Dr. Michael Fauntroy: Stop Shedding Tears for Roland Martin

by Prof. Michael Fauntroy
  I got into a back-and-forth on Twitter this past weekend with someone who is a fan of soon-to-be former CNN political analyst Roland Martin. The writer took umbrage with some of my tweets regarding Martin’s departure from the network. My position? Let’s resist the urge to make Roland Martin out to be some wrongly aggrieved talking head. He is a marginally knowledgeable loudmouth who was more sizzle than steak. No academic training politics and government. No significant campaign experience. No experience as a political reporter at a major media outlet (He wrote opinion pieces at CNN). He is lucky to have had his turn. So to those who are shedding tears following the announcement of his departure from CNN: Your time would be better spent applying pressure to the cable networks to put minorities on who actually know something about politics and government.


America’s public discourse on politics and government is infested by too many people with thin or nonexistent credentials. They are on television and radio because there are either well connected, telegenic, or otherwise project the image the network wants you to see; expertise is not at the top of the list of traits. Their exposure gives them a level of popularity that legitimizes their analysis while, concurrently, inoculates them from criticism of their inanity (“they’re on X network, so they must know what they’re talking about”). While Roland Martin is the subject here, he is not the only person I’m thinking about. There are many experts on television, but in political media, those who know are almost outnumbered by those who don’t.


I wonder why we accept this. We wouldn’t listen to a science and technology analyst with no academic or employment history in the fields in which he or she is commenting. We wouldn’t listen to a Wall Street analyst with no academic training in corporate finance or employment as a stock and bond trader. We wouldn’t listen to a medical analyst with no academic medical training or employment. So why should we listen to a political analyst with a similarly thin background? We deserve better from our media. We deserve a political discourse that includes real experts, not just well practiced-talking heads.


Roland Martin is an overrated political analyst. But because there are so few political analysts of color getting serious run on cable news networks, we accepted his inane, somewhat self-promotional pundit routine (And were happy to see a brother on CNN). I hope as we continue to debate where CNN is going after reducing the role of talented people like Soledad O’Brien or not renewing Roland Martin’s contract that we also include discussions about the kinds of backgrounds we want in our political analysts. I also hope the conclusion results in our demanding more of an emphasis on expertise. We can have expertise and personality. We will all be better for it.


And if you’re interested, there is a long list of Black political scientist professors who actually know politics and government. Let me recommend a few (although I could easily give you 50 more names): Michael Leo Owens, Khalilah Brown Dean, Pearl Ford Dowe, Sekou Franklin, Wilmer Leon, Keesha Middlemass, Audra Gillespie, Mark Sawyer, Lester Spence, James Lance Taylor, and David Wilson.


Michael Fauntroy is associate professor of public policy at George Mason University. He holds a Ph.D. degree in political science from Howard University and an undergraduate degree in political science from Hampton University. He served as an analyst at the Congressional Research Service (CRS), where he provided research and consultations to members and committees of Congress. Prior to joining CRS he was a research analyst in civil rights at the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights where he developed expertise in voting rights and ballot access issues. He blogs at MichaelFauntroy.com. Twitter? @MKFauntroy


Twitter: MKFauntroy

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  2. Love a GOOD READ ALL THE TIME. MAN KEEP THE GOOD WORK UP. WE LOVE U!!! Thats pushing it boy. Are you always such a bully?

  3. That’s qot problem we don’t support each other!!!!!!!!! Those individuals that you listed will be control by cooperate media! Lokk at the state of black media. Never let someone control what you say or do. That’s why I loved Roland Martin and Michael Baisden.

    • So you dont know that rolland and baisden are nothing but empty airheads USED by rascist democrats to get odrama back in the white house, and now that he is in there, they have no value.

      You dont know that rascist democrats use airhead negroes to do that work for them all the time???

      That is the main reason you should listen to what the fools say, and not what color they are.

  4. you are wrong. this is a vindictive move. you failed to mention the white political analyst who have not finished college. Hannity, Limbaugh etc. who,s political views are going on as we speak. another brother advocating for the white manto keep another brother down. yes you need to focus on us representing the truth, w/our own media. instead you bash a brother for the media……shame onyou

    • Agree with you, not sure why this Negro felt the need to attack another brother who p****d off white folks while defending black people on TV….another crab Negro! I’d sure feel a lot more relaxed if those crabs were in a special container!

