Dr. Boyce: U. Illinois Chicago Tells Farrakhan and I that We’re Not Welcome on Campus


by Dr. Boyce Watkins

The other day, I was speaking to someone about the forum that I am holding with Min Louis Farrakhan on Wealth, Education, Family and Community.  The topic that came up is the depth of black male marginalization and how millions of talented black men are left on the fringes of our society.  I’m not just talking about felons or the men who didn’t go to school, I’m also talking about men with advanced degrees who still find that black male self-respect typically leads to punishment when working under the umbrella of your historical oppressor.

I told my friend about many of my hard-working colleagues in academia who are constantly being told that they are not good enough.  I talked about how, all too often, black pride is perceived as white hatred.   I also spoke about how even the mild task of getting together with Min. Farrakhan to discuss the principles of wealth, education, family and community could be seen as threatening to people who are accustomed to black people waiting for liberals to give them a handout.  In most American institutions, black males have difficulty standing tall when they are placed in rooms with ceilings that are only four feet high, so in order to get a chance to become real men, some of us have to walk outside the building.

I had no idea that the conversation was nothing more than a precursor to the phone call I’d receive just an hour later.

During the call, I was told that the forum we’d planned with Min. Farrakhan at The University of Illinois at Chicago had been cancelled by the university.  Apparently, there were some who were “concerned” about the minister’s presence, as well as the theme of the event.   I was a bit surprised, because it’s not as if anyone should be shocked that Farrakhan and I would be gathering to discuss black people, for that’s all we tend to talk about.  We’d met with university officials well in advance to tell them the theme of the gathering and our objectives.  So, there was nothing stealth about the event whatsoever, for we had nothing to hide.

Without expressing any disdain toward the university (several other organizations have been eager to host the event, so we’ll just find another venue), I couldn’t help but see this incident as a reminder of how black self-sufficiency contrasts with our 400-year old American tradition of protecting white supremacy.   The reason that the CIA allowed for the mass importation of guns and drugs into the black community (this is well-documented, not a conspiracy theory) is because black activism and movements toward self-sufficiency during the 1960s were considered to be a threat to national security.  When power shifts, there is volatility, which makes change uncomfortable for nearly everyone.  The truth is that while there are many who complain about black people not working to solve our own problems, they actually don’t enjoy seeing us coming together to get our collective house in order:  Remember those old laws forbidding slaves from becoming educated or gathering in large groups?  They were there for a reason.

With the recent death of a six-month old baby in a drive-by shooting in Chicago, there is hardly a more important time for African Americans to come together to discuss community-based solutions to the epidemic of violence that is killing our children.  The recent recession has destroyed 30-years of African American wealth, so it is critical for us to embrace financial literacy and prudence for the survival of our families.  Our unemployment rates are double those of whites, so we MUST learn to build black businesses and create our own jobs . The prison industrial complex is building a new bed for nearly every black baby being born, so this capitalism-fueled modern day holocaust MUST be put to an end no matter what the cost may be.  Something has got to give, and none of us (especially black men) can afford to step to the side while our community is simply left to die.

From the very beginning, I told the organizers of this forum (and the one we’re going to do with Cornel West in New York City) that I didn’t want any corporate sponsorship.  Depending on the descendants of your historical oppressors to give you the tools for your own liberation is like a losing team asking the other squad to donate enough points to  help them win the game.   No one is ever going to give you your freedom, and no one is ever going to give you true power; in fact, it’s entirely illogical to do so.  To do what is right for the people you love, you must be unapologetically firm in your commitment to escaping the confines of your existing situation, and know that some people may dislike you because of it.

The fact is that America DOES NOT find black self-sufficiency to be an endearing or encouraging concept, which is one of the reasons why the 79-year old, mild-mannered, Louis Farrakhan will always scare the American public more than any other black man in America.   It is also the reason that America celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. (neutering his message to be a simple one about peace, service and holding hands) and pretends like Malcolm X never existed.  Integration is a wonderful idea to those who benefit from our servitude, but without properly negotiating the terms of your integration, you are setting yourself up for a more complex form of slavery.

