Political Couple Jesse Jackson Jr. & Wife Sandi Plead Guilty To Serious Federal Charges

imagesBy Victor Trammell

The scandal surrounding disgraced U.S. congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. and his troubled wife Sandi Jackson has reached a phase of finality.

Both Jackson and his wife  pleaded guilty today to felony charges, which federal prosecutors claimed were part of an elaborate conspiracy to siphon approximately $750,000 in federal campaign funds. U.S. attorneys also claimed that the money went toward many extravagant purchases, including personal luxuries and valuable celebrity memorabilia.

The first spouse to attend a hearing today was Jesse Jackson Jr. In his 55-minute court appearance this morning, the 47-year-old Jackson wiped away tears as he entered his guilty plea to one felony count of conspiracy to commit false statements, wire fraud and mail fraud.

“For years I lived off my campaign,” Jackson said. “I used money I shouldn’t have used for personal purposes,” he continued. Jackson’s next court date is a June 28th sentencing hearing. He faces a sentence of three to five years in federal prison.

Sandi Jackson’s time to face the music came earlier this afternoon. Mrs. Jackson (who is a former Chicago alderman) walked into court holding hands with her husband to enter her expected guilty plea.

In the same courtroom her husband appeared in earlier, the 49-year-old  Jackson choked back tears and spoke in a soft, broken voice as she was questioned by the judge. The fallen political wife pleaded guilty to a felony charge of willingly filing a false tax return.

Jackson’s next court date is a July 1st sentencing hearing, which is a few days after her husband is scheduled to be sentenced. She faces a two to three year sentence in federal prison.

A federal prosecutor who spoke with the media this afternoon called  the couple’s actions “shameful” and said that they betrayed the trust of the hard-working people who supported Jesse Jackson Jr.’s congressional campaign. The couple also has two young children aged 9 and 12.





45 Responses to Political Couple Jesse Jackson Jr. & Wife Sandi Plead Guilty To Serious Federal Charges


    Although caucasoids do the same da.mn thang, and get NO JAIL TIME, these two negroids are pitiful!

    How come Hostess executives and owners DID NOT GO TO JAIL for stealing their employees 401k’s, and pension money when they closed their doors? These greedy yankees stole millions of dollars and gave themselves bonuses, even tho, they knew they were going to close. There is a law to protect these ‘white collar’ criminals, and thugs, but when it comes to ‘Black collar’ crime, Black people ALWAYS GO TO JAIL!!!

    Regardless, of what happens, these negroids are nothing, but modern day rackateers, who should’ve known, they could not get away with this bullshyt. These crackers waited until the money mounted up before they charged them, so they could get a felony coviction. Those political gangstas in Chicago are still corrupt just like the government aka willie lynch, who is still lynching Black men to this day!

    Two Black men were hung in Dover, Delaware by the pigs; one brother was hung on a tree on October 10, 2010, while another Black man was hung on May 12, 2012. The pigs said these brothers committed ‘suicide’, but both of them were found hung in the same area!!! The third brother got away from his abductors, but he was brutally beaten, and these klanners tried to castrate him!!! His jaw was struck with a knive, that went threw his jaw, and he was also stabbed in the face and head!!!


    Messy Jessy and his wife are nothing, but xtian ‘ho’s dealing in dirt, and stealing from poor Black people in their hometown. Like I keep telling you negroids…ain’t nothing at those entertainment centers (churches), but haters, heathens, hypocrites, and ho’s. Their dad got off on his charges, but these two negroids are paying the price for him!!!

    I guess their daddy, Messy Senior will make some rhymes about their wrong doings in the near future!!!

    NO PITY!!!

  2. Even education and connections wont save a REAL thug from a prison cell. Guess old Johnathan and his misses have nothing to be jealous of now.

  3. The more I read stories like this I see the necessity for the black community to form a kind of National Public Officials Account Committee and it could work in three ways;

    1. host a vetting process for interested parties who wish to represent our community, mandated by the community
    2. establish an investigate division which works as a fact-finding arm which looks into the slanders, accusations, allegations made against our public officials
    3. be the sole conduit for community funding for all public official campaigns

    With something like this would help our public officials to keep themselves in check!