  5. Willie Lynch Syndtome again!! d**n bro, have to year down another brother to build yourself up. SAD

  6. Should not a Ph.D. professor at George Mason University know the difference between sentences and clause and, most certainly, should not they know the purpose of conjunctions, and should not they be knowledgeable in sentence structure, punctuation and to the different usages therefor? Further, would not a Ph.D. professor be amenable to have a “discussion” on Twitter as opposed to get “into a back-and-forth on Twitter?” Should not the “glass houses and stones” rule apply here?

  7. While it does not surprise me that Dr Watkins has found yet another who stands in his corner and bashes those who are in the arena, I am reminded that there are a host of “commentators” who know basketball as well as Naismith and Dean Smith; but they never got in the game because they couldn’t put the ball in the hoop, or had not the “presence” to sell tickets to the game. Enter Dr. Fauntroy (or insert Dr. Watkins) who has had enough TV exposure that the powers that be could call his number; but his number isn’t called because he has little to say that people want to hear. Through two election cycles I have enjoyed Martin’s crisp analysis as well as his unwillingness to take on those fellow panelists who charge from out of left field (or right field). Stick to the academy (George Mason particularly where Walter Williams marionette-like coattails can be ridden all the way to FOX News. Sell your soul as has Charles Payne, and be the mouthpiece for Rush-like reasoning. Roland Martin will land on his feet. Skilled-players always do.

    • Charles Payne has help me make a lot of $$$, he, seems quite knowledgeable to me!

      It’s so very strange if we don’t agree we tear down, try to ruin reputations or worse!

      Like what is being done to Dr. Carson, someone had the nerve to say he’s just a doctor what does he know?? I might be incorrect however his intellect may be greater than that of the President in a side by side comparison. Just saying, Community Service vs. Brain Surgeon!

      • The main reason blacks cannot use the internet effectively is because all these foreign negroes who have no knowledge of how a free society works, no experience at analyzing american politics, and no experience at voting in free elections, come on these sites and spew out a bunch of stupidity and uninformed comments, that make it hard to have a decent discussion.

        We need to have our own black american sites, and figure out a way to ban them from entering.

  8. Your argument for “expert” credentials would have merit if it applied to the position Roland held at CNN. It doesn’t. Roland was there to give an opinion. It doesn’t require academic training to have a brain or to express a common sense viewpoint.

    To me it’s more problematic when academics think all of the good answers come from book training. I’m sure you know persons who are smart as a whip but don’t have a lick of common sense. Oh, never mind.

  9. While it does not surprise me that Dr Watkins has found yet another who stands in his corner and bashes those who are in the arena, I am reminded that there are a host of “commentators” who know basketball as well as Naismith and Dean Smith; but they never got in the game because they couldn’t put the ball in the hoop, or had not the “presence” to sell tickets to the game. Enter Dr. Fauntroy (or insert Dr. Watkins) who has had enough TV exposure that the powers that be could call his number; but his number isn’t called because he has little to say that people want to hear. Through two election cycles I have enjoyed Martin’s crisp analysis as well as his willingness to take on those fellow panelists who charge from out of left field (or right field). Stick to the academy (George Mason particularly where Walter Williams marionette-like coattails can be ridden all the way to FOX News. Sell your soul as has Charles Payne, and be the mouthpiece for Rush-like reasoning. Roland Martin will land on his feet. Skilled-players always do.

  10. My problem is this; why do some folks find it necessary to “go after” their own in the public forum? Whatever Roland Martin’s deficiencies I’m glad that he got as far as he did. Any number of white folks on these television “news” programs are near blithering idiots. Let’s take the Joe Scarborough morning program on MSNBC. Only about three of the “regulars” talk with any sense; Mika, Willie Geist, and Mike what-his-name from Boston. When Scarborough isn’t there……what a breath of fresh air. So c’mon Dr. Fauntroy, give it a rest already!

    • We dont say anything about white commentators because they aren’t calling themselves BLACK LEADERS, and They ARE NOT calling for us to vote for odrama.

      • david, you’re as white as they come. Anyway, Africans don’t call these people “black leaders” they are spokesmen, and mighty fine spokespeople at that!
        I personally believe that they have the intellect to speak their beliefs without being called a black leader. They are blacks who have knowledge of their subjects. Now, if you want to talk about the white racist leaders on faux news, we can have that conversation.

