Your Black History: The Life, Rise, & Fall Of Malcolm X

imagesBy Victor Trammell

On this day 48 years ago, life ended for one of the most profound civil rights figures in American history.

At Manhattan, New York’s Audubon Ballroom on February 21, 1965, Malcolm X was delivering a speech to an enthusiastic crowd. In the middle of the ceremony, three gunmen rushed onstage and pumped 15 bullets into the body of Malcolm X.

Moments later at New York’s Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, Malcolm X was pronounced dead on arrival. He was 39-years-old. For today’s edition of Your Black History, honors the legacy of a martyr for the justice of black Americans.

Malcolm X was born Malcolm Little on May 19, 1925 in Omaha, Nebraska. His mother, Louise Little was a homemaker who took care of Malcolm and his seven other siblings. His father, Earl Little was an outspoken Baptist minister. Rev. Earl Little was also a staunch supporter of Marcus Garvey, a prominent Black Nationalist leader.

Early in his life, Malcolm X saw the ubiquitous evil of racism firsthand. The noble civil rights activities of Malcolm’s father made him a target of the Black Legion. The Black Legion is a treacherous splinter group of the Ku Klux Klan. Their tactics were known to be less organized, yet more ferocious than the tactics of the Klan.

Due to violent terrorists acts perpetrated against his family by the Black Legion, Rev. Earl Little had to move his wife and children to different homes twice before his son Malcolm’s fourth birthday. By 1929, the Little household was living in Lansing, Michigan. However, the family’s efforts to escape the wrath of the Black Legion were unsuccessful. Eventually the Little’s family home in Lansing was burned completely to the ground.

Rev. Earl Little refused to allow the Black Legion to break his enduring spirit of activism. He continued to fight the good fight of speaking out against the deplorable institution of Jim Crow and the terrorist acts of white hate groups like the Ku Klux Klan. However, the Black Legion would subsequently have Rev. Little within its deadly grasp.

Two years after Rev. Little’s family home was burned down, members of the Black Legion kidnapped Earl Little, beat him, strapped him to train tracks, and left him to die. He was later run over by a passing train. Police in Lansing, Michigan scantily investigated the case and ruled Rev. Little’s death as an accident. At a young age, the seeds of black nationalism and resentment against the white-dominated establishment were being planted in Malcolm.

The death of Malcolm X’s father at the hands of white supremacists destroyed his family. Shortly after his father’s death, Malcolm’s mother suffered a nervous breakdown so severe that she was committed to a mental institution. Malcolm and his seven siblings were all scattered across the country in various foster homes.

Malcolm was relocated to the east coast where he attended public school. He was a bright student but eventually dropped out of high school. He began a life of petty crime with a friend named Malcolm “Shorty” Jarvis. In 1946, Malcolm and his partner-in-crime were sentenced to 10 years in prison for burglary.

When Malcolm was paroled from prison in 1952, he joined the Nation of Islam (NOI) at the behest of his brother, Reginald. The NOI was led by Elijah Muhammad, a former Baptist minister. Muhammad preached a message of self-reliance for black people and the firm resistance against the white-dominated establishment in America.

Malcolm dropped Little as his surname and went by X to signify his lost tribal name. He quickly rose to the top of the ranks inside the NOI and became one of the organization’s leading spokesman. His message of complete separation from whites put him at odds with other black leaders in the Civil Rights Movement, most notably Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The Muslim faith requires subscribers to attend a pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The one-time pilgrimage to the birthplace of Islam is expected of Muslims who are financially fit to do so. Malcolm X went to Mecca for his pilgrimage after breaking away from the NOI due to his disillusionment with the organization’s leader, Elijah Muhammad. Malcolm’s move toward establishing his own movement would seal his fate.

The NOI was infiltrated by the FBI, which was a mission by the bureau’s COINTELPRO operation to destabilize black nationalism in America. Malcolm X’s assassins (Talmadge Hayer, Norman Butler, and Thomas Johnson) were all members of the NOI. Malcolm X’s funeral and internment ceremony was held in Harlem, New York on February 27, 1965.

