Cop Secretly Records Superior Commanding Him to Stop and Frisk Black Men

Officer Pedro Serrano in NYC is labeled a rat for secretly recording his Deputy Inspector Christopher McCormack who told Pedro to stop and frisk black men ages 14-21.

Officer Pedro Serrano

Although most African-Americans are able to quickly pinpoint instances of racism, it’s difficult to provide quantitative proof to support the act, especially within the judicial system. Thanks to one brave NY Police officer named Pedro Serrano,  African-Americans are better able to prove that Black men are are often targeted by NYPD than any other demographic.

Last month Serrano recorded a superior officer, Deputy Inspector Christopher McCormack, telling him to specifically target “male blacks 14 to 21” for stop-and-frisk because they commit crimes. The top Bronx officer is heard saying stop “the right people, the right time, the right location.”  Officer Serrano testified Thursday in a Manhattan federal court, saying of his superior: “He meant blacks and Hispanics.” In the recording that was recorded last month at the 40th Precinct in the Bronx, Serrano was heard asking “So what am I supposed to do: Stop every black and Hispanic?” McCormack is heard replying “I have no problem telling you this. Male blacks. And I told you at roll call, and I have no problem [to] tell you this, male blacks 14 to 21.”

Serrano’s tape and testimony were introduced as evidence in a class-action lawsuit against the NYPD’s controversial stop-and-frisk tactic brought by four black New Yorkers who claim they were targeted because of their race. During cross examination, City lawyer Brenda Cooke got Serrano to admit that McCormack never said he wanted Serrano to stop all blacks and Hispanics. “Those specific words, no,” he told her. This is one of many tapes proving the racial discrimination minorities endure in New York City.

How do you believe African Americans should be compensated for specifically being targeted for stop and frisk?

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  1. I read this report on the CBS New York website last night…interesting!

    I can’t help but think that officer Pedro Serrano already had the thought in mind that Deputy Inspector Christopher McCormack usually speaks racially out of turn, or is well known to do so due to the fact that he recorded the senior officer’s comments in the first place.

    The other week Black Blue wrote an article regarding the NY fire cheif’s son spewing racist comments on twitter, and now a senior officer of the NYPD….this is my point people, can’t we see that this is in THEIR nature???


    They’re not going to stop this s-h-i-t until WE do for ‘self’ and take responsibility for our actions and what goes on in our community.
    We need to start policing our own community and help change the social , economic & political dynamic of our community, that way we wouldn’t have to send our brothers & sisters out to corporate America or its work-force because we would have taken care of, and addressed our own business first!

    Peace, Power, and Prosperity Y’all!!

  2. This is modern day slavery! We can’t even walk the streets without being harrassed by racist cracker pigs. Not only are racist pigs killing us, but also these vigilante crackers, who kill us because music is being played too loud, a cell phone is used, as an excuse for a gun, or we’re walking with tea and skittles in our hands; therefore, what’s next…we’ll be shot down because we are TOO BLACK?

    Do y’all know these dirty pigs DO NOT REPORT 36% OF HATE CRIMES, that are committed by racist honkeys on Black people? HUH? And, these negroids talking about some ‘good pigs’?

    I know this pig did the right thang, BUT he only did it because HIS OWN RACE was involved with this frisk bullshyt!!! If his overseer only told him to stop and frisk JUST BLACKS, we would not be hearing this story!


    Possession of Weapons Total: 147,000; Blacks committed 59,000 while caucasoids committed 85,000 [from 2000-2006]


  3. They need a ‘fall-guy’ Bro. Derrick, so they can deflect their nasty behaviour onto somebody else, that way they can simply and happily go along in life ignoring all facts and excusing themselves from any of their wrong-doing i.e. not taking responsibility of their own delinquency.

    They’ve long ago smashed the true proverbial mirror of conscience and grounded it into powder…its probably what they’re using for gun-powder when they’re shooting at us!!

