Are Gay Rights The Same As Civil Rights? Majority of Black People Say No

black n gayBy Staff Blogger

Black Entertainment Television recently commissioned a Zogby poll which showed that 55% of the poll respondents said that they disagree with Lesbian Gay Bis*xual and Transgender (LGBT) claims that gay rights and civil rights for blacks are the same.

When asked the question: “Do you believe ministers who oppose homosexuality, including the rights of gays and lesbians to marry are right, wrong, or no opinion?” 35% of poll respondents had no opinion but 34% said that ministers had the right to go against gay marriage and homos*xuality. Only 31% disagreed and said ministers were wrong to oppose gay marriage.

Robert Johnson, founder and chairman of The RLJ Companies and founder of Black Entertainment Television said, “There weren’t any real surprises. On the issue of gay rights, African-Americans are far more conservative on that issue than I think the general population, so that wasn’t a surprise.”

When asked by the pollsters “Do you believe marriage should be restricted to between a man and a woman or do you believe that persons of the same s*x should be allowed to marry and receive similar benefits as heterosexual couples?” the respondents were split.

42% of them said that the marriage vows ought to be only between a man and a woman and 40% said that gay marriages should be allowed and that benefits should follow along with that.

Johnson also added that another question had been asked but that almost contradicted what was found in the other results. The question was “Did African-Americans believe that gay rights are the same as equal rights for African-Americans, and surprisingly they shared the view that gays can make the argument that their rights are tantamount to African-Americans, equal with civil rights,” 28% of them said that they agreed with this said Johnson.

The poll was conducted through online survey of 1,002 African-American adults, and calls were made between Feb. 14 and Feb. 20, 2013. The margin of error was plus or minus 3.2 percentage points.

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  1. As stated in the article its been almost a traditonal thing when it comes to Black people’s opinion on homsexuallity generally speaking.

    Why, because of our nature!

    However we have been ‘hit in the head’ for the past 400-500 years or so and we have come up in an environment that goes counter to nature itself, instituted by the European and based upon HIS social, political, economic and spiritual mores.

    Us, living under this Eurocentric system however are not excused when we knowingly indulge in their behaviour as justice would be served just as quickly on us as it would on the European.

    We have suffered under white supremacy for many generations and as a result we are acting out of a psychosis which needs an immediate cure that will help us while we travel down this demising journey that we embark on, hoping by the grace of our God that He will give us the appropriate medicine that will change our condition to one that is respectable & acceptable in his eyes.

    Is it any wonder that a large section of our people now entertain such debased behaviour, and how can some of us, along with others, align the struggle for equality where homosexuals are concerned with our struggle as a people?

    To be homosexual is a choice and I am certainly not of the thinking that one is born gay!
    This is learned behaviour, and although I have heard people say that homosexuality has been around for thousands of years I would challenge that by saying that we as black people while in Africa pre-colonial/slavery did not create social systems that tolerated and facilitated such behaviour and if it arose we knew exactly what to do about it…and doing so wasn’t based on the Bible or the Holy Quran either, it was purely based on the unwritten law of nature!

    Society in general is mixed up and confused particualarly when it comes to sexuality.
    Society wants us all to define the choice of being homosexual as liberated when one makes the decision to be in a same-s*x relationship….no, this is more of an imposition as to entertain disagreement where this type of sexuality is concerned can get one the ‘homophobic’ tag!

    Now thats hardly being free to express an opinion, is it?!?

    If a gay man decided not to engage in homosexuality and he’s white who would be the wiser? Unless he tells people what he formerly practiced the no one would know s-h-i-t!!

    If a Black man decided not to engage in homosexuality wouldnt he still have to deal with discrimination when it comes to his color?

    Then one cannot say that equality for blacks are the same as homosexuals as our suffering runs much deeper and visible than a simple choice of behaviour!

    If homosexuals want to be together then they should suffice with civil partnerships endorsed by the state and not marriage as the church in principle categorically speaks against homosexuality.