So once again, no hard feelings toward the University of Illinois at Chicago, they are effectively doing what I expected them to do long ago.  But the lesson to be learned is that when it comes to standing up for the people we love, we can’t waste our time worrying about what white people think about us.  It’s time for a new paradigm in Black America.

Dr. Boyce Watkins is the founder of the Your Black World Coalition and author of the book, “Black American Money”. To have Dr. Boyce commentary delivered to your email, please click here. Please join Dr. Watkins and Min. Louis Farrakhan for a summit on “Wealth, Education, Family and Community: A New Paradigm for Black America” to be held in Chicago on March 30. You can RSVP by clicking here.


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  1. What happened to Brother Farrakhan and Brother Watkins does not surprise me at all.

    These racist institutions DO NOT WANT OUR CHILDREN to hear the Truth, and this is why they were not invited.

    I keep trying to tell y’all, that these crackers HATE us, and they HATE the Truth! I will not let this article raise my temperature because I’ve been hip to these demonic devils for a LONG time.

    The bottom line is this…these students are SCARED to SPEAK UP and SPEAK OUT, to these racist administrators, but these yankees continue to take their money, so they can continue to brainwash, and TRAIN them with their books of LOWER LEARNING!

    ALL these negroids, who are color blind to racism will NEVER wake up, and I say this on this site repeatedly! These negroids with their degrees THINK these crackers will accept them because they have a ‘white’ piece of paper hanging on their walls, which is DA.MN LIE!!!

    A degree without G.O.D. (Good Old Down-home-sense), ain’t worth a da.mn with J.E.S.U.S (Justice Equality, Spirituality Understanding and Self-love)


    Hate on haters…hate on!!!


    • BLAH BLAH BLAH obviously you don’t love yourself otherwise you would not be on this Website talking such ignorant and foolish talk you are crusing for a stroke or heart attack I never saw or heard anyone who is as angry as you are and talk such nonsense but you claimed you too be educated in what a fools education?? LOL

      • @rosehead:

        Go bleach your skin, then perhaps your caucasoid counterparts will ‘accept’ your negroid/caucasoid azz!!!

        • Oh you poor thing I love pulling your chain it doesn’t take much to set you off I am loving this and about the skin bleaching perhaps that’s what you need too do maybe than you wouldn’t act like you are not ready for the nearest Mental Institution LOL

      • you are a stupid b***h ,he (derrick) is upset because what he says is true you are the uneducated one ROSEMARY DAVIS stupid fool..

        • It takes a fool to know one anyone that agrees with this ignorant uneducated Man is as stupid as the days are long and you dear fall into that catergory

          • Brother Derrick may be very aggressive with his delivery, but he speaks the truth. We need more brothas to be more direct instead of sugar coating our messages into what is acceptable by white folks. Keep speaking truth brother Derrick, and I’ll continue on my end.

          • Fool u don’t even know what being educated is or stand for

          • Much Love & Respect Brother Chaddi:

            Now, you see what I go thru with these caucasoids and negroids, who want to integrate with these demonic devils!

            These ‘planters’ are on this site to promote DIVISON and TURMOIL, and will NEVER agree to the Truth, that True Black Rebels post on this site about them!

            Their names are not worth mentioning because you know, who they are!

      • He’s absolutely right

        • Brother Elem:

          You cannot take a horse to the trough, and make him drink the water!



          • Derrick, i’m resting on my recliner writing this,

            Is there any difference between your mind and that of a Racist Republican Voter?

      • LOL ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

      • Why in the world would a young man Like Boyce align himself with an anti-american person who consorts with Ghaddafi and Lord knows who else.

        My God! How foolish can you get Boyce Watkins??? An association with Farrakhan will take you no where but down.