  4. This cop, although did the right thing, allowed the defense to make him admit that the cop never said ALL Black people. I would have said that he did say this in the meeting, but he didn’t say it on my taping of him. Sometimes you have to bend the rules, to get a racist out of the picture. He knows that this supervisor hates us, so why not fight fire with fire. I could never have been a police woman, because the entire force would hate my guts and I am sure by now I would have had several attempts on my life. But I gurantee you, all who tried, would have come up pushing daisies. I have been catrrying since I was 19 years of age. Growing up in racist a*s Stony Brook Long Island, I was ready for any closeted KKK member to try me or my family. And you can thank my great auntie for that. She was no joke.

    • What f*****g difference does it make if he said “all” blacks or “some” blacks. White people need to quit f*****g splitiing hairs and black people need to quit allowing them to get away with it. It was racist no matter how you slice it!

  5. The key words of this article is that it is “HARD” for Blacks to prove racism in any aspect of the USA…

    Rememebr this, white people leaders are called Congressmen & Businessmen, and Black people’s leaders are called Reverend…a total brain-washing…

    Do you understand?

  6. I hope minorities back this officer and protest any negative reaction he gets. People will not help you if you do not stand with them when they are attacked for helping you. Stand with this officer.

    • We don’t need YOU to tell us who we should “back” as we’re quite capable of making the right decision here or any other.

      Take your patronising self to trailer-trash, USA and hope that the swamp doesn’t swallow you and the rest of your kind whole!

      • traveller. What kind of ignorant response is that? Your hateful BS is part of the problem. That was Not called for.

        • Wanda

          “What kind of ignorant response is that?”…thats your opinion!

          Once again, defending the white man when he doesn’t need defending!
          ‘Harold’ has every right to make his comment but he should also expect a response, negative or positive, in a ‘forum’ and just like ‘Harold’ I have the right to do exactly the same.

          If you give commments in a place like this then you have to expect for someone to either agree or disagree with them and its not for you or your responsibility to correct or grade anyone’s response as youre not responsible for any one’s comments except your own so quit being judgmental!

          Learn the difference between criticising and critiquing…or even the occasional a-s-s-whooping when necessary!

          Its sad though ‘Wanda’, I guess some of us think that some are more equal than others!

    • @harry:

      What is a minority?

      The last stats I read, Black and non-white people were 92% of the world’s population, while caucasoids were only 8% of the world’s population.

      Therefore, YOU are the minority!

      Go stand on your head, and this fake chili choker pig’s ‘head’!!! He bowed down to his massa’!!!

      • Derrick , Harold is right in what he said. You are attacking the wrong person. It’s not always about color, it’s more about good or bad people and you have both in every color. As far as the world goes, Asians are the majority. In this country, most people are mixed. And the Hispanics will be the majority very soon. But, we are only 12% of the population in this country. When others are trying to stand with us, it’s pretty ignorant to shut them down. More power in numbers. We all need to stand together.

        • @wicked wanda:

          Get outta here with that bullshyt! I ain’t NO minority! You yankees are infiltrating this site 24/7, and I’m tired of you fakes!

          Black people were 12% of the uNUTed snakes population 30 years ago, do you read? We are roughly 30% of this population, but these stats are misleading!

          Go to your klan site, and tell that bullshyt to your hillbilly buddies!

          • Derrick, wrong again. You are equating the word minority as being derogatory. It only has to do with numbers, Not a description of anyone. All your anger is a waste. Use that energy to do something positive in your community. Hatred is like a cancer, it will eat you alive. Thanks for the ” wicked Wanda” I think it’s cool. Hope you can chill out…before you have a stroke.

          • Derrick the AA population right now is at 13%. I wish it was at 30%. Because then the Politicians would listen more to the needs of the Black Community.

            42 million
            The number of people who identified as black, either alone or in combination with one or more other races, in the 2010 Census. They made up 13.6 percent of the total U.S. population. The black population grew by 15.4 percent from 2000 to 2010.

            65.7 million
            The projected black population of the United States (including those of more than one race) for July 1, 2050. On that date, according to the projection, blacks would constitute 15 percent of the nation’s total population.

            3.3 million
            The black population in New York, which led all states in 2010. The other nine states in the top 10 were Florida, Texas, Georgia, California, North Carolina, Illinois, Maryland, Virginia and Ohio.

            Percent of Mississippi’s total population that was black in 2010. Mississippi led the nation in this category followed by Louisiana (33 percent), Georgia (32 percent), Maryland (31 percent), South Carolina (29 percent) and Alabama (27 percent).