    Just a theory…what do you think?

  4. I think Jr. will have a new lover in Prison. Don’t drop the soap Jessie. Say hi to the ex Mayor of Detroit and ex mayor of New Orleans that are going to prison for stealing money from the Black Community.

    • So this piece of scum is the one who presided over the neighborhoods with so many black killings it is called Little Beirut, and now his low life daddy think he gone get him off by making sure the sentencing comes from a negro judge known to be his friend????

      I’ll be glad when ALL the truth comes out about these scum buckets.

      Next they’ll be trying to silence us from talking about their dirt, and calling themselves sacred negro icons.

  5. This story about JESSIE JR. is an example of how some of the Black leaders — the celebrities, pro-athletes, rappers, preachers, and others have risen to have their hands on tons of wealth. But what do they do with it??? As our BLACK COLLEGES are in financial trouble…. Do they act to help Black students…via scholarships or other donations? Do they help with funds or grants that they give to “job training programs”??? Do they buy Black History books and distribute them to schools in the inner cities? Do they even shop with Black businesses?

    NO !!!! MOST OF THE WEALTHY NEGROES are just trying to front and show off their riches to the crowds. or they are in some other scandal in the news…

    These people like Kwame (ex-Detroit mayor)…and Eddie Long (Preacher)… and Lil Wayne… and many others are just involved in crass materialism, greed, and trying to get as much for themselves as that possibly can.

    And Jessie Sr. has been fighting for CIVIL RIGHTS for many years…so his son is now involved in the ‘GREED FOR BLING CLUB.’ It’s disgusting.

    • “……Black leaders — the celebrities, pro-athletes, rappers, preachers…”

      If these are your leaders, then your problems are just starting. l***o!!! Talk about ignorance galore!!

      Only gullible simpletons need all these self appointed “leaders”.

      • You missed the point. Politicians like Jessie Jackson are considered “leaders” — where you or I like them or not. When you get rich like the rappers, preachers, and celebrities who have millions of dollars …some in society consider you a “leader” or “achiever.”

        The point is ….they should be helping out some folks someplace in our communities instead of stealing, scamming, brawling in clubs, shooting folks on the Las Vegas Strip…and all the other foul mess that they do.

  6. Makeba, sad but true. true wealth would be helping the young for a better life. If the mega rich would give millions to the schools it would have a huge impact..

  7. The judge is good FRIENDS with Jesse Jackson Sr. I smell a RAT!

    How sad this man needed a $43,000 dollar Rolex watch to make him feel
    important; while the young Black generation suffers the injustice of no
    jobs or job training programs.

    Finally, The apple does not fall far from the tree…the father is a far worse CROOK than the son and a thief will steal in Church.

    The Judge is going to give Jesse Jackson Jr. the minimum amount of jail time he can; if it were You or me we would do TWENTY YEARS easy.

    • if this piece of scum gets off after his ward was the most violent, more babies were murdered, more teens killed, seniors are in fear of their lives every day and now he’s a thief,

      all of black chicago should march and protest and get that negro judge off the bench and make sure the jackson scum family never holds any kind of leadership position in the city ever again.

      • @dumb denise:

        Do you know that these chili chokers MAKE these Black thugs KILL THEIR OWN KIND for initiation rights, so they will sell them drugs and guns?

        You dumb cracker niq.qas are so da.mn stupid and crazy! When YOUR OWN KIND kills, beats, shoots, and hangs OUR PEOPLE, you don’t say a godda.mn word, but when a Black person commits a crime, you demonic devils come out the woodwork like roaches!!!

        You people commit more crimes, deal more drugs, carry more concealled weapons, and prostitute your own people, than Black people.


