his ex-wife and all involved. By doing this, was he really forgiving..????

  15. Well I’m of the firm belief that if my lady had s*x with another guy I’m not even thinking of forgiveness, just move-on-ness!
    And if I caught them having s*x then I wouldnt even slap him…or her…THEY’RE BOTH NOT WORTH IT!!

    I don’t have time for fools like that and if brother Deitrick Haddon’s case was my case it would be ‘good luck to you both, you cheating mo-fos’ deserve each other!!

    It would be her loss, not mine!


  16. I feel if you have to mess around cut me loose. don’t let me know cause I will seek revenge, that’s just me. my advice is to distance yourself from them until you are strong enough to face them w/o too much anger..

  17. Jah Larry Dread

    In a Facebook message Haddon wrote, “I do expect Isaac Carree to stand up and be man enough to own his mistakes & give his fans the truth they deserve to know.”…Mistake? How? He (Isaac Carree) did not walk into a room, trip and fall into the p***y! The only mistake was she got caught!

  18. You never know what a test of faith will look like until your faith and trust in God is required to stand the test. If God has given you a wife, then Hosea is the example of how to respond to infidelity from a woman that God has given you. Yes, Jesus did say divorce was permissible in cases of infidelity. However, the issue Haddon is being confronted with his own weakness and shortcomings regarding forgiveness, faith, and humility, and responding to theses things and not to individuals in a way that relies completely on God and not hurt feelings or human failings. Jesus took an adulterous woman and forgave her and restored her. What would change if Haddon prayed then went to each of this people and simply said I forgive you. What would God be able to do in his life, in his heart, in his ministry.

  19. Imhotep, your words are harsh but so true..

  20. I love his honesty and transparency. We must not forget we are not caught up yet. We are human and we are not impervious to everything. Jesus is Lord.

  21. Sayno2creflo,
    you made me think of something. What part did he play in this? was he creating, did he not show her any love, bottomline what caused her to take that route?? Maybe he was innocent, in his sight..

  22. @ Traveller..You are right if you slap them you are showing a sign of weakness.


    Where is the what real church, people please do make excuses for this wife, adultery is a sin if she wanted to be with someone else she should have divorced her husband and as for Issac Carree may God have mercy on him for getting in the middle of a covenant of marriage, with time Mr Haddon will heal and he will forgive.

  24. People who cheat never seem to realize or care about the hurt and pain they cause to families.

  25. I know you might not remember me but I met you in ATL Airport with my wife and two granddaughters. I’ve been right where you are at brother! Nine years ago I went thru that same crack in life known as divorce. I wish there some other way I could communicate with you besides my comments here.Anyway, from experience I can tell you that time want make it go away but it will make it better! Be Blessed Brother Deitrick ! Stay Strong! Keep Your head up !

  26. For da preacher in us all:
    1 Corinthians 10:13
    The Message (MSG)

    13 No test or temptation that comes your way is beyond the course of what others have had to face. All you need to remember is that God will never let you down; he’ll never let you be pushed past your limit; he’ll always be there to help you come through it.

    Our prayers are with you in this time of soul searching:).

  27. He who is without sin, cast the first stone. All have sinned and come short of the glory of God. If we are trying to be the more like Jesus, then it is mandatory that we forgive and move on. What would Jesus do?

  28. Haddon hands is not clean neither he was creeping as well. The young lady pregnant before his divorced. Forgiveness is two fold.When a person say I will forgive you but I won’t forget.It cancel out Forgiveness.Prayer changes things. As you seek God help ask for strength for the spirit of Forgiveness. If you’re earnest, forgetting will not consume you.Resentment won’t hold you hostage.

    • Maybe this is why he is attacking because this will deflect attention

      away from the baby he has already. Someone might start to count???

  29. Can’t be mad at detrick h for wanting to break this dudes neck! Or his soon to be ex wife’s, for that matter. But forgiveness at some point is the ONLY way for detrick to come to terms. Even if he is 100 percent right, holding on to anger (even clearly justified angry) is poisonous to ones soul. Plus we are NOT privy to ALL of the inside details. Brother haddon is a MAJOR SCALE RECORDING ARTIST. could it be that TOO MUCH TIME TRAVELING AND AWAY FROM HOME, MADE THE WIFE VULERNABLE? Could he himself have been involved in a few indiscretions, on the road, prompting the wife to do the same? These unknown factors could play a BIG part in this, and at the very least, his issues go deeper than this dude. If a woman feels justified in cheating, she WILL find WHOMEVER SHE CAN to cheat with.

  30. Codrington C. Dapp

    Is there any black person in America that isn’t full of s–t?

  31. I say amen to the last comment. Remember, it’s not what we think about it, but we need to follow the Word! It’s really that plain and simple.

  32. The comment I was referring to was M1.

  33. Mr dapp, black people in America are no more or less full of s&&t than ANY OTHER ETHNIC GROUP. So lets act like we have some sense when making comments on the board.

  34. Things happen thank God for the fresh anointing. What he has for you is much greater.

  35. It would be helpful to know what station “The Yolanda Adams Morning Show” is on. When I read articles on this site, I always need to go elsewhere to get the rest of the facts. I can look up the call letters of the station and determine where it is located. This site makes its readers work hard if we are interested an a story.