            Percent of the total population in the District of Columbia that was black in 2010.

            2.2 million
            People who identified as black in New York City, which led all places with populations of 100,000 or more. It was followed by Chicago; Philadelphia; Detroit; Houston; Memphis, Tenn.; Baltimore; Los Angeles; Washington; and Dallas.

            Percent of the total population in Detroit, who identified as black, which is the highest percentage nationally among places with populations of 100,000 or more. It was followed by Jackson, Miss. (80.1 percent), Miami Gardens, Fla. (77.9 percent), Birmingham, Ala. (74.0 percent), Baltimore, (65.1 percent), Memphis, Tenn. (64.1 percent), New Orleans (61.2 percent), Flint, Mich. (59.5), Montgomery Ala. (57.4 percent) and Savannah, Ga. (56.7 percent).

            Serving Our Nation
            2.4 million
            Number of black military veterans in the United States in 2010.

            Among blacks 25 and older, the percentage with a high school diploma or higher in 2010.

            Percentage of blacks 25 and older who had a bachelor’s degree or higher in 2010.

            1.5 million
            Among blacks 25 and older, the number who had an advanced degree in 2010.

            2.9 million
            Number of blacks enrolled in college in 2010, a 1.7 million increase since 1990.

            Read more: African American Demographics, Population, Incomes, Veterans, Education, Voting |

        • Its interesting that the white population on a global scale (the one that actually matters), according to the facts, are a minority however they don’t refer to themselves as such.

          When do you ever hear the Jews call themselves a minority in America, although they are in terms of numbers??

          I’ll tell you why, because the impact of their political, social and economic reach goes beyond numbers so erroneously they refer to us as minority for psychological reason i.e. to manipulate & reduce your capability in being politically, socially & economically effective…anyone who thinks of themselves as a minority will be psychologically impeded while interacting and working with people i.e. maintaining the ‘master-slave’ relationship by thinking you’re ‘smaller’ than everyone especially whites….hence the reason why Whites & Jews DO NOT consider themselves to be minority wherever they go because to be the ‘majority’ at ANY cost is a matter for survival for them!!

          • @Traveller:

            REPEAT: What is a Minority?

            Negroids want to be called a ‘minority’ because this word has NO RACIAL IDENTITY!!! A MINORority is nothing, but a chocolate covered caucasoid!!!

            If negroids, knew, that the True miniorities are caucasoids, who are only 8% of the world’s population, while Black and non-white people are 92%; negroids would not be using this DEGRADING and DERAGOTORY term!!! Therefore, why do negroids want to be called a ‘minority’ when we OUTNUMBER caucasoids WORLD-WIDE?

            The meaning of the word ‘minority’ is: a RACIAL, RELIGIOUS, NATIONAL, or POLITICAL GROUP “SMALLER” than, and differing from the larger ‘CONTROLLING GROUP’ of which it is a part.

            Key word: POLITICAL GROUP. They (caucasoids) only use this word in a POLITICAL setting, and are calling negroids (who also use this word) a MINOR, or in other words; negroids are their “kids”, because negroids OBEY them, and accept what they put on their plate, which are nothing, but CRUMBS.

            The word ‘minority’, also contain the word MINOR. A minor is LESSER in SIZE, AMOUNT, NUMBER, OR EXTENT; LESSER IN IMPORTANCE or RANK. In other words you are NOT IMPORTANT to caucasoids, if negroids CONSIDER themselves, as minors!!!

            A MINOR is still UNDER his parents RULES and REGULATIONS!!! You negroids are still UNDER the caucasoid’s RULES and REGULATIONS because you have ACCEPTED being the LESSER OF THE GROUP, but I just said, that Blacks OUTNUMBER caucasoids, but negroids continue to call themselves MINORorities instead of BLACK!!!

            This is why I get frustrated because I HAVE A RIGHT TO BE ANGRY because negroids DON’T KNOW THEIR TRUE OURstory!!! They don’t know the code language these caucasoids use when they refer to negroids, as MINORities!