        Possession of Weapons Total: 147,000; Blacks committed 59,000 while caucasoids committed 85,000

        Vandalism Total: 220,000; Blacks committed 49,000 while caucasoids committed 166,000

        Prostitution Total: 60,000; Blacks committed 23,000 while caucasoids committed 34,000

        Arson Total: 1,134,000: Blacks committed 333,000 while caucasoids committed 773,000

        Murder Total: 9,800; Blacks committed 4,990 while caucasoids committed 4,600 [these are crimes in the metropolitan area]

        Murder Total: 622: Blacks committed 189 while caucasoid committed 401 [these are crimes in the nonmetropolitan area]

        Murder Total: 3,073: Blacks committed 1,254 while caucasoids committed 1,775 [these are crimes in the suburbs]

        DRUG ABUSE TOTAL: 1,377,000: Blacks committed 483,000 while caucaosids committed 875,000


        • Stop calling me white just because I dont think with your demented mind. It is obvious you have experienced nothing much in your limited world of black and white. GET OUT INTO THE WORLD, AND LEARN HOW OTHERS LIVE. MALCOLM X SAW THE LIGHT AFTER HE TRAVELED, AND U NEED TO DO THE SAME.

          One minute you are pro black EVERYTHING good and bad, and the next you are demonizing young black AMERICAN children who had no chance at life and no parental guidance except the guidance that black and brown foreign drug dealers gave them.

          Negro men should all be so ashamed that they neglected their own sons so severely that they would die to get a pat on the head from a male foreign drug dealer who only uses them for his personal enrichment. THAT’S WHAT YOU DID N8GGAH. THAT’S WHAT YOU DID TO YOUR OWN BLACK BOYS. NO ONE RESPECTS YOU. YOU DID THAT AND THE WHITE MAN HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT.

          • You stankin’ one legged c**k roach, YOU ARE A CRACKER! I see through you like a window, and ain’t nothing, but a crazy cracker niq.qa!!!

            My son will be graduating from college with a degree in computer science in two months!!! He has a car, he works TWO jobs, and he’s a sharp brother mentally, spiritually, and physcially. He tutors high school children in math, and he’s going to get his OWN business, once he gets established.

            I’M PROUD OF MY SON, BYTCH!!!

            I’m a junior in college RIGHT NOW!!! Majoring in communications. I tutor BLACK BOYS in my spare time RIGHT NOW; therefore, GO TO YOUR cracker devil ‘god’ in ‘heaven.’

            Bytch, I have visited EVERY major city in this racist country. I LIVED in L.A., Compton, Long Beach, Beverly Hills, Chicago, Atlanta, Iowa, Detroit, and Nashville!!! I’ve visited 3 countries, such as Jamaica, Canada (Montreal, Toronto), and London. My next stop is the Motherland (AFRIKA)…to STAY, to get away from yankees like you.

            Where have you been besides climbing hills with your hillbilly racist yankee friends?

            I’m pro Black on EVERYTHANG, STANK ‘HO, so stick that comment up your derailed cu.nt sideways! Honkeys like you come on these sites to promote your ignorance and stupidity trying to convince CONSCIOUS Blacks that you are Black.

            The only Black you have on you is the bottom of your stankin’ feet because you walk around here BAREFOOTED!!!


            cracker niq.qa BYTCH!!!!

        • Derrick…understand something foul mouth man;
          when You have ill respect for your sister as you do…
          it is quite clear You have no respect for your Mother.

          You are the reason I will never write or read anything
          on this blog again.

          You are a THUG and a Punk with NO respect for your self
          or community. Do You really eat with that MOUTH?

          Sister Denise, please excuse this twisted foul mouth thug for he knows not what he says and he is a cancer
          to any blog on the internet.

          My name is Charles Micheaux!

          • @charlie boy:

            I see you let these caucasoids FOOL your dumb azz! That bytch is a cracker because a REAL SISTER wouldn’t print what she scribbles on this blog about Black people.

            You are a little weakling, who falls for these demonic devils bullshyt. You’re too blind to see through their lies and HATE for Black people.