  2. Ahhh! Can Black people be bigots sometimes, just like White people?

    • It is not a black and white view. I have heard white gay men say the same thing. I have heard white female say this. It depends on who you talk to. This is in the mind of the beholder. I think the problem here is that there is this agenda to make this the same thing. This is two different civil rights’ issues. The best question would be what black gay folks think about it. They ones I have talked to see this as two different issues too.

      • I have heard Gay Men Say That They Made A Choice For This Life Style So I Figure That At least Some of the Gay Community Can Discuss this topic Honestly.

    • Prof.Morphious

      Bigots Burn Down the homes of the people they don’t like or disagree with. If i disagree with you Trust me i wont burn down your house so let’s get real their is a big difference.Between what im saying and what you wrote.

    • Any One Can Hate This Is True. But To accuse Some One Of Bigotry Because they disagree with you Is Pretzel logic And disingenuous To The Discussion.

  3. I think we are capable of being prejudiced just like white people but racially so, no!

    We don’t have the power to make decisions to politically, socially and econmically relegate white people or others and one that does so effectively practices racial prejudice.

    We are not a ‘race’…we are the father of race and will always be here, unlike our white children.

    • Problem is, Black folks don’t see that they are using the same reasoning that kept us from voting and living where we wanted, to justify why civil rights don’t include the LGBT.

      • I totally disagree. Black people do not see the Gay Struggle as being comparable to theirs. They feel the same way about Jewish discrimination. These are different civil rights’ issues. You ask black gay people whether they are the same. They would be the most qualified to know this.

      • You Don’t Grasp The Idea That their is a difference in A Choice And A Genetic Fact. People of Color Are Born that way They did not have a choice in that fact. Sexuality Is based On Preference… And If You Will Choice Because People Would not have s****l relations Unless they liked it, And alternative s****l Practices Unless They Liked It. Straight or Gay s*x Is Based on Your Experiences, This Set’s the stage for you learning about what you like or don’t like. Get My Point?

      • ?????? What do you know about the civil rights movement? have you studied it yet? perhaps you should.

    • Father of races? lol. What arrogance. That is racism personified.
      I don’t recall ever hearing that Adam,or Eve,was black.

  4. ..forgot to put,

    “We don’t have the power to make decisions to politically, socially and econmically relegate white people or others and one that does so effectively practices racial prejudice or bigotry!

    • Oh, please.. that drivel is so dried up. Like day old spit. Go tell Obama that blacks don’t have opportunity. Tell it to all the blacks who are making millions in the entertainment and sports industries. Tell it to all the blacks who have favored employment opportunities.

      • Not that many blacks are making Millions…. And as for favored Employment Opportunities. PLEASE! Things that have been done that was necessary were short lived. The Powers that be Decided that they didn’t want to pay any of us a decent living wage white or black…. So they sent the better paying jobs overseas. But they will tell people that think like you Your Lack of Opportunity Is Due To Affirmative action Or Black People Having Access to Better Paying Jobs. You Forgot What Ross Perot Tried to tell us about NAFTA Or GATT I Guess you missed that or the fact that many of your woe’s stem from G.W Busch Sr and his administration. Before Obama.

    • As for racism.. can you say ‘knock out games’. Or flash mobs beating white people and Asian mom and pop store owners? Blacks are ten times more racially prejudiced than whites are. And, ‘Father of races?’ That is supreme racism.

      • Genetics Prove that is a correct statement.