            When they use this word; they ALWAYS say; ‘women (white women) and amerikkkans (white folks)’, and MINORorities (negroids) ALWAYS (mean Black people). They ALWAYS put their GROUP BEFORE US or FIRST!!!

            They NEVER group themselves, as being MINORorities!!! WAKE UP!!! But, they are the True MINORorities world-wide, and they are becoming a MINORority here in racist amerikkka. This is why they are killing us, and buying weapons, so they can WIPE US OUT!!!

            You know the Truth, but our people are so relaxed on calling themselves, ‘minorities’ instead of Black Afrikans. They have become ‘mentally enslaved’ to beLIEve, they are minors!



            By the way…the ORIGINAL Jews were Black Afrikans; caucasoids are the fake joos (khazars/hebrews), but they use our name (Afrikan Jew) to make them appear they are a majority culture.

            Remember, the word ‘joo’ does not mean a NATION OF PEOPLE! Is there a nation called joo-nation? There is a nation/continent called Nubia/Ethiopia the home of the ORIGINAL BORN AFRIKAN JEWS…the Falasha and Lemba Jews, who were BORN from Black Afrikan parents are the ORIGINAL/INDIGENOUS BLACK AFRIKAN JEWS!

            These dumb-down negroids, even label themselves as ‘racists’ although caucasoids are the ONLY racist people, who practice ‘racism’!!!

            racism is nothing, but white supremacy! This is why I call negroids, chocolate covered caucasoids because they ALWAYS accept what caucasoids label them!


  7. there goes a cop that’s about to lose his job. either that or he’s going to be harassed, or feel threatened… he’ll probably cave in to the pressure and just resign. i commend this officers’ actions for standing up, but that taped confession wasn’t enough evidence to convict or stand up in court. i saw this topic on the news and the c.o. in charge told the officer that the area being targeted is black & hispanic which had the higher rate in crime & that yes he (the officer) is to stop anyone of them that look suspicious.

    • Are you just plain stupid? You can’t target people by race dumbass!!!! You can say stop anyone that looks dangerous, not any one that is black and hispanic and look dangerous. And white people better quit f*****g thinking the law protects them and I say f**k your senators and congressmen too! Yall remember watts and LA riots and what not. So just know that blacks will get justice one way or another. Either the right way, or the other way. Anyway, shouldnt white people be getting ready for their minority status. The chickens are coming to roost.

  8. Lawrence Campbell

    The Untied States in America vs the “tied up” in america…there’s nothing new here. Sit back, fall asleep, allow yourselves to believe that legislators and their edicts and system of education/adjudication will somehow equal justice for all. It (the just us system) started out cancerous and we’ve shown nothing but love for it, no matter how much of us it’s destroyed. We’ve prayed their prayers, told ourselves we are blessed (not cursed), embraced every “leader” they’ve appointed/anointed for us, thanked them with our blood (in every foul thing abroad), ignored ourselves and our progeny in favor of trying to establish an assimilation (afro american, black american, negro, etc) in a society(secret club) that will only welcome sell outs. We no longer even need to be stopped and frisked/groped/disrespected, we do that to ourselves. We can’t wait to succeed, to look, walk, talk and act like zombies in a concentration camp, governed by the new n**i party. West bank in Gaza, western hemisphere, what’s the difference? We shoot dope, each other, and our mouths off with every nasty thing that can enter and exit this orifice without license – why bother to wait for the findings of some bogus tribunal to understand what the whole universe knows?..we keep voting for anything and anyone to lead us – astray, “thank god” (gold, oil, drugs).

    …still awaiting a pure dividend from a diabolical investment???

  9. New York City is one of the most racist cities in the United States.
    When I lived in New York a Black Man could not get a CAB. Sidney Poiter could not get a yellow cab in NYC. Many years ago I was an actor just finishing working on a film it was about 4:00 A.M. and I see this White cop walk over to a Black man (homeless) and beat the living c**p out of the man who did nothing to him and had broken no law.The recent killing of the Black Youth by two under cover NYC COPS is the blood written on the wall Black Life ain’t worth a d**n Dime in the White Rotten Apple.

