Historic Black Churches Stand in the Way of the New Atlanta Falcons Stadium


Falcons owner, Arthur Blank, may have a big problem standing in the way of building the $1 billion retractable-roof stadium on the site he wants and that’s tow churches near it.  The two churches, Mt. Vernon Baptist Church and Friendship Baptist Church, could have a big say in where the new stadium for the Falcons could be built.

Mt. Vernon Baptist Church is in the middle of the favored stadium site, a chunk of land immediately south of the Georgia Dome. Friendship Baptist Church, is just across Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, which would have to be rerouted through the church’s property to make way for the new Falcons nest. Both churches date back to the late 1800s.

Lloyd Hawk, chairman of the Friendship’s board, said, “There’s no exact details yet on a proposal. And when we do, we will bring to the congregation a vote to decide. We are a Baptist church, and at a Baptist church all decisions go to the congregation.”

According to members, Friendship Baptist became Atlanta’s first independent black Baptist congregation when it organized in 1866. They didn’t own any land at that time so they worshipped in a train boxcar.

Mt. Vernon, which began in 1915, has been moved before because of a road expansion in 1955.

Atlanta’s Mayor, Kasim Reed, and Blank both want the new stadium on the site near the churches, but they have another site in mind if the deal with the churches fails. “We’re not going to force this deal,” Reed said. “If we can’t get an agreement where both sides feel very good about the transaction, then we will move to the north site.”

Buying out the two churches could prove costly. Tax records show Friendship’s property is worth more than $1.2 million and Mt. Vernon’s tops $1.4 million. Any sale of the land could cost many times more than that.

Negotiations have started between Georgia World Congress Center Authority, who would own the new stadium, and have been dealing with Mt. Vernon, and Atlanta city which has been negotiating with Friendship church. It’s still unclear who would pay for the churches properties, but the Falcons said in a statement that it would contribute up to $20 million.

However, Joe Beasley, a civil rights activist said, “Black institutions get in the way of bulldozers and poor communities just get abused. It would be good to have the stadium in Atlanta, but the community shouldn’t lay down and play dead just because three or four people make a decision.”

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  1. Until Black folks stop beLIEving in the lord [Leaning On Redneck Devils], they will ALWAYS be AFRAID to die! They want to go live happily ever after (WHEN THEY’RE DEAD), with the caucasoid’s god [Goblin Old Devil], but are scared to ‘die’, here on earth for a WORTHY CAUSE!!!

    I’m not a church man, and I could careless, if they are torn down or allowed to stay; it’s not the building, it’s what’s going on INSIDE the building! If the WRONG teachings are being practiced, than, that building DOES NOT MEAN A THANG!

    A new building can always be constructed, but trying to reach the MDN’s [Mentally Disturbed Negroids], that’s the billion dollar ‘structure’, that need’s to be ‘RE-BUILT’!!!

    It’s what goes inside the minds; a new building will not SAVE a mind, that still has a picture of a caucasoid ‘jesus’ hanging on their walls, while they PRAISE this fake character by falling out, sweating, running around the church, or calling on the lawd!!!

    Personally, this is a move to run the Black people out of downtown Atlanta, like they are getting ready to do in Detroit! Why couldn’t they just RE-MODEL the old stadium and put on a sliding top? This new stadium is only walking distance from the old one; therefore, what kind of move was that?



    • I’m all for leaving these two churches alone. This puts a dent into the white man’s pocketbook and his extension of slavery.

  2. Well who would have guess that you weren’t a Church going Man but then when one look at your ridiculous comments the answer lies there in and just wondering since you always refer to others as either Caucasoids, or Negroids, which one are you?? Chances are the latter LOL.

  3. Dont tell me these fools cant find another place to put their doggan stadium. I bet you them cocknockers wont go in a European people neighbourhood and talk that c**p.Aint nothing to negociate.

  4. Good burn it down, it serve no useful purpose. Let the pimp who use it go find job when the stadum is built and work for a living instead of pimping poor people who do not know better.