      • Prof.Morphious

        The examples you put forth Proves Ignorance Not Racism. Personally i have never heard of Flash Mob Beating’s, ‘knock out games. But The Mom And op Asian Stores I Have Heard Of… One in particular comes to mind in L.A. The Korean Shop Owner Shot a Black Girl In The Back Of Her Head After A Cultural Argument. The Girl Turned Her Back To Walk Out And The Shop Owner Shot Her In The Back Of Her Head…. It’s On Security Cam Footage. Two Different Cultures Living In A Race Based Culture… Think about that for a moment. How Did the shop owner come to the idea that what she did was OK in this society???? The Same Place Every New Immigrant Get’s The Idea. The People that Pushes Racial Separation To Begin With ( Which Is A Damnable Myth To Begin With ) In American Society It Is Allowable to Shoot Kill Maim And Otherwise Fold Spindle And Mutilate Black People. In Particular Black Males. Recent Deaths Of A 14 year old boy in Mariana Florida and Sanford Florida Is Proof of this.This Also proves that Homosexuality will never be considered in the same light as The Black Struggle. Peace!

      • If that’s the case, I got a fact for you slow bus. Whites are more racist than any group in America. Slavery, Jim Crow laws, containment camps and discrimination against Irish people-their own kind. The undisputed champion of racism-Whites!

  5. Civil rights are the rights given by civil society.
    Any struggle for rights is a civil rights struggle.
    It is a government matter, that is why you can get a marriage license from the government. If you want a church wedding, that is a whole different matter and has nothing to do with the government.

    And I have to wonder if the people who think homosexuality is a choice, did these people struggle with their choice to be heterosexual? Was it a difficult decision? How did you weigh the options and differences? Were both explored properly before your choice to not be gay was made?

    • A Kind Society Will Have Civil And Human Right’s For All People. But If The Corporations Take Control Then You Get Fascism.

    • Stay on Point The Black Struggle Was About Skin Color Not s****l Choice. Two Different Issues One You Choose One You Don’t. Can You Guess Which One That Is?

  6. No, not the same. Gay people don’t have to come out of the closet: black people cannot hide their skin color.

  7. I am native American. I hear my people sniveling about how the white man destroyed our culture and stole our lands. Hello? NONE of those people are still alive. You, fellow Indian, did not have your land stolen. Your grandparents were not even alive then. And we natives like to paint a picture of freshly scrubbed Indians riding horse, wearing beautiful buckskin clothing, and living in idyllic scenes of clean teepees and mountain streams. the fact is, that the white mans culture is more attractive, else Indians would still be living in teepees and sleeping on the ground and starving half the time. Indoor toilets, hot and cold running water, TV, Movies, etc. I don’t know any Indians who could truthfully say they want to go back to the old ways.
    Same with Blacks. Hey… Unless you were a slave, shut up about slavery. Would you really want to go back to Africa and live in the bush? Natives, do you really want to live in the bush? Yes? You know the way back. Don’t let the door hit ya, where the lord split ya. As long as you keep identifying yourself as a separate species and a victim you will keep on getting what you always got. You don’t have equal opportunity? Holy c**p, man.. the POTUS is a black man. What the h**l do you want?

    • Phillip Battle

      Bob–do you think the white man would like to go back to the cave they were bread in? Bob– do you have a clue of the richness and intelligence that came out of Africa, such as toilet paper. Bob do you really believe Obama can be considered an African American? Bob– the blood of the Native American flows through the vains of a many of Black Folk in America. Bob– can you imagine how wealthy Black Folk (AA) would be if they were able to control the natural wealth (GOLD – DIAMONDS) that’s in Africa. Bob– do you have the COURAGE to stand up to this racist international society- and tell them to stop killing the African People, and ROBBING the WEALTH OF THEIR LAND– Bob– can you tell me– what other people other than BLACK PEOPLE (AA) who can be despised and prayed upon– then blamed for their victimization. Bob- do you have the ability to admit that Black Folk in America are the most RESILIENT PEOPLE ON GODS EARTH- despite our issues of Mental Illness that haven’t been addressed across the board– we are a Beautiful and loving people unfortunately-we welcome those who for the most part don’t love us. Bob– you being a Native American; and except that jive about a teepee and riding on a horse-that’s your lack of belief in your people not progressing as times changed. Hey Bob add this to your hate towards Black Folk in America– tell how OUR Black Inventors inventions were stolen from them by your great white people who saved the world. Hey Bob– you sound just like some white folk- IGNORANT TO THE FACTS OF LIFE.