  10. That’s why many people of color don’t join the NYPD. When racism is this blatant, it’s hard to respect the uniform, your superiors, their policies, and yourself after awhile. Kudos to Officer Seranno for questioning the behavior of his commanding officer. This lazy way of “policing” (Stop and Frisk) may seem the answer to Whites, but as you see, the issues of ongoing violence can’t be solved by simply violating the rights of every citizen that fits a profile. It must be addressed by getting the laws in all 50 states to demand that a local and federal background check is done on every potential gun owner. Gun shows should also be required to perform a background check, with law enforcement officers present to perform the checks. Stem the flow of weapons, and that will do more than any misguided stop and frisk, to bring down the violence. If they want to profile, they need to think outside the box. My profile would be white, middle age, Republican politicians who continue to champion no background checks. They above all are a true menace to society.

  11. West Coast, East Coast, middle of the nation. Police Depts.Work place, public places, neighbors. Its all the same. Raceism is alive and well. I live amongst severe racist in my nrighborhood every day. No one cares.

    • Daryl your wrong, many people care, including white people. But, they don’t know what to do. Getting people in your neighborhood or community together and supporting one another is one way to have power against this system. If you are living in a racist neighborhood, move as soon as possible.


    YouTube “Mother says police know who killed her son, but won’t do anything about it” Published on Mar 24, 2013

    Dr. Boyce Watkins and Ms. Lana Finley-Williams,

    What are the black elected officials, and black lawyers doing to hold the police accountable here, by gathering evidence to resolve this in court with a valid civil claim for redress?

    Unless a reputable witness, or reputable witnesses from the black community come forward in behalf of Ms. William’s son, this will go unsolved, and the police officers responsible will escape with impunity.

    Ms. Lana Finley-Williams, as you state, because of the “Code of Silence” between police officers, a Police officer or officers rarely come forth to volunteer to turn in any fellow police officer who violates the rights of any citizen.

    Without reputable witnesses, without facts, without proof, without competent representation, whether the Chicago police officer(s) are truly responsible or not, this will never be resolved.

  13. YouTube “Mother says police know who killed her son, but won’t do anything about it” uploaded by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Mar 24, 2013

    Ms. Lana Finley-Williams, as you state, because of the “Code of Silence” between police officers, a Police officer or officers rarely come forth to volunteer to turn in any fellow police officer who violates the rights of any citizen.

    Without reputable witnesses, without facts, without proof, without competent representation, whether the Chicago police officer(s) are truly responsible or not, the search for the truth will be fruitless and this serious issue like many other similar serious issues, will go unchecked and if anyone is responsible for any criminal/unethical act, the perpetrators will escape with impunity.

  14. @Wanda….I read in the law that the person witnessing the injustice and not saying anything is just as bad if not worse than the one committing the crime.. So who does not know what to do? Are u serious? Your Bible speaks of the sin of Omission! ! To no speak, that’s what most white folks do all the time. My dad saw it in the south when cross burning was par for the course. They never (white so called Christians) never told the klan not to do that despicable act and soil their religious symbol, let alone try to kill and put fear in black folks. Where are the white pastors now? Quiet as he.ll ….Truth to truth. .That shyt is bull and u know it. ..Maat. ..

    • Imhotep you are very correct. Most white folks as you say, voted for President Obama. Most or the majority of white’s support equality for all. The ignorant jackasses are the ones who get all the attention, but they are not the majority. Back in the 1960′s thousands of whites & blacks fought for equality together. There was a Freedom Bus, which was many buses going into the South to non- violent protest inequality. One of the men killed was a white man, who helped to start the movement. It has never been in the history of this country where whites were not involved with equal rights. The problem was in the South during slavery the majority of whites were the criminals. But, despite that many did risk their own lives by hiding people and helping with the Underground Railroad. It’s never all this or all that.