Forty-eight years later, Malcolm’s X message is still relevant due to the awful trend of black-on-black crime in urban cities across America. Below is one of his most memorable quotes:

“There can be no black and white unity until there is first some black unity. We cannot think of being acceptable to others until we have first proven acceptable to ourselves.”





58 Responses to Your Black History: The Life, Rise, & Fall Of Malcolm X

  1. This was the most prominent Black leader we had during the 50′s and 60′s!!!

    Notice how those krazy kooky krackers (kkk) strapped his father to train tracks, but the racist pigs said it was an accident! Doesn’t that sound familiar today when these pigs claim that two Black men “accidently” killed themselves (with handcuffs) on behind their backs?

    These bast.urds WILL NEVER CHANGE their racist lying ways, and these dumb azz negroids, who love these yankees need to die by the woodpile with these heathenistic demonic devils.

    What the article failed to say is, why Malcolm X dropped out of school. He dropped out because his racist cracker teacher told him he wasn’t smart enough to become a lawyer, and this is what lead him to a life of crime because his pride was hurt! These racist teachers are doing the same thang to our young Black men today! They tell them, they are NOTHING and will not amount to anythang; therefore, they drop out of school (like Malcolm X), and we are seeing the results today!!!


    Malcom X’s Spirit still lives in ME!!!

    “The same government that you go abroad to fight for and die for is the government that is in a conspiracy to deprive you of your voting rights, deprive you of your economic opportunities, deprive you of decent housing, deprive you of decent education. You don’t need to go to the employer alone, it is the government itself, the government of America, that is responsible for the oppression and exploitation and degradation of black people in this country. And you should drop it in their lap. This government has failed the Negro. This so-called democracy has failed the Negro. And all these white liberals have definitely failed the Negro.” -Malcolm X

    “When I was born, I was black. When I grow up, I’m black. When I’m ill, I’m black. When I die, I’m black. But you – When you’re born, you’re pink. When you grow up, you’re white. When you’re ill, you’re green. When you go out in the sun, you go red. When you’re cold, you go blue. When you die, you’re purple. And you have the nerve to call me Colored?” -Oglala Lakota

    • yes, u speak the truth! Brother Malcolm’s spirit,truth and self-reliance i struggle to attain everyday with me& my students

    • And still you learned NOTHING from his conversion and the wisdowm he gained in his later years, that color is NOT the problem.

  2. A self educated Black man extraordinaire who never stopped evolving and whose rhetoric and oratory in debates with establishment flunkies was exemplar! He was insightful and spoke the unadultaratred truth that still stands today!!!

  3. I loved that strong, brave man. His spirit abides in me also.

  4. Loved brotha Malcolm ,his teachings are even more vital now more than ever than way back in the civil rights movement.He spoke the truth and just common sense.


  6. Derrick you told it just like it is.

  7. Rest in Peace El Hajj Malik Al Shabazz. May the creator’s mercy forgive you of your sins and permit you into paradise.

  8. The Great Spirit of our Great Brother Malcolm X also abides in me thank the Great Creator for him and for making it posibloe for me to see some of the light he brought from the Most High sent to us.

  9. So you saying the CIA did not kill an innocent Muslim Man on His Deen in the same Tent as Brother Malcolm! They tried to poison Malcolm but another Brother Drank the Drink & Died Later! Satan is on Deck! Wake-up Malcolm Made his Hajj in 1960 I am looking at the picture on my Wall now! T.H.E.M Malcolm Imam WD Muhammad Min Farrakhan all in Egypt & Mecca! Most Negroes you on the outside looking in like the Enemy! Malcolm was fooled by the FBI & in his Organization a FBI Agent gave him CPR at the Scene! When Malcolm’s home was firebombed it was the Enemy! Why would anyone from the NOI do it when that was our property?Malcolm looked bad talking about his teacher to the Enemy? Airing dirty Laundry something he said he would never do! Malcolm said it was the system not the Man who are oppressing us? We know now if you don’t get rid of these Enemies they will come up with a New Form of oppression! So the Whiteman is still the Devil! To all of us as a People stop it with this personality Worship! When one of us sells out get away from these Cats because you might be led up s***s creek without a paddle! COINTELPRO was used to get rid of & cause Mistrust Distrust & to Neutrolized the targeted individuals & Groups! Black Nationalists groups going back to Garvey,Communist Party USA & the American Indian Movement the same tactics were used to Destroy all of them but the KKK is still around lol Satan wants to hold on to power at all cost! Beware