      Please to all Black Folk (AA) who love themselves

    • Intill The Sins Of The Past Are Corrected… Their Can Be No Forward Momentum. You Tell Black People to Get Over It…. Have The Indigenous People Forgotten Their History????? Should They??? I Don’t Think So…. But If i Were To Say The Indigenous People Should Forget Their History You would Say i was a racist wouldn’t you? And I Notice You Don’t seem to feel the same way about The Holocaust Survivors Of WWII…. Would You Tell Them To Just Forget It and move On???? What about Wounded Knee,The Trail Of Tears,Skull and Bones Stealing The Head Off Geronimo s Body Will You Forget That As Well? I believe you are an intelligent person but you didn’t but you didnt put forth an intelligent idea. Peace

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  9. Gay right is not a moral argument . It’s not an injustice nor a civil right violation . The pursuit to add this act to the history of life should be disregarded immediately. Men on men and women on women , marriage , children , men joining sororities and sending boys to the Girl Scout . Stop and grow the h**l up .

  10. Answer: gay rights is “parasitic “to everything that is civil rights.., People for centuries, decades & years could go home and be gay freely.., Otherwise the the societal specifying skin pigment never affected the gay agenda.. those “Jim Crow laws, whites only signs, slavery never affected the discreet same s*x agenda… So while gay hate crimes and right to marry issues of today’s headlines are the “trend, fad or flavor of the week” their struggle in parasitic to the civil rights historic battles.., And the same s*x agenda has been given the sanctuary of

  11. Answer: gay rights is “parasitic “to everything that is civil rights.., People for centuries, decades & years could go home and be gay freely.., Otherwise the the societal specifying skin pigment never affected the gay agenda.. those “Jim Crow laws, whites only signs, slavery never affected the discreet same s*x agenda… So while gay hate crimes and right to marry issues of today’s headlines are the “trend, fad or flavor of the week” their struggle in parasitic to the civil rights historic battles.., And the same s*x agenda has been given the sanctuary of discreet behavior and not skin colors…

    • I have one for all of you. How many Klansman are Gay and in The Closet????
      You Know the one’s i mean They would hold the rope for the openly Gay Person To Be Hung With and hang him/Her Etc. With Venom And Bile and hate against Black People, Jewish People, Lesbians, And Gay Men.Than Now They Want To Come Out Of The Closet And Want Civil Right’s And The Right’s Of Married People.Hmmmmmmmm!

  12. Gay right is not a moral argument . It’s not an injustice nor a civil right violation . The pursuit to add this act to the history of life should be disregarded immediately. Men on men and women on women , marriage , children , men joining sororities and sending boys to the Girl Scout . Stop and grow the h**l up . And I tell you this Martin L. King would not be in the fore front of something like this. If Black people sign on to this we will be turning our back on our Elders and buying into a European Concept.

  13. First of all, I am a Bi-s****l woman, I truly enjoy and love who I am. It is wonderful for me to date Talented/Spiritual/Educated/ Gay and Straight Friends and Lovers. My family truly supported me; they never said anything negative about me loving a woman. For those who are against the Gay Community, OK, that how they feel. My Minister is a dramatic ‘straight’ woman. One of our Spiritual Leader is a White Gay man and also dynamic and loved by the congregation.

    I have talked to Straight people who were against the Gay Community. After I had conversations with them, we had a great talk. After talking with four Black Ministers and one Deacon, they liked who I was. One of the Ministers wanted me to run for an Office. He was serious. We have major problems in the Black Communities and believe me, the Black Gay Community is not it. People are wasting time trying to bring down the Gay Community!

