Pastor James Meeks & Black Clergy Group Lauch Radio Ads Denouncing Gay Marriage In Chicago

MeeksSome Chicago-area clergy are getting vocal about same-s*x marriage — including through radio ads opposing pending legislation to legalize the practice in Illinois.

A new group calling itself the African American Clergy Coalition says it began airing the 60-second commercials Tuesday on black radio stations. It also plans a “street campaign” asking Cook County’s black residents to call and urge their state lawmakers to vote no on the bill, and has begun “robo-calling” homes in black communities.

The calls feature the voice of former state Sen. James Meeks, (pictured) who also is a senior pastor of Chicago’s Salem Baptist Church. The Illinois State Senate has approved a measure allowing same-s*x couples to marry. It awaits a House floor vote, but House Speaker Michael Madigan has said that passing it could be “very difficult.”

Source: The Associated Press



91 Responses to Pastor James Meeks & Black Clergy Group Lauch Radio Ads Denouncing Gay Marriage In Chicago

  1. I am behind these clergy, but let’s keep it real. O’Drama’s home city is Chicago, and the mayor is also, one of O’Drama’s supporters; therefore, they will not win this ‘war’!

    O’Drama’s MAIN goal is to legalize gay marriage, and to give these illegal aliens the right to stay in amerikkka!!!

    To each his own, but putting this gay agenda in the minds of our young Black children, is not a good picture. Our children’s minds are turning from infancy up until school age, and they PRACTICE what they see and hear! These serpents are making gay cartoons, they are teaching this demonic evil in some schools in L.A. and New York, and if parents don’t STAND UP, SPEAK OUT, our children will be LOST!!!

    If you want to be gay; than that’s your ‘style of living’, but don’t advertise it, in front of our youth because they already have enough problems trying to grow up STRAIGHT!!!

    I’M OUT!

    • Hey Derrick I agree with you whole heartly, how far will people go for power? At the same time neglect the one who has all power in His hand. What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul? Nobody gets away, the president will be held accountable for his actions concerning GOD’S WORD.

    • There has to be a breakthrough in the acceptance of the gay community because they are needed by the warmongering psychopathic wealth and power hoarders! For one thing. Too many men and women were able to get out of the military once they realized the lunacy of their joining! Many men could simply claim to be gay and get out of Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Now the gays will help to fill the ranks of the willing beserkers, and now that gay ‘exit-door’ is closed forever! Secondly there are a great number of filthy-rich gays in the US, and their numbers are growing in wealth and power. So where there is wealth there is power, and where there is power there is a powerful move to take what they want. Now the “religious zealots” are convinced that they are following the will of their omnipotent “God” ‘thing’, but they are totally unaware that they suffer from a disease of psychotic endoctrination that spans centuries of demented human existence! As long as humans continue to suffer this lingering ‘God-beleif’ psychosis, which is passed on from the dark-ages. Everything attached to it, especially medieval genocide, pillage and murder will grow exponentially with help from modern science technology! Gays have a wide variety of psychotic symptoms, including some hating themselves, but they are no more psychotic than the average “American” or any human for that matter! Gays existed during the dark ages and they will exist until mankind annihilates itself! Some religious zealots would wish these special types of humans to be treated as horribly as were Africans and African slaves, Jews caught in Hitler’s reign of terror, or the native Americans of British/American plunder, etc. Those who consider themselves “good people” are ‘naturally’ too insane to realize that they are wrong on so many levels, but especially in their brains!
      Just as the African American “blacks” must continue to resist the dangers of their psychotic “better halves”, so will the Gays be forever fighting their own “good fight”! If everyone is not free, no one is free!

    • Yeah, you’re ‘out’ alright–out cold.

  2. All I got to say is If God opposes anything and I find myself on the opposite side of God’s Holy Word, then thats enough to let me know, and tell me it’s time to make a change and as the song says, ‘Get on A Good Foot’ by complying with the Word of God, which is the same today as it was from the time He created man on any subject, whether man likes it or not, no matter he may try to twist it.

  3. They don't wanna hear da TROOF

    So its cool when your group wants civil liberties, but another group wants certain liberties, and group A now wants to denounce some sh*t. Negroes kill me. You selectively use the bible as a weapon and you use it to spread hate and negativity. Shameful negroes. Thats why you’ll never rise about it all.

    • I beg the difference civil rights and gay rights are totally different so don’t get confused or try to play with our minds. You are so right the bible is a weapon to use against satan and his demonic demons. And by the way we don’t hate gay people we love them with the love of God that is why we have to tell you the truth. We as christian has to take a stand and not back down because our children life is at stake. We are going to answer to God himself one day soon!! Love Ya’ll!!