  10. Malcolm X — El Hajj Malik Al Shabazz — was a great leader, teacher, and one who inspired so many people to fight for their rights, to love their own culture, and to stand up against oppression. He lived during the days of Dr. King, the Black Panthers, and other groups that were rising up against segregation, discrimination, and white racism.

    His teachings are still very much relevant today. What he taught about when it comes to liberation was very much on target. So if anyone wants to learn more if Black History, more about “Black psychology” or about how we must improve our lives — go to YOUTUBE and check out this great man.

  11. Malcolm X is such an honorable man whom exemplified the very real idea of breaking through systematic racism, obtaining an education, and turning around to reach back to uplift his community. He is one of my hero’s in which I continually go back to read his book over and over. We have to love ourselves as a community before we ask others to do so which is so true to this day. R.I.P Honorable Malcolm X

  12. The spirit of Malcolm X continues to live in Boston,Massachusetts as our organization sponsors our 26th annual “Malcolm X Memorial And Awards Breakfast” on May 18, 2013. We are an all volunteer organization that promotes the ideals of “Brother” Malcolm as it pertains to Afrikan/Black people “doing for self.” Just like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X was assassinated by the United States (COINTELPRO) government.

  13. Article states; “The NOI was led by Elijah Muhammad, a former Baptist minister…”

    TRUTH: The Honorable Elijah Muhammad was not a former Baptist minister, his father was.

    Article states; “Malcolm X’s assassins (Talmadge Hayer, Norman Butler, and Thomas Johnson) were all members of the NOI…”

    TRUTH: it was never proven that they were Malcolm’s assassins, although some of them did hard time for this until a few years.

    Brother Malcolm did make his pilgrimage to Mecca as mainstream sources and his autobiography stated however from what I understand he didn’t make hajj when first visited Saudi Arabia in 1959 as he made the decision not to go to Mecca because the Hon. Elijah Muhammad hadn’t made hajj at that time and he didn’t want to go in front of his leader by doing so.

    It is due to this brother and his mandate that traditional Muslims today are able to enjoy a semblance of peace in practicing Islam in America. I hear alot of orthodox Muslims talking a load of bullshit saying that Malcolm wasn’t practicing real Islam until he left the NOI, but one thing these ungrateful bastards need to realise is that the NOI paid a high price for establishing Islam in America, something Orthodox practioners of the faith (Pakistanis, Somalians, Arabians, Turkish etc) had nothing to do with.

    We give honor to Noble Drew Ali for introducing Islam to Black America, but the honorable Elijah Muhammad took up the mantle and furthered the cause considerably with the help of our courageous brother warrior, brother Malcolm X!!

    RIP Bro. Malcolm, you cannot be forgotten!!

  14. It’s interesting that Dr. King and Malcolm both died at the age of 39…

  15. Ed

    Its also the same reason why the Jesus of 2000 years ago never made it to age 40!

    The enemy knows that the number 40 has high resonaning spiritual significance and its meaning not only denotes trial but it also signifies the beginning of a spiritual journey that prepares one for true leadership.

    Muhammad was forty years old when he first received the revelation delivered by the archangel Gabriel.

  16. @Traveller: “TRUTH: it was never proven that they were Malcolm’s assassins, although some of them did hard time for this until a few years.”

    You are right!!! Those were front boys for the cia. I went and saw Minister Farrakhan speak months after Malcolm X was murdered, and he stated this Truth in his speech!!!