        • Forgot to mention that white people call these spokespeople “black leaders”. As if whites don’t need some leading down the tolerant path. Black people don’t need leaders, anymore than any other races. If we have to have leaders then where are all the leaders for other races including white folks?
          We don’t need any leaders, what we need is for racist people to get off of our backs!

          • where are white leaders you ask LOL

            well they’re here in the mayor’s office, governor’s office, congress, supreme court, and justice dept. EVEN WHEN THEY LOOK BLACK, THEY’RE STILL WHITE LEADERS ON THE INSIDE DOING WHAT IS IN THE BEST INTEREST OF ONLY WHITE PEOPLE.

            that also includes this rolland n8ggah.

  11. In the words of the Mad Rapper, Dr. Michael Fauntroy…..”Why you mad son?” I bet their were a few guys better than Jackie Robinson also….No really, why you mad son? I am often tomes dumbfounded at what is called news worthy!

    • “I bet there were a few guys better than Jackie Robinson also…”

      What a great point! What I loved most about Roland Martin is that he knew exactly what he was talking about, he stood his ground and did not become a sell-out. He could have easily compromised and become something different, yet he continues to stand and fight for his people!

  12. Marietta Hunter

    will someone tell me who is this Michael fauntroy? I followed cnn and found Mr Roland Martin to be very informed and very well spoken. Mr Fauntroy how much money have these people paid you to speak so ill of Mr Martin. I will not shed tears for Mr Martin, but i will shed some for you sir.

    • Insecure fools are always on the internet paying people to lie for them, about their abilities or lack of them.


      They cant stop free speech and intelligent honest communication, but they try hard.

  13. Dr. Richard Wilson

    I take exception to the “Hater” who wrote this article. He is not marginally intelligent …In fact he is highly intelligent and I am proud that he was given a voice that shattered and offered insight to the numerous dishonest politicians, pundits and consultants who were allowed to promote their lies and an agenda of hate and oppression. I question the intelligence and intentions of the man who authored such an article.

  14. My brothers and sisters….just as Malcolm said….beware the “Uncle Toms and the Miss Annes” who sole purpose is to support the white man’s agenda by destroying other Black people. “Dr.” Fauntroy is a colored aaasssss in a white world where he is seeking validation from white folks, just like boyce. You can tell he has lost his mind and in ‘trying’ to denigrate Roland Martin….who by the way….TAKES NO PRISIONERS AND WHOM HAS DEFENDED AND REPRESENTED A SANE POINT OF VIEW AND SOUND POINTS OF VIEW REFLECTED OF THE BROAD BASED AFRICAN AMERICAN COMMUNITY….fauntry joins that sad circle of self-hating colored people who boyce is leading to h**l. Roland Martin has a hge following and is a bigger name than this colored turkey fauntroy will ever be….and obviously doesn’t have the intellectual chops to even be in Roland’s shadow. Yes, my brothers and sisters…beware of all of these self-hating colored peoplelike boyce and fauntroy who want their five minutes of fame by ineffectively pointing to other African-Americans so-called lack credentials and education as bottom-line tenants of who/whom is smart, a leader, ready to lead and/or capable to lead or whose voice magnifies what we want and need to say to racist white america. Shame on boyce and fauntroy by thinking because “they” think they are intellectuals, that they can decide who/whom has the qualities of leadership to elevate our voice. They are shameful and pitiful and they couldn’t lead a horse to water let alone develop an intellectual platform that is believable. THANK YOU ROLAND MARTIN, A TRUE WARRIOR,THANK YOU FOR YOUR COURAGE AND YOUR VOICE AND YOUR INTELLECTUALISM AND YOUR EDUCATION AND GUTS TO GET UP AND SPEAK OUT AND STICK IT TO WHITE AMERICA….and to the sorry colored haters who would rather denigrate you, Roland, rather than denigrating CNN for not having the guts to continue with your presence and bold commentary. CNN IS JUST ANOTHER FACE OF FOX NEWS….and we should turn it off….and build our own media but barrell crabs like boyce and fauntroy will always show their Uncle Tomism than their courage. How pitiful and shameful and sorry of boyce and fauntroy…what type of men are you….you are certainly not true African-American warriors…shame on you but like I always like to end on boyce’s sorry website as he continues to show what a punk he and now fauntroy is….like the Rev. Al Sharpton says…you thought you could get away with denigrating Roland …BUT WE GOT YOU!!!! SHAME ON boyce and fauntroy.