  36. Sorry for that to happen to the brother but we have to understand that we are all human mortals tempted in many ways every single day and in every single way, BUT we do not have to yield to temptation UNLESS we really want to. We are s****l beings by design and s*x WILL ALWAYS be an issue in humanity any of us naturally gravitate to it because s*x is a part of our she being. It’s biological, it’s psychological, it’s in our consciousness, it’s in our genitals, it’s always gonna happen that exciting feeling of forbidden fruit. But as tempted as we all are WE KNOW BETTER. So the choice of the married woman was to sleep with this man irregardless of justified or not, she knew she was married and knowing the bible she KNEW she was not to let another man into her private areas nor get into her mind and seduce her. Adultery on happens when a person wants it to happen. People Grow Up and Be For Real, stop lying to yourselves and hiding behind religion (any religion).

  37. Jah Larry Dread

    Many facts are left out this scenario. Was this a one-time thing or on going? However, like kennycraddock stated: “She KNEW she was married”…This is ALL on his wife…not a mistake on the man.
    Mr. Haddon you stated, “I do expect Isaac Carree to stand up and be man enough to own his mistake…” This was not a mistake. Attractive women are hit on all the time…was HER decision to betray you. However, if and your wife do not have any children together. Then thank GOD. Move on!

  38. When things go wrong in a marriage both parties should take responsibility. The wife made a poor choice and his getting another woman pregnant was equally a poor choice. Christianity is about forgiveness, keeping the promises you make to one another and God and unless you’ve tried like h**l to repair things, walking away from a marriage is the coward’s way out and will not lead to happiness.

  39. It’s probably more to this story! Why would you go National and public with your business Kingdom man? Where in the story did he say he forgave her? Too many celebrities in the body of Christ! What if Issac and Damita repented? Deitrck now has exploited their sins…..he is not God!

  40. If ya’ll believe every word this bitter man has to say then all I can say is that there is three sides to this story: DH, Damita AND GOD’s!

  41. Christians need to stop in their attempt to make God a liar. We either wait and marry someone God has for us and this is obedience and trust or we choose someone and then ask Him to make it work. The later is what many do, but when the consequences of their disobedience manifest in an undesired outcome – foul is heard throughout the land.
    All good and perfect gifts come from The Lord.
    Some ” Christians” get together and comfort each other in the wrong instead of the word. We need to operate in the word of God as Jesus did ” It is written…..” not in the I have been a Christian fir many many years and feel this or that. Many err in think inking to take the glory that s only due God. Are we to receive trophies for following such a merciful God because our walk may have started since we were young!
    Proverbs 3:5
    Trust the LORD with all your heart, and do not rely on your own understanding
    Psalm 37:3
    Trust the LORD, and do good things. Live in the land, and practice being faithful.
    Psalm 115:11
    If you fear the LORD, trust the LORD. He is your helper and your shield
    It’s time for Christians to stop lying on our Holy God and just admit they looked like they were serving Him, but there was disobedience and there are consequences to disobedience!
    Romans 3:4
    God forbid: yea, let God be true, but every man a liar; as it is written, That thou mightest be justified in thy sayings, and mightest overcome when thou art judged.
    Read David. God loved David and David was said to be a man after Gods own heart, but David suffered consequences for Hs disobedience.
    The ex wife is more responsible than the guy as far as being a wife s concerned, but all as Christians are responsible to love God with all heart, mind ,sound and strength and neighbor as self.
    My ex was a horrible man, but I realized it was my disobedience marrying a man that God did not authorize. I wish all well, except for the grace if God, that could be me.

  42. ANOTHER MESS IN THE CHURCH……TO GIVE REASON FOR FOLK WANT NOT GO TO CHURCH! If I were Damita I would NOT respond to this! If I were Isaac I would publicaly respind to this! Go to him alone and him only!

  43. Why do it always take the People we love so much to deceive and betray us? and That Hurts.

  44. Derrick can you get this Hoodratt a Chasity-Belt lol this was a thing the Whiteman used for his Whorish types of Women lol

    • @Brother Muhammad:

      I don’t have a chasity belt, but I do have a LEATHER BELT, I could beat that heffa with!

      These xtian ho’s want the same da.mn thang a prostitute wants…a big di.ck, and some money!!!

      I’m gone!

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  48. Haddon needs to go back to the “old land mark” and get off the “rim”.
    You are either in or you are out. . .no in between. . .you’re suppose
    to be a preacher. . .saved. . .preach the gospel. . .unadulterated. . .truth. . .live the righteous life. . .yourself. . .the same thing it took for my grandmother to make it in. . .it’s going to take for every body else. . .God has not
    changed His word. . .we water it down to get the young people in we
    say. . .how long do they stay . . .that is not what the young people want. . .they want to see a difference in those that say they are “saved” and/or have been changed. Not out there gyrating(sp) every which way physically and spiritually. Who are you trying to impress. . .Certainly not the Lord Jesus Christ! Changed!

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