    By the way…the cia were upstairs above Malcolm X when he was shot. They cased (surveyed) the building before they went in to shoot him. d**k Gregory said, that the cia shot the bullets that killed Brother Malcolm X because the angle of the bullets that shot him came from UPSTAIRS!!! The bullets these negroid agents had were RUBBER BULLETS, and they were the front boys, who took the rap for the cia!!!


    Remember two of them were relesed in the 80′s!!!

    Keep posting that Truth!!!

    • Thank you for that information Brother Traveller and Brother Derrick. Please also note that only one assassin was apprehended at the Audubon Ballroom. The remaining two who were falsely convicted of the murder of El Hajj Malik were never identified as being at the Ballroom that day. In fact many of the security on the scene testified that they would have never allowed the other two entrance to the Ballroom that day because they were clearly recognizable.

  17. Brother Malcolm we are still unacceptable to ourselves and are really worst than when J. Edgar had you killed. Integration has created mass immitations of white people and white folks today have the audacity to invoke God’s name after all the treachery,trickery,racism and hate that they still can’t let go of. They have even allowed the country to be overrun with immigrants so as not to deal with many of our people and now that plan has backfired and now they are b******g to find a suitable way out. God is still good because of what you preached and taught of racism without all the lettered degrees behind your name, it still resonates today. God bless your soul as one of America’s black prophets.

  18. His father taught him well. Malcolm was about to separate from NOI and finish what Marcus Garvey began. People, its never too late. Check out this and believe we can still have a future.

    by RBGStreetScholar

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  20. Malcom X was truely an influential and inspirational leader.However we black folks need to heed his call for black unity.Black folks in amerikkka is very divided hateful,jealous,envious,murderous and treacherous towards each other.IT’s quite well to have malcom x spirit but if no action is put behind words then its just empty tired words.Volunteer to read to a black child,teach that child self love and respect,conflict resolution,career goals,political,financial and spiritual knowledge and to reject hate.WELL, just maybe Malcom X dream of black unity and black excellence can be achieved.OTHERWISE forget all that bull SHYT Malcom X spirit lives in me talk!!!STEP UP OR SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. “Black folks in amerikkka is very divided hateful,jealous,envious, murderous and treacherous towards each other.”

    “OTHERWISE forget all that bull SHYT Malcom X spirit lives in me talk!!!STEP UP OR SHUT UP.”

    DA.MN!!! It appears to me that YOU ARE the divided, hateful, jealous, envious, murderous and treacherous negroid, who is hateful toward Black people!!!

    Go re-read your words, then SHUT UP!!!

    Like I said before…Malcolm X Spirit lives in me, and if you read some of my other posts; you would see what I do for my people. The question at hand is…WHAT THE FVCK ARE YOU DOING BESIDES RUNNING OFF AT THE MOUTH?

    Next time before you critize me and others for making that statement, learn when to use [is] and [are]. Your stupid comment should’ve read:

    “Black folks in amerikkka [ARE] very divided…”

    Anytime you use more than one; it’s a plural word; always use the word [ARE]…Okay?


    • @ derrick .i don’t care what your interpretation of me or appearance.YOU did not dispute my list of what is dividing black Amerikkka.I already gave you my list base on volunteering .You seem to lack rant and rave bull shyt to people who have little common sense,logic and analytical skills.I understand why since you was educated in a system that taught u to hate yourself and those who look like you.YOU derrick has been conditioned to accept that you are inferior.YOU was not raised to see black people ruling every aspect of daily life.I MAN was born and raised in the caribbean U.S.V.I SO DON’T try to think i can be deported.I KNOW weak hearts and simple minded fool when i hear one on these post.I MAN have 4 degrees and i retired very young.I HELP black people in my community all day long.I FOR ONE DO NOT TAKE YOU SERIOUS WHEN U TYPE YOUR BULL SHYT KNOWLEDGE.YOU WAS RAISED HERE SO YOU ALREADY AT A DISADVANTAGE WHEN YOU TRY TO CLASH WITH REAL KNOWLEDGE AND TRUTH.AMERIKKKA IS RANKED 25 IN EDUCATION.MALCOLM X SPIRIT MEANS DIDDLEY SQUAT WITHOUT ACTION.NOW PROCEED like president Barack Hussein Obama told romney.FOOL!!