    • @Belenda…Amen, you nailed it! People need to look at Boyce and not the idiot Doc. Boyce is the one who gave this idiot a platform to act like a crab and attack another brother. Boyce is a professional s**t starter…he seems to enjoy starting fights and then hide in the background laughing as though he had nothing to do with it. He is a sick man!

    • ATTENTION ALL: We live in a world where EVERY white person is a racist — some are honest about it (the KKK, for example), but most are two-faced liars. William Wilberforce was the most racist of all white men of all time. Abraham Lincoln was a close 2nd.

      What’s really sad, is all the Uncle Tom pastors in this country that trick us into singing Amazing Grace at church each Sunday (for the 3 or 4 of you that actually still go). And for sure, even the white Democrats are racists pigs — the only reason they give out free benefits is because it p****s off the Repubublicans.

      Everything that goes bad in a black man’s life is the fault of white people. Everything that goes right is a black man’s life is 100% because of the efforts of the black man (with maybe a little help from a few other black people) to overcome the racist white people trying to keep him down. And it is for sure a fact that black men wouldn’t shoot other black men if whitie hadn’t of invented the gun in the first place. You see, it is ALL the fault of white poeple.

      • White people dont make black people choose evil.


        But the average negro is greedy and looking for an excuse to do evil. They search high and low for an evil white man to justify their wrong doing, and then use this one evil white man as a means to justify their evil doing.

        Just do right negro. Do right, and God will keep trouble from your doorstep. Do RIGHT, and every evil trap set for you will not come against you.

        It is just that simple.

        • What world are you living in? Tell that to the many Blacks that have been incarcerated for crimes they did not commit. Tell that to the many Blacks who have been attacked by police and/or killed for no reason? You must be white, or secured in a white community around whites all of your life to not have been exposed to white supremacy and the pain and trauma it creates and has created. Institutional racism is another head of the snake that hisses and tries to bite us continually. If you are black, you are another Dormer waiting to happen. He too believed in the “white master” and enjoyed the crumbs that fell from his table. When they decided to put him in his “place”, he lost it. I hope you don’t. That is, IF you are black.

  15. Like I stated on Soledad – its just a season of downtime to come back stronger! I am not going to down any of my black brothers. I know what its like to be ostracized by my own black race and its not a d**n good feeling AT ALL! So hats off to you Roland. Sending a prayer up for you cause your biger break is on the way! Trust and believe. I am working and waiting on my break through and I am not even noted for any popularity – except with my God, I am His star and so are you and you are well known throughout our land. Cause as the saying goes THE DEVIL IS A LIAR! I feel like I am on top of the world cause I k now my prayers are going to be answered through my worship of tithing and believing. Hang in there! Let em laugh, let em joke – like me you are a rising star – Gods star! You don’t need everybody likin you- Just that ONE! HE and His grace is sufficient!

  16. Pastori Balele

    You say Roland Martin has no good political analytical background! Please back off. There quite a few college drop-outs white political analysts: Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, and Scott Walker – Wisconsin Governor Etc. Why don’t you attack their credentials? Of course they have big mouths with hot air and they lie a lot. So give Martin credit for staying in the job for such a long time despite his shortcomings.

    • he was used the way white rascist ALWAYS use dumb negroes – for a season, to help them accomplish their mission. his mission was to appeal to all retarded negroes, who dont understand issues, to vote odrama.

    • Uncle Tom is not going to talk about masa. He love masa. Roland is smarter than those trators to the race. Love you Roland I know you are smart. Love Washington Watch. TV One. Watch it please. This sister will never kick her black brother. Pray and learn the facts and Vote.

      • If you allow a negro you dont know to lie, belittle, and misuse your voting power, then you must let your man spit on you, beat on you, and rape you and not turn your back on him either.