    • WELL PUT Derrick ,there are some that will disagree ,however they are in denial.keep speaking the truth brother…

      • Excited about Grad School!

        Why call a woman that one word, that makes women frown at black males???? Aren’t you perpetuating a stereotype of black males?? The only thing she pointed out was that you cannot erase racial hate, by using hate, and I agree with her wholeheartedly. I DISAGREE with you and derrick….

        • Again Derrick’s right

          • Excited about Grad School!

            No, actually, he is not. STOP being a follower under the wrong coat tails and maybe you will see that he is not right. He is actually dead wrong.

        • I love it when Derrick gets groupies on his b***s.

          If you listen closely, there is an ironic connection with these folk and Derrick.

          Just like those who follow Rush Limbo and Hannity,

          Simple minded folk. Simple, Simple, Simple

          like an 80 year old with a 2nd grade education and nobody is there to claim nor bury them. So the state cremates them with taxpayer money.

      • Brother Tewdrowos:

        Your words are like gasoline…this “mental trip” will continue to travel!!!

        ONE LOVE!

        • Hey Derrick, I don’t hate you man but I really get a laugh each day reading your opinionations.

          Just want you to know, God loves you despite your iniquity and ignorance on some issues.

          any person who use the word ‘negroids’ daily, tells me all i need to know about your spirit.

        • Derrick, you just spoke truh if never spoken before.

          ‘Mental Trip’, exactly what you are !

          Anybody else see that? Gosh he hit it on the spot

          Satan will reveal himself, It is written.

          I will use those two words from now on, I won’t call him Derrick until he is exorcise, When I say ‘Mental Trip’ yaw know who I am referring to.

    • @Derrick. Of course you’re quite right and the prognosis you give for our people is also a given fact! Our people have been going through centuries of torture, abuse, and murder! There is no possible way to go through this type of societal abuse without suffering grave distortions to our mental capacities. What’s worse is that everyone in the whole country is also ‘mentally disabled’ in numerous ways, on every level imaginable, and in nearly all subject matter! Look around the world and you’ll find that all humans are suffering very serious brain disorders! The blame for our “black” predicament lies squarely at the feet or our “white” brothers and sisters, and those who help them abuse us, including some of our own! The Anglo-elite in power have threatened many of our own who dare try to bring us all together and build a stronger community. They have murdered our greatest leaders and now they use, and groom, some blacks to do their dirty work for them! We have been so damaged that many of us cannot see the truth nor differentiate between good people and bad! The whole of American society, and the world, is deteriorating at a faster rate than ever, and the greedy omnipotent Anglo-Judeo collaboration is driving the whole world to annihilation one dark complexioned nation at a time!
      These colleges, which use to block us from their doors for centuries are the least of our problems. It’s the people who own them we should worry more about! Those black minds, among us who are too rich and famous are also too far gone!

      • Brother WizardG: “The Anglo-elite in power have threatened many of our own who dare try to bring us all together and build a stronger community. They have murdered our greatest leaders and now they use, and groom, some blacks to do their dirty work for them! We have been so damaged that many of us cannot see the truth nor differentiate between good people and bad!”


        Nothing, but Truth!!!

        • Hey Derrick & Friends,

          What is your foundation of truth?

          You don’t believe in Jesus so what exactly is truth to you?

          And what are YOU gonna leed and do to help us so-called blind NEGROIDS, other than hide behind a PC and continue doing Satans demonic work.

    • @ Brother Derrick. I bet they welcome our black football& basketball players at U Illinois Chicago..

      • Brother Coast Cooker:

        Now, you see why I always say that sports is SLAVERY!

        They only USE these negroids for their ‘athletic ability’ not their mental ability!

        They TRAIN these negroid azz-o-lets (athletes) are trained to play sports to continue to RUN for them, instead of AWAY from them.