      Freedom Summer – 1964:

      A civil rights movement in 1964, named Freedom Summer, was a campaign launched to get African Americans in the southern United States registered to vote. Thousands of students and civil rights activists, both white and black, joined the organization, Congress on Racial Equality (CORE) and traveled to southern states to register voters. In was in this atmosphere that three civil rights workers were killed by members of the Ku Klux Klan.
      Michael Schwerner and James Chaney:

      Michael Schwerner, a 24-year old from Brooklyn, New York, and 21-year old James Chaney from Meridian, Mississippi, were working in and around Neshoba County, Mississippi, to register blacks to vote, opening “Freedom Schools” and organizing black boycotts of white-owned businesses in Meridan.
      The Klu Klux Klan Targets Schwerner:

      The activities of the civil rights workers enraged the area Klu Klux Klan and plans to rid the area of the more prominent activists was in the works. Michael Schwerner, or “Goatee” and “Jew-Boy” as the Klan referred to him, became a prime target of the Ku Klux Klan, after his success of organizing the Meridan boycott and his determination to register the local blacks to vote was more successful than the Klan’s attempts to put fear into the African American communities.
      Plan 4:

      The Ku Klux Klan was very active in Mississippi during the 1960s and many of the members included local businessmen, law enforcement, and prominent men in the communities. Sam Bowers was the Imperial Wizard of the White Knights during “Freedom Summer” and had an intense dislike for Schwerner. In May 1964, the Laurderdale and Neshoba KKK members received word from Bowers that Plan 4 was activated. Plan 4 was to get rid of Schwerner.
      Face to Face With the Klan:

      The Klan learned that Schwerner had a meeting scheduled on the evening of June 16 with members at Mount Zion Church in Longdale, Mississippi. The church was to be a future location for one of the many Freedom Schools that were opening throughout Mississippi. Members of the church held a business meeting that evening and as the 10 were leaving the church around 10 p.m. that night they met face to face with more than 30 klansmen lined up with shotguns.
      The Burning of the Church:

      The Klan was misinformed however, because Schwerner was actually in Oxford, Ohio. Frustrated at not finding the activist, the Klan began to beat the church members and burned the wood-framed church to the ground. Schwerner learned of the fire and he, James Chaney, and Andrew Goodman, who were all attending a three-day CORE seminar in Oxford, decided to return to Longdale to investigate the Mount Zion Church incident. On June 20, the three, in a blue CORE-owned Ford station wagon, headed south.
      The Warning:

      Schwerner was very aware of the danger of being a civil rights worker in Mississippi, especially in Neshoba County, which had the reputation as being particularly unsafe. After stopping overnight in Merridan, MS, the group headed straight for Neshoba Country to inspect the burned out church and meet with some of the members who had been beaten. During the visits they learned the real target of the KKK was Schwerner, and they were warned that some local white men were trying to find him.
      Klan Member Sheriff Cecil Price:

      At 3 p.m. the three in the highly visible blue Core-wagon, set off to return to Meridan, Ms. Stationed at the Core office in Merridan was Core worker, Sue Brown, who was told by Schwerner if the three weren’t back by 4:30 p.m., then they were in trouble. Deciding that Highway 16 was a safer route, the three turned onto it, headed west, through Philadelphia, Ms, back to Meridan. A few miles outside of Philadelphia, Klan member, Deputy Sheriff Cecil Price, spotted the CORE wagon on the highway.
      The Arrest:

      Not only did Price spot the car, but he also recognized the driver, James Chaney. The Klan hated Chaney, who was a black activist and a born Mississippian. Price pulled the wagon over and arrested and jailed the three students for being under suspicion of arson in the Mount Zion Church fire.
      The FBI Becomes Involved:

      After the three failed to return to Meridan on time, CORE workers placed calls to the Neshoba County jail asking if the police had any information about the three civil rights workers. Jailer Minnie Herring, denied any knowledge about their whereabouts. All of the events that took place after the three were imprisoned is uncertain but one thing is known for sure, they were never seen alive again. The date was June 21, 1964.
      By June 23, FBI agent John Proctor and a team of 10 agents, were in Neshoba Country investigating the disappearance of the three men. What the KKK had not counted on was the national attention that the three civil rights workers disappearance would ignite. Then President, Lyndon B. Johnson put the pressure on J. Edgar Hoover to get the case solved. The first FBI office in Mississippi was opened and the military bused sailors into Neshoba County to help search for the missing men.

      The case became known as MIBURN, for Mississippi Burning, and top FBI Inspectors were sent to help with the investigation.