    • “…instead of pimping poor people who do not know better.”

      He’s ‘workin’ them church ‘ho’s!!!

      Anytime a dumb negroid female or male gives 10% (or more) of their earnings to help somebody dress, pay their house note, send their kids to private schools, drive the best, fly the best and float in their yachts, which are the best, then the he.ll with those stupid azz xtian negroids!!!


  5. @Derrick First off, regarding the article, what the churches need to do is stay put and not sell. Because if they are going to pay a billion to build it, you better bet that there going to get a multi-billion return? But, as someone noted, they may pull the “imminent domain” card which I hope will not work.

    Secondly, you sound like someone who is really disturbed in the mind and have been truly hurt/offended by life. Although, unfortunately, persons that think the way that you do are just as detrimental to black progression, as the racist white system in which we live which is really sad. However, Christianity or being a devil has nothing to do with the color of your skin and just because people do wrong things in the name of Christianity i.e. slavery, racism, discrimination, etc. does not make Christianity wrong/evil, it makes the person doing the things in the name of Christianity wrong and we will have those type of people until Jesus returns. They are called hypocrites. And, it definitely doesn’t make true Christians fools. It makes the persons who do the wrong things the fools because there is coming a “reckoning” day and every knee, even yours, is going to bow and give account of what you’ve done in the body be it good or bad.

    And, I say this to non-believers. You have the right to believe whatever you want to believe but why do you feel that you have some insight/answers that Christians don’t have? Your way of thinking has not solved the vast problems of the human experience because we still have the PROBLEMS. However, you can look at it like this. Although, I believe 100% acceptance of Jesus is the way!!! As a non-believer, here’s some food for thought. I call it the 50/50 chance and let’s say that there’s a 50% chance that the Christians are right and a 50% chance that people like you are right. If it truly turns out that you are right, you have nothing to worry about but if it turns out that Christianity is right, there’s a grave consequence for you. Do you want to take that chance? It’s up to you and it sounds like you do. However, instead of you spewing out all your negativity about Christianity, just be who you are and take your 50/50 chance because the “lake of fire” is being enlarged as we speak!!!!

  6. FIRST, the Church is not the building!!!!

    Historic is something that’s overrated.

    If they pay enough you can take it down brick by brick and reassemble it. (that did that to the LONDON BRIDGE and moved it to Arizona! Or take everything you love about the building out and put it into a brand new sanctuary!

    Get a good lawyer to negotiate for you and you can be in the new structure before construction even begins on the stadium!

    Be smart and be proactive, or be typical and allow things to get out of your control, where you won’t like the out come!

  7. You lost me on that xtianity bullshyt!

    When you’re dead; your DEAD! If you’re dumb enough to beLIEve in that religious shyt, that’s on you! If this racist nation is 85% so-called xtian where are the True beLIEvers? Why is there so much hatred among you xtians. You cracker xtians hate Black xtians, and negroid xtians hate Black non-beLIEvers, and BOTH of you devil followers HATE the Truth!!! You are DIVIDED by DENOMINATIONS. You have a baptist church across the street from a presbyterian church, and NONE OF THEM SPEAK TO EACH OTHER! But, they ‘serve the same cracker god’…Does that make sense?

    How many people have you heard that have gone to ‘heaven’, and came back to say; hello? How in the he.ll can you burn eternally in ‘he.ll’, when your body can be dug up, if they need to re-examine it? WAKE-UP!!!

    If the sun is appox 93,000,000 miles from earth, and he.ll is suppose to be hotter, than the sun, and the sun is 27 million degrees, why aren’t our bodies melting away here on Earth?

    Wouldn’t there be volcanoes erupting 24/7, if there was a he.ll below? WAKE-UP, and quit beLIEving in fairytales!!! Why aren’t the rivers, seas, lakes, and oceans hot as ‘he.ll’? Shouldn’t they be bubbling away? WAKE-UP!!!

    When you have KNOWledge; you KNOW Truth for yourself. You don’t need FAITH, when you KNOW the Truth, because when you KNOW the Truth, you don’t need to DEPEND on FAITH!!!