        As, long as a Black man has a ‘ba.ll’ in his hands, he’s easily to CONTROL, but once he has a pencil and paper in this hands…THEY HAVE PROBLEMS!!!

        “Niq.qaz play footba.ll, baseba.ll, and basketba.ll, while the white boy cut off their ba.lls.” -Last Poets

        OUR PEOPLE JUST DON’T OVERstand!!! They have been ‘under’ the white boy’s rules and regulations for so long, they are like zombies…they will always be ‘under’ him.


        • Derrick ‘Mental Trip’ Devlin;

          You have to use your mind in order to physically play sports idiot.

          You claim our (black) people just don’t (overstand)?

          gosh it’s one thing to be illiterate but dude you’re a person with no compassion, no action and much ignorance. I feel sorry for you, and to think that you have several aliases online just to act like somebody agrees with you. Wow MT’ you some smart a**e Negroid.



    • thank you Derrick great post!!!!!!

  2. This is an excellent piece!

  3. Bro Boyce,
    I sit back in silence watching you bloom as a leader who just a few years ago was naive not to white racist motives but their so called black agents. We call them professionals but what is it they profess? Keep it coming! And email me!

  4. Ah yes. Just keep blaming others and nothing will ever be resolved. Hate speak helps no one.

  5. Fatimma Mohammad

    Dr. Boyce:
    It aches my soul to read this piece! My husband and I had already registered to attend this forum at UIC. We recently discussed how excited we both were to hear yourself & Br. Louis Farrakhan speak and help to empower the youth of our violence riddled city. Our young son, Asad, was looking extremely forward to hearing you both live and finally seeing the person who we constantly tell him about (from your blog articles). Believe it or not, many of the postings from your blog have helped my son in learning how to deal with the race-related issues he faces at school & socially. We discuss your postings at length in our household, and they teach Asad to look beneath the surface and look at things from the perspective of the road less traveled.
    As for UIC, it shames & angers me that my tax dollars are going to support an institution that is unwelcoming and unaccepting to the idea of ANY persons belonging to its community coming together to be informed, strengthened and empowered.
    I pray that you are able to move this forum to a more accommodating venue in the Chicagoland area, BECAUSE THE PEOPLE OF CHICAGO NEED TO HEAR THE WORDS OF DR. BOYCE & BR. LOUIS FARRAKHAN!
    -May strength and perseverance never leave you!

  6. Just as long as our people believe that they are a BLACK people, a slave label branded upon our more recent ancestors, how far truly do you expect them to rise? If you are claiming to not want anything from the European, why wear his slave brand of black? That is confusing and is the SOLE REASON why our people wont rise, they continue to live in sin by believing they are something that they are not.


  7. I love this piece and the movement and I love the comments. Lets back this movement 100%

  8. I’m going to have to agree with Kameko Thomas on this one. If the desire is there they’ll find away. I believe Prof.Boyce did say they had other options so maybe an HBCU is an option he forgot to mention. Guess we’ll have to stay tuned.

  9. Perhaps the Minister should have used the 15 – 20 million collected years ago at the million man march, to build a facility on the Southside of Chicago that we could rent and use for events such as this and hundreds of others. (Look with all the bean pies and Final Call Papers sold over the year Farrakhan should own 1/2 of Chicago)

    The amount of money that could have been generated over that period
    of time and kept in the community may have incubated a few dozen startup business because of the opportunities that would have presented it’s self.

    That would have been self sufficiency!

    Dr. Boyce start thinking out of the box, you have no need to fall in line with everyone else! You have a platform use it for greatness rather than the same old tired ideas! We’ve heard them all for 50 years.

    The school has every right to cancel the program, you’ve heard the Minister before and you know full well how his speaking would disrupt the campus as much as having the klan speak on campus!

    “black pride is perceived as white hatred” have you read some of the comments!

    To many of us are willing to bind our selves so closely with or to the past, that they can’t go forward or see what the future can bring! No I’m not saying forget the past, just recognize it is just that the past! You can’t change it, you can ensure the future is much much better!