      Next > What The FBI Learned About The Missing Men

      The Mississippi Burning Civil Rights Murder Conspiracy Trial by Harvey Fireside
      Murder in Mississippi: United States v. Price and the Struggle by Howard Ball
      Justice in Mississippi: The Murder Trial of Edgar Ray Killen by Howard Ball

      • Wanda–

        I peg you as either a black woman married to or dating a white man or a white woman masquerading as a black woman. What best comes through on the vast majority of your posted comments is your great defense of white people. How transparent you are and much appear to be far more so one of the many brainwashed black enemies within our race and an imposter. You appear bound by white mental slavery and propaganda. Take your bullshit and present to whites letting them know how very much you love / respect them. Your kind within the Black Race is just as much a lethal enemy of black people as the whites from whom you are happy to benefit / represent to the detriment of black people. You are the white supremacists sick black stool pigeons / traitors who upon discovery should either be shunned or shot dead. I much prefer the latter treatment for such scum.

  15. Oh and the crime for not saying something is obstruction of JUSTICE! !! HOTEL. .

  16. Correction-HOTEP …

  17. OK Wanda, But where are the Joel Olsteen ‘s , Pat Robertsons and alike that know Their Bible Speaks against the injustice we see everyday and they say nothing! ! Ur called a liberal now and they shun the word, which is derived from the word ” liberty ” , to be free? Where are these good ole folks now? Where are they? Ur right whites, did help then and with the underground railroad but they never speak out about police brutality because they mostly don’t experience it.

  18. Where are they now, and for an example, look at the Travon case and the young man killed at his bachelor party in new York? Cops got off, and Zimmerboy may also. But the outrage in both instances came from us.No whites in the marches, we marched in my city and it was a speck or two with us! ! WHERE ARE THEY? …Maat …

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  20. Nothing new, a lot of black men have been wrongly convicted. The cops even set an innocent man to cover their own a*s. It is nothing new, I feel we as blacks should get angry enough. To fight for change it all starts with us.

  21. Bro D …I couldn’t get Wanda to tell me where are the good white folks now! !! Maat

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  23. Shakim sharakim shakur el

    This is nothing at all NEW TO US BLACK MEN AT ALL. its FINALLY EXPOSED TO THE PUBLIC WHATS BEEN HAPPENING ALL THESE CROOKED a*s YEARS. AND IF NOTHING HAPPEND THEN, WHAT MAKES YOU THINK ALL THOSE WHO RESPONDED CAN DO ANYTHING NOW. just keep disenfranchising those black man while everyone else benefits a stress free lively hood from police harrassment. p***k this system

  24. Fact 1….Stop and Frisk works to fight crime in high crime urban areas.
    Fact 2….profiling in high crime areas is common sense..If it walks like a blood/crip, talks like a blood/crip dresses like a blood/crip, Theres a good chance it MIGHT be a Blood or Crip..Cops dont stop nerdy looking kids with school books and pocket protectors .. theyre looking for the gangsta wannabes.
    Fact 3…. Even tho 1 and 2 are true and make some neighborhoods a little safer,It does not give cops the right to violate the rights of innocent people who may appear gangsta, its unconstitutional to stop and detain anyone for any length of time without probable cause.. So for that reason Stop and frisk will have some issues. Even tho I agree that it works.. the Bottom line is if it violates someones rights then it aint right.

  25. Shakim sharakim shakur el

    This is nothing at all NEW TO US BLACK MEN AT ALL. its FINALLY EXPOSED TO THE PUBLIC WHATS BEEN HAPPENING ALL THESE CROOKED a*s YEARS. AND IF NOTHING HAPPEND THEN, WHAT MAKES YOU THINK ALL THOSE WHO RESPONDED CAN DO ANYTHING NOW. just keep disenfranchising those black man while everyone else benefits a stress free lively hood from police harrassment. p***k this system

  26. I just have to say I’m a white female and I have known this for over 20 years. I worked at a low income preschool and the children of color would frequently say, “Watch out the cops are gonna get you”. This made me want to cry, knowing they had this fear and knowing it had to come from their homes. We must be united… not divided. The enemy is not people of different races. its the top 2% that just want more and dont care about us normal working class folks! God Bless!

  27. @Sher B: “I worked at a low income preschool and the children of color would frequently say, “Watch out the cops are gonna get you.”