  14. What was the topic again?…

  15. This was so good I had to repost for her…Thanks Janice Reaves · Top Commenter · Hayward, California

    Why should you have the right to sleep with another man? Do I have the right to sleep with my brother? Do I have the right to sleep with an animal? All mankind are afforded civil rights as human beings, but not the right to cause death and destruction to mankind. For example: If the sun didn’t shine would that affect us? If the rain didn’t fall would that affect us? And if the bees didn’t pollenate would that affect us? We live in an Ecosystem and what you do ultimately affects me too. Please read the effects of homosexual behavior that affects us all. The reason there is so much confusion within the Black community is our lack of knowledge of our ancient culture, as Black people before being enslaved. In addition, it is our ignorance of how the acceptance of this Euro-Asiatic behavior will affect our progeny. I will offer some information that will take you time to read. But I implore everyone here to read it. If it’s none of our business, why is it in the overall discussion? It’s in our discussion because Homosexuals are h**l-bent upon forcing our acceptance of this sick, disgusting, Euro-Asiatic, sexually degenerate, sexually deviant, anti-life, anti-indigenous Afrikan cultural, disease ridden behavior. If you doubt what I’m saying, Google “The Negative Health Effects Of Homosexuality” and see for yourself. But here are just some of the serious dangers of participation in Homosexuality. Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is almost universal among Homosexuals. According to the Homosexual newspaper The Washington Blade: “A San Francisco study of Gay and bi-s****l men revealed that HPV infection was almost universal among HIV-positive men and 60% of HIV negative men carried HPV”. It can lead to a**l cancer. At a recent Fourth International AIDS Malignancy Conference at The National Institutes of Health, Dr. Andrew Grulich announced that”most instances of a**l cancer are caused by a cancer-causing strain of HPV through receptive a**l intercourse. HPV infects over 90 % of HPV positive Gay men and 65 % of HIV negative men, according to a number of recent studies”. In addition, there is Gay Bowel Syndrome (GBS). The Journal of The American Medical Association refers to GBS such as proctitis, proctocolitis and enteritis as “sexually transmitted gastrointestinal syndromes”. Many of the bacterial and protozoa pathogens that causes GBS are found in feces and transmitted to the digestive system: According to the pro-Homosexual text, ‘a**l Pleasure and Health’, “s****l activities provide many opportunities for tiny amounts of contaminated feces to find their way into the mouth of a s****l partner… The most direct route is oral-a**l contact”. Proctitis and Proctocolitis are inflamation of the r****m and colon that causes pain, b****y rectal discharge and rectal spasms. Proctitis is associated with STD’s such as Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Herpes and Syphilis. There’s also the problem of severe damage to the r****m and a**s muscles, so much so, that in many instances Homosexuals and anyone else who participates in such behavior has to wear/use “b**t Plugs” to prevent leakage of fecal matter, because of a lack of proper closure of the r****m, etc. I have no time for insults or emotional outbursts. I do serious research , so that I can actually know what I’m talking about. I have no emotional attachments to such behavior and can therefore objectively look at its ramifications for our people. Prominent Homosexual author, Urvashi Vaid expressed one of the goals of her fellow activists: “We have an agenda to create a society in which Homosexuality is regarded as healthy, natural and normal. To me that is the most important agenda item”. Debilitating illness, chronic disease, psychological problems, and early death suffered by Homosexuals is the legacy of this tragically misguided activism, which puts the furthering of an agenda above saving the lives of those whose interests they purport to represent. Those who advocate the full acceptance of Homosexual behavior choose to downplay the growing and incontrovertible evidence regarding the serious, life-threatening health effects associated with the Homosexual lifestyle. Homosexual advocacy groups have a moral duty to disseminate medical information that might dissuade individuals from entering or continuing in an inherently unhealthy and dangerous lifestyle. Education officials in particular, have a duty to provide information regarding the negative healthy effects of Homosexuality to students in their charge, whose very lives are put at risk by engaging in such behavior. Above all, civil society itself has an obligation to institute policies that promote the health and well-being of its Citizens. There are those who say this is none of our business.