    Don’t hate, I’m just saying!

    • We don’t need to hate…we just need to ignore your ignorant AZZ!!

      • You are a fool. A vision for The future is way more important than always examining the past. Most all of us know most of what we need to know about the past.

        White folks were enslaved once, but you dont hear them or anyone else wallowing in the past. Visit it and move forward.

    • Unless u deal with the things that Dr Boyce talks about u and your children have no future BLACK MAN

    • THANK YOU. THANK YOU silverbac. I cant believe Boyce Watkins is aligning himself with Farrakhan. See my comment above.

  10. @ Onesilverbac:

    Please don’t state “facts” that cannot be corroborated. How did you arrive at the figure “15-20 million dollars?” According to an independent audit report of the Million Man March, compiled by accounting firm Bolling & Hill, LLP, the total revenues collected at the Million Man March was $2,002,472. The total expenses were $2,019,559. This means that there was no surplus at the conclusion of the Million Man March, but a deficit of about $66,000. For the record, the Million Man March is the only mass, public meeting in history, where a full, independent account of all expenditures was expected to be given to the general public. This report was widely available. But, I take it that you didn’t read that report yourself, before reporting your bogus figures. What’s funny is that had there been any unscrupulous spending, they would have certainly locked the Minister up. Furthermore, the Nation of Islam wasn’t the only organization involved in finances of the Million Man March. Please, get your facts straight.

    • His facts are close enough, and his comment is brilliant.

      • “Close enough” HA! If you perceived that comment as brilliant it signifies that your level of thinking is severely distorted and your level of intellect is non-existent…you are a white washed idiot…utterly shameful…your favourite color is obviously pink…do yourself a favour shut up, listen and mentally absorb the true facts being presented… rollings my eyes and smh at your inept mind…you need your sorry as*s beat like the slave you so proudly represent…Breaking News: You are free girl, its okay for you to research, read, learn & gather in a group amongst conscious black leaders. *Learn the truth about the Minister and the praiseworthy actions of Gaddafi

  11. @Kareem…Good facts. ..I get sick if this chameleon silverbac always putting us down like a self hating uninformed unread nincompoop! !! @ Sour pea. .What did Aristotle say about the intellect? Cmon now educated lady. . Don’ t know. Well let the educated – re-educated brother tell u. He said the true mark of an intellectual person is that they can ENTERTAIN DIFFERENT IDEAS, EVEN IF THEY DON’T AGREE WITH THEM! ! So were is this intellect being practiced if in a democracy different ideas aren’t allowed to be heard and flourish? They must have left that important point out in gaining knowledge, wisdom, and understanding at Clark eh? …Ptah Ra. ..Subeck Hotep

  12. Dr. Watkins;

    You are to be commended for your efforts but remember your strategy for self-sufficiency is not unlike many failed attempts by dubious characters. I have two (2) suggestions:

    1. Build the infrastructure and
    2. develop a practical but comprehensive economic renewal plan

    Take this or a similar approach and you will get the support of many African-Americans. There are some of us who desperately want to help our people but we are not fools and refuse to participate in the folly of past leaders.

    All the best!

  13. Someone name me a university ( do u know what that stands for sour pea? Universal Thought) has ever denied Strom Thurmond , Newt Gingrich, Murderer George Bush 2 or any other shady cracker? You haven’t …Suppress speech, kill thought, stunt action, maintain the status quo. Fortunately, one major local UNIVERSITY in my town has allowed all kinds to come speak. And for free. And I have met many folks because of it. No fear. They’re faculty encouraged the UNIVERSAL THOUGHT. . Maat. ..

  14. Correction – Their

  15. Dr. Boyce:

    What you are planning is a noble idea. Stand fast and gather in any physical location possible. The information is what’s needed, so the venue is insignificant. The minister speaks his mind and I’m always excited to hear him do so. Your journalism skills will bring out his full, true intellect as it relates to race relations in America and what we need to do in response as a means of survival. Your economic prowess is very important to the Black community and needs to be shared. Black pride need not be taken as anything other than that.