    Low income preschool? What do you mean? You sound like a ‘low class’ caucasoid teacher!!! What color were the ‘people of color’? Are you scared to say BLACK?

    You crackers always use code language, and you come on this site trying to swindle these weak negroids to keep them on their knees!

    Your ‘god’ only blesses you crackers! How do you spell god: g-r-e-e-n.
    YOUR ‘god’ IS MONEY! You even put it on your currency ‘in god we trust’!


    GET OUTTA HERE WITH THAT BULLSHYT!!! The BLACK children were right; the pigs SHOULD GET YOU!!!

  28. Stop and frisk every black and Hispanic male between the ages of 14 and 21 because they commit the most crimes? Even when they are on the baseball field playing ball or on the basketball court having fun? Officer Serrano is paid to enforce the law not to harass young men because of their race!

  29. It is sad that people still can be so dumb. I mean I live in Wisconsin, and were I stay at in Fitchburg and the police only targets black and Hispanic. I am a single parent and a mother of three, I have one son and should no mother fear the police. I wake up one morning and a Fitchburg police officer never did he announce himself by the way pulling on my daughter from my bedroom. Till this day we still have carry bad vibes and should one in America should ever fear the law. My daughter just graduated High School, so her and a couple of my nieces and nephew was playing hide and go seek outside @2am. He gave them a warning and they return to the house, cause the they finish let him talk, he felt he had the right to come in my home and pull on my daughter. My kids don’t have a record, she is in college with3.75 gpa, made the dean list, and the Vice President list. We need to stop the madness.

  30. Everyone who said “Hispanic” is racist… My wife is Mexican and Hispanic is a term created to label “them”. Pure “whackness”. Do your research and see for yourself, may as well call Asians “Oriental”.

    • … if the term “racist” is too strong, let’s use “ignorant”. And if you already knew this, let’s just use the term “stupid”.

  31. Davy de Verteuil

    In the same way Jews say they were….A perpetual holocaust Shakedown scheme-We had a holocaust too

  32. Davy de Verteuil

    African Americans shld b compensated 4stop&frisk,
    In the same way Jews were.A perpetual holocaust Shakedown scheme-We had a holocaust too by the same folks-color is everything eh

  33. In Chicago over 1000 is guns have been recovered this year. This happens when yous stop the right people at the right time at the right time. This may have saved over a thousand shootings and we know who are doing most of the shootings.

  34. “In Chicago over 1000 is guns have been recovered this year. This happens when yous stop the right people at the right time at the right time. This may have saved over a thousand shootings and we know who are doing most of the shootings.”

    From 2000-2006 a TOTAL of Possession of Weapons Total was: 147,000; of that number, Blacks committed 59,000 crimes, while caucasoids committed 85,000 of those total crimes.

    Now, we REALLY KNOW, who are doing the MAJORITY of shootings, and carrying concealed weapons violations…caucasoids. But, Blacks and non-whites are ONLY STOPPED & FRISKED on a daily basis!


  35. The first and the only thing that must be done, get the young people who are involved in gang related stuff and some of the older ones as well, to realize its a losing battle to be involved in taking a life or even stealing from anyone! This is a hard thing to do but what other alternative do we have? We have to find a way to reach them, otherwise the police are and have become random killing machines without any concern none what so ever! The Judges are handing out tougher sentences to people of color for just the slightest infraction of the law. Our civil rights no longer matter. Owning a penal complex has become a very lucrative business and I think some these judges could be big investors Free labor. Wake up people! I’m just saying.

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  37. WOW, this kind of s**t makes it so hard to stare coward a*s white folks, especially policemen, in the face without angst and disgust and hate and wanting to beat the s**t out of them! Worst, the trifling a*s lawyer who represents them. WTF does it matter if he said “SOME blacks” or “ALL blacks”. Why the f**k does skin color have to even enter into it. What, arent their any white , 17 year old riff raffs, wanna be gang banger roaming the streets? You oppressive m***********s! And wtf is Big Bubba talking about? Blacks should clean up their acts so they wouldnt be f****d with? Is that like saying a girl should dress a certain way so she won’t be raped?

  38. Carol, we need more advocates like you. Call me if and when you get this message to discuss. 803-466-8238

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