    • I agree with that male transmission thing, but how do you explain
      that those findings aren’t among lesbians.

  16. You may know this topic (of Gay marriage) was put on the ballot in California, Blacks voted over whelming against it.The ballot failed, so the Gays have taken it to the Surpreme Court, in a effort to overturn a legitimate vote!

    The President, the progressive’s, the far left are trying to make you believe this is normal behavior and we should all accept it!

    I don’t believe in political correctness, I do believe homosexuals are perverted and weak people who are not capable of dealing with the intricacies of the male female game that we play, so they seek out another weak individual to have s*x with.

  17. Self preservation is the first law of nature. You must take care of yourself, before you can take care of anyone else.
    Man’s greatest instinct is his s*x drive, to procreate his own. He needs a woman to carry out this mission. However when you think about the religious communities that forbade all women to join. What do you think evolved? This was within the European cultures their monks and priest. This natural drive to procreate did not go away because women were not there. This has been going on for centuries before the written word. Now as time and the world has spread, things are coming up and out of the closet. It doesn’t take very much for man to re-adapt his genes. Look at the links of your heritage, there is always a missing link, or some sort of split chromosome. These changes happened over eons of time. To say all of the “different people” have a choice
    is mostly incorrect. I dare say they were indeed born this way. Some however did go thru the pains of abuse in their younger years, and developed a mental disorder from that experience, these may be turned around. We as people have a right to feel and think what we truly believe. An orange is an orange, an apple is an apple. They are both fruit. They however are not the same. I love them for the pleasure they give me, and their health benefits. A marriage is a legal contract, not a religious bind. A contract is a contract, carrying all legal implications, and no religious binds. They also are both contracts. They are not the same. I can not say I favor a marriage between two women nor two men. It is not the same. A man cannot give birth, but he can adopt children. A woman cannot in-pregnant another woman, but she can adopt children. I guess I continue to question why
    when these two unions are different, why must they continue to fight for their “Rights” for something that isn’t theirs by nature or custom. A man isn’t threatened when he walks down the street, nor prevented good earning employment jobs, nor given second class citizenship because he is gay. His basic civil and human rights are not infringed upon by his very sight, “his skin color”. He never was hung from a tree, or drug behind a car, thrown into a river, tied and bound. A bomb never was thrown into his place of worship, as he sat praying. I say to anyone who is reading this, don’t equate my and my ancestors struggle with these “different people”. They are truly not the same.
    with those whom

  18. To you ignorant Blacks this Gay & Civil Rights BS is nothing more than Another trick on Black folks! Being a fruitcake is Unnatural Behavior so crackers don’t care if a Negro Gay & they hope They Die from AIDS! The same with Civil Rights who the h**l is Civil?We need Black Rights for a Group of people the US Government has always Hated on from all levels Local State & Fed! If we don’t practice Group Economics we will all be in jail & TowBack! Don’t worry about other Groups just get our Game together!

    • Heteros die from aids as well when husbands and wife’s cheat on each other and get infected with STDs and AIDS They Die As Well. This stopped being a Gay Issue a long Time Ago. Don’t Get It Twisted.

    • Prof.Morphious

      which blacks are you calling ignorant?????? explain your self sir! And i mean NOW!

  19. Listen Dummy We live in a World Built on White Supremacy, Color is basis by which they deal with our and all people! Stop thinking with the little Head and try the Big one h**o dude you will be AIDED into belief ! Unnatural Behavior! Stop it before your r****m looks like a tunnel! Lord help us overcome this Faggittry

    • Prof.Morphious

      Is That Even A Word????? ( Faggittry ) :)

    • Prof.Morphious

      Oh BTW You spend a lot of time calling people that don’t think like you Ignorant or dummy. Are you lacking in common sense????? Most of the people on here Can discuss and debate with out Being Rude…. But i Guess that is to much to ask from some one who presents themselves as being Intelligent and Thoughtful. If you have a point to make as an intelligent person ( I Believe it’s in their somewhere ) you could serve your purpose better by communicating in a way you your self would appreciate. Peace

  20. The right to s****l preference is already established in this country.Whoever chooses to be gay,already enjoy the right to be,and whoever chooses to be straight also enjoy the right to be. Sexuality and s****l preference has absolutely nothing to do with civil rights.To equate them or try to put them on the same footing is a distortion. The whole issue of gay rights is about acceptance,and that cannot be legislated.