  17. It’s never a good thing when a black man or woman loses a tv job…..never a good thing!




  18. I totally agree with everyone who stated you don’t need an advanced education (degree) to be knowledgeable on a particular subject….although I did finish college from a very distinguish HBCU, it doesn’t make me any wiser or smarter than the next person…. I have often stated to many people stop preaching to our young people Get a degree or else you will not succeed, that is the greatest lee every

  19. Greatest lie ever told… Our youth can be very successful by learning a trade and becoming entrepreneurs and providing for our community as strong leaders in business… Very disappointed in the Dr.

  20. MR.Fauntroy’s criticisms of Mr.Martin is exactly what makes him desirable.He has not yet been corrupted by the system that controls all of OUR so called experts.LORL

  21. He who controls the media, controls the minds- Malcolm X. Instead of putting so much emphasis on the boobtube, we need to get our info from a wide range of sources, and read! !! Books of all kinds continue to be printed! Read more and read with a mind willing to absorb the knowledge, wisdom, and understanding from our scholars and wwriters mostly, but they’re a few good books from others also, namely Prof Gus Smith of U of Vermont and his book ” America the Great, a Manifesto for a New Economy !”. U would be enlightened about what he says about this two-party system and what’s needed to remedy this mess we’re in…Roland will be OK, he can always write ….Maat

  22. Professor, you maybe right about everything you said about Roland Martin, But do you have the right to try and destroy him in public. Are you that JEALIOUS of him that you would say the things you are saying about him?.You see that is the problem with us black people we seek to make ourselves look better that the other. And in the process we made fool of ourselves, like you did in this article.
    I would not want someone like you close to my children what say teaching them. You are nothing more that an egotestical Ignorant b*****d, who thing putting down another person uplift you. No it does not it make you look stuppid ignorant house NEGRO

  23. I don’t understand some of the comments here. We being black have all accepted positions in a racist organization at one time or another, but the bottom line is this we have to eat. Roland is no different he not a bootlicker, b**t kissing house boy, at least I never say him that way on CNN or anything else. Someone mentioned how did he try and change CNN? How have you tried to change your work environment? Crabs in barrel mentality I bet Dr. Fauntroy have you ever reached out to Roland before now? and why reach with a foot to stomp with instead of a hand to help with? Then he ends his piece with all his accomplishments which are great, but does not mean he is correct in his stinking thinking. Divide and conquer has always been the trick of the enemy and there is still nothing new under the sun. Wake up people!

    God bless as whole not as a part!

    • White people dont make black people choose evil.


      But the average negro is greedy and looking for an excuse to do evil. They search high and low for an evil white man to justify their wrong doing, and then use this one evil white man as a means to justify their evil doing.

      Just do right negro. Do right, and God will keep trouble from your doorstep. Do RIGHT, and every evil trap set for you will not prevail.

      It is just that simple.

  24. With all this guys creditials he will never appear on cnn as a face of the netework! I wonder why?

  25. After what Roland did to Shirley sherrod, I do not care that he got fired. I guess karma stinks.

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  27. Martin R. Delany

    Three (3) things that will ensure our subordinate position:

    1) The electoral process. Our liberation/salvation will not come from the Black political class. There is an abundance of evidence to prove this (Odrama, C. Booker, Uncle Tom Bradley, A**hole Davis [former AL Congressman], Nagin, etc.). The electoral process is antithetical to Black interest or Black progress.

    2) Christianity. Remember during slavery Blacks were prohibited from becoming literate. Why, because once a slave is enlightened, it can no longer be controlled. But slaves were allowed to have the bible. The master knew this book would disempower the slave and their progeny.

    3) Talented Tenth is equivalent to mind control. Egos and hybridization of ideologies have taken Blacks so far away from what is fundamental: Sustainability through self-determination.

    I can be reached at lwynn123@yahoo.com.

  28. Dear Black Men:

    When it comes to your discourse, DISAGREE and do not hesitate to be DISAGREEABLE. But always never, always never ever, never ever always, be DISREPECTFUL.

    While there are those who downplay the power and importance of respect, it is the highest form of acknowledgement that one Black Man can give to another.

    I sense a high degree of DISREPECT from Prof Fauntroy towards Mr Martin. This must be fixed.