  22. Asalam wa laikum Malcolm. N.O.I is haram. The brother found pure Islam( InshaALLAH ). How could someone hate someone you dont know personally! I think you have to be purely EVIL or Insane,no matter your skin color. Judgement Day holds us all accountable for our Deeds matter who you are or what colors your skin. Ameen.

  23. Hey Tariq, YOUR HARAM!!

  24. You crazy cracker cuun, you ain’t worth my time!

    Go read my comment I responded to you on the article: Historian Challenges Whether or Not Pres. Obama Is the First Black President, then answer that, BEFORE you come to me with this worthless bullshyt.

    If you have 4 degrees (which is a lie), where did you get them from…a cracker institution in the Carribean? You can’t even write, let alone have four degrees, you lying honkey!!!

    Remember, Columbo went to the Carribean, and his men enslaved many native inhabitants of the West Indies, and subjected them to extreme violence and brutality; therefore, his demonic spirit lives in your cracker azz. He and his crew basically enslaved a whole race of men, women, and children!!! Therefore, get outta here with that Carribean bullshyt!!! The ORIGINAL Amerindians were Black, and they occupied amerikkka along with the Black Afrikan Olmecs!!!

    You talk with a forked tongue because you’re nothing, but a snake. You slither and crawl on your belly because you are cursed!!! You pale faces HATE the Truth so bad, you make up shyt because you are INFERIOR TO THE MIGHTY BLACK MAN. I no longer have to do the monkey for the honkey…I’M A REAL FREE MAN!!!

    You’re the type of cuun/cracker/negroid, or whatever you are, who get on these sites to promote division. You hate to hear the Truth, and you’re nothing, but a cracker, who don’t know shyt about OURstory. This is why you claim that the Carribean is the birth of Black HUEMAN kind. Take your pale azz back to eu(rope), and hang your worthless, brokeback azz in your cave.

    Phoney cracker m***a/fukas like you are a dime a dozen!!! Black Afrikan people are the MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE and MOST WISE people in the world!!! You didn’t know that, did you? I just listened to Minister Farrakhan’s speech for 4 hours, and he said, YOU CRACKERS TIME IS UP!!

    GO READ THE POST, I MENTIONED ABOVE because I’m done dealing with a rat like you. You’re a cracker, and your LIES don’t get through this tough skin. By the way: What do you volunteer doing…kissing negroids and crackers azzes for a dollar to survive?



    • one thing for sure derrick you have proven to me you are old dusty geezer trying to sound met malcolm x ok enough said.let me add to my 4 degrees that i was combat vet fought in desert shield/desert g.i bill help earn me my no journalist trying to impress an idiot like you.THE caribbean slave history is no where like these racist un-unnited states.IT is clear to me that you are stuck on ignorance and stupidity.NO help for you .you been brain washed to long with your black/white fountains and hotels.No where in the Caribbean did islanders tolerate slavery for 150 years.BLACK amerikkka is out gunned and out numbered.I HAVE THE BOSS.I know how to play the white man derrick will be maggot food if you think violence can gain you sucess.GET EDUCATED THEN MAYBE YOU CAN WIN FOR A CHANGE.I DON’T HAVE TO PROVE IM BLACK RACISM AND PREJUDICE IN THIS COUNTRY HAVE ALREADY LET ME KNOW THAT.YOU LACK KNOWLEDGE AND TRUTH BUT I WILL BE ON THIS POST TO CORRECT YOUR LIES.I HAVE NOTHING BUT TIME TO BS WITH YOU.AGAIN YOU A FOOL!!

      • @island hater:


        I’m too mature to respond to an ignorant jigaboo like you!