            Keep kissing this bytches azz because I don’t give a husky fvck what you or nobody else on this site says about me. As long as I know I speak Truth, than fvck your fa.git azz, and the rest you dead thinking negroids.

            Keep thinking these crackers are gonna change, and treat you with respect. Personally, I don’t give a fvck what you do. Little twits like you don’t have nothing to say anyway, unless you’re kissing a cracker’s azz.

            You ain’t nothing, but a worm, now wiggle your narrow azz outta here. Little pvnks like you are the reason these honkeys run over y’all like a bulldozer. You don’t know a godda.mn thang about me or my Mother. So, shut the fvck up, you cracker azz kissing niq.qa!!!

            I had a mother and father in my life. You didn’t have a father in your life, and this is why you’re so weak when it comes to these crackers. You didn’t have a STRONG role model.


          • Thank you. He is a product of the hideous environment that jesse jr created in his ward.

      • Very well said! Denise…Thank You!

  8. It’s a sad day for us all.

    • So you’re an old azz negro with a GROWN son and you’re still a JUNIOR in college.

      AND you expect your old azz to get a job to help you pay off all those HUGE STUDENT loans, OR is the white man paying for a hater like you, and praying for you, inspite of your hateful ways??? LOL

      You are blessing the white man every day WITH A TEACHING job every day you show up at his school to read his books and learn his European history. And you go in debt. LOL

      Obviously your son spoke with no black computer science majors. Most of us were forced to retire, work in consulting temporary jobs, or retrain for other professions. I wish him luck. He’s going to need it in that indian/chinese dominated world.

      It is sad you didnt keep up with the times, and still thinking the world is the same as it was 40 years ago.

      • @hey jigaboo denise:

        I don’t do the monkey for the honkey! Those days have been over 19 years ago!

        I got street knowledge, plus the white boy’s college; therefore, I have 360 degrees of knowledge and wisdom, just like Brother Malcolm X.

        Although, he only went to the 8th grade, he has g.o.d. (G.ood O.ld D.own-home-sense), something you don’t possess. I’m USING the white boy’s institution, so I can get MY OWN! Evidently, you’re too young and dumb to play the game.

        By the way…you’re NEVER too old to get that paper! Haven’t you read articles where people have went back to college in their 80′s and 90′s? Start reading, ‘ho, and learn something.

        You sound like a country jealous hearted negroid/caucasoid female, who hates to see a Black man ‘make it’. That’s why you ain’t got NOBODY in your life because bytches like you run off at the mouth too godda.mn much!!! Didn’t you write about how Blacks should get an education not too long ago? I use crackers, like they use us Blacks.

        You’ll end up like that crazy c.oon, who had s.ex with an inmate. You’re so desperate for a man, you’ll fvck ANYTHANG!!! He.ll, the way you talk you might be fvcking your flea ridden dog (LOL)!


        Have you heard of grant money, ‘ho?

        LIVE AND LEARN, YOU caucasoid SERPENT! By the way, my son already has a job lined up in Seattle. When you have connections, you don’t have to worry about these foreigners. And he’s working in his field RIGHT NOW; therefore, go suck a fat baby’s p.eter!!!

        YOU’RE TOO DA.MN DUMB FOR ME!!! When I get my paper, I’ll probably be teaching you a thing or two.


        • You surely showed you are a TRUE disgusting N*GGAH with that comment. Many of your fellow uppity N8ggahs like junior want to see you genocided and call you trash, but I still think you can be saved from yourself.

          So your son, like junior, plans to make it on connections instead of intelligence, like jesse jr. Look where it got him LOL It’ll get your son the same results.

          No wonder you are jealous of intelligent rappers who created an entire industry with NO connections.

          I have a master’s degree and I know that college students who work DO NOT have time to write books of garbage on blogs, because they are busy doing research papers and studying. Obviously you are some kind of pathetic ghetto thug who has never been off your block, and since you live in jesse jr ward, you’re scared to go out of the house, so you bother people on the internet venting your hatred with no experience and facts to justify it.