    We need you to keep your web presence going as well as the planning and organizing of this and many more necessary events in the future. Use the adversity–from all of the naysayers and sellouts–as motivation to keep striving to look out for your people. You’ve been blessed with knowledge, but moreover, the knowledge to apply that knowledge, so yeah do everything that you can to accumulate like-minded individuals in forums that benefit Black people.

    I love what you do.

  16. Peter D. Slaughter

    Overall not surprised.
    I bet if oprah wanted to do a talk show they would welcome her.
    Even tyler perry with his madea act would be welcomed there.
    Since they are not welcomed to come.
    Then all black players need not to go there to be pimped and exploited by this phony university.

    • Let’s say you are a white chicago official, who sat by while babies are murdered, teenagers are murdered, and you did nothing.

      Would you want your victims to meet and share knowledge, and take action against you, riot, and destroy the city?

      The same tactics were used in slavery.

  17. Since there are no HBCUs in Chicago, they should have tried Chicago State on the southside. Why did they even attempt to go to this university anyway? You could walk for hours on this campus and not see a black student

  18. Not surprised by this at all.

    This is a warning to ALL who are against the rise of the Black man & woman.

    If for the sake of grander achievment concerning matters of self-improvement, self-determination, self-reliance that obstacles are placed in our way to stumble and fall then may I remind ALL enemies of our rise that OUR God is watching and taking notes, and when the matter is decided you will be found GUILTY and worthy of DEATH.

    Let me tell you how OUR God is watching!!

    Your(The Enemy)manipulation and abuse of us as a people has already started a process among our youth that will overwhelm you, and this you cannot avert.

    The prayers of OUR ancestors have been answered and the matter is with The Lord of The Worlds for HIM to appropriately answer. You (The Enemy) do not wish or show any desire to turn from your evil machinations, you (The Enemy) love to disturb OUR peaceful assemblies and threaten OUR good men & women who wish nothing on YOU ((The Enemy)accept peace.

    As you have shown that you do not want peace then taste the direct opposite, its already here among YOU (The Enemy) and its not looking as though its beginning to abate.

    In conclusion; continue in your secret councils to pland against Black people, you(The Enemy) have recieved the same!!


  19. CORRECTION; except peace.

  20. Dr. Boyce— as well as everyone who overstands our purpose of being enslaved in America; which was for FREE LABOR– fast forward to today– cheap labor generated by PRISON COMPLEXES– which house Black Folk at a record setting pace–KNOW THAT MONEY CONTROL THE BEHAVIOUR OF THE EVIL DOERS. Is it a far fetched thought for US to strategies a way to have a NATIONWIDE WEEK (as a start) of NOT SPENDING MONEY.
    How can all of OUR ENERGY and INTELLIGENCE be gathered as a weapon– and aim it at the POCKETS of the institutes, and or organization that don’t support our plight of holding everyone ACCOUNTABLE (ESPECIALLY THE POTUS) for their lack of–or simply don’t care about us Black Folk in America. However, on the other hand– they may not give a da-mn– the fix may be in– with the invasion of the so called illegals- who are employed by big and small businesses in America; which save billions of dollars for not having to pay sick days, holidays, social security,etc– this system of not having to hire un-welcomed and despised Black Americans-by white America (tea party, KKK, police, etc) – this has been in effect openly for the last 30 years, and know here we stand as a People for the most part unorganized-lost and confused– unable to see the power of our SPENDING.



  21. send to me….

  22. I love it. Doc, this is one of the best pieces I have ever read from you. Keep it coming.

  23. Dear Blackbluedog,
    Neat Post, how to build you social audience faster

  24. In American society, there is a commonly held belief that learning the lessons of history will prevent past mistakes from reoccurring. Likewise, an adage that defines insanity as continuing a given behavior, while expecting an altogether different result, gives credence to those advocating alternative solutions beyond the narrative of obsolete ideas.