        Learn how to use capital letters when ending a sentence, and commas, so I can try to read your lies! Evidently, you went to the school of ‘hard knocks’ because the way you scribble you SURE IN THE HE.LL AIN’T GOT A 4 YEAR DEGREE, unless it was in ‘STUPIDITY’.

        I see you went and fought for the caucasian to go and kill innocent people, who didn’t do a thang to you.

        YOU’RE A LYING AZZ SLAVE…I’M DONE WITH YOU PVNK!!! You don’t impress me with your lies and stupidity.

        Go get some knowledge and wisdom. Not only were you TRAINED to kill people; you were TRAINED with their lying his-story/his-LIE books!!!


  25. Brothers island lover & Derrick; TIME OUT!!

    Lets not play plantation politics with this ‘Caribbean’ & ‘American’ bizniz!!

    I could have risen to Tariq Amir’s comments, which I found to be ignorant and imbecilic, but I didn’t!

    Whether we’re from the Caribbean, Africa or America we’re still catching the same h**l (sound familiar?!?)

    I know there are some obvious differences and issues within our people i.e. geography, varied cultural expression, language but we ALL need to remember HOW and WHY we’re in this condition!

    The more challenging thing for us to do is to find an effective solution to get our assess out of this quagmire called ‘western civilisation’ in order to create a new social, political and economic paradigm for ourselves and our children!

    Lets stick to that brothers!!!

  26. Thanks Traveller for trying to keep me off derrick ignorant dusty geezer azz.I must disagree with you that slavery in the caribbean and amerikkka is plantation politics.IF i went to jail for a year and you went for 20 years who had more freedom not a trick question.derrick ” i intentionally did not capitalize since he is grading my grammar and punctuation ” is dangerous promoting hate and ignorance.IF our black youths take little boy derrick rants of ignorance their will soon be maggot food.Malcolm X said by all means necessary and died violently.Our black youths need to use the resources of the white man education,investments,military,sports,music then use these skills to own a,cars riches untold and become your own boss like me ,magic johnson,michael jordan and many other blacks in racist amerikkka.IF KUNTA KINTE had dizzy derrick ideas of malcolm x spirit he would have no seed in amerikkka called ALEX HALEY.FYI 2aas in ELECTRONICS & 2AAS ELECTRICAL ENGINEER part from the and amerikkka u dig .again derrick is a fool.

  27. Malcolm Little….AKA…….Malcolm X was way ahead of the many cross dressing/ treason thinking pseudo black leaders of today.

    No matter how much education, university degrees earned, or how successful you become in life, in the U.S. without competent representation, when elected officials or other public servants, mandated by law and sworn under oath to respect the Constitution fail to uphold his or her end of the contract with the people who elected them, law abiding citizens pay dearly……

    ……which is a very real experience, for many law abiding black men and women egregiously violated by unethical city prosecutors, rogue police officers, disgraceful court officials, and/or other “public servants” which can ruin your life, your reputation, destroy your family, agents and officials of government and other individuals, can take away or keep property that you have lawfully earned with impunity, incarcerate or execute the truly innocent, etc., etc.

    Many black men or women, are U.S. citizens by birthright, but due to the blatant incompetence of today’s elected black leaders and/or other individuals, many law abiding U.S. born descendants of slavery end up being treated as much, much, much less than the essence of what it means to be a U.S. citizen……

    …and if left up to President Barack “the Magic Negro/illegal alien bootlicking” Obama and the Congressional Black Clueless….AKA……the Democratic Congressional Black Caucus, felonious and criminal illegal aliens who come to the U.S. receive better representation than law abiding U.S. born descendants of slavery.