      • Yea, I guess Bishop Eddie Long was using the bible against satan. He was using the bible to root in those young men..

    • I know one thing, Gay Rights are not a Civil Issue
      It is a Personal Issue based on ones s****l preference.

      Shoot that s**t down the drain !

    • You should win an award for your comment because you’re speaking the truth..

  4. I can understand how the pastor’s feel. Having said that, I also believe that people who are truly gay, are born that way. As with nature in general, things happen that are not meant to happen. Babies are born deformed, born with meantal illness, born with six arms instead of two; born with desires for all kinds of things that are out of the “NORM”. Some are more extreme than others. Same s*x desires are not as extreme as desires for ses with children or animals for that matter. However, they are “ALL” out of the norm. There is NOTHING on a man that is designed to accept an erect p***s. Should tell you somthing!!. I don’t think people chose to be gay and therefore should not be demonized. At the same time, I don’t want the lifestyle taught as just another alternative lifestyle. I particularly don’t want our black children to be taught to “try it, you might like it”. We don’t need that kind of promotion in our community. We DON”T need gays in our communities being bullied and villified either .They should be treated with respect as long as they repect our right not to want our chidren to be taught that their lifestyle is “normal”. Teach the truth, it is something that happens in utero that perhaps shouldn’t just like any other abnormality. We should still protect their right to be treated as human beings.

    • @Mina I stand by your statement..

    • 60 second commercials on black radio, Robo calling, street campaigns in black communities by the African American Clergy Coalition. Who’s footing the bill for this campaign, who would deny any American citizens of their full and equal rights under the law. Does any of this sound familiar take your pick Tea Party, Klu Kluk Klan, right wing conserveties. Follow the money!! i

      • I can’t find any mention of “African American Clergy Coalition” in any media outlet, not by James T. Meeks as of today. Please clarify.

    • They are treated as Humans, They just desire special rights and that is where the mercy stops. The gay lifestyle (sin) is as rampant as s*x offending. Both are in disobedience to our creator.

      There is no level of s****l sin, There is no special place in so-called h**l for s*x offenders (including gay folk) but we do know that our creator Hate the Act and will judge accordingly no matter how popular the sin may be.

  5. Pastor James Meeks & the black clergy group is probably gay them selves. When those people start talking bad about gay’s nine times out of ten they are gay themselves.I call them the roto rooting connection..

    • No proof of that; OK if I am a career criminal I may say the judge can’t judge me because he may be a criminal too. Rediculous !

      God can judge sin and he will. Don’t be afraid of we who point out your sin, you have someone greater than us to fear. Gods Wrath.

  6. These Black “Clergicals” are proving that they are disconnected and distant from the Holy Ghost power of Gawd that they preach about. And before y’all supporters of y’all powerless leaders get all bent out of shape and ignorantly blame centuries of Homose*uality on Pres. Barack H. Obama, know this. When you get around to reading the KJV Bible for yourself you will discover that JESUS has extremely hard words and dire outcomes for HIPOCRITES.(Actors-Pretenders) Those who have a form of Godliness but denying the power thereof. Ever learning but never coming to knowledge of TRUTH.

    What’s with the Roman Priest costumes? It’s superstitution with no power in it. Why don’t the Church members stop conceiving and giving birth to homosexual children? Why force a gay man or woman to go through some Church wedding ritual? Why does a so called Church allegedly doing God’s will force children to have the gayest dad at the family reunion? The loving thing to do is to let gay people be gay and stop with all of the God’s Holy Word guilt trippin on them. Quit tryin to answer questions you don’t have answers for. Ask God for your where-with-all to do what His Holy Word tells YOU to do.

    Who in your congregation has the spiritual connect to cast the Adulturous pimp pastors and their temple prostitutes out of the building, in the name of JESUS. If you’re going to clean up – clean up… from the pulpit to the back door. If you ain’t going all out leave the Homose*uals alone. Lastly, are homose*uals responsible for the dismal heterose*ual marriage success, poor parenting and runaway divorce numbers?

    Just THINKIN. Try it 3 times daily.


    • The powers that be are ordained by God There is nothing new under the sun. This will be a debate until the Lord comes. Being that God is the creator of us all and if same s*x relationships is of God why would 2 men develp aids having s*x without protection in the name of love. The answer is the same reason two drug addicts using the same needle would contract it. God gave each of us the freedom to choose and if homosexuality is your choice again God is the final judge. There comes a time that if truth is rejected you will be turned over toa reprobate mind and caused to believe a lie. A childs identity is the make up of a mother and a father and to flip the scrip and have them believing I have 2 mommies or 2 daddies is not healthy for the child. At the same time Gays are human and deserve to be respected.