          I have a man of 13 years who works in network security, and he can get you knocked offline. Better watch who you rant to.

          • BYTCH! You don’t scare me!

            Your dumb comment: “No wonder you are jealous of intelligent rappers who created an entire industry with NO connections.”

            With that NIGorant azz comment, you just proved to me that you’re nothing, but a godda.mn redneck cracker niq.qa!!!

            These khazars OWN the record, sports and entertainment industry you dumb cracker niq.qa!!! Again, you just showed me your true un-color…you’re just a WORTHLESS a cracker niq.qa!!!

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            CHECK: Prostitution Total: 60,000; Blacks committed 23,000, while caucasoids committed 34,000 of prostitution crimes in amerikkka from 2000-2006!!!

            Your hubby is your dog, eh? Is he an fbi agent (federal booty investigator)? You and that dog make a good couple, and I’m sure he’s just lickin’ not di.ckin’ that nasty ‘ho cu.nt of yours because he has a little pe.ter!!!

            The ONLY way to get a job on the cracker’s plantation is to have connections. I’m sure that’s how you got your job. As a matter of Truth, you got your job through Affirmative Action, anyway.

            Remember Affirmative Action was introduced for you ‘minority cracker females and males’. Over 80% of cracker female ‘ho’s prospered from AA. Did you know that? 10% of cracker males prospered from AA, and only 3% of Black men and 7% of Black women prospered from this government aka willie lynch plan.

            Back during our forced enslavement that fa.git cracker slave maker ALWAYS called a Black man or woman ‘UPPITY’ when they TALKED BACK and SPOKE UP to them, and didn’t take their shyt! They were willing to die for their manhood and womanhood.

            With that in mind; take your pink albinoid/caucaosid azz back to your cave, and don’t forget to take your ‘dog’ with you…niq.qa BYTCH!!

            If being ‘UPPITY’ is the case, then I’M A BAD “UPPITY” BLACK MAN because I’m gonna TALK BACK and SPEAK UP to you niq.qa yankees until I die!!!


          • Sister…this Derrick joker is a twisted foul mouthed Punk Thug with no respect for his Mother or himself. I wonder how he eats with that mouth?
            Just filth, a real sewer.

            Please, sister Ignore this POS!

          • @charlie boy & dizzy denise:

            You two pale thangs are WORTHLESS! Any negroid, who doesn’t see past your bullshyt is blind!

            I see you have a french name. And, I know you are aware that those french boys are nothing, but fa.gits!!!

            You and your pale dog, denise need to go back to france, while, you can sell your azz, and she can sell her stank cu.nt!!!

            Any bytch, who calls these sc(rappers) intelligent need to go wash up and swamp water from which Y’ALL came!

            Both of you fatherless bytches are SICK!!!

            YOU SWAMP THANGS!!!

  9. Have you been in these schools? Money would be better spent on parent training.

  10. Jesse Jackson Jr., and his wife should both receive lengthy prison time for their actions. Contrary to some peoples statements, the government has gone after many more White politicians than Black politicians. You have two White, ex Illinois governors serving prison time, right now, and you can check every state in this country, and you’ll find the same results. I don’t care what color a thief or any type of criminal is, they all belong in prison. If a Black person robs you, and bust you in your head, would you want him to receive less time because he happened to have the same color as you? Why do some of us have to reduce everything down to race? If Mr. Jackson, really gave a d**n about us, would he had lined his pocket with our money?

    • It’s not just the money. Stealing The money is the least of what this scum bag did. This creep presided over a ward that terrorized seniors to the point they want to abandon their homes (still do), allowed babies to be murdered right in their mother’s arms, and teenage boys to be preyed on by drug cartels and made a huge part of that area into DRUG SLAVES!

      That used to be a nice middle class area, and now no one wants to even ride through there in the day time. It is that bad.

      • Do you know, who the True drug dealers are in that area? THE REAL DRUG DEALERS ARE CHILI CHOKERS!!! The get these poor Black young men to deal drugs for them, and they MAKE them kill their OWN KIND, so they can buy the drugs and guns from them.