  21. IF gays want to be seen as a civil rights case such as blacks first, They have to get theyre own country then be kidnapped, held in bondage for 400 years,then get them a skin color so they can be discriminated against on the basis of their color I guess that would be rainbow.Next lynched not allowed service in places because of their race also have dogs sicked on them and not allowed to vote,denied equal oppurtunities etc…By now I know u get my point.Finally when they endure that and still be resiliant as u that being BLACK PEOPLE THEN THEY CAN CLAIM EQUAL TO OUR CIVIL RIGHTS STRUGGLE.

  22. If gays want to attach or compare themselves to civil rights first they must endure our struggle such as being kidnapped from their own land.Next held in bondage for 400 years, Lynched and discriminated against on the basis of skin color so theyd have to get one I guess rainbow.Next denied equal oppurtunities continiously along with miseducation.Then have hoses and dogs turned on them along with gunned down in the street by murderous police.Also have their community infested with drugs and deal with the genocide we face.So now that their facing genocide they have to birth children and how will that happen.Furthermore denied services at hotels,diners,etc…Be taught that u nothing and will never be nothing and through all that remain resiliant as the Black People have.By now u can see where Im going with this when this happens maybe they can claim equality to our civil rights struggle which mean NEVER.

  23. So many people are so confused. First civil rights has to do with constitutional laws. Being gay is a lifestyle and it is a choice, you either are or not. Marriage is ruled by the state which in that capacity is a violation of the constitution (remember separation of church and state)
    Can anyone show or tell me where in any Scripture about shacking up. Marriage is between a man and a woman. Peace. 1

    • Prof.Morphious

      Look Brother…. I Wont play you for being Stupid And I wont play you
      1: Do you even Believe in the Tenet’s of Christianity?
      2: Have You Even Read The Book?
      3: Did You Attempt To Even Do Any Serious Study Of This Document? ( Honestly ) with out Preconceived notions?
      4 : Is the point you are making:where in any Scripture about shacking up. Marriage is between a man and a woman.Actually A Point Or Are You Trying To Confuse the discussion?
      I Await your Response.

  24. Stop This Gay Rights c**p. Father God And Lord Jesus Don’t Support This Mess And REAL MEN AND WOMEN Don’t Either. Our World Is Going Completely Crazy. STOP THIS GAY RIGHTS c**p RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Blacks fought for their rights because we was discriminated against because the color of our skin, this was something we could not hide. Someone s****l preference is a topic that does not have to be made public, you can work beside a gay person for years and if they do not tell you they are gay, you may never know for sure. This is the difference, we as blacks couldn’t hide our skin color, a person’s s****l preference is something that only becomes known when they tell it. So in my opinion, no these two concepts cannot go together.

  26. When will black people stop being stupid? Discremanation is discremantain wheather it is to black white Gay or straight. Sometime I wish some of you fools would read a book so you can think intelligent. So black people are the only people who have civil rights?.

    • Phillip Battle

      It depends on who wrote the book– read a book– look in the mirror and see who need to learn how to believe half of what you see and none of what you hear. To be so condescending only forbids one not to grow as a wise person. Black people will stop being stupid when white folk start being intelligent, and respect the rights of human beings. Black People had to fight for their human rights– there lies the difference– so when you speak– speak with COMMON SENSE—- Mr. Smikle.

