Man Who Gunned Down Teen For Loud Music Goes to Trial

Michael David Dunn faces charges after shooting Jordan Davis in an altercation involving loud music.

Jordan Davis (victim, left) and Michael David Dunn (suspect, right)

The slaying of Jordan Davis rocked the Black community of Florida to the core. It showed that yet another young black man was dead due to Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law. The law gives individuals with concealed weapon permits the right to enact deadly force if they feel reasonably threatened. It seems that this law has bred nothing but anarchy since its inception.

Jordan Davis’s father, Ron Davis, recalls talking with a man that had such a permit before his son’s tragic death, “‘Oh yeah, everybody is getting one [a permit]. Plus, now, if you shoot someone, you are covered. It’s OK’,” Davis recalls the security guard telling him. “While we were having this conversation, I remember thinking this guy was one of the looniest guys I had ever met. So the idea that he had [a concealed-carry permit] did leave me concerned. But you know, you just go on with your life.”

This is one of a laundry list of deaths that have happened in Florida, including the shooting death of Trayvon . Now the trial for Davis’s killer is set to begin on what would have been his 18th birthday. The trial will force his killer to have to compensate his family for the pain and suffering they have endured because of Michael David Dunn’s actions.

I hope that the family can reach a place where they can begin healing.

What do you believe will be the outcome of this trial?

Malcolm Morrow, a Your Black World Network contributor, is a senior, criminal justice major at The University of Southern Miss.

9 Responses to Man Who Gunned Down Teen For Loud Music Goes to Trial

  1. This is a slap in the face to have this racist cracker’s trial on this young man’s birthday!!!

    They (the illegal) court system could’ve waited a day or even a week after this young brother’s birthday to have this yankee’s trial. Y’all ain’t hip to these demonic devils with their code language, words and deeds. I’m hip to every move these bast.urds make, and I ain’t scared to speak on it!

    This nasty cracker will walk, or only spend 5 years max in prison for killing this young man. The ‘stand your ground law’ only applies to caucasoids, and he will use this law, which was (made for crackers) to walk free or spend only a few years in prison.

    The unjust court system will probably let him off on this brother’s birthday to show his parents, that they don’t give a about a Black man’s life!!!

    A Black man, is going to trial for ‘standing his ground’ at the superbowl game, when he WAS ATTACKED by an unruly crowd. He took out his knive, and started swinging at the mob, but he may go to jail for attempted manslaughter!!!

    FVCK racist amerikkka, and the negroids, who love this racist country!


    • Dirty negro leaders begged the world to demonize and hate on black boys for their clothes and this is the result.

    • An old black man in florida named Dooley shot/killed a young white father and it looks like he is getting probation. FYI The white family is complaining, but whites at large are not.

      Many whites have shot each other and claimed florida’s gun law as defense and no one is outraged.

      Stop being a rascist Derrick.

  2. All I have to say is…here we go again!!

  3. And dirty negroes begged the world to hate on black boys for their music and this is the result.

    • And, nasty filthy crackers STOLE everything from Black Afrikans, and Afrikans here in amerikkka for their economic greed, and the results are still being carried out today!

      Speaking of music, clive davis, who controls the music industry, and ‘Black Boys’ (sc(rappers) has admitted he’s a bi-se.xual!!!


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