  29. Rev. George Brooks

    Fauntroy, first and foremost, where is at least one or two Jews and other whites on your list of unqualified experts on TV giving their opinions? Or are you another one of these “Negroes” who is afraid to even whisper a word against whites? Which is how I and a number of others are reading you, loud and clear. And who the heck are all of these “nobodies” that you listed as black experts? I’m not exactly bragging on Roland, whom I have had differences with myself, but I certainly will not be supportive of any of the anti-Jesus Jews who own and dominate CNN, and even the entire so-called black-owned media. So let’s hear what you have to say about Jews doninating the black media, and deciding which blacks should be representing the black race on CNN and any other channel. And while you are at it, how about commenting on that bunch of anti-Jesus Jews who are bossing and controlling Barack Obama, who is sitting in the presidential seat, but is doing and saying ONLY what they tell him to do and say. In fact, first answer this? Are you black, white or of the oreo group? — Rev. George Brooks

  30. What is happening to our Educated Black Men, are they becoming so self centered that the only things they can offer is Criticism toward other Black Men,IE Dr Carson,Tavis,Prof Fauntroy,Cornell West,Clarence Thomas,just to name a few,could it be this is a reversal of what Malcolm meant when he stated the Chickens are coming home to Roost.

  31. Shame, Dr. F/. how were you Raised!!! To Tear your Brother of Blackness Down; To advertise What He Does Not Have… You forgot to mention-/what He does Have… He Is Smart, Savvy and his Political Reporting Is On Point. The Massa of White TV wants to Regulate his mouth off TV-through Tweet,which had nothing to do with Politics, nor represent the CNN; We Blacks know that invariably,the White TV; can count on a Black Fools like yourself to Speak on their Behalf. The Network is , So Foolish, that they Let a Good Qualified Political Went to School for Journalism, etc.,Man, TJ Holmes,…due to his black face and intellect; all they wanted was a black-lacky-week-end man, (forever). The white Junk news men they bring on is a true news crime story. Talk about that Dr. F. FaultFinder,who wants no one to Shed Tears for a Black news Talker, Roland Martin when on a panel of news reporting, Roland relates the Facts – he Smacks the Faces of the So-called who went to school for Politics and moved ahead because they are WHITE!!! You are a Degree Black Dummy that should know,how Racism works; Why did they keep him Sooooo Long???? you ought to know how the system of discrimination works,cause you black.Your Degree/Phd means: Personal Hate Drama/A Paper that allows you to flaunt that you went to higher education. Consequently, you are the black,so-called educated pervert – who bring the Trash of Confusion and attempt to Take down a man, Who is trying to make an Honest Living. But, You Will not Win with your Words of Hurt and Offense… **One Very Important Unique Class not Taught at College Is **Commom Sense** and Respect for one another!!! Your Ivy League University Paperwork does not Give you the authority to write deleterious comments, which are not really true; All you Jealous & Elit Bafoons on the Street Curb of Life are a Evil Bunch; let me do the Roll Call, Tavis Smiley, Cornell West, Ben Carson and Michael Fauntroy; The Tears are Falling from our very great late esteem Leader; The Real Doctor of Humanities; Dr. Martin Luther King…


    Prof. Fauntroy,

    When you listed your accomplishments and credentials your FAILED to mention that you are the son of former Congressman Walter Fauntroy (D) Washington, D.C. How many doors of opportunity were opened to YOU just because of your Father’s connections ?

  33. I agree. At times, Mr. Martin was an embarassment when debating particular issues. Especially on a panel with people of other persuasions.

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  35. It is frightening to think that this is written by a professor. Mr. Martin is more knowledgeable about the topics that he tends to cover than his counterparts, he is reasonably well educated and well spoken and his political acumen is evident in the fact that he got the job and was quite good during the 2008 Elections. He was on CNN not PBS, the network is rather driven by personality and Mr. Martin has plenty of that. Above all he has a deep and obvious love and respect for his community that comes across on camera. This is the unique “it” that trumps who you know and what you know. Of course Mr. Martin is also in the know and he speaks up. A few good points were made by the Professor but if it were not for the mention of Mr. Martin nobody would even pay attention. The truth is that if Prof. Fauntroy didn’t use Mr. Martin he would be talking to himself.

  36. For those who don’t know and didn’t take the time to check, Roland S Martin is educated and knowledgeable on several subjects. Since my dad was a historian, I’m always amazed at Roland’s expertise in Black history. For those who don’t know Roland’s background:

    From CNN — Roland Martin earned a bachelor’s of science degree in journalism from Texas A&M University and is currently working on a master’s degree in Christian communications at Louisiana Baptist University. He is a member of the National Association of Black Journalists, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity and the American Society of Newspaper Editors.