  28. “Chief Justice Roberts Hinted That Massachusetts Might Be More Racist Than Mississippi?” by Darron Smith

    Selected comment:

    “It’s getting ready to get warmer and those of us who live in cities where Black on Black crime runs rampant would like to know what your solutions to this problem is? More Police, You hate police, more government, you hate government, more guns, everybody is strapped already, even Grandma, more laws, you hate laws, more jails , we are filling them as quick as they are built, Chicago, St Louis, Memphis, Detroit, on and on, this is what we need to get active about, our daughters can’t walk alone to the stores, our sons join gangs to get to the store, our mothers can’t go to the store alone, catch my theme, answer anyone, Derrick?” by Storm


    Black on black crime is just a symptom of more serious issues, such as “high unemployment”, lack of competent representation, un-equal justice and protection under the law, dysfunctional elected black leaders and other sellouts from within the black community who have done more harm to the black community than the vestibule of slavery in the U.S.

    High employment, blatantly unfair and unethical court decisions, “the break up of the traditional black family structure for profit, black leaders catering to illegal aliens while kicking U.S. born blacks to the curb and beyond, elected black leaders trashing the essence of what it means to be a elected official/public servant by stealing from the black community and/or other individuals, all while university educated black leaders, lawyers, and pseudo civil rights leaders, and the black community at large remains silent, and/or become co-conspirators in sending the black community to the gallows, is far more serious than any criminal act perpetrated by any juvenile, gangmember, crip or blood set, neighborhood street thugs, etc.

  29. Malcolm X greatest legacy was his new calling of starting an entirely new organization with the mission to hold elected officials, public servants, accountable to the Constitution, the laws on the books, and advising black men and women to use the right vote to make the system work for the benefit of U.S. born black men and women.

    YouTube: MALCOLM X: “I’m Probably am a Dead Man Already.” by antihostile.

    Unfortunately, Malcolm X was killed for exposing corruption within the Nation of Islam at its highest ranks of leadership, exposing the fact that high level individuals within the leadership of Nation of Islam impregnated teenage black girls (statutory rape) and used teenage black girls and their new born children to collect AFDC benefits, etc., etc., to financially enrich the NOI leadership.


    Topic: “President Obama Grants 17 Pardons to Individuals Convicted of Non-Violent Offenses” by bowatkin

    Selected comment:

    “This President has shown that he is not leader, but a puppet of David Axelrod and the other clowns. He is a horrible President – not as bad as Bush, but not to far behind.” by Rodney


    Amen, but I believe that Barack Obama will go down in history as being the worst President ever, bar none, namely because he has contempt for the Constitution, the “oath of office” and has contempt for serving the best interests of law abiding U.S. citizens and legal immigrants.


    “Someone needs to pardon Mumia Abdul Jamal, he’s been in jail way too long.” by Michael


    I hope that you don’t hold your breath waiting for the day that Barack Obama chooses to serve any U.S. born black man or woman.

    President Barack “the Magic Negro/illegal alien shoe shining bootlicking” Obama places more value in violating the Constitution, the “oath of office”, and circumventing Congress to serve millions of illegal aliens than in stepping up to the plate for any U.S. citizen or legal immigrant.

  31. “He is suppose to be the face of change” by Wilbert Conrad

    Selected Comment:

    Indeed, BO has shown America just how much of a hypocrite he truly is. Heck, BO will throw anybody under the bus to save himself.

    YouTube: “Obama Faces Toughest Grilling About Drones, Not From The Media, But In A Google…” uploaded by BestViews4Life

    YouTube: “Cruz, Holder spar over potential drone strike on U.S. soil” by CBSNewsOnline

    Furthermore, I truly believe that Barack Obama is just as guilty as Attorney General Eric Holder in promoting the “killing” of U.S. citizens on U.S. soil with drones.


    Courts to Where Judges, Court Clerks, Other Court Officials, or Public Servants are Unethical, and Who have Contempt for the Constitution, “the Rule of Law” and the Rights of Law Abiding Taxpaying Citizens or Other Individuals, Won’t be Missed if Cut.

  33. “It’s a shame you don’t have a donate button! I’d most certainly donate to this outstanding blog! I suppose for now i’ll settle for bookmarking and adding your RSS feed to my Google account. I look forward to brand new updates and will talk about this website with my Facebook group. Talk soon!”

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