    Seeming to rest upon the laurels of the 1950s and 60s, traditional Civil Rights leadership, in the name of access and inclusion, is today focusing more upon selling partisan loyalties than on promoting an unapologetic Black agenda. Within the context of America’s various Black communities, the common denominator of substandard education, unacceptable incarceration rates and high unemployment reveals not only the failure of “non-economic liberalism,” but also the failures of a movement that for too long has relied upon corporate patronage, political favoritism and the diluting of Black agendas in order to secure acceptance and approval.

    Furthermore, in this compromising of Black interests, as a means for admittance into the so-called mainstream establishment, Black America’s collective well being is unfortunately being harmed. By rewarding the few, at the expense of the many, and contingent upon a political climate that changes every four to eight years, the relevance of ideas, programs and solutions, accepted and rewarded by government and philanthropic organizations, is limited. Clearly requiring a new direction and perspective, the current Civil Rights paradigm, which demands jobs and justice over independence and land ownership, undermines the concept of meaningful participation in a global market-oriented economy.

    For instance, when comparing Black Americans to the collective economic progress of relative newcomers, it goes without saying that within one or two generations, many immigrant communities are reflecting a greater level of freedom and productivity. Although the hamstringing of Black economic advancement has been well documented since Post-Reconstruction, the fact remains that 21st century obstacles are more psychological in nature than they are of physical obstruction.

    Subsequently creating a so-called permanent underclass, the decimation of Black communities through disenfranchisement laws, poor public education and an overabundance of political posturing, the system, to which Civil Rights leadership has tied itself, is cruelly indifferent to the plight of the Black masses. While the rural and urban poor are under no illusions regarding the limitations inherent to such an arrangement, regardless of well meaning intentions, Civil Rights leaders must reassess their agendas, reflect upon proven and workable solutions and leave egos at the door.

    Considering the “Economic Blueprint,” long advocated by the Nation of Islam, as one model for positive change, the issue of poverty and want could be addressed within a relatively short period of time. Incorporating a holistic approach starting with teaching Black people the knowledge of self, the importance of unity and the value of pooling resources, if only one percent of the $1.1 trillion Blacks spend annually were harnessed, a renaissance of wealth, consciousness and productivity could be the result. Having an impact reaching far beyond the borders of the United States, once adopted, the “do-for-self” model would not only elevate Black America in the eyes of the world, but it would also do a great service in redeeming a flawed American society.

    Unity is the key to Black America’s relevance and prosperity and our failure to “consider the time and what must be done” will lead to an unfortunate loss. With the simple elimination of alcohol, tobacco and other unhealthy habits, the dollars needed to make such an endeavor possible could be achieved with minimal sacrifice.

    By capturing only $10 billion dollars annually, urban factories could be repurchased, thousands of acres of farmland could be acquired, healthcare facilities and new schools could be built and the Black community could enter into international trade and commerce for the good our ourselves, our families and our people. Such a vision is not a pipedream; the model was actually carried into practice and proven to be successful by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and studied by both advocates and detractors alike.

    If we are to defeat the complacency that is hindering Black America’s progress, then it is time to consider a program with a proven track record. Whether you are Muslim, Christian or Hebrew, if you are Black, you cannot escape the overall image and condition of our people. The time for action is now and the world is definitely watching.

    • The Honorable Elijah Muhammed had great intellect with a good helping of common sense that Farrakhan does not. Nor did Malcolm X have it, and that is why he is dead.

      Elijah knew how to effectively deal with the white man, how far to push him, how to keep a cool head, and a tempered tongue. that is why the Nation of Islam thrived and survived during the worse days of Jim Crow and beyond.