        These chili chokers are the new “Al Capone” thugs, and Chicago and around these uNUTed snakes of azzholes. This is why the government aka willie lynch supplies those drug dealers in Mexico, guns and ammunition, so they can continue to indirectly kill our communities via these Black drug dealers.

        CHECK: Mexican Ambassador Says Vast Majority Of Weapons And Ammunition Coming From the United States!!!

        Do Blacks own the trucks, boats, planes, trains and submarines that bring this garbage to our communites?


        • correction: THEY get these poor…^

        • I have family in that area. Their entire shopping district was turned over to foreigners and all the american decent businesses were shut down. And the community is now so horrible seniors are afraid to walk out their front doors.

          Alderman have great power in opening and shutting down businesses.

          Now your irresponsible low life n8ggah man azz wants to blame teenage BOYS instead of pointing the finger at the grown azz old n8ggah men who sit by and watch the children suffer and die, as long as the devil stays away from your doorstep.

          It is you and negro leaders in that area who need to go, not the defenseless fatherless children.

  11. Like I said in the Ray Nagin forum; we need to consider the type of culture the public officials act out of.

    They missappropriate public funds like theyre serving hot cakes, all they do is set up a trust fund or charity and throw 1000s if not millions in there, which usually ends up in some offshore bank account in the Cayman Islands!
    These people make sure millions of dollars are written off through Wall Street, just go and ask Pres. Obama, Tim Geitner and their pals at Merrill Lynch & Morgan Stanley, ITS ALL YOUR MONEY BY THE WAY!!

    Ever asked them what they’re doing with our Social Security?
    You better start asking!!

    Fair enough, Jesse Jackson III & wife has admitted wrong-doings and if they’re about to do time as a result then that is also fair.
    However I’ve seen a whole load of white politicians get off or avoid doing hard-time for a lot worse.
    Take that philandering ex-New York Governor Spitzer for example, and although Rod Blagojevich is serving time you can bet your bottom dollar that he won’t serve a full sentence, just like ‘Charles Micheaux’ suggested of Jesse J. III.

    Jesse J. III WILL serve a full sentence, they’ll make sure of that by throwing the entire encyclopedic sized book at it him to serve as a warning to other blacks who may have the same idea.
    In short, ‘we don’t care about your father JJ jnr, know your place n****r and get youre black a*s in jail!!!’

    • Since you think that these dirty negro politicians deserve special privileges, I guess you think that you deserve the same when you go out and rape women and children, and murder them.

  12. dave, faye and denise = the same yankee niq.qas!


  13. You speaking to me ‘Dave’??????????

    Becuase if you are, you definitely have a comprehension problem, and if you’re not….well, it is what it is!!

  14. This man is the product of a lazy, “never had a regular 9-5″. Instead of buying memerbelia, help out your community with that stolen money. You are just like your father. Crooked, dishonest and a thief! You’re susposed to represent what’s good in professional, hard working black families. Instead, your family just gave white folks another reason, behind Detroit mayor Kilpatrick, to put yet another lable on. You are pathetic, your wife is pathetic and I hope you get the maximum time in jail, you punk!

    • thank you for your input Garcia.

    • garcia sounds like a chili choker’s name? Are you dealing drugs and guns to our youth, also? Or do you pick oranges and tomatoes for a living?

      You wouldn’t be man enough to call messy jessy a punk to his face!


      Your sidekick denise, will be glad to lick your shyty azz clean, once your done eathing that garbage!!! (LOL)


      • I remember when crack first came to the southside of chicago. Negro men were running around bragging about how they gone get rich, and talking their wives and girlfriends into using it.

        Is there any negro man on the planet dumb enough to let a white man trick him into selling poison? NO!

        Is there any negro man dumb enough to embrace every foreign negro he sees, and lets him con him into believing they are brothers and can be trusted???? YES! MOST ARE!

        American negroes have paid a huge price for being rascist, and will continue to pay until they change and accept each person as he comes, just like MLK wished.

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