    In addition to having his own show on TV One, Martin is a nationally syndicated columnist with Creators Syndicate, Martin most recently served as executive editor of the Chicago Defender, the nation’s largest black daily newspaper. He is a commentator for TV One Cable Network and a senior analyst for the Tom Joyner Morning Show. He is the author of Listening to the Spirit Within: 50 Perspectives on Faith and Speak, Brother! A Black Man’s View of America.

    Martin has appeared numerous times on CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, Court TV, BET Nightly News, BBC News, National Public Radio, The Word Network and America’s Black Forum.

    Martin previously hosted The Roland S. Martin Show on WVON/1690AM in Chicago and is the former founding news editor for Savoy magazine and the former founding editor of BlackAmericaWeb.com, owned by nationally syndicated radio host Tom Joyner and Radio One.

    Martin previously served as owner/publisher of Dallas-Fort Worth Heritage, a Christian monthly newspaper and worked as managing editor of the Houston Defender and the Dallas Weekly. He also has worked for KRLD/1080AM, KKDA-AM in Dallas, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and the Austin American-Statesman.

    In October, 2008, Martin was inducted into Texas A&M’s journalism “Hall of Honor” for his journalistic accomplishments. During his journalism career, Martin has won more than 20 awards, including a regional Edward R. Murrow award from the Radio-Television News Directors Association; several first place awards from the Dallas-Fort Worth Association of Black Communicators; two citations from the National Associated Press Managing Editors Conference; the top sports reporting award in 1997 from the National Association of Black Journalists; and honors from the Houston Press Club.

    • His BS resume’ doesnt impress me. A bachelors’ or even masters’ degree is no true measure of intelligence, especially when granted by online education LOL

      You say this fool wants to study Christian communication now? LMAO

      Christian communication flows freely from the heart. You dont need a degree for that unless you have no Christian values in your heart.

      How old is this dummy? He looks about 60 to me. His old b**t is only using up resources that need to go to younger students. He has 1 foot in the grave already. He is very close to retirement age, but if you have been a fool with your money, then you do need to work to the grave.

      My flesh crawls every time this deceitful lieing piece of garbage calls himself a Christian.

  37. Who the h**l is Professor Michael Fauntroy and what makes him qualified to be some critic? I see him as another intellectual who thinks he knows it all. Republicans love people like you and Dr. Ben Carson!! Go home and shut up!! Roland may be a loudmouth but he mostly speaks truth to right!!

    • Every since odrama came up for election, insane negroes have thought of themselves as democrats first, black second, a fool third. You fools have only voted in a few election, and just because white rascist democrats and their black face stepnfetchits told YOU, YOU ARE DEMOCRATS, YOU HAVE NOT BEEN WISE ENOUGH OR INTELLIGENT ENOUGH TO EXPLORE BOTH SIDES OF THE POLITICAL ARENA. BLACKS LIKE YOU SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO VOTE, AND NOR SHOULD SOME WHITE REDNECKS. WE NEED LITERACY TESTS FOR ALL VOTERS NOW.

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  39. I guess Prof. Michael Fauntroy wants Roland Martin to have a degree from one a white Ivy League schools to validate him being on a network. A degree does not validate whether one is skilled or experience in a particular field. Moreover. Roland never been questioned on his political astuteness or the accuracy of his reporting.

    I would not be surprise if next week Prof. Fauntroy will be smiling and grinning, while guess appearing on CNN.

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  41. Roland Martin is pro choice and pro-amnesty for illegal immigrants, that my friends is not pro-black. Do you know how many black babies have been murdered by abortion? millions.
    Do you know how hard its going to be to get jobs when millions of illegal immigrants are no longer illegal?
    Martin is part of the problem, not the solution.