    I don’t beLIEve in Faith; BECAUSE I “KNOW” THE TRUTH!!!

    I KNOW Wisdom and Knowledge; not beLIEfs and faiths; which is that; you don’t OVERstand!!!

    “When you believe in things that you don’t understand: Then you suffer Superstition ain’t the way” -Stevie Wonder

    superstition =

    1.Excessively credulous beLIEve in and reverence for SUPERNATURAL beings.

    2.A widely held but unjustified beLIEf in SUPERNATURAL causation leading to certain consequences of an action or event, or a practice.

    3.An irrational beLIEf that an OBJECT, action, or circumstance not logically related to a course of events influences its outcome.

    4. A beLIEf, practice, or rite irrationally maintained by IGNORANCE of the laws of nature or by FAITH in magic or chance.

    5. A FEARFUL or abject state of mind resulting from such IGNORANCE or irrationality.

    6. Idolatry.


  8. Svetmtch,you said it all there is nothing else to say. Except Derrick is having a none belivering problem which it’s ok for his mentallty.

  9. Hilton Head Island S.C., Harlem, Detroit, Atlanta-African Americans are not “Moving on up” anymore. Our property ownership is steadily decreasing as we are moved out of communities. Farm land taken over by mega corporations that produced genetically modified foods instead of naturally grown foods. The City of Atlanta will be putting up approx $417 MILLION dollars to build a stadium for a person who is already a BILLIONAIRE and could pay for the whole thing himself. Take that money and put it into education. Refurbish the area and use some of the money to educate the people on maintaining their property. Teach them skills such as plumbing, carpentry, basic electrical technology that will not only be useful in maintaining their home but also be competitive in the job market. As for the Historic church properties, don’t be an enabler to the obliteration of African American History. Too much has been lost already. SANKOFA.

    • @Teatime Talk: “As for the Historic church properties, don’t be an enabler to the obliteration of African American History. Too much has been lost already.”

      I agree! What good is keeping an old church (entertainment center), that probably needs plumbing, electrical and other maintenance to up keep the building when you can build a NEW BUILDING?

      IT AIN’T THE BUIDING; IT’S THE TEACHINGS! If these screachas are still teaching that same old bullshyt, that was TAUGHT to them, than the church needs to be TORN DOWN, and NEVER REBUILT!

      Either way it goes, caucasoids are gonna prosper, and negroids will be in the kitchen, cleaning up, or guarding the buildings (that don’t belong to them), so it’s a lose situation. Honkeys will continue to enslave Blacks, while they run to the banks!

      If these entertainment centers (churches) would start teaching the Truth about our GLORIOUIS past, instead of this slave shyt, perhaps we could make some progress. Do you hear crackers talking about ‘when they were slaves’? Do you hear khazars talking about ‘when they were burned in furnaces’? Do you hear the japs talking about when they were bombed? OF COURSE NOT; THEY’RE MAKING MONEY FROM OUR CRYING, INSTEAD OF US ‘OWNING’ OUR OWN!!!

      Nothing, but caucasoid businesses will be built in that area, in the stadium, and mexicans and caucasoids will be hired to slave for these caucasoid owners, while they make billions, and their employees make bunions!!!

      Negroids will only be allowed to ‘protect’ these cracker’s businesses, such as being, security guards, planters (hired to watch Blacks), or cooks!!!


  10. they are going to take the money!… they are NOT proud of their history!! is not just about religion, is about what their Ancestors did there!!!

    from this day forward i will look at Atlanta black community in a different way!! They are all SELL OUTS!!! 150 years of your ancestor hard work,tears, and hopes will go down b/c You love money more then your History.

    you can worship god anywhere! in your own home or on the street, But in this land something happened that help your ancestors and made your culture better!

    the mayor of Atlanta is black and has no pride what so ever! i hate him!….i love history, i love god and i love USA, but America’s children love money too much b/c of that they destroy what made them great like Detroit and this churches!!

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