    • The answer to your questions; We have free will to do any d**n thing we want down here. You ought to thank God vs Questioning
      it idiot !

  7. They can’t even pass laws to make sure we are not fighting for a job or the right to work but for gays to marry, its on the floor! And Obama’s down for it so now what black folks. Can’t swallow that one eh? Oh its plenty not to swallow from all these politicians! !! Maat. .

  8. Correction – right to vote

  9. I guess what I find most amazing is that everyone screaming this will mess up our black children. Really I guess everyone having all of these children out of wedlock or fighting parents has nothing to do with how dysfunctional the youth are today. Or better yet latch key kids without adult supervision or young people having kids when they don’t know anything bc they barely graduated school wouldn’t have anything to do with the ignorance of our youth today. My point don’t be so ignorant to think that this is going to destroy the youth that u are already falling short to raise correctly. I pass no judgement that for God to handle but will say I find it ironic that they are fighting for marriage rights while all the straight people making illegitimate children.

    • You make very valid points that I agree with and there are different levels of dysfunction that cause different levels of harm to the child

    • There are a milion more issues they could address; So what is wrong with speaking out about ‘Abominations’ in marriage ?

      Are you saying speak about no sin since all have sinned and come short of Gods glory?

      Then lets throw morality out, every man for himself in America, just the way the Racist Conservative NRA folk want it.

      Shoot to kill.

  10. How about launching ad campaigns about the murder rate in chicago. What two people do in their bedroom has no bearing on me at all. But when bullets are flying, we all are at risk

    • If those two people want legal rights to disobey Gods Law, that ain’t good, won’t ever be.

      Why don’t gay folk just live gay and stop wanting special rights to force their lifestyle down other citizens throat?

      Just as sinner’s and non-believers live their lives.

  11. The pastors need to clean their yard fist.Some pastors molest and rape our babies.We don’t change people,The MOST HIGH GOD does.A lot of churches won’t choir directors t to win competitions, No fashion shows.There will be a shortage of Gospel artist who live that life and we’ll turn a blind eye to the situation.Let your light shine before men.Our job is to get them to church GOD does all the changing.

  12. *yawn* Is this still a topic? Is gay marriage really the biggest issue in the black community?
    Is any marriage still an issue in the Black community? Or is just the easiest thing to hate. GOD forbid they should talk about the top 10 of HIS commandments. All the thoi shall nots. Oh I forgot. If you talk about those killing, stealing, coveting etc. Then nobody will be left in church or in your own house. *yawn*. As usual. Late and insignificant. Law been passed. Folks getting married if they want to. *yawn* Tired subject.

    • J.I.W, The Church is a place where inperfect people congregate to reach toward perfection in Christ.

      Apparently you’ve been erroneously told that so-called church people have to be perfect. Please Please Please, Study to show yourself approved becaue you seem clueless on this issue.

  13. I would love to comment and quote directly from The book of Timothy or Corinthians where homosexuality is discussed in the Bible but I believe it’s better for people to seek knowledge on their own. For the non-believers I will say this. There was a time when I was angry and fighting everything I thought was wrong with the world and then I found peace through Christ and the Word and there is nothing like it. You can spend your whole life angry at politicians or gays or white people or war profiteers but the truth is that it will only put these things into your spirit and instead of affecting them they infect you. So instead I quietly say a prayer for my enemies which are those who oppose the Will of God and I go on peacefully about my day and love my wife, children and others who cross my path including the previously mentioned sinners, and that is how I honor The Lord. Some will say “Whatever” but when you sincerely reach out to God and he changes your heart, your whole outlook on life changes and your eyes are truly opened.

  14. Why don’t they form a coalition to help eradicate the violent crime, unemployment/lack of jobs, school closings/education, folk on corners/loitering outside of liquor stores, lack of after-school programs, and all the other prevalent issues facing Chicago…specifically the communities being targeted by these issues?

    There’s a church on every corner in Chicago, and every minister wants a mega church with members tithing mega money! I’m not saying people and specifically members of the cloth can’t take a stand against same-s*x marriage, but can’t you also take a stand on the larger issues that affect the masses?

    How does same-s*x marriage affect heterosexuals and the clergy…unless you’re a Eddie Long…hiding behind the cloth & twirling it at the same time??? I’m just saying…


  15. KSo4Real,

    Every church does not espouse the views of Eddie Long. Just because some pastors abuse their authority and refuse to “live scripture”, does not mean that is representative of the entire ilk!!!

    Please, go back and read the history of the black civil rights movement!! The church and black ministers, to include the most notable figure of the movement, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., were pioneers of the struggle and very involved in the black issues of their day!!! In fact, many of the meetings, discussions and even strategy sessions that crafted the movement were held in churches throughout the south.