  42. First of politics in general is a scam to begin with so I don’t get the whole thing about having expertise in a field of scam artist and liars. Everyday joe blow should be able to get a job as a political analyst. In a fact a person who can determine who is lying and who is telling the truth. I watch these political shows all the time and not one of these so called analyst ever come up with real political answer for the scams that the congress or the president continue to run on the public. The people in government don’t work for the common man it’s just a show. Gun control , Gay marriage, abortion, immigration , government spending an war with some foreign country are the same tired topics for the last 20 years that are never resolved and constantly talked about. The media is now a corporate propaganda machine that protects politicians and there puppet masters. Roland was a threat to this establishment so he was never ever ever going to get a job as a host. He couldn’t skin and grin the way that the mass media needed him to be. He couldn’t talk in meaningless circles like all these other analyst do. He was too real to be on CNN or any other network on a daily news show. Let a Blackman have a show like Steven Colbert a see how long it last. Expose some truth to the world and see how long it last before someone try’s to take you out. CNN is government own and operated anyway. Results for elections long before the results are even in.

    • The only thing that rolland did on tv was promote odrama as our Lord and Savior. He served his purpose. There was never any intent to keep that buffoon on camera.

  43. I just watched Dr. Fauntroy response to Roland Martin and I literally cried from the shame of the response. Why must we do this to each other, there is room in this universe for more than one opinion. That’s is they reason why we as Black people are still on the bottom, even with a bi-racial President who from appearances looks totally Black. So from what I can discern from this response is that if you don’t have an education from a university Dr. Fauntroy considers appropriate you are not educated? Why is it that Black’s hold our own to different standards than we hold White’s in the same profession? It amazes me that a person can sit back and determine a person level of intellect based on whom we decide to support or share the same views and opinions, come on we have to do much better than this.

    • Fauntroy makes comments about blacks, because they ARE ONLY IN THE MEDIA TO LEAD BLACK SHEEP LIKE LAMBS TO THE SLAUGHTER.

      There are NO WHITE people who run around directing all their endeavors to leading black people down the path of destruction, telling us who to vote for, and what to think.

  44. Spivey L. Gordon

    Brother Scotty Reid,

    You hit the ball on the head in stating that Africans in America needs to focus their attention on forming their own corporate media. The firing of Brother Roland Martin is not uncommon. What has happen him and I’m thoroughly convinced this would have happen to any of the referred to named individuals Dr. Fauntroy suggested would be stellar performers in the present corporate media. I’m sorry to disagree with Dr. Fauntroy’s assessment on the firing of brother Martin when we stand so fragile in the workplace because we do not own anything and lack in equal access to the wealth distribution of this nation. Until we reach the point where we realize this is a principle worthy of priority, I may never see the emergence of empowerment in the African community.

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  46. Martin had his own opinions, views and outlook on various subjects and was versed on a lot of things. Whether you agreed or not, I felt I learned something from him at times. This argument the author makes would be more apt for Michael Baisden. No original thought ever came from him. He knew nothing about anything. Retread sayings and hyperbole. If you listened to him for serious issues or politics, you need your head examined. h**l, he could not even read the songs he was playing on his own show. Called the group Chic, “chick”, speaking to someone from Atlantic Starr on the phone but naming all of Midnight Star’s hits. Entertaining sometimes when Mr. Wiborn was on the show but very very shallow at best. The best thing we all could do is read and research on your own. Stop being guided by anyone.

  47. roland does not need any more education to be a political talker he has enough..and better talk than thouse with more education..

  48. I wonder if Dr. Michael Fauntroy has read the comments on this blog! Y’all sure gave him an ear full. Furthermore what qualifies him to tell me who to shed my tears for? People don’t need degrees to speak the truth and to describe what they see from there perspective. The problem is the BS spewed by the so-called elites who think they know what’s best for others that causes the problem.

  49. I have no problem with Roland nor do I have a problem with a man who simply posted an opinion like the Professor did. In addition to what I see on TV, I read about it. I realized a long time ago that the Media we encounter today are mostly “infotainment” and sales ads camouflaged as News Reports. After realizing these things, I realized how redundant the whole issue being discussed here really is. Roland will move on and so will Professor Fauntroy. That being said, Mid-term elections will be upon us next year, please familiarize yourselves with your local candidates for US Senate and The US House of Representatives and vote.

    God bless!

  50. I find it heart breaking that one educated black man would try to
    destroy the hard earned reputation of another well educated and
    knowedgable black man, Roland Martin. Roland Martin is intelligent
    who articultates the issues very well and one who will speak up
    for Black Justice. He is the kind of person that is needed
    today, to stand tall and speak out for the cause.

  51. At times the easier to just take one step back as well as realize that not everyone explains to you the thinking

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