      Farrakhan is nothing but a fiery tongued, traitor, thief, hate monger. HE IS NO LEADER WORTH FOLLOWING. HE WILL LEAD THIS COUNTRY TO ARMAGGEDON THEN HEAD ON BACK TO HIS TRINIDAD HOME.

      • Seriously? Really? Hates who? Traitor against who? A thief against who? I think America is doing a good enough job on its own leading the world to Armageddon, don’t you think?

        Since when is telling Black people to pool their resources, do for self and speaking truth to power “hate-mongering?”

        Do you think Black folk should just sit quietly and accept things as they are because we have a Black president in the White House? Is that what you are saying?

        I for one am happy Min Farrakhan stands up and speaks what others are to cowardly to say in the public (as the country is being misled by the real traitors, thieves and warmongers). If there IS a fire in a crowded theater it is NOT wrong to call out fire. In fact, it is the duty and responsibility of a true patriot to do so. Think about.

        Have a nice day.

    • Yes Brother Muhammad; economically as a consuming conscious people we are at the forefront of our game, and the Great leader Elijah MUHAMMAD taught the members of the Nation of Islam how to organize and do for self. Pan Africanism– spear headed by M. Garvey, and a host of our outstanding leaders tried to wake up the dead spirit in us. Trillions of dollars are being spent by the most vulnerable populations of this Greedy RACIST society in which we live– Black Folk (aka African Americans,and other people of color). However, there will be no progress as one being made until the healing from the bottom is addressed. As though it has always been– it shall continue– the poor must be redirected from being intoxicated with material trinkets, and taught the basic needs of living– as did the Great Elijah MUHAMMAD did. Unfortunately the so called black rich people are as helpful as the KKK– I qualify my statement by asking– as a group– what businesses have they generated that hire us by the thousands–( to many are running around using white folk as a yardstick to measure themselves as a human being — because the can spend or shall I say– give their money back to white folk by way of buying material trinkets,or breeding with them)– the premise of this comparison of rich black folk is to highlight the necessity of redirecting the mind set of the poor Black Folk from material l**t– to educational and financial FREEDOM. THE RICHES ARE IN EVERY POOR BLACK COMMUNITY IN AMERICA– THEREFORE THE FIGHT STARTS THERE. How can one find the pulse of a lost people and bring them back to life? No matter how much money we may have ( considering the devalue of american currency) — we must at first get our minds right so we can control our money in order to use it as leverage to do something for self.
      Their are those who dwell amongst us who are intellectually blessed,and those who are financially fit; however, let’s not count the issue of mental illness out; because it isn’t prejudice and we are in a many ways victims of this human disorder; as we can see on this site (I for one embrace my mental illness, which allows me to see yours)– the main objective should be– how can we communicate and execute a plan to organize all our PEOPLE WHO LOVE US-AND WORK TOWARDS FIXING US-SO WE CAN LIVE AMONGST US IN PEACE.


  25. Khalil Hassan Malik

    All positive input is appreciated, there’s definitely enough negative. I found “my selves”, we must get a renewed understanding about “Oneness”, by doing so produces the appropriate solution for any dis-harmony, it involves taking full responsibility for all that has happen and connects us to the higher self.

  26. It’s “Farrakhan and me ….”

  27. WOW!! my name is eric cheers, Dr. Boyce Watkins, i hope you see this message,we need thousand more black men like you, Minister Farrakhan and yeah believe it Chris Dorner. If not, its back to the old days and black people who cant see it or dont want to see it, really p****s me off. If our ancestors stood up to white people during slavery and in those times, why the h**l cant all black people stand together now and fight police brutality, false imprisonment, police corruption in our communities?

  28. I find this odd. The Nation of Islam exclusively just held their annual convention at the UIC Pavilion. Minister Farrakhan was and is the keynote at this event. It was estimated that 10 thousand attended. So why would they deny this and if so,what’s really going on.
    Are we there yet?

  29. Great blog here! Additionally your web site quite a bit up fast!

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