    For generations, the church has held an integral role in the black community. Rightly so to many and wrongly to some, Christianity became very important to the faith, hopes and dreams of enslaved/disenfranchised blacks and they inculcated that sentiment into their progeny. So, to claim that the church has not exerted its influence and taken a stand on cultural issues of the day affecting mainstream and black life is erroneous and grossly naive.

    Why is it that when the church or people of faith take a stand on gay marriage, they are demonized with this “one size fits all” view that churches are nothing but amorphous, evil institutions filled with pariahs of all stripes just waiting to take money from hapless imbeciles and prey on innocent children and adults? Sure, some might fit that description, but I don’t believe that the vast majority of churches do.

    Many have benevolent ministries and programs including HIV/AIDS ministries, day care centers and before and after school programs, singles, family life and marriage enrichment programs, scholarship and education funds, hunger and clothing drives and even employment workshops and resources. I could enumerate countless more good programs and deeds operated and performed by churches all across this country.

    If a church does not complement one’s personal or religious values and this kind of religious life is important, then, by all means, find another one that will. But, to present “the church” as some nefarious, out-of touch body who is not concerned with ameliorating the conditions of black people is to be both uncharitable and misinformed.

    In fact, I think that many black churches are far more involved with augmenting the spiritual and “everyday lives” of black folks than the “Messiah-in-Chief”, President Obama, who refuses to even seriously consider or address the many needs of the black community when he was the recipient of well over 90% of the black vote during both of his presidential elections!!!

    He seems far more interested in marginalizing religion and people of faith, ensconcing gay rights and gay marriage in every corner of this country and creating pathways for illegal immigrants to not only live and work in this country but to gain access to as much, if not more, government largesse than the average American citizen. And, the prevailing wisdom that the estimated 11 million illegals already in the country will become an emerging Democratic Party voting bloc, probably occupies a greater and more influential space in his calculating mind than his “tried-and-true-taken-for-granted” black constituency!!

    Yet, many people not only get upset, but almost go into conniptions or seem to want to resort to violence when someone points out the deleterious effects of the gay lifestyle on our culture. Even if we quote the facts as officially provided by the Centers for Disease Control and other health organizations who work with gay and bisexual men or even anecdotes from gay/bisexual men themselves, then we are still considered “homophobic” or unsympathetic to gays. Yet, many people feel perfectly okay demonizing religion and people of faith to bolster their assertions or further the gay agenda.

    Just as others have the right to be agnostic or even atheistic, the church and people of faith have the right to be religious and espouse (AND STAND UP FOR!!!) those traditional values (to include marriage between one man and one woman) that have served mankind well for thousands of years.

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  20. Amen ! I will be praying for all those that will not conform! Keep this in mind the devil and his demos are furious…..Stand for the True word of God

  21. Amen ! I will be praying with you

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  28. I generally do not comment. But, it is amazing how individuals find ways of justifying the word of GOD to fit there life style. At the end of the day, we all will stand before GOD and be judged for what we have not done or done.The word express the wages of sin is death. Adults who are made in the imagine of GOD have a responsibility to seek after self fulfilling desires that are contrary to the purpose of GOD. The word is very clear when it states, I will send them a strong delusion that they may believe a lie because they desire the things after the flesh. So, I do not get upset when individuals believe their is nothing wrong with same s*x marriages and attempt to entangle it as a civil rights movement. GOD is seeking individuals who are willing to be directed to the path of righteousness and not those who will follow only if they do not have to give up anything.

  29. Well, Mr. Waller, either old or new testaments it was written. By Jew or whoever thanks for admitting you did read it. I don’t feel that people should ignore the truth. I’m not Jewish , but I have my beliefs. You believe what you want. Civil rights, wow. Not Jewish, guess you got a problem with them.

  30. Among the 10 largest cities in America, Chicago has the third highest poverty rate, with 21.6 percent of residents living under the poverty level, according to 2009 data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into those figures. When we look at poverty among the African-American community, the number rises even higher. Approximately one in three African-Americans in Chicago or 32 percent, are in poverty. Chicago’s African-American poverty rate is close to being the highest minority poverty rate in the nation. Read more here:

  31. Among the 10 largest cities in America, Chicago has the third highest poverty rate, with 21.6 percent of residents living under the poverty level, according to 2009 data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into those figures. When we look at poverty among the African-American community, the number rises even higher. Approximately one in three African-Americans in Chicago or 32 percent, are in poverty. Chicago’s African-American poverty rate is close to being the highest minority poverty rate in the nation. Read more here:

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