Sociologists Attribute the War On Drugs to Poverty, AIDS, Juvenile Delinquency In Black Community

Social scientists are attributing the stiffer penal system enforced during the War On Drugs to the economic disparity between the white and black communities.


Social scientists believe the stricter penal system during the failed War On Drugs, which has proven to essentially be a strategic plan to destroy the urban community, has caused a massive shift in economic gain, or lack thereof, for the black community. Black men are significantly imprisoned more than their white counterparts and their sentences are nearly 20 percent longer than a white counterpart who commits a similar crime.

Prison has become the new poverty trap,” said Bruce Western, a Harvard sociologist. “It has become a routine event for poor African-American men and their families, creating an enduring disadvantage at the very bottom of American society.” The number of Americans in state and federal prisons has quintupled since 1980. Among African-Americans who have grown up during the era of mass incarceration, one in four has had a parent locked up at some point during childhood. For black men in their 20s and early 30s without a high school diploma, the incarceration rate is so high — nearly 40 percent nationwide — that they’re more likely to be behind bars than to have a job.

In addition to the economic disparity, researchers attribute the epidemic spread of AIDS in the black community to the mass incarceration of African American men. Incarceration disrupts steady relationships and can lead to high-risk s*xual behavior. When sociologists look for causes of child poverty and juvenile delinquency, they link these problems to the incarceration of parents and the resulting economic and emotional strains on families. “Education, income, housing, health — incarceration affects everyone and everything in the nation’s low-income neighborhoods,” said Megan Comfort, a sociologist at the nonprofit research organization RTI International.

Do you believe the black community should seek reparations for the failed War On Drugs?

Maria Lloyd (@WritingsByMaria) is the Business Manager for the Your Black World Network and Dr. Boyce Watkins. She is a graduate of Clark Atlanta University and an advocate of dismantling the prison industrial complex, increasing entrepreneurship, reforming education, and eradicating poverty. 


36 Responses to Sociologists Attribute the War On Drugs to Poverty, AIDS, Juvenile Delinquency In Black Community

  1. I guess the soical scientist isn’t saying anything we don’t know or haven’t said already.

    The likes of Minister Farrakhan, Malik Zulu Shabazz and countless other black activists have been quoting the stats regarding black male incarceration, the rising number of the aids epidemic, college vs prison stats regarding blak males, declining numbers for the black family etc for years!

    I guess Bruce Western has made the stats more widely available for whites to look at; but just like the old negro spiritual they not going to let these figures ‘turn ‘em round’ in any way shape or form!!

  2. Peter D. Slaughter

    Plain and simple
    updated 21st century genocide,eugenics and population control in full effect
    Go get a late pass okay

  3. Would somebody please fill me in on how we went from fighting for equal rights to fighting and killing each other over drugs —–They say that thin line is always present. PEACE!!!!

  4. Well, they never paid our grandparents the 40 acres and a mule. I will be happy to get the 40 acres.

    We need to seek to do something to stop “prisons for profit” and all the scoundrels involved with it. It is nothing but another for some White folks to get rich off the misery of Black folks.

  5. We need to recognize addiction as a disease. Instead, we criminalize the desire for drugs, then lock people up who try and satisfy that desire. It makes no more sense than would tossing diabetics in jail if they tried to use insulin.

  6. How in the sam he.ll can this be a ‘war on drugs’ when Black men are the ONLY people, who are being KILLED? And, by racist cracker pigs!!!

    There should be an all out war on these pigs, who are shooting our Black men in back of pig cars, shooting them in the head, in the back, and shooting them 47 – 113 times when they had NO WEAPONS!

    These yankees always use reverse psychology to brainwashed negroids, who don’t read to make them think, that Blacks are the only people, who are dealing drugs, and killing each other!!!

    THE PIGS, AND THEIR CRACKER CITIZENS KILL MORE BLACK MEN, THAN ANYBODY!!! The media just doesn’t report this Truth!


    These bast.urds don’t report ALL the shyt you yankees do to our people.

    FVCK amerikkka!!!

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  8. Yes indeed its a strategic plan against the black community, for them to pay to be destroyed. Its white money that brings in the drugs to the black community in the first place, and their white justice system that covers it up and the plan goes on and on. Illegal guns are added and provided as the spice to the drama with other criminal contributions, except their white police get a slap on the hand for inhumane killings of innocent victims not related to the game…and all the folks just say “What a shame”, on who?

  9. Deplorable Public mis-education- in all communities of color– drug infiltration as a means of destroying us-and enriching white folk -lawyers,judges,police,construction companies,and many towns who rely on the prison complexes to support them and their local businesses- oh and a few blacks get correction officer jobs here and there.
    So as far as the war on drugs-along with the penal compound being a hot commodity on the stock market–the odds of this so called war coming to an end is a long shot.

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  12. I am a black and i do not – do drugs, have an issue with alcoholism, have babies out of wedlock, have parking tickets, have not gone to prison and i do have higher education.

    ALL BECAUSE I CHOSE TO OR NOT TO! There was NEVER any white person around that said, hey, shoot up this crack or meth! There was NEVER any white person that said to me, hey, why don’t you go buy a 40 oz and hang around a liquor store all day talking loud and doing nothing. There was NEVER any white person that said, hey, get in your car and drive drunk, rob someone, break into someone’s home or pull a weapon on my neighbor. There was NEVER a white person that said, hey, go have s*x and have a bunch of illegitimate kids to be raised in poverty. There was NEVER a white person that said, hey, you can’t enroll in college get a degree and an above average income job.
    There was NEVER a white person that said to me, hey, go defile yourneighborhood by writing graffiti all over the walls, trash all over the ground and play your music loud.

    Everyone have the same choices – take responsibility for your choices. Yes, the white man will put your a$$ away quicker than you can blink – it makes more sense to me to stay out of the hands of the racist police and biased justice system than to complain that you got more years than the white man for the same crime.

    How about DON’T DO THE CRIME. Yes, there are some people in the pokie where evidence was manufactured by the police, witnesses that lie, etc. But that’s the exception, not the rule.

    If you want reparations for the atrocity that happened to Africans, start with the Africans that sold their black brothers to the white man. Slavery is as old as the world, black people weren’t the only people that experienced slavery.

    Sitting around whining about the white man is a waste of valuable energy – energy that can be better used to love yourself, raise yourself out of poverty, take care of your family, make sure your children have all they need to succeed. Take to cell phones and limit video games – do you sit and read to them, with them? Do you take them to the parks, the beaches, have family dinners, play ball with them – let them know that they are prince and princess and can achieve whatever they want.

    Lots of lies in the white mans history books – teach your kids the truth – it’s out there for the finding!

    The bellyaching about the white man and reparations is deflecting from you own individual responsiblity to yourself. Take responsibility for your actions and grow up!

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