    • No one i know of has ever said that. What is being said is that sexuality can not equate with the struggle black people in particular have had to endure and still endure for over 400 yrs. Klansman With Hoods on their head may have been gay as well but their white skin allowed them to walk in 2 worlds while staying in the closet. The Cant and wont come out because they will be ostracized by their former brethren. So They have Choices even now. They don’t have to come out…Black Skin Is Always Out.

    • Prof.Morphious

      Gay People have Yet To Be Truly Discriminated Against….. Ask The Gypsies, Africans And African Americans, Jew’s And The Holocaust! ( DISCRIMINATION )
      Intill you have truly been Discriminated against (And all the HORROR That Comes With It… Then we can talk.

      • Prof.Morphious

        OBTW American Indians, Australasian Aborigines, The People of East Timor. Now Theirs a case for ya Genocide! Now Your Talking MAJOR DISCRIMINATION! Denial Of Life. Now Tell Me About Your Discrimination.

    • Prof.Morphious

      We are the last one’s that had to fight for and die for those Right’s That led to the women’s movement, Handy Capped Movement,Workers movement,Youth Movement, The list goes on and on. The movement was more Visible and decisive and opened the door for human rights to be considered for every one. Color was the first major issue that had to be delt with for the others to follow. That is not wrong. What is wrong is trying to attach An issue of Choice to go above the right’s of all humans. To be treated Fairly and Civilly in American society. The Law’s are in Place But They can And Will Be Eroded If We Waste More Time On Right’s You Pretty much already have. My Accepting ( Or Any Ones ) For That Fact Your Life Style Is Unimportant…. You live in a Country that allows you to live the life you want With Out My Approval. You Cant Do That In Russia, And Many African Countries.
      But You Can Here In The USA….Many States are Passing Laws In Favor If Gay Marriage. I Don’t Know What books you are reading. Perhaps you are not reading Enough.

    • we were the first to die for those rights. don’t get it twisted.

  27. That stupid gay azz negroid in that picture needs his azz spanked, not fvcked!

    If he only knew, that gay crackers HATE THEM just like their ‘straight’ cracker counterparts, who HATE US STRAIGHT BLACKS, he would put that sign down, and become a MAN!

    These honkeys (ALL OF THEM; GAY or STRAIGHT) HATE US BLACK PEOPLE! Being gay IS NOT A RIGHT; IT’S A CHOICE! Those, who are born gay have no choice, but to be gay, but these gays, who just want a up their azzes, and these female gays, who just want to lick a cu.nt ARE NOT GAY; THEY’RE JUST FREAKS!

    These caucasoid gays ALWAYS use Black people’s struggles, as their struggles, and I’m sick of this shyt! Where were these little fairies when we were being KILLED, HUNG, AND SHOT to gain our rights back in the ’60′s? Were they on the front line, or were they lying on their back behinds?

    A Black gay guy was on a talk radio station, and he admitted that cracker gays HATE THEM! Honkeys are honkeys; no matter what their style of life!

    The Civil Rights Bill has been changed to the women rights bill (for caucasoid females), the gay rights bill (for caucasoid gays), the animal rights bill (for caucasoid’s animals), and the men rights bill (for caucasoid males). A dog has more rights than a Black man, woman, and child!


    CIVIL RIGHTS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH GAY RIGHTS! These gays want to take over the world, and the only ‘RIGHT’ they have is the ‘RIGHT’ to act like a booty bumpin’ sizzy!!!

    New Living Translation

    Leviticus 18:22 reads: “Do not practice homosexuality, having s*x with another man as with a woman. It is a detestable sin.

    New International Version
    “Do not have s****l relations with a man as one does with a woman; that is detestable.”

    NET Bible
    “You must not have s****l intercourse with a male as one has s****l intercourse with a woman; it is a detestable act.”

    Queen James Bible
    “Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.”


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  29. Prof.Morphious

    First where did you learn to spell???? second does every word out of your typing hands need to be curse words? BTW… Isn’t Profanity a sin